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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Goodbye, Gully/Big Mouth Rant

Reviewed: 09/10/2017

Goodbye, Christopher "Big" Mouth, The Gully Of Buttowski Is Still Open!

More vainglorious bastardization ensues as Gordie tries to impress his father, Mr. Gibble, by threatening to destroy Kick and Gunther’s favorite hangout, The Gully. The only way for them to save it is by outsmarting him. Then from there, Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to Mouth after they seek his help to watch a live TV broadcast of "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2". Well; it had to happen sooner or later. So let's continue on shall we...?

Goodbye, Gully is written by Derek Dressler and Patrick Andrew O'Connor with storyboards done by Mark Ackland and Ricardo Durante. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Big Mouth is written by Eric Rivera, with storyboards done by Howie Perry while direction was done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

Opening Moment #1: Title card features Kick in the distance at the "under construction" bridge hideout he hides in.

Goodbye, Gully: We begin this one at the Skidzeez Ride Shop as a black car stops in the foreground and has really squeaky brakes. Out of the store comes Kick with his skateboard and Gunther talking. Kick is adjusting the wheels with a screwdriver; and then they want slushies; so logically they are heading to the Food-N-Fix. So the two goofs with attitude bail as the window opens from the car and a voice tells them to follow them. It's clearly Gordon Gibbe as we scene change to the Food-N-Fix and then cut to inside near the slush machine with Kick and Gunther slurping slushies. Don't drink too fast; you'll get a spliting headache. Tap cups as there's nothing more awesome than this except lunch at Battlesnax. They bail from the Food-N-Fix as there is a giant cruise ship in the background called the SS __Realzeez. I cannot make out the first couple of letters though. A window opens and it's Gordon telling someone to follow them. Okay it's 4Realzeez, so it was one number. The ship also destroys the road. Yawn, I am so over this destroying roads stuff. Scene change to the Battlesnax as Kick and Gunther are at the table eating sandwiches. Zoom out to see Howie not liking the soup at the island counter. He then is forced back because a giant periscope comes out and is spying on Kick and Gunther. Kick and Gunther proclaim that nothing is better than hanging out at the gully. So we head to the gully; the place where Kick and Gunther have hanged out throughout this series as Gunther is sitting on a badly decomposed chair enjoying Kick doing skateboard ramping and stunts. Yawn. Kick jumps off the skateboard and lands on the blue sofa as there is nothing better. Jump cut to an air blimp with a giant telescope; which looks like a phallic symbol and then jump cut inside at the control room as Gordon (check the arms and feet; I'm not fooled) Gibbe is sitting at his chair and then turns around looking irritated. Join the club, sir! He hates Kick and wants to destroy his life, as the monitor turns on to reveal a shadow figure blowing him off for spying on Kick.

Gordon addresses him as his father as the guise of this is that Mr. Gibble has turned a dump in East Mellowbrook into gold. Mr. Gibble wants Gordon to do the same as Gordon walks away from the monitor and looks out the window and sees his gold in the gully. Of course! So; this is Kick Buttowski's answer to Louie's Last Stand. Mr. Gibble is voiced by Mark Cuban; who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and long time crazy-ass businessman with a reputation of being extremely outspoken on NBA policies and other such stuff. He also like cuban cigars by the way. Kick Buttowski is his DTVA debut and only appearance. According to IMDB: Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Indiana University in 1981 with a degree in Business. After college, Cuban moved to Dallas, Texas and created a computer consulting business called "MicroSolutions" which transformed him into a millionaire when he sold the business to CompuServe in 1990. In 1995, Mark and his business partner Todd Wagner began working on an idea (that later became known as in order to stream live events over the Internet. This innovative duo sold their company to in 1999 for billions of dollars in Yahoo! stock. Mr. Cuban went on to purchase the NBA's Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise for $285 million on January 14, 2000, dramatically changing the team for the better. Mark's brilliant ability to lead this organization and mold the Mavericks into an evolving superior force led the team to reach the NBA Finals in 2006 for the first time in franchise history. Beyond that, Cuban launched the high-definition television network "HDNet" in September of 2001 with Philip Garvin. HDNet provides the highest level of digital broadcast quality available. Mark and Todd Wagner established a media company named "2929" with holdings that cover many aspects of entertainment.

