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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Brad's Diary/Sleepy River Wild Rant

Reviewed: 09/03/2017

Brad's Sleepy While the Diary is River Wild!

Continuing on that winding road towards the end of the vainglorious bastard's career: After Brad takes all his savings, Kick violates a newly founded brotherly-bond agreement when he decides to get back at his brother by stealing his diary. Then from there, Kick reluctantly agrees to go on a “sleepy river” water park ride with Gunther. When Gunther falls asleep, Kick decides to take an unauthorized detour in an attempt to find adventure, but gets more than he bargained for. So yeah; Kick does a lot of violating here. So let's continue on shall we...?

Brad's Diary is written and storyboarded by Scott O'Brien, story is done by Derek Dressler and Dan Reilly, while direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. I have nothing on Dan Reilly by the way. Sleepy River Wild is written by Patrick Andrew O'Connor with story done by Derek Dressler and Patrick Andrew O'Connor. Storyboards were done by Scott O'Brien and Troy Adomitis while direction was done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

Opening Moment #1: Title card featured a black background with cursive writing and a red pencil which in a major shock doesn't have the helmet on the eraser end of the pencil. But it does have Kick Buttowski's name on it. Damn.

Brad's Diary: We begin this one with clear skies with three jet air planes flying in formation and then away as we pan south to Kick flying a jet airplane. Pfft; whatever. Missiles are shot as Kick is on the stick and Gunther is in the backseat screaming. Okay; this has to be a VR ride; no one would ever allow such a...Oh wait; TaleSpin, I'm sorry. So you can tell this is a VR ride because they show Kick in the pilot's seat with the same camera shot the entire time Kick goes through a flight sequence with Gunther. If they don't; then they show Gunther. They didn't shot the planes being shot at. Gunther screams that they have been hit and the plane goes into multiple barrel rolls before Kick pushes the release button and it was all just a cosplay as they are on an abandoned air force base with their plane and a French plane in the back. It's actually an airplane scrap yard, which 99% of the airplane are almost perfectly intact; so I question this as Kick and Gunther want to go with their bad selves. Never a good idea. So Gunther goes on about launching something into the sky; my ears must be shot, because other than the last part, I had no idea what he was saying. Then they get stupid looks at each other as Kick gets in Gunther's face, and screams in Gunther's face that is a brilliant idea. Kick proclaims that he has his life savings which is his secret statch; which Gunther confuses for Kick having a secret mustache in his child corrupting balloon of doom as a crane operator comes in and tells them to read the sign; which is peach colored gibberish (despite the crane operator speaking in perfect English, so he cannot write to save life.) as we get the return of Rowdy Remington and his blueprints for a resturant. Hey; at least he's not putting in a parking lot, then I would be pissed off at him. But since it's a resturant, he's a babyface in my eyes, so Kick and Gunther can get lost. It's not like I care about this angle anyway. Kick and Gunther decide to scram to get the money and Rowdy wants his business to be giant. Don't care. Head to Kick's residence as they run upstairs as Gunther asks about the money for 10,000 gallons of Cheetah Chug; the liquid crack of this world. Oooookkkaaaayyyy.

Kick proclaims that he keeps it where no one else would find it. He opens his bedroom and Brad is inside with the jar of Kick's money gloating. Brad pockets the money; calls Kick dillweed, throws the jar away, it shatters, Kick is pissed, Brad don't care and they both knuckle up. You got all that? Gunther covers his eyes, they punch, Gunther uncovers eyes, sees Brad wiping his hands clean while Kick is wedgied on the ceiling fan. You got all that? POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Yes, they got it, so move on to some other line of writing there. Brad is cheering; but then Harold comes in demanding answers to this outrage. Kick tells the truth, Brad denies are laughable and Harold is screaming. He has had it with this wanton lack of respect for brotherly love and it's time to invoke the power of...wait for it...Brotherly Law~! Complete with old English motif, some midget playing a piano and a scroll of paper. Kick and Brad no sell; so they are forced to wear the old English law clothes and this apparently along with the piano playing is enough to make them sign the scroll. You couldn't just say: "Then I will disown both of you and run you out of the house forever!" I realize that this makes Harold a child abuser; but what they did makes no sense whatsoever. So; basically the law of brotherly-bond is to stay out of their other brothers personal stuff, or else they will face an unspeakable punishment. Oh come on now, Harold! It's 2017; not 1987, you can tell us. Unless it involves capital murder of course. Harold leaves, and then Brad says he'll see Kick in the funny paper and leaves. Kick is relieved about this; but Gunther points out that he still has Kick's money. Yeah; you couldn't have said: "Can I at least have my money back?" and have Harold say: "No. That happened before the deal, so it's fair game." See; it's stuff like that, that bothered me. It took me ten seconds to figure out and wouldn't have added much to the proceedings; but still would have tightened up the plotting. So we are back to square one; but then Brad is heard in the next room oddling about his secret diary. Basically; he's writing about stealing Kick's money and then suddenly, his pen broke and he walks out of his room.

