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Fish Hooks Rants

Update #8 (05/28/2017)- Fish Hooks: The Big Woo rant is now up.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Fish Hooks - Bea Stays In The Picture/Fish Sleepover Party/Fish Out Of Water Rant:- Need A Pearl Of Wisdom After Watching This!

Fish Hooks - Doris Flores Gorgeous/Underwater Boy Rant:- Milo: Badass Water Sucker!

Fish Hooks - Happy Birthday Jocktopus!/Bea Becomes An Adult Fish Rant:- The Credit Writers Obviously Do Not Watch This Show!

Fish Hooks - Doggonit/Queen Bea Rant:- Doggonit! Bea Finally Got Over.

Fish Hooks - Fail Fish/Funny Fish Rant:- Stop With The Boring Fish Puns Please.

Fish Hooks - Baldwin The Super Fish/Dances With Wolf Fish Rant:- Baldwin Is A Smart Fish, And A Shady One At That!

Fish Hooks - Tale Of Sir Oscar Fish/Hooray For Hamsterwood Rant:- Bea's Dream & Oscar's Nightmare Comes To Life For Me.

Fish Hooks - Milo Gets A Ninja/Dropsy! Rant:- Richard Simmons Gets A Samba Baby!

Fish Hooks - Fishing For Compliments The Albert Glass Story/Big Fish Rant:- Bea Needs To Fish For Some Heat After These Shorts!

Fish Hooks - The Dark Side Of Fish/Dollars & Fish Rant:- It's The Dark Side of New Disney's BS&P!

Fish Hooks - Fish Floaters/Flying Fish Rant:- Milo's Dreams Are Oscar's Nightmares!

Fish Hooks - Two Clams In Love/Peopleing Rant:- Welcome to Milo Moment #1986!

Fish Hooks - The Legend of The Earth Troll/Parasite Fright Rant:- It's The Legend of Albert Glass Alien!

Fish Hooks - Pamela Hamster Returns/Riding In Cars With Fish Rant:- Milo Riding With Pamela Hamster And Fish!

Fish Hooks - Milo's Big Idea/Mascotastrophe Rant:- Now All Milo Moments Cannot Always Be Good; Can't They?

Fish Hooks - Diary Of A Lost Fish/Good Morning, Freshwater Rant:- Good Morning, Randy Pincherson! Now Prepare To Die!

Fish Hooks - We've Got Fish Spirit Rant:- It's Fish Butterbear VS. Fish Hoppo In The Ultimate Dumbing Down.

Fish Hooks - Run, Oscar, Run!/Good Times At Pupu Goodtimes Rant:- Good Times Seen So Far Away Now.

Fish Hooks - Oscar Makes An Impression/Employee Discount Rant:- Not The Best Impression I Say.

Fish Hooks - Fish School Musical Rant:- One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, GORE!!

Fish Hooks - Halloween Haul/Fish Talent Show Rant:- Which Is About Half A Ton Of Candy.

Fish Hooks - Bea's Commercial/Hairanoid Rant:- Bea's Commercial Is About Red Hair Gel That Makes Boys Paranoid!

Fish Hooks - Adventures In Fish-Sitting/Banned Band Rant:- Can Milo Rap Like Gunther?!

Fish Hooks - Merry Fishmas, Milo/Milo On The Lam Rant:- ...And A Happy Old Show!

Fish Hooks - Break Up, Shake Down/Just One Of The Fish Rant:- Please Shake Down One Of The Bea's, Please?!

Fish Hooks - Sixteen Clamandles/Science Fair Detective Mystery Rant:- Sadly; She's Still Not Legal Enough To Marry Oscar!

Fish Hooks - Send Me An Angel Fish/Guy's Night Out Rant:- Sadly; She's Still Not Legal Enough To Marry Oscar! Yet.

Fish Hooks - So Fish-ticated/Busy Bea: Rise Of The Machines Rant:- Broken Fins and Broken Promises Not To Suck...