This includes film production companies HDNet Films and 2929 Productions, movie distributor Magnolia Pictures, home video distributor Magnolia Home Entertainment, the Landmark Theatres chain, and a stake in Lions Gate Entertainment. Mr. Cuban is famous for his bold, unambiguous views and mindset, which has a great deal to do with his perpetual success. He continues to challenge the status quo in the worlds of media and technology. In 2005, Mark announced he was financially backing the underdog in a U.S. Supreme Court "peer-to-peer" file-sharing case. Also in 2005, Cuban experimented with a "day-and-date" model when he produced the film Bubble (2005) which was released simultaneously across theatrical, television and home video platforms. His stated goal of collapsing the traditional release windows was intended to give consumers the choice in terms of exactly how they might be interested in viewing a film. He began his career as Macho Mark in Talking About Sex in 1994. He has 45 producer credits, 13 acting credits and 64 Self credits to his resume. Gordon knows where to start and his laughing sucks so much that his father is accusing Gordon of acting like he's choking. Just like the Dallas Mavericks have been for years now. POW! OUCH! Ummmm... So, Gordon apologizes anyway as we jump cut to Gunther taking out muffins from an oven in the gully. 2:1 odds they are lingenberry muffins, too; because there isn't enough farting in this show. Although; I would think brain farting would make up most of that. He offers a gully muffin to Kick and Kick blows him off for calling him that. So; gully muffin is a fart joke? I do need to keep up in this area, my brain is frying all the time. Kick and Gunther exchange muffins and eat them as Gunther chomps down on six remaining muffins in the pan; while Kick brings out an out of nowhere gaint cup of Cheetah Chug, the liquid crack of this world. Because; it's more believable than seeing a cruise ship on the damn road!

Kick laments about peace and quiet; which mounds of dirt is dropped right onto them by Gordon and his annoying yellow tractor. Gunther pops up with dirt shaped like a bobby hat and has a prono style mustache made of dirt. Gordon comes down on a lift truck basket and taunts them. Oh; and there is such of a thing as a "Izzle To English" dictionary as Gunther demonstrates. Sadly; Gordon sucks because it translates to returning a chicken salad. Kick demands answers to this outrage, and in comes Michael Gunner and Anthony Murphy (The same meatheads from Meathead Justice, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) bringing in a giant model of the gully; and then bail as a giant wrecking ball smashes it to pieces. Apparently; Gordon is building a real bridge instead. Geez; even Gordon wants that construction site to be finished. Kick claims that it will ruin the dump....ERRRR...he means, gully. Gordon claims that he's doing it to better the infrustructure of Mellowbrook; which is less believable than Kit babysitting Molly so he can prove that Rebecca can depend on him. Yip; it's all for the empire. Besides; why doesn't he just call the local government and make an offer to buy the property on the promise that he will make it into a bridge for the people? Oh wait; that would turn him babyface on the spot. Gordie is acting awfully heelish here as he is so into the izzle that Gunther faints dead away and Gordie don't care. Gordie tries to flee; but the lift gets stuck and a construction worker runs in; puts Gordie in a pouch and he's as out as this gully. Kick and Gunther slide down the dirt hill as Kick is not impressed at all. Next up; a dump truck dumps soil into the swamp water as everything gets smashed up with wrecking balls, and Gunther is panicking. Apparently; they destroyed Gunther's oven, because Gunther is going into melodramatics about where to hang out and bake muffins. Yawn. Kick gets on Gunther's belly as he ain't making no mud pies, because the gully is not going to be wrecked without a fight as we jackhammer Operation: Tool Grab~! Pfft; whatever.

