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Ducklaration of Independence

Reviewed: 03/16/2013

Does This Mean Duckberg Will Separate From America?

Well, we finally can no longer put this episode off anymore. It's time for the other memorable episode of Quack Pack; which is this one featuring Dewey trying to gain some much needed privacy from his crappy brothers. I recall thinking that this was a thumbs up episode in hindsight; but I haven't seen it in many years, so is it up to that lofty standard? So; let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Robert Schechter and story editing is done by Gary Sperling. Robert started writing for Brothers in 1985; then he did Charles In Charge, Out Of This World, The Munsters Today, Problem Child The Series, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The Series & The Magic School Bus. Raw Toonage is his DTVA debut and he also wrote episodes of Bonkers, and Aladdin: The Series. Dragon Tales is his most recent credit and that is it. The animation was done by Walt Disney Animation OZ. Yeah; I'm keeping the tribute writing credits here, so shoot me.

Opening Moment #1: Today's title card features Dewey in "formal 1770's" gear (wearing a lot of blue) reading from a long script against an American flag background.

So we begin this episode with a shot of a mountain peak and then we zoom down the road as we see the WITW RV driving while Dewey is now doing a monologue which Bea would later steal. Dewey puts down the blinders and sits down at his computer complaining about being suffocated inside while the air is crisp outside. See; he is feeling cramped and wants some space as we see Huey and Louie playing tackle football in the trailer. Umm; here's the first problem with this: The RV is hardly a good example of a place for someone to have his space (or privacy) so to speak; so this whining from Dewey comes off as low rent. If this were Donald's house in the nephews' room; then this would at least make Dewey less of a whiner. So the nephews who are committing privacy violations on Dewey have to render into overcompensating by actually touching him like they do with Louie sliding on the table when the football bounces off Dewey's head and he flicks Dewey's beak; which in turn, goes from privacy problems and into sexual harassment which is not what this episode is supposed to be about. So we do football commentary just to annoy me as Huey flops into Dewey's lap and asks him what he is doing on his computer. So we play more football as Huey lets the ball slip through his fingers and we get some pin ball action ending with the football smacking the computer monitor as it occurred to me that this computer is a laptop. Dewey wishes he were somewhere else. Please don't Dewey; the Quackstreet Boys are not worth the pain and punishment that would be done to your already low creditability. And the laptop disappears without a trace as Dewey grabs a comic book and tries to read it; but he complains that it's been mutilated as it has a tear and a crossword puzzle on it. Then drops of white liquid from above plop onto the comic book as it's been ice-creamed. The offender is Louie as he apparently was reading Dewey's personal favorite. They drop down and Huey steals the comic and spoils the ending like Randy Pincherson with a sexist side. Huey might as well end with "I'm Huey Duck!"; which would actually have more panche than Randy Pincherson; but still cannot compete with Kenny Powers.

Dewey