Kick says bingo and Gunther brings out the bingo card and gets giddy. HAHA! Second of all; how could Brad's pens break when he has no arm muscles? That makes no sense. Kick proclaims that they will break into Brad's room and steal the money back as we get various flashbacks of them stealing the diary; finding the money under his bed (complete with crane and radiation suits), and pouring Cheetah Chug into gas tanks and flying into the air for real. We return to reality (no, not really) as Kick drags Gunther into Brad's bedroom and not one second pasts before (a) Gunther doesn't like this and (b) they find Brad's diary in a jar, which is purple in color and has a lock. Kick throws the jar away and wants to read it; but Gunther is angry because reading diaries is wrong. Well; in this case, it would be wrong, since in storyline; this would be violating the brotherly-bond agreement with Harold, so Gunther has a point there, Kick. Kick don't care; because his money was stolen as Gunther reminds him of the brotherly-bond agreement; which he broke in less than two minutes by the way. Kick don't care and after saying something that was total bullcrap; they agree to open the lock with welding tools and facemasks. Why am I not surprised by this? Then suddenly; Brad shows up (geez; this guy has no arm muscles; but he sure has the legs) causing Kick and Gunther to toss the diary out of the window just to make another cat scream on cue. Kick claims it's nothing (Riiiggghhhtttt) and then Brad brings out the jar of money; admits that he was wrong for stealing, throws it in Kick's face (which doesn't shatter; so that was cringeworthy) and then walks out, slamming the door. So I assume that they stole the diary and went into Kick's room; because otherwise, this makes no sense. Gunther is surprised and even Kick concedes that stealing the diary was a total waste of time and makes him look like a heel. You don't say? Considering how unlikable Kick can get many times, is this any worse than what he normally does in the show?

Gunther wants to work on buying the Chug; but Kick wants to bring Brad's diary back by sneaking it past him; but Gunther points out that it was literally thrown out the window; as Oskar the dressed up dog (Jay Leno: Your dog is not gonna wear that.) grabs the book with his mouth and bails stage right. Gunther and Kick panic and run outside and we get the Scooby-Doo chase seqence the Oskar edition as Gunther breaks down a wooden gate because we have to have at least one thing vandalized in this episode. As if the shattering jars off-screen weren't enough to apease the manchildren of the board of the directors. So Gunther brings out Kick's skateboard and Kick tosses it to bonk into Oskar; Oskar drops the book, it lands on the skateboard and Oskar tumbles away in a heap off-screen. Chase continues as we get a logic breaking crosswalk red light/green light spot. The break: Somehow Gunther was on the top left side of the street chasing the skateboard to the east. More running as Gunther is slowing down; because he's just too fat as the skateboard rides into Dolphin Show World; complete with the most plastic water waves ever. Kick bonks into turnstyles; skateboard goes underneath as Kick teases not having any money, but gives money to usher in dolphin bodysuit and gets a ticket. Jump cut to the pool as dolphins are juggling the diary already. Kick is involved somehow in this as we cut to a man with glasses, male pattern baldness in a black/yellow wetsuit with an eagle on his perch riding a whale throwing the eagle into the air to allow it to fly. Then somehow; a shark eats Kick and the eagle steals the diary and flies out of the stadium. Somehow; Kick is already out of the stadium and chasing the eagle. Head inside Mellowbrook Park for the horse races as we repeat the sequence with the usher; only he's in a horse suit and blowing bubblegum. Sadly; he doesn't use hand sanitizer; so it's not the one Sid Seixeiro hired. Kick chases horse with diary in mouth as Kick stupidity gets on the horse's back in perfect position to get whacked in the face with the riding crop.