So we HIT THE MONTAGE~! Kick steals tools from construction workers while doing various stunts. Yawn. Most notable is Gunthers double kick to the jackhammers using the folding chair. Nice! So Kick and Gunther slap skin as we jump cut to Gordie looking from the cliff and goes to his cellphone. We discover something is dropping a large shadow onto the gully as Ed's Tool Barn is dropped onto the ground. Construction workers run in and take their needed tools. Black label version of Tool Grab is jackhammered as a result. Along with "FAIL!"; as Gordie proclaims that no one stops his plans as we jackhammer the background for "Glue Trap". Jump cut to Kick next to the SEAMENT~ mixer and Kick throws a bag of glue powder into said working mixer. This somehow fails because Papercut Peterson is hiding inside the mixer and they all get stuck, just so we can do a Stuck On You reference. This of course fails and it's time to jackhammer the LOCK UP~! Kick chains himself to the wrecking ball and uses a giant padlock as we see a white haired old man with a fat belly, green shirt, shorts and sandals chained to a tree next to Kick. He's also wearing rose colored glasses; how fitting. Gordie don't care as the hippie uproots the tree and bails; and Kick takes an ultra sick bump with his face right into the rock. So; that failed, and why Kick even bothered is a mystery to me. That was painful as the bridge is being fully constructed as sad guitar music is playing while Kick and Gunther are watching on feeling awful. So the last piece of the bridge is placed perfectly and Gunther screams. Pfft; whatever. Gordon laughs in their faces and Gunther tells him that it sounds like he's choking. Gordie blows them off and orders them to scram. Kick channels Sid's promo about dumpsters and Toronto FC; Gordie is so amused by this, and orders them to scram. Kick asks if they can at least say goodbye and Gordie gives them twelve seconds to do that. Kick and Gunther walk over underneath the bridge and say their goodbyes in an awkward manner. Gunther is crying and tasting his tears, then he sobs loudly.

Kick proclaims that they had some awesome times together as we HIT THE FLASHBACK~! We replay footage from Garage Banned and then Kick Out with Gunther tying up Kick and Brad. Then there is footage from According To Chimp, Abandon Friendship, Bromance, and I don't recall the last two pieces of footage as we head back to reality (no, not really) as the peaceful music is cut off because Gordie was playing a record player with Fond Memories Music on the cover. HAHA! So time is up and the JAWS OF HALF LIFE grab Kick and Gunther and throw them with the worst Team Rocket exit ever. Scene change to the Food-N-Fix as Kick and Gunther tap cups and share a slushie together for the gully. So we hit a montage where Kick and Gunther say: "Well, at least we have x." and then the JAWS OF HALF LIFE grab Kick and Gunther and spirited away from various locations, and they change the names to a similar name; only with Gordan's name attached to it. So Food-N-Fix is called Gulp-N-Gibble, Skidzeez is called Gibzeez, Battlesnax is called Battlegibble. Oh; and the signs include a mark related to Gordon as well. So Gordon is in the basket as he oodles the hair with no split ends on the Battlegibble sign. His izzle suggest he wants to go to the libaray; which Gunther says the word in French, which is odd considering that he is supposed to be from the Nordic region. Which Gordon points out that it's the Gibblotechna as we see the libarary is also changed; so this means that this is nothing personal, it's just business. Kick's ass is showing a lot of crack in this scene as Kick cuts a promo and Gunther is not buying it one bit. Something about the location of the hangout not being important. Kick then proclaims that they'll use Gordie's hangout ruining against him, Gordie clearly heard that and opens the JAWS OF HALF LIFE and drops them both as they splatter on the ground off-screen. Yawn. Scene change to the bridge with a pretty decent size crowd as Gordie, Michael Anthony and Anthony Michael (yes; I have officially run out of ways to insert the Gunner and Murphy joke into this show) at the end in front of the ribbon to cut.

So we see Mouth (who is in the next episode), Rowdy, Shogun Shanchez, Razz, Hush, and many others as Gordon has the scissor to cut the ribbon as he wants to cut this izzle (damn; stop that already!) and basically admits that this is Kick's hideout. Before he can cut the ribbon, we hear a dinging sound as we cut to underneath the bridge to see Gunther baking muffins and Kick skateboarding on the bridge. This pisses off Gordie, which is a "join the club, ass!" moment for him, as Kick has muffins with Gunther and blows off Gordie. Gordie runs and throws away a fatass black construction worker (Racist punk~!) and takes over the bulldozer. Kick dodges him as Gordie jumps off and the bulldozer breaks through the barrier and crashes into the gully below. Then Gordie comes in with the crane which appears to have a giant steamroller attached to it. Kick dodges it as the crowd is forced to scatter as the steamroller nearly murders them in the process when Gordie drops it. I see Emo Kid and Rolando have made the trip here too. Gunther points at Kick's skateboarding skills while appearing to bringing out another pan of muffins. Gordie is pissed off as he is in the crane on the ground containing the wrecking ball. Kick skateboards around it so much that the wrecking ball ties the crane up. The wrecking ball lands on the operator's room and explodes. Wait a second, does that mean Kick actually killed someone, albeit indirectly because Gordie is a stupid idiot? Ummm; of course not! The wrecking ball missed it by four feet and Gordie runs out, he's fine. Gunther and Kick are on the bridge waving and taunting Gordie. Gordie is now PISSED and runs into the outhouse and brings out the dynamite, so yes; these writers did watch the finish from Louie's Last Stand. Gordie somehow manages to throw the dynamite onto the top of the bridge, don't ask me why. Somehow; this TNT is attached to a plunger as he blows up the bridge, and manages to get the greatest hairstyle he hates ever, complete with split ends. Many people burn bridges, Gordie blows them up. Gordie then realizes that the site is back almost the way it was before he built on it; which Kick gleefully points out.

