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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Jock Wilder's Nature Camp/Swap Meet Rant

Reviewed: 11/02/2013

Swapping Nature's Wild!

So we have two more shorts of Kick Buttowski to do as Kick and Gunther go to Jock Wilder's Nature Camp for a friendly rivalry; but Kick doesn't get to side with his hero; but sides with the hero's "not hero" brother. Then we have Kick Buttowski trying to save a gift that he was entrusted too; before it gets sold at the swap meet. Ooookkkkaaayyyy. So let's continue on shall we...?

Jock Wilder's Nature Camp is written by Derek Dressler. and Patrick Andrew O'Conner. The sstoryboards done by Mark Ackland, Ricardo Durante and Scott O'Brien. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Swap Meet is written by Eric Rivera and Derek Dressler. The storyboards are done by Mark Ackland and Ricardo Durante and direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find that were not released on this website.

Opening Moment #1: Title card features one red side to the left where Kick and Gunther are standing; while the right side features all darkness with hundreds of eyes and a white sign saying Nature Camp in black letters. Nothing much to see here.

Jock Wilder's Nature Camp: We begin this one with a pan shot of a sign which reads Jock Wilder's Nature Camp and then we pan over to the actual camp which looks completely average and appears to be surrounded by tall grass. We see a bird and butterfly flying away as we finally get to see Jock Wilder cutting his promo about spending a week at the nature camp as the backpacking kids pop for him in the foreground. Jock is basically an Aussie stereotype with a red mustache, black boots and safari gear. So Jock continues cutting his promo while abusing a green snake who sliters into the shot. Jake Roberts treated his snakes better than this guy. Jock Wilder is voiced by James Arnold Taylor and according to IMDB: James Arnold Taylor's versatile vocal range has given him success in every facet of the Voice-Over Industry. His voice is heard all of the world daily, and you would never know it's one person. His list of credits range from leading roles in major summer blockbuster films, starring roles in the hottest animation on television, a promo voice for Fox, Spike, G4, and national ad campaigns in commercials for TV and radio - from the voice of a Mini Wheat to the current voice of Fred Flintstone. You can literally play the "Six Degrees of..." game with James and be only one degree from just about every name in Hollywood today. James' most notable credits are: Obi-Wan Kenobi: Star Wars The Clone Wars - Leonardo: TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Johnny: Johnny Test - Green Arrow: Batman The Brave and the Bold - Harry Osborn: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Milo Thatch: Disney's Atlantis: Milo's Return - Wooldoor Sockbat and the Producer: Drawn Together - The Fallen: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen video game - Tidus: Final Fantasy X,X-2 and Dissidia video games - Ratchet: Ratchet & Clank video game series - Gabe Logan: Syphon Filter video game series - Ash: The Animatrix Detective Story.

James also "Voice-Doubles" for many of today's biggest names including: Johnny Depp - Ewan McGregor - Shia LaBeouf - Christopher Walken - Michael J. Fox - David Spade - Daniel Radcliffe - Clive Owen - Nicolas Cage - Christian Bale - Steve Carell - Matthew McConaughey - Justin Timberlake - James McAvoy - Alec Baldwin - Billy Bob Thornton - Sean William Scott - Denis Leary - Robin Williams - Ron Howard. He started his career as various characters on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Yeah; he's Johnny Test himself which is fitting considering that Kick is basically a uglier version of him. He voices in a lot of anime shows which takes up about 50% of his 179 acting credits. Kim Possible in various cameos is his DTVA debut and he was Sam Spark in American Dragon: Jake Long, My Friends Tigger & Pooh (Skunk) and Secret Agent Oso (Mr. Thompson). Ratchet & Clank the movie is his most recent credit as Ratchet and is various characters in Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters,The Doc Files, Recoil and Hulk & The Agents of SMASH. He also did graphics for TV Is Dead? in 2007 among other misc stuff. If I ever do a Johnny Test episode; I won't have to worry about a tribute for Johnny himself. Johnny Test can make heads explode unlike Fanboy & Chum Chum (partly because Fanboy & Chum Chum has ended and Johnny Test has not). So we see Jock using a snake as a vine and climbing up onto a tree; in which the snake eats him whole. HAHA! Jock's face appears inside the mouth of the snake; making it look like the snake is now a skin. Oooookkkaaayyy. We get footage of Jock rowing a canoe down the river and bashing salmon with his oars. Then he rows over the waterfall as more fish try to bite him; but only one manages to latch his entire head as he goes off the ramp and lands perfectly in front of the children. Jock does a flourish and then all the kids run away stage left like scalded dogs leaving Kick and Gunther left as they do the double devil pose together acting like complete fools. The kids literally cry and hug their mommies (well; only three of them) on the way out. Weak willed dorks!