Eagle then swoops in and steals back the book; causing Kick to tumble onto the ground and got run over by a half dozen horses. Pfft; whatever. Eagle flies out of stadium as Kick somehow jumps and pulls feathers out of the eagle's ass as the eagle drops the book and flies off. Kick grabs book; but forces it behind his back as he's in front of the Tankinki Supply company and who comes out of the store? If you said Brad; you win the no-prize. Brad shows off his pen and admits that he's writing in his diary before catching himself and proclaiming that itis for his connect the dots coloring book. A bus appears at the out of nowhere bus stop and stops as Brad gets in and informs Kick that he'll see him at home and that is that. Door is closed as the bus drives away. Gunther runs in panting as now they are screwed since they need a rocket; and guess what is in the background? There is a truck and out comes two guys in radiation suits using science tongs to put the Cheetah Chug XXE can down because that brand is being discontinued because it has 10,000 times the strength of normal Cheetah Chug. The can is also shaking and tiger noises are coming out of it. So the hazardmat truck leaves as they proclaim that no child will EVER find it. Gunther and Kick look at each other; so yes, the finish involves Kick and Gunther getting a jet engine airplane and riding home to put Brad's diary into his bedroom and none would be the wiser. This cannot end well for Kick and Gunther. And it took exactly thirty seconds for the plane to ride away and Kick and Gunther fly off of it and land right on the lawn alive, completely trivalizing Kit's free fall. Listen; if you fall from 30,000 feet; your chance of survival is as close to zero as you can get. Even if Kick was wearing a helmet. And then we discover that Oskar broke their fall. Oh; for crying out loud, writers! Like THAT would have made a difference. Give them a parachute at least; at least that would have worked. Yes; BS&P should have ruled here, I won't lie. Gunther and Kick panic and stand in front of Oskar who is wimpering as Mrs. Chickerelli; who is the single worst character in the show calling out for Oskar, and doesn't suspect a thing.

Good; that's all I ask of it. Poor Oskar; he has been abused by the writers of this god foresaken show. Kick and Gunther walk away stage right and into Brad's room as they restore Brad's Dairy into the jar on the shelf; and then as I expected, Harold and Brad catch him red-handed. The problem with this is: Kick and Gunther already did the stunt they wanted to do; without paying for it (outside of the tickets; but that was to steal back the diary that they lost when they were trying to get their money back.); so the punishment Kick is going to get is completely and utterly pointless. Kick's stunt was paid off; so who cares if he gets punished or not? Unless of course; you want him to get punished to see the unspeakable punishment Harold was talking about. Which is...well; we'll soon find out as Kick wants to explain; but Harold rips up the bond and now Kick will face the punishment as Harold grabs Kicks and walks out. Brad then admits that the diary was a fake and he did this to entrap Kick into breaking the Brotherly-bond law (while acting like this was terrible which was horrible acting by the way. What an idiot Kick is?! He should be punished just for falling for this crap!); plus he switched the money with Brad bucks in order to buy a Takini Lumberjacks On Ice poster on his closet door. That was perfect icing on that heel troll cake Brad just made. Gunther is mad as he storms out; but Brad don't care as he did all this just to see what punishment Kick was going to get. Once again; Brad turns babyface on cue as he lies down on bed and admires the poster; just to complete with babyface jerking off. HAHA! Then the jetplane somehow crashes into Brad's closet and destroys the poster; but somehow, the rest of the house is intact without signs of a fire. As this was going on; Kick and Harold were shouting and banging frying pans and pot lids on Harold's office. It turns out that Harold admitted that he made it up and claims that he did all of this brotherly-bonded thing to scare Brad into not stealing anymore and thus he knew Brad would entrap him into stealing Brad's stuff. So; they got to continue to put up a facade to make this convincing as Kick's selling is awful as we circle fade out to end the episode at 10:00 approx. Okay; so Harold did in fact know that Brad was to blame for stealing Kick's stuff and did this whole plot in order to scare Brad and it failed because Brad lured Kick into stealing. Okay; that makes sense with the plot; but man, it still made Kick look like a petty thief in the end. What a stupid episode this was?! * 1/2 (30%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card features a large splash of blood with the title encased in it. Why is "wild" in white letters? I would love an explaination into that.

