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Gravity Falls Rants

Update #15 (11/05/2017)- Boss Mabel rant is completed and posted.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

Select A Link:

Tourist Trapped Rant- Welcome To The Gravity Tourist Trap!! Hope You Don't Fall Over It?!

The Legend Of The Gobblewonker Rant- The Legend Of Stand: Peverted Uncle!

Headhunters Rant- Could Someone Please Hunt For A Head Of A Writer With A Clue?

The Hand That Rocks The Mabel Rant- The Hand That Spins The Quality!

The Inconveniencing Rant- The Inconvenience Of Having To Hate G-Rated Rap Music!

Dipper Vs. Manliness Rant- Manliness Wins! As Usual!!

Double Dipper Rant- Between Dipper & A Mystery Force!

Irrational Treasure Rant- That Explains A Lot Of Treasures Actually!

The Time Traveler's Pig Rant- Mabel Nuzzle Power Engage~!

Fight Fighters Rant- Mabeldoken~!

Little Dipper Rant- ...Just Got Big In A Big Way!

Summerween Rant- Basically Christmas In July, Only With A Halloween theme.

Boss Mabel Rant- Having Hawaiian Shirt Day Everyday! - NEW!!

Bottomless Pit! Rant- Like Most Idiots Who Keep On Digging!

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