So Gunther and Kick are the only two camper who stuck around ever. Wow; this guy really is a schemer if he has a success rate of less than one percent. Which begs the question: How much money does he make in a year?! Anyhow; Kick and Gunther are giddy as we see black smoke in the background and Jock panics because there is a bushfire in our mists. He asks for a volunteer to help him put it out; and Gunther smacks Kick in the face and volunteers himself. HAHA! Kick kicks his legs in the air as Jock exits stage right. Kick blows Gunther off for this; as Gunther apologizes because he loves to volunteer. Which leads to a flashback inside a doctor's office as a nurse has a needle and asks if anyone wants to get the plague. This has to be the most unethical lab study I have ever seen in my life. Made worse by the fact that as we zoom out we see Gunther with his pants down showing off his bare ass to the nurse claiming that he wants to get it. At least in the new Disney; they at least do not show characters actually drinking viral stuff like they do in Fanboy & Chum Chum; or The Mighty B! The other thing of note here is that Gunther's bare ass is completely pixelized for no real reason. I now what you are thinking about this; but this is the same company that showed Kick's bare ass on television without pixelizing it in the first season. So dumb. So we return to reality (no, not really) as Kick and Gunther notice that Jock only ran about 30 yards max. So Jock whistles and out comes a rhino who charges at Jock causing Kick and Gunther to panic. The rhino stops right in front of Jock and then hooks his horns onto him and throws him on his back. Jock then rides the rhino like a cowboy complete with neon green jackhammer background. Oooookkkaaaayyyyy. The rhino then throws Gunther onto his back as Kick asks about him because he's selfish and wants to channel his inner Jock Wilder. Jock proclaims that he can have a partner with his "identical" twin brother Larry which Kick is fine with because they were both raised in the wild together as Jock rides off stage right.

Kick turns around and the lodge door slams open as they tease Larry as being the same as Jock in terms of appearance by showing him in shadow against the light...and then he changed into a dork with no hair and glasses on. Well; indentical twins can look radically different depending on the care; so it's not a logic break. Personally; I would have him the same as Jock with only glasses on and wait until the character of Larry shows up. Then again; that would be too subtle and kids would change the channel; amirite? The guy has a light blub like nose and a blue zip up pouch on his beltline. So Larry Wilder is voiced by Jim Parsons and according to IMDB: Having grown up in Houston, and its northern suburb of Spring, he made his first stage appearance in a school play at the age of 6. Parsons then went on to study theater at the University of Houston. From there he won a place on a two-year Masters course in classical theater at the University of San Diego/The Old Globe Theater, graduating in 2001. He moved to New York, working in Off-Broadway productions, appearing in TV commercials and in one episode of "Ed" (2000) before landing a recurring role in "Judging Amy" (1999) in 2004. He was propelled to international fame and acclaim three years later when he starred as Sheldon in the award-winning sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory" (2007). Yes folk; the biggest geek dork in the live action world is in Kick Buttowski. Lovely! He started his career with Ed as Chet in 2002. Kick Buttowski is his DTVA debut and only appearance. Home (J.Lo), Wish I Was Here, The Normal Heart and Family Guy (as Sheldon Cooper himself) are his most recent credits. He has 30 acting credits, 55 Self credits and 1 soundtrack credit (Big Bang Theory when Sheldon sings of course) to his resume.