Sleepy River Wild: We begin this one seeing a seahorse weather vane type device as we are at Wacky Water Way, or WWW. It's a water theme park in case you didn't notice. In comes Kick and Gunther in trunks. Kick still gets to wear his helmet of course. Gunther keeps his hat and shoes; but gains the wackiest lack of tan possible. It's like he ran out of orange spray tan. Lots of eye blinking noises ensue as we get the Wedgebuster with Mr. Vickie in green trunks. Basically; it involves a hook at the end of the slide; which somehow doesn't slice your trunks and simply gives you an asshole. Not just an ass, but the actual tunnel. Pfft; whatever. No one's impressed as Kick points to the Royal Flush ride; which is basically the giant toilet from Fish Hooks and the swimmers all get flushed down it. Then Kick is honking like Buicks because there is a shower like ride called Spilted Milk; where you stand underneath a giant statue of a cow complete with udders and the udders spray water on you. This is a moral guardians' nightmare come true, and I don't care. Kick calls this place amazing. Ooookkkkaaaayyyy; whatever makes you happy Kick. It's not like humanity and restraint are in your word usage anyway. Gunther blows this all off and shows off the inner tube river ride featuring Papercut Peterson, Mrs. Chickerelli, Oskar and I believe Kendell in a blue swimsuit; but I'm not sure about that. Gunther loves the sleepy river inner tube ride best, and Kick better get on this ride and like it! Then Gunther points out that Kick's decision to try out all the cool rides gets them kicked out of the park as we get flashbacks of Kick and Gunther on the same waterslide doing various stunts and then getting walked out of the park by the dark skinned lifeguard. So wait; they did this five times. Shouldn't Kick and Gunther be banned from this water park for life now? Is there a law preventing that in Mellowbrook? I'm asking too many questions here. So Kick finally concedes and decides to go on the sleepy river ride first as Gunther is squealing with glee. Gunther asks for one complete loop around the sleepy river ride and Kick promises as Gunther rubs it in and Kick smiles with false glee and that is that. Oh wait; some guy jackhammers the word "foreshadowing" with a red stamp. Why did you need that? Was that really neccessary? Most kids would have noticed this without it; so stop babying them. They know main event doom is coming; so what was the point of that?

So we head on the sleepy river ride on a figure eight orange inner tube as Gunther is laying back and Kick is bored out of his skulls. Now there's a person where the phrase: "He needs more boredom in his life" is actually a good thing! Gunther loves it; Kick doesn't, I have sympathy for Gunther of course. Gunther wants to take a Nordic Nap; which is just a nap on the sleepy river. Okay. So Gunther puts on a cyan blue robe (that is 1970's old school by the way) and a pink night mask on his eyes and plops onto the inner tube, telling him to wake him up when they finish the loop; because you see, Kick can NEVER lie about screwing his best friend over. Good thing his shoes didn't pop the inner tube; that would have been a disaster. A funny disaster; but a disaster nevertheless. Gunther snores, Kick's bored with Mr. Vickie getting assholed again and complaining about it as we look at the other rides, including Brad going down a purple inner tube down a water slide. Kick gets splooshed as a result, and I don't care. So then we get a logic break: Somehow Mrs. Chickerelli and Oskar (who is dressed with eye goggles and a swim cap; which at least is serviceable compared to his sweater, so Jay Leno can sod off in this case) get behind the inner tube as Oskar bites Kick in the Buttowski (Read: his ass.) and the purple inner tube swims away as Mrs. Chickerelli accuses Kick of being a river hog. Ummm; he's more like a river weasel or river rat. So we then discover that there is a fork in the road and turning right goes into an area where only employees are allowed. Now we know where this is going and moral guardians hate it when babyfaces disobey a direct rule. Listen; I get it. Now; normally, I would also get on Kick's case, but I am going to make an exception here. Ahem....Who in their right mind would build a fork and not barricade it if it was just for employees only?! For goodness sakes; put a gate there and have Kick somehow open it? That makes sense. For goodness sakes moral guardians of the world, use your brain for once instead of your heart. So after some child corrupting balloons about promises and since the employee only canal is part of the ride, Kick grabs the edge of the fork and brings the inner tube ride back and rides into the employees only, danger, do not enter cave. The operators have no one but themselves to blame for this. This is like "Don't throw me into that briar patch!" to someone like Kick Buttowski.