Gordie don't care because he has a MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH tree; but he no longer has a hope chest because in comes a black limo and it's Mr. Gibble as Gordon's middle name is Geritude by the way. Triple G~! He also had two bodyguards, who might be the dollar store version of Mr. White and Mr. Black from Johnny Test. Mr. Gibble is pissed off because he messed with Kick...AGAIN..and Gibble of course built a bridge to blow it; and so Gordie is cut off from the money tree forever. Gordie stammers like a stupid idiot; but Gibble orders him to stay away from Kick forever as the two bodyguard grab him by the hair, throw him into the limo and the limo speeds off. Apparently; izzle means "crap" actually. Oh; and Mr. Gibble mocks Gordie's hairstyle by the way on the way out. Gunther is confused about the middle name; but Kick don't care as we scene change to the final shot of the gully being exactly what it once was as Gunther is making muffins and throws one to Kick. Kick is on the green sofa and asks how he makes them as Gunther is using the swamp water from the gully, as Gunther claims that he just adds water. Kick is repulsed...for about three seconds, proclaims that it tastes like gully and ends it to end the episode at 10:00 approx. Well; this was all right, although it's impossible to care about Kick's hideout at this point. ** 1/2 (50%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card features a crocodile wearing a top hat gnawing at the episode title with the Kick helmet on it.

Big Mouth: We begin this one at the Mellowbrook Mall and then into the mall itself as Kick and Gunther are looking at dozens of monitors near a store as tonight is the night for Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2 event; using the exact same jackhammered background as I saw in Goodbye Gully. Then an aligator eats the title as it's underwater due to the amount of bubbles. Cut to a scene in the jungle between a giant professional wrestler named Limey (bald head, dark skin, red trunks and white boots) sizing up a crocodile. FCC FRIENDLY CLOUDDUST FIGHT OF DEATH ensues as the crocodile has a sleeperhold on Limey. Chomping fade to black ensues as we jump cut to a stuffed crocodile with a camera in it's mouth filming all of this. Has any Japanese wrestling promotion ever done this? I do know American wrestling promotions having wrestlers wrestle bears before; but crocodiles? Jump cut to Jock Wilder tipping his hat against a blue background as he's in the wilderness on top of stones carved in the number 4021, the channel to see this show. Storm clouds come in and thunderclaps ensue as Gunther and Kick are awed by this. Gunther proclaims that they don't have channel 4021 and Kick wants to see it live, because on replay, they censor out all the deaths. Gunther than brings up the unless and this causes the jackhammer jump cuts to Kick's closeup look as he must get in bed with Christopher "Mouth". Jump cut to a far shot of the restroom with Mouth and someone else in shadows in front of the entrance to the restroom. He shakes hands with the other shadowry figure and acts like a slum lord as he accepts the deal on the condition that the shadowry figure pays them handsomely. Mouth then shows himself and is formulating a plan, but then gets cut off by a yelling Kick Buttowski. Kick pleads for help in watching the crocodile wrestling and Gunther proclaims that they will do anything. Mouth proclaims that this plan has formulated itself and offers to help. He then motions for the two goofs to step into his office and Kick calls it creepy. Suddenly; Mouth's father on the segueway (wearing a black helmet for no reason) arrives demanding answers to this outrage.