Kick is not impressed because only their shadows are the same as Larry claims that he was raised in the wild; but Jock was raised by wolves and he was raised by crying chiwauas (?sp) which causes Jock to howl and do the Jungle Book spot only with the diaper in the wolf's mouth. And yes; there is a flashback on this too. Whatever guys! We return to reality as Kick blows off Larry for being put in a Gedo fashion sense crib and liking it. Oh wait; that was what I would script it as. It was really him blowing him off for being a wimp. Larry doesn't seem to care about that fact as he asks where Jock went and Kick tells them that he left on a rhino; which Larry panics like hell and runs around in circles. I'm shocked that they haven't done this spot with Sheldon in Big Bang least the episodes that I have seen him thus far. He goes to the conveniently placed orange switch and throws it which creates a prison around the camp. Ooookkkkaaayyyy; so we do switch counters as Larry hates nature because it doesn't give a crap about him. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Kick wants to channel Jock Wilder and we keep countering with the switch as Kick breaks the switch and acts like he unintentionally broke the prison wall system. Sure it was an "accident" Kick. Larry panics and runs in circles again like a scared dork. Kick acts like Tarzan; but it's the King of the Drapes version in terms of quality. So up walks two cheetahs as Larry is hiding behind Kick and Kick has two options which is to run or be eaten. Larry's option: peeting his pants. So we run around in a circle on the sky shot; then do the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE SHELDON CRYBABY EDITION~ for a while and we see a lake with a big rock in the middle. Larry panics; but still manages to do a forward handstand flip like Kick onto said rock as the cheetah's sploosh into the water and be merely annoyed. Kick feels fine; but Larry panics because there are aligators which Kick blows off because they are cheetahs see. Nope; they are gators swimming towards them! It's so obvious Kick Buttowski!

So Larry grabs Kick and even in this cartoon; they can run on water as the gators swallow each other whole in a meeting of the minds. And it wasn't at the zoo. Scooby Doo chase sequence the Sheldon panic edition (sometimes doing all caps is just being too lazy so I like to mix and match the rudeness.) as they run off a cliff and slide down a mud slide hill which will never be as cool as when Hoppo did it in The Main Course. Larry is hating this as Kick is relieved that there aren't any killer toucans; and of course the toucans "bite" on Larry's arm despite missing the arms by at least 18 inches. I club BS&P! One of the toucan is chomping on Kick's helmet and probably broke it's beak doing it. The humans ramp and grab the toucan's feather (one for each hand) as they fly away. Both flap like dorky birdmen and then drop like a stone into the ocean. We cut to a sky shot of Larry and Kick washed up on the shore as Kick is on his back and does the double devil pose loving this. Did I mention that Larry's wearing black socks and brown sandals? They both get up as Larry is shocked that he lived through mother nature as Kick calls it channeling Jock Wilder. Larry blows it off because he's Larry and rips off his shirt which contains another shirt underneath and he does the Tarzan yell of death. So Kick joins in beating his chest and then they rip off a log and smell the insect infested log. Larry claims that it's prey and see saws Kick away as Kick lands into some thorny bushes and Kick somehow has a bruised eye when he pops up. Larry juggles porcupines and throws them at Kick who gets buried in a needle tomb. HAHA! Larry Wilder as Jock II is so much better than Larry Wilder as Sheldon II. He runs into a cave and we get the off-screen fart in the face of a bear and then he comes out laughing and crackling as the bear (with green fart hair) comes out looking pissed off. Larry grabs Kick and bails as Larry claims that he Dutch Ovened the bear. HA! Kick is not amused at that. Of course Kick isn't amused! Larry is killing his heat which is a good thing thank you.