So we head into the cave as it gets darker and louder as Kick blows this off as boring and false if this was a BAD thing. Then let the spots commence as Kick rides down a pipe into the water tank of doom complete with pipes and whirlpool. Then we discover that this is a drain that leads to the sewers. Again; I don't blame Kick for this; the operator is irresponsible for building a fork and leaving it open for anyone to ride in. Kick might be unlikable and irresponsible; but he's a kid and cannot give informed consent anyway. Kick panics and uses the trim of Gunther's cyan blue robe as a rope to get the conveniently placed exit door open; but it flies off the hinges and whacks Kick in his chops; but misses Gunther completely. Geez; that was the silliest Spongebob Trick I have ever seen. Biscuits, indeed! Whirlpool spots ensues which leads to the ride in the sewer pipes spot. They ride in the sewer as Gunther somehow doesn't get splooshed with trash and green slime, but Kick does. HAHA! Kick has a coat hanger now and a soda container as it seems we are going to replay the Johnny Test episode when JT was a goldfish and had to fight an alligator (and this was the only kill Johnny ever had, compared to Chargeman Ken who killed at least four horses in one episode) while complaining about people dumping objects into the sewer. That episode was kind of decent actually. And here come the alligators...Kick uses his bare hands to stop the alligator from eating and waking his Gunther. Don't the writers realize that everytime you say "his x"; that it's always going to be seen as slang for penis? So we get a lot of dodging, biting Kick everywhere which in any other universe, Kick would be a bloody mess, but there's a no blood rule in DTVA (well since 1994 anyway; although Fish Hooks and Gravity Falls have violated that rule since) so he's clean. More dodging and swimming (in a sewer mind you, without any gunk on him to boot!) make Gregory Weagle something something. Kick screams; three gators complately concussed themselves and fall into the sewer water and that is that. Kick screams; catches himself; but Gunther is a heavy sleeper, so it's all good. This better lead to Gunther faking this because that would be a glorious payoff to this whole plot. I doubt that will be the payoff, sadly. Kick thinks he's okay; and then we get the dreaded waterfall spot, and he bonks into a rock and the inner tube flips head over feet in the air with Kick screaming. Huh.

Bouncing on the river ensues, Kick screams, Gunther sleeps. I drink a soda. Then we discover that the first waterfall spot was merely a tease for a second waterfall spot. Which doesn't happen as somehow the inner tube gets stuck in a rock. Kick cheers for victory (Before this, Kick finally admits that this is no fun anymore. I beg to differ of course...); and then notices Gunther is missing, and then we see him walking in the forest. Kick runs after him and is apologizing profusely for disobeying him and screwing with him as Gunther's back is turned away from the hard camera the whole time. Kick finally reaches Gunther and the camera turns and we notice that Gunther is snoring during this; because you see, Gunther's gimmick is that he is a sleepwalker. Okay; I laughed at, so shoot me. Kick stops and realizes that his promise is still alive...and Gunther is walking straight towards a beehive. Kick runs in, grabs the beehive from the tree and lets Gunther pass. Kick somehow breaks beehive and the SWARM OF DEATH is angry~! Kick gets swamped by the swarm as Gunther enters a cave, and Kick follows him and there are no bee stings at all on him. Not even one bee sting. Yeah; this is stupid as Gunther is sleeping with a bear, which might be less stupid, if you can believe that. Gunther is a louder snorer than the bear by the way as Kick practices the fine art of not being seen and cannot twinkletoe to save his life. Kick pushes Gunther and Gunther sleep walks stage left out of the cave. I betcha the bear wakes up and mauls Kick. I check the video...Damn; I'm good and Kick's way of waking the bear was in fact funny. Even funnier; as this is going on, Gunther is asleep and eating pancakes at a picnic table out of nowhere. This makes absolutely no F'n sense; but...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mostly because Kick was mauled and I don't like him, so Gunther eating pancakes made me laugh. So Kick rolls a giant rock and blocks the entrance. I was hoping the bear would come out before this happened, it didn't. Kick pants as Gunther sleep walks over to Kick (after the bear tried to claw Kick behind the rock) and gives him the plate of scraps before going back to the inner tube and snore. Kick is confused and then in comes the CANADIAN LUMBERJACK OF DEATH complete with axe and extremely bad temper. So anyone wants to claim that Canadians are nice should watch this and sod off.