Fish Hooks - Brothers Day/Oscar Is A Playa Rant:- Are You Ready To Bond, Playa?

Fish Hooks - Milo & Oscar Move In/Bea Sneaks Out Rant:- Sneaking Out & Moving In Sounds Like A Break & Enter To Me, Bea!

Fish Hooks - All Fins On Deck/Cattlefish Ho! Rant:- All Cattlefish! Report To Milo Moment #19861986!

Fish Hooks - Oscar's Secret Admirer/Little Fish Sunshine Rant:- Oh Come On New Disney!!

Fish Hooks - Unfinished Doll Business/Chicks Dig Vampires Rant:- Chicks Also Dig Corn Too!

Fish Hooks - Get A Yob!/Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy Rant:- Please Get Noah Onto That Candy Loving Vampire You Fuddy Duddy!!!

Fish Hooks - Bea's Birthday Surprise/Fish Flakes Rant:- What A Flake Bea's Birthday Present Is?!

Fish Hooks - Koi Story/Super Extreme Grandmas Games To The Max Rant:- Don't Lie! Grandmas are AWESOME!

Fish Hooks - Fish Prom Rant:- Can You Smell The Reset Button Being Pushed Here?

Fish Hooks - See Bea Ski/Night At The Luxbory Rant:- See Milo Luxbory Ski Tonight!!!

Fish Hooks - Bea Dates Milo/Milo's Magical Shake Rant:- Bea Kills Magical Shake!!

Fish Hooks - Principal Bea Rant:- The End Of Stickler's Rein As "Principal"!

Fish Hooks - Milo VS. Milo/Everything But The Chicken Sink Rant:- It's Milo VS. The Writers Now!

Fish Hooks - Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl/A Charity Fair To Remember Rant:- It's Live From Oscar's Doctor Who Speaking Brain...

Fish Hooks - Bye Bye Bea Bea/Glass Man Standing Rant:- If Only She Were Made Of Glass...

Fish Hooks - Fish Lips Sink Ships/Spider's Bite Rant:- Miss Lips Crumbles Doorways!

Friend Hooks - Pool Party Panic Rant:- Milo Goes Into The Human Version Of Hell!

Fish Hooks - Spoiler Alert/Rock Lobster Yeti/Fish At Work Rant:- Spoiler Alert: The Yeti Is Not At Work Today!

Fish Hooks - Unresolved Fishues/South Pafishic Rant:- These Fishues Should Never Happen In A Happy World Like Disney!

Fish Hooks - Labour Of Love Rant:- The Only Thing Left To Do Is A Send Off!

Fish Hooks - Assignment Babies/Freshwater Five-O Rant:- Assignment: Do Not Suck Like A Lame Duck!

Fish Hooks - Hare & Back Again/Milo's Pony Rant:- Back To Dealing With Bunnies and Ponies Again!!

Fish Hooks - Jocktopizza/The Brandon Bubble Rant:- Brandon Bubble Gets Murdered By A Jocktopizza!

Fish Hooks: Camp Camp Rant:- Kiss Kiss Lame Lame Damn Damn!

Fish Hooks - Hats Amore!/Algae Day Rant:- Chovies Amore! Baldwin's Busted A Hat Day!

Fish Hooks: Bea Saves A Tree/Surfing The Interwet Rant:- Bea Kills The Interwet! It's What She Does.

Fish Hooks: Don't Let Fish Drive The Party Bus/Milo In A Cup Rant:- Please Let Milo Drive The Cup Party Bus!

Fish Hooks: Fish Tacos/I Have This Friend... Rant:- I Have This Friend Who Wants To Eat Fish Tacos!

Fish Hooks: Brothers Of A Feather/Freshwater Lives Rant:- Bros Of A Feather Live Only In Freshwater!

Fish Hooks: The Big Woo Rant:- Kiss Kiss Lame Lame Damn Damn! - NEW!

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