So we go to the scene changer and get a shot of the sky as we pan down to Kick propped against a palm tree not looking all thrilled at Larry eating sand and then running into the water and coming back with an orange squid. He proclaims that he is Larry Wilder no more as he gets ink splattered on his face from the squid and proclaims that he's the KING OF THE JUNGLE~! Kick counters that Larry has lost his mind. I agree with Kick on this one because that new name sucks! He should have called himself King Of The Wilders! That makes a hell lot more sense and pays off the transformation and gives Jock a rival to deal with. Larry agrees with Kick and basically doesn't care anyway. See; he cannot be king of the jungle (which causes Kick to be relieved and walk away stage left) without a crown made of tiny bones. He ponders over where to find those tiny bones and would you be surprised that Larry sees the tiny bones in Kick's body?! Actually; a Kick Buttowski Bone Crown would look great on Larry actually. Larry goes nut and Kick bails for the Scooby Doo chase sequence the tiny bones edition! Swing like Tarzan; don't care like the iguana in the background during this sequence. Bounce off trees into the air; laugh at Larry flips in shadow in the background. Larry fails to stick the landing though as Kick runs into slippery grass and falls on his ass. Kick sees the green stuff and makes it into skates and skates down the cliff as Larry slides beside him about 10 feet away on his belly. Kick dodges rocks; Sheldon II takes nasty bumps off of them and the rocks crumbles. Wow; only in this show would the dork be stronger than rocks! Kick jumps over thorn bushes; Larry crashes into them. Kick runs right but is stopped at the cliff; Larry has two snakes being used as lassos. Kick climbs mountain; Larry uses snakes as whips to climb mountain. Far shot of them climbing; this is too easy to call. Kick finally slips from a rock ledge and takes some wussy bumps on his ass on the ledge as Larry uses the snake whips to climb onto the rock ledge which contains a large hole; and stalks Kick with the snakes and their tongues make contact with Kick's face; but he no sells it. Oh please?!

So it appears to be all over; and then out from the hole comes a tiny little dog which causes Larry to stammer. See; that dog has a pink curlers on it's furry head and Larry addresses him as his mother. They bark at each other for a while as Larry apologizes for letting his Jock Wilder get out of control because he's Larry Wilder who was raised by little dogs who bite ankles. Close enough! Kick is forgiving because it happens. The mother dog barks one more thing and walks into the hole as Larry translates this to us that the ledge is unstable and will give away any second.....NOW! Yeap; they free fall as the rock ledge turns into a sled with rocks falling as Kick notices the camp (that looks like the smoke that Jock was going after to me) and it's time to release the inner Jock Wilder again as they dodge ledges on the mountain side until they find a big enough rock to ramp off and they go into the sky and bounce off the bush like trees and destroy the sign (which is the thing they saw a minute ago. Video quality on this sucks by the way) of the camp and they basically destroy half of the camp with the sign and the ledge creating a makeshift river. They then no sell and pop from the carnage and cheer for victory. However; they stop as there is hissing and it's the two cheetahs who are now like anthros. They want revenge in the worst way as Kick and Larry look at each other as this is no problem. Then out comes the gator who swallowed the gator whole and is still in it's tail. They no sell this as they go back to back; and then every animal that they screwed walks forward and surrounds the dorks as Kick does the best emoting ever because they are so (insert swear word here). However; we hear a rhino's roar and all the animals get scared and bail stage right like scalded Scooby Doos and Shaggies Too! Yeah; that sucked.

Larry and Kick are confused as they turn to the left and notice a rhino coming in as they are saved by Gunther and is bare belly drum. HAHA!Kick is happy to see him as Gunther claims that the jungle changes a man. Kick asks about Jock Wilder; but Gunther claims that he is no longer Gunther and screams that he's the king of the jungle as apparently; he is wearing a Jock Wilder skull crown! Jock Wilder was murdered! Legit! Kick and Larry panic and they run away like scalded dogs because they are screwed like a bunch of dorks. Gunther chases after them and then we fade to black and return as Jock Wilder is not dead and selling copies of his Jock Wilder Skull Crown! That makes absolutely no sense at all. So much so that the kids scream and bail crying for their mommies to end the episode at 10:00 approx. Good episode once Larry Wilder started going insane and the clustermuck actually meant something for a change. Sadly; they copped out on Jock Wilder being killed which made me sad; but BS&P RULEZ~! Call it *** 1/2 (70%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card shows Kick Buttowski and Brad in shadows with two yellow arrows pointing at each other from opposite directions against a red background. Whatever turns you on guys!