Sadly; he only wants to get him, not kill him; which kind of kills the death threat, which is pointless because Kick runs between the lumberjack's legs and un pops the inner tube. He gets in and sails away as the angry man continues to threaten him as Kick taunts him and calls him Tiny, causing the angry man to snarl. Kick proclaims that they must add this to the book of awesome, because we have to have Kick cut a promo before falling down the waterfall. Kick then takes the sickest bump I have seen in the New Disney (thanks a lot, you cheapskates!) as Kick bounces off a rock. Goodbye spleen, no one cares about you. So they are in the middle of a lake and the tube stops as Kick proclaims that the Nordic Nap is powerful. You don't say?! I'm a light sleeper, by the way. Kick yells a lot and then notices Gunther nibbling at the cork which would let the air out of the inner tube as Kick puts a stop to that. Then we get an awesome sequence as the angry Canadian lumberjack of death is swinging like Tarzan -- with his axe, mind you -- and cuts a wooden log and lands on the wooden log in the middle of the lake right in front of Kick with the same camera shot Don Karnage used to cut off Kit in Plunder and Lightning Part One. Gunther bites on cork and bites it off and it's time for some balloon whizzing spots to commence. I'M GONNA GET YOU~...oh wait; this show ended. So it's already got. Damn, I'm so sorry about that. Not. Inner tube whizzes on river as lumberjack rolls log in another chase spot. Then we jump cut to the bear somehow getting out of the cave and shoving the giant rock. Oh, why not? There's no kill like overkilling a sequence. Kids love that you know. Then we bring the alligators. If you want to overkill this scene, why not bring a pack of WWE lawyers and sharks into play? Kids love those you know. Okay; the lawyers, not so much. Racing down the river as Kick goes into melodramatics blaming himself for this mess. Normally; I would agree and yell at him, but I'm sorry; the water park officials are to blame for this because they are cheap! Okay; so he asks for forgiveness where Gunther is asleep snoring.

And here comes the finish: The inner tube goes into a large pipe at the edge of the lake. The lumberjack, alligators and bear slam into the concerte side of the pipes and fall down. And you wouldn't guess what happens here: They slide through the pipe and land back in the sleepy river of doom; and Kick gets bitten in the ass by Oskar again. Whistle time~! Mrs. Chickerelli peels Oskar off of Kick and blows him off for being a river hog since they were lapped. Kick is cheering for victory and then faints dead away. Gunther wakes up and is happy because Kick kept his promise after all; and then notices Kick is snoring on the sleepy river. Gunther is so happy; that he notices the fork in the river and decides that he is going to do what Kick did and Kick is so going to be surprised when he wakes up. So the innertube (which somehow has magically patched itself up for no reason, natch) goes into the right fork; but we don't follow Gunther this time as he blows it off and then screams to end the episode at 10:00 approx. This was just a fine spotfest and nothing more. ** 3/4 (55%).


Well; it didn't take long for Kick Buttowski to go south, didn't it? I was not impressed with Brad's Diary as the whole thing was kind of pointless and stupid. I get the payoff was that Harold knew all along that Brad was stealing from Kick and that Kick was being lured in from Brad in order to see what the punishment was and on paper it sounds really clever. However; this would have worked better if they didn't do the stunt as the finish, which I could not suspend my disbelief for. By having Kick and Gunther alive on the ground after being flown up into the air by a jet plane and not even suffering injuries; this killed any suspension of disbelief. It also trivalizes anyone falling from an airplane as well. Just give him a parachute and this would have worked better. I don't care if it's a BS&P decision or not; I can handle this censoring if it suspends my disbelief. And; I was more interested in the punishment after that; so there was no pay off and I didn't care anymore. Bad! Sleepy River Wild was what it was: A fine spotfest featuring a lumberjack and a bear. Nothing special; but nothing really bad outside of the logic breaks and BS&P's fingers in the pie. How did Kick manage to live without any injuries, again? Overall; just the usual day in the life of the vainglorious bastard. So...

Thumbs down for Brad's Diary and thumbs in the middle for Sleepy River Wild and I'll see you next time.

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