I have been so much out of the loop of this show that I forgot that this security guard was in fact Mouth's dad. Kick explains that he was talking to his son; and his son is gone with the swirly leaves. Mouth's dad backs up and proclaims that he's watching them while invoking the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH. Then Mouth appears out of nowhere and scares them into bad face looks. Mouth recounts the plan and calls it impossible without his help. He agrees to help them if they become his lackeys, but they must do what he says, no questions asked. Kick and Gunther nod and we head outside to a house with gates and two giant swans in the front lawn AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Kick, Mouth and Gunther are on the sidewalk as Mouth is reading a sheet of paper. Apparently; they are in front of Mrs. Chickerelli's residence since the first task is to steal one of her wind chimes. Kick of course is asking questions and Mouth calls him out on it; so Gunther calculates on his out of nowhere calculator and Mouth is right. HA! Mouth claims that he knows Kick can sneak a chime from her without being killed by Oskar the Dressed Up Dog; which Kick no sells because he wants permission first. So Mouth calls on his out of nowhere cellphone, calling Miss Chickerelli; prompting Kick to ask the second question. So yes; he has broken the no questions asked rule twice in less than a minute. Mouth simply asks if Kick wants to talk to her; and Kick and Gunther both panic, deciding that they will do it. HAHA! Scene change to Gunther and Kick practicing the fine art of not being seen by Oskar; and of course Gunther steps on a tree branch, causing Oskar to wake up on the steps below the wind chime. Of course! Oskar looks and clearly sees Gunther holding Kick who is holding a garden hose and watering the lawn. Oskar yawns and falls asleep. Oh come on, now! After all the times Oskar was not fooled by Kick; NOW he chooses to be fooled. Stupid! Next sequence: Gunther acts like a trampoline as Kick bounces off Gunther's fat belly, Kick swings on a flag and uses his ankles to steal the wind chime from the door. Kick does backflips, bounces off Gunther, thumbs up. No.

Kick and Gunther go over to Mouth who is on his cellphone, apparently distracting Mrs. Chickerelli as he asks if he wants to talk to Kick and Gunther, Kick and Gunther shake their heads, no. I should point out that Mouth wasn't talking to anyone since the phone was dead. We scene change to Mellowbrook Auditorium as we jump cut to a shot of a smoke machine on top of a wooden stepladder backstage. Mouth claims that they can use it as long as it doesn't distract the play. Kick of course; asks questions and Mouth is all "if you keep doing that, you'll never watch Crock Wrestle II and Crock Wrestle III might not be legal anymore." Kick proclaims that there's no way to get on stage, but Mouth doesn't think so. So we head on stage with a square glasses wearing male wearing a captain's suit and hat in a rowboat, doing the Row Your Boat song. I have no clue who he is and the wikia doesn't help me one bit. In comes Gunther in a horse costume claiming to be a seahorse as I realize that it's Rolando and what a low point for him as Gunther tells him to go with the flow because REASONS~! The horse bails and grabs the fog machine (Wait; I thought it was a smoke machine?) off-screen as Rolando is protesting this outrage, and then Gunther screws up and destroys the background causing it to fall on Rolando and cut the play completely off. The horse is still exposed; so the crowd boos it out of the building and of course they have tomatoes on hand as well. Kick is also inside the horse; so Gunther got to be himself in that setup. Kick and Gunther bail outside as Mouth is waiting for him, calling like a cocky ass himself as Kick accuses him of throwing them to the wolves and making them fight for their lives. Oh come on, Kick! That's way too dramatic for me to take seriously, at all. Mouth don't care either as they only need toilet plungers to complete the deed and Gunther offers some from his house; but they stink. Of course! Kick suggests stealing them from the janitor at school; and Mouth calls Kick a genius. He's lying and I think Mouth knows it, too. Mouth nearly blows his cover for using him...for his skills and Kick still smiles like a goddamn idiot.

So we scene change to Mellowbrook School as we head into the hallway in front of the office where the janitor is. Kick teases knocking on the door; but Mouth yells at him. Speaking of asking questions, Mouth has now broke his own rule. HA! Kick proclaims that he is going to ask the janitor nicely for the plungers; but Mouth blows it off because the janitor is a member of the union and thus there is a lot of red tape involved just for the plungers. Riiiiggggghhhhttttt; considering that Kick is the reason that janitor still has a job at this point. Anyhow; Kick needs a distraction and Gunther is distracted and maybe a statue at this point. HAHA! Gunther snaps out of it and asks what Kick wants and we scene change to Gunther knocking on the door as the janitor from Frame Story answers the door and it's Gunther wearing a CHL mustache, no hat and carrying a attache case. Now; you know what would make this funny: The janitor noticing that it's Gunther right away and basically saying: "If Kick wants anything, he can simply ask for it and I'll give it to him. No questions asked." That would be funny and pay off the no questions asked joke. Nope! I betcha the janitor falls for this hook, line and sinker; and Kick steals the plungers from the janitor. I check the video...Gunther shows off a small briefcase within a briefcase as we see the vent above them is open; so I assume Kick is already inside the room. So, damn I'm so good! Kick of course takes a bump after stealing the plungers as Gunther makes some money and we are on the sidewalk now with the fog machine (or smoke machine, the writers cannot make up their minds), plungers and dollar bills. Kick asks where mouth is and then Mouth's Dad comes out of nowhere on his segueway bursting through a Cheetah Chug board sign. I would call this vandalism; but considering the police in 2017; somehow this (a) doesn't shock me and (b) is the least of their problems. So yes; in storyline, Mouth's dad is a legit police officer and not a private mall security guard. Kick claims that they are not skateboarding and Mouth's Dad recoils; but still has his eyes on Kick. That sounds awfully creepy now!

Anyhow; is it a crime in Mellowbrook to skateboard on the sidewalk after dark? I guess it is. Okay. Mouth comes in claiming that they are with him, and then hugs him and steals his dad's keys. HAHA! Mouth has been watching TaleSpin lately. Mouth's Dad drives backwards on his segueway looking at Kick and I was begging him to crash into the wall and blame Kick for it. It doesn't happen. BOO HISS! Kick and Gunther ask if they can watch Crock Wrestle II at his house and Mouth says, yes to Crock Wrestle II; but no to watching it at his house, because they are going to watch it in the Mellowbrook Mall, which they are currently in front of now. I guess this is where Kick and Gunther were supposed to meet Mouth when they got all the good. So Mouth unlocks the entrance of the mall with the keys as Kick asks a question and Mouth blows him off for asking questions as we jump cut to Mouth's Dad whizzing around the area with wind chimes attached to his belt; which we didn't see Mouth change, so logic break everyone! I discover that he's driving near Mrs. Chickerelli's house because the wind chimes wake up Oskar The Dressed Up Dog and he runs after Mouth's Dad stage right. Of course! Jump cut to inside the mall near the esclators with Mouth, Kick and Gunther as Kick and Gunther are not amused by Mouth's cockiness. I beg to differ myself. Mouth brings out a remote control out of nowhere and it turns on the monitors where Kick and Gunther were at the beginning of the episode, as the PPV event is starting right now, so it's 10 PM now. By the way; it ends at 4 AM; which is about the same amount of time as the most recent Wrestlemania; if you include the pre-show. Now; this would be the end of the episode. However; we still have four minutes left in the actual episode, so it's CDS time. Then the televisions go dead right on cue as Mouth turned off the television set because they still haven't done their end of the bargin. You see; Mouth wants Kick and Gunther to break into the jewelry store, Mission: Impossible style and steal the diamond ring with the plungers, smoke machine and ropes. Kick and Gunther have the Gruffi pose on full blast. HA!

Mouth is laughing and so am I. What a pile of dupes Kick and Gunther are?! Kick claims that he does not steal (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I'm buying that crap!) and Gunther does not play the xylophone (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I'm buying that crap!). Mouth proclaims that they have a deal and no remote for them if they refuse. Kick don't care anymore because friends don't let friends steal (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I'm buying that crap!) and Gunther chimes in it includes Ralph, his imaginery friend. (BWHAHA....Oh wait, that's awfully sad.) So Kick wants the remote and we have the Scooby-Doo Chase Sequence the Mouth Edition~! Because we have to waste some time before Mouth's Dad runs in and arrests Kick for petty theft. Gunther becomes Kick's shield and eats cookies thrown by Mouth, which they do in slow motion. They go up the down esclator with Kick carrying a plunger. Mouth jumps on the up escaltor and Kick and Gunther follow. Kick sticks the floor onto the floor and bounces off of it, allowing Kick to cut off Mouth. Mouth bails in the opposite direction as Gunther invokes the SMOKE MACHINE OF DEATH (or was it the FOG MACHINE OF DOOM? I don't know, I don't care anymore.) which blows a lot of smoke (or fog, don't know which) as this distracts Mouth and Kick tackles him down, causing the remote control to go flying. Somehow; when the smoke (fog) clears; Kick and Mouth are hanging off a sale sign over the second floor for no reason. The remote is on the edge of the flag pole as Kick is faced with a choice: Save Mouth or save the remote. This is the same guy who can get himself out of this easily, but is helpless with this flagpole in saving both of them. Pfft; whatever. I betcha he saves Mouth; because he's the #1 babyface of the show and he's not Ken Izzy. As expected; Kick saves Mouth, who almost drops. The remote spins off the flag pole and is smashed on the ground. Mouth, Gunther and Kick have teleported onto the second floor unharmed as Mouth is confused by this. Kick claims that this is what friends do. No Kick; this is what normal human beings do when a tough choice is made and you made the right choice, even though we all know Mouth is going to turn on you and his dad is going to arrest you for thievery and breaking and entering. Mouth feels good about this and apologizes for making them rob a store and will never do that to him again.

Then the glass roof breaks and it's STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD.....Mouth's dad yelling halt! Kick and Daddy talk as Mouth leaves via leafs and then runs back in and tattle tales on them, turning heel again. Why should anyone be surprised? Ironically; Mouth's Dad caused more vandalism than Mouth, Kick and Gunther combined! Ponder that for a moment and wonder why police have lost respect over the years...Anyhow; we HIT THE MONTAGE of Kick and Gunther getting photographed because this mall has a Mall Jail~! Basically; it's the drunk tank; only family friendly. So they had into a small holding cell area in the mall as Mouth's Dad teases throwing them in a regular jail cell; but Mouth shows his dad the dog kennel carrying cell. Kick and Gunther are thrown into that one instead. HA! Even that cell is way too big, but sadly, that's the smallest holding cell they have. Mouth's Dad gets back on his segueway and proclaims that he'll be back with their parents as Mouth tells them to make them wait until at least four AM and his dad sells and they both walk out of the holding cell area and slam the door. This completely gives away that Mouth is basically helping them here as the security monitors are changed to three screens showing the Jock Wilder Crock Wrestle II PPV and on the middle bottom monitor; we see Mouth has found a spare remote and shows up near the area near the mall monitors winking his eyebrows. Then he walks off stage left as Kick is shocked that there is hope in Mouth and then they dismiss that just like that. So the crocodiles run wild as teeth chomping sound effects ensue as Jock Wilder is screaming about the horror. So; the final scene is back at the restroom entrance as Mouth and the shadowry figure as Mouth proclaims that a few friends helped him gain what ze wanted, so money is exchanged and Mouth thanks her for her partonage as the shadowary figure walks into the light and it's...Kendell Perkins. Wait; what?! Kendell opens the suitcase and notices that there are two pictures of Kick from the photographing in the mall jail sequence earlier as she swoons slightly and then hides the photos and walks out stage right to end the episode at 10:20 approx. Once again; they tease Kendell/Kick; but unlike Fish Hooks, they are never going to deliver. Besides; Kendell was probably giddy because Kick was in "jail" and she liked the sound of that. This episode was really good and funny. *** 3/4 (75%).


A better quality of shorts dots this rant this time around. Goodbye, Gully was basically the final sendoff to Kick's hideout, which when involved had mixed results. It was basically Louie's Last Stand in the modern era. It was all right for the ten minutes it was given, although it was just Gordie Gibble being a dick and Kick and Gunther being stupid until Gordan's dad finally cut Gordie off from the money tree. I really did like Big Mouth in spite of a few logic breaks and the usual "Kendell apparently likes Kick, so says the fans" nonsense that is booked in such a way that no one can believe that Kendell loves Kick in anyway; except to see him suffer. Mouth was great in this one as he still managed to give Kick (and Kendell) want they wanted and look like a friend, while still acting like a cocky bastard. Mouth's Dad is such a clown at this point that he'll probably get a raise in the police force when this series ends, and the episode was funny for the most part; although I would have loved it more if the janitor wasn't distracted and just told Kick to take the plungers. It's not like Mouth's Dad was going to believe anything Kick says anyway. Overall; a set of good shorts and that's what counts. Well; I'm now down to three episodes remaining: Nerves Of Steal (which has to be the episode with the TASER TICKLE FINGER OF DEATH now), Last Fan Standing and the 22 minute episode Bwar & Peace, featuring Dick Vitale! Yeah! So...

Thumbs in the middle for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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