Swap Meet: We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM as Kick is sleeping in his bed; and then suddenly; the door opens and in comes Harold trying to hide looking panicky. He turns the music up full blast as Harold is stammering because Denise is on the warpath because she wants her first anniversery gift right here and right now. We then get thumping as Denise teases opening the door and then turns around and leaves. They breathe a sigh of relief and then the door is flung wide open and she goes crazy.....dusting the place with the featherduster remembering to dump the clothes out of Kick's drawers (NOT THOSE ONES!); and then she gets in Harold's face and hisses at him about forgetting about her present as Harold points out that he is having a talk with his son as they smile like a bunch of liars. Denise sells it and leaves as Kick is holding Harold like Shaggy as Harold plays Scooby Doo. Awwww; that is so cute! NOT! Harold slams the door shut as she leaves as Harold is panicking because she always finds the gift of doom as we flashback to Denise finding red shoes in the oven, earrings in the tackle box, and something else in something else as she causes more vandalism than Kick does. Bad parents?! Denise and Harold? Whatever gave CPS that idea?! So we return to reality (no, not really) as Harold shows a diamond necklace and pleas for Kick to find a hiding place for it as we hear on the radio that there is a swap meet going on today as Harold thanks the radio announcer. He wants to give Kick the responsiblity of hiding the necklace because Denise will not stop as we hear Denise outside getting more and more nasty as time goes on. Kick salutes Harold and takes the necklace as we get a lit fuse sequence and Kick goes through the jackhammer background while Denise continues to growl and be out of control. So Kick slides down the rail as Denise goes into the living room to dust and Kick flips behind the couch which causes Denise to turn around thinking that she has her gift; but when she pounces, she gets nothing.

Kick goes through the lundary chute and into the basement as he sees a doll on a chair. Kick puts the necklace into the doll and then into a violin case and then despoits it into a baby carriage. Kick wipes his hands clean and attempt to walk up the stairs; but the door opens and in comes Brianna wearing a purple hood cloak. Kick asks why she is here and Brianna is here to save the princess from the dungeon; which causes Kick to blow her off and walk out. What an asshole?! So we head to the living room as Harold thanks Kick for hiding the necklace of doom and because of this; Kick can sit in Harold's love seat which has it's own jackhammer background. Remember a time when they would only just make the object sparkle? Yeah; I'm an old fart; so shoot me. Overkill is still overkill. Speaking of overkill; Denise rips out the kitchen sink for fun and rage as Harold calms her down; or more to the point, the sink water sprays on her head and she calms down with her new hairstyle. Harold and Denise leave for the Swap Meet of Doom and tells the kids to behave. So Kick is sitting in the loveseat as Brad comes in and blows off Kick for sitting in Harold's chair. Kick points out that he is hiding Denise's present and we discover that it was Brad who was hiding all those presents which Denise found; which means Harold has fired Brad from that job as seen in the flashback and Kick blow off of Brad. Brad is pissed off as he demands Kick to know where the present is; but Kick goldbricks. So Brad kicks Kick's ass and Kick flies and destroys Brianna's dollhouse and Brianna blows him off. Not because Kick destroyed her dollhouse; but because he was distrubing her doll's sleep. Yeah. So Brad grabs Kick's skateboard and turns on the fireplace demanding the whereabouts of the diamond necklace; or he'll burn his skateboard. Oh dear; Kick runs in and Brad uses his leg to block Kick and his helmet. Kick does the Gruffi pose and confesses where it is. Brad then laughs as he asks if it's the same baby carriage dad is putting into Monique. Kick panics and goes over to the window and notices the baby carriage being shunted inside the back of Monique. Yeah; this is dumb!

Harold goes to the car and drives away as Kick is panicky because if dad trades the necklace; then he'll never be trusted again and thus must get the necklace back. That distracts Brad as Kick steals the skateboard back. Kick runs to the door; only to get cut off by Brad as he steals a helmet and a bicycle proclaiming that dillweed is screwed and he'll get the necklace back and regain Harold's trust in him. Brad bicycles out of the cul-de-sac as Kick looks out the door. Kick follows Brad on the street and gains ground on Brad. Kick uses the bicycle and pushes himself ahead of Brad as he jumps over the Mellowbrook Swap Meet sign in the front of the school. He heads to the parking lot and finds Monique; but the back of it is empty. So Kick skateboards into the Swap Meet as it's basically a flea market with a lot of tents. I guess flea market is too offensive and gross even for Disney. So we see Emo kid in the background as we zoom right. Then Kick bails behind a tent because Harold is talking to someone with a CHL brown mustache. Kick claims that he cannot let Harold see him; so he looks up and notices top hats (among other hats), eyepieces, fake nose mustache glasses, regular glasses and various CHL style mustaches. So we see Kick dressed up in a blue hat with dark shades and he flicks his mustache like a cartoon character. He asks about the baby carriage as Harold admits that he sold it for a tape recorder and he speaks into it. Kick is shocked and he bails as we see Denise literally frisking Harold and his mouth. HAHA! Harold pushes her aside and blows her off. So Kick continues skateboarding as we see Kendell and nothing happens to her thankfully. Kick notices a black baby carriage which is absolutely stupid because the baby carriage Kick put the doll it was blue. This is such a stupid logic break that the animators should have seen coming; but didn't. So Brad blocks inbetween the carriage and Kick; so he trips Kick and Kick goes flying into the baby carriage and Kick proclaims thatg he wins. Riiigggghhhttttt Kick.

A baby in blue pjs pops up and cries; making sure to fist pound Kick's helmet which Kick sells as pain anyway while the carriage goes down the stairs as if it were a ramp. I shake my head in disbelief in this obvious cheap gag. And then on the FPS shot; it sells like it was going down the steps. Kick steers to get away from the House of Shanks. That's exactly what the sign sezs! It's a knives tent in case anyone wants to know. Kick gets ramped and we bounce off the trampoline of the world as Kick, the baby and the carriage fly up into the air and where it lands, no one cares as Kick somehow returns back on his feet in front of the mother of the blue baby carriage. WHAT?! That makes no sense! A Bad Reflection On You is much better than this guys! So Kick asks the mother about where she got the carriage (so she bought two carriages and he landed in the wrong one? I thought there was only one? This logic sucks!). The mother tells him that he bought it from a mall cop; who we see on the segueway riding around because he's a fat mall cop who couldn't make it as a police officer. Probably because he has one giant "Mouth" of a son. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm... Kick goes to him who is near the tires and asks for the carriage; but Mouth's dad wants the skateboard. Kick blows him off; but Mouth's dad won't talk until he swaps which causes Harold's voice starts tormenting Kick complete with martial arts zoom in and he sezs goodbye to the skateboard and gives it to Mouth's dad; as he swaps it back with tire wheels. Mouth's Dad proclaims that he swaped it with Magnus as Brad shows up and mocks Kick and bails stage left. Kick runs after him and then they notice Magnus swaping his rack of weapons. There's something to ponder after realizing that Clancy Brown once played Wolf of THE PACK~! Kick gets there first and asks Magnus about the carriage and Magnus screams in rage; before mumbling that he swaped it to Emo Kid. Kick then notices Denise and Harold walking away from the Swap Meet with bags of stuff as Kick realizes that he needs to find the doll STAT!

So we scene change to Kick giving the wheel to some red sweater man and he gets a push red car in it's place. Kick jumps into the car and rows the car for a while as he finds Emo Kid at the tree of woe with the violin case. So Kick wants to check inside as Emo Kid slowly opens it up; and Kick is disappointed because the case is empty; like Emo Kids' dreams. Brad laughs his ass off as he finds a box containing the BURPING BABY OF DEATH as he grabs it; opens the box and just MURDERS the poor thing. Kick tries to point out that the baby in the carriage did not live in a box and Brad gets his doll taken away; Brad turns around and it's a big guy who seems to be at least ten feet tall who loves doll. He looked like a bouncer as a bird bounces off his head. Brad is seriously screwed now as he blows off Brad for roughing up a mint condition doll that he literally didn't pull the string which he then does. Yawn. Then Kick gets the light bulb of bloody clairty as we flashback to Kick destroying the dollhouse and Brianna blowing him off as we zoom into the wrapped cloth as we discover that Brianna has the old doll all along. That is actually a good suspenseful booking job by the writers. Kick runs off stage left as Brad tries to leave; but the big bouncer doll man grabs him and demands him to pay up now. Brad offers $1000 dollars and the man accepts it. Brad runs away as he throws a blue bill in the air which is a fake Brad Dollar Bill. Ummmm; yeah, he has being forging money for years; and he sucks at that too. Along with his promo cutting. So we head to Kick's house as we see Brianna on the lawn with the doll cuddling up with it. Kick uses the row car to row out as the big bouncer man is now pissed as he goes over to Mouth's Dad and gives him all the dolls for the blue skateboard. Mouth's dad doesn't even think twice about giving the man a skateboard. So we see Monique park the car in the driveway as Denise gets out of the car and she's still psycho. Okay; this is getting really sexist now. I gave the writers the benefit of the doubt; but now, it's clear she is acting like a psychopath which is really bad for her character. It also makes her look like a gold digger too.

So Denise goes into the house as Harold asks Brianna about Kick and she states that she hasn't seen him. Harold shrugs his shoulders and walks into the house just as Kick arrives in the rowboat car of doom. Kick gets on the car and then jumps; does some flips and lands right behind the doll. He pulls the doll string and out of the mouth comes the diamond necklace. We have about two minutes left in this episode; so Brad runs in and grabs the necklace, then the big bouncer man grabs the necklace claiming that this will pay for the doll and for the skateboard as he gives the skateboard back. Kick tries to offer the doll back; but the bouncer blows it off and bails into the rowboat car because reverse swaps are not allowed see. Brad mocks Kick for losing the necklace (which is true) and Brad will get his job back because Kick's not responsible and Brad cannot be blamed for this since he was fired. That is true; except it was Brad who gave the bouncer man doll lover fake money to save his own ass that caused the cascade of events that followed. Kick doesn't care who is at fault because the necklace is gone and Kick will never be trusted again. You have already sailed that ship a long time ago Kick Buttowski. So we hear growling inside as Harold comes out and walks over to Kick in a panic wanting the necklace right now because we see the door open and Denise is totally out of control beyond the pale now. Look; this was amusing for three minutes and now it's depressing to watch. Kick stammers as Brad, Kick and Harold huddle together. Denise growls in their faces and then sees the mint condition Burping Baby and grabs it. She cuddles it as she absolutely loves it because she got that on her first year as a beloved to Harold and it's restored too. Harold is about to say that it's not the gift; but Kick cuts him off and tells him to play along. Denise loves it because it's better than a predictable necklace as Harold plays along for a bit. Yeah; it's a copout finish, but the booker booked themselves in a corner and this was the only way to get out. Denise leaves as Harold and Kick point and wink at each other. Brad is upset because he was the one who got the doll and wants his responsability back as Harold asks if he wants such responsbility? Brad nods yes and we see Brad doing a piss poor job fixing the kitchen sink as Harold calls to Brad to fix the doll house too because he is supposed to be responsible. HAHA! This is a good ending as Harold and Kick sit on the loveseat and slap skin as Harold asks Kick about hiding the present next year and Kick agrees to it to end the episode at 10:00 approx. A pretty dumb episode; but it had a cute ending and some really funny spots. However; Psycho Denise was overdone to the point where I was pissed off and hopefully this will not happen again. ** 3/4 (55%).


A set of middling episodes this time around. Jock Wilder's Nature Camp was kind of false advertising because 90% of the episode didn't involve Jock Wilder at all; but his stand in Larry. Jock Wilder is a much better character than Johnny Test and Larry was better than Sheldon from Big Bang Theory actually; most so when he was going insane and wanting to kill Kick and strip him of his little bones. This was a really easy episode to call and it was fun throughout most of it with a really great finish and an ending which I thought was neat until they ruined it with the closing scene at the end when we thought Jock was killed by Gunther; but wasn't. Mostly a fun episode and Larry was fine at first; but then when he went insane; he was great. Gunther was great too; although I don't get why they censored his bare ass since we have seen the naked ass on Kick many times in this series by now. Swap Meet is an average clustermuck with a good ending and not much else. I didn't like Denise's psycho routine. It was amusing for the first three minutes she did it; and then it turned really, really heelish at the end. That did piss me off; along with the black/blue baby carriage logic break; but otherwise, just your average Kick Buttowski love in. I don't have anything else to say about it. So next up is the final two Kick Buttowski episodes for 2013 (Since Pertified and Kyle-E-Coyote are in the box and won't be started until after Christmas at the earliest): Bromance and Only The Loan-ly. Ferige's debut and Kick screws with the wrong Buttowski; and you all know who that is. So...

Thumbs in the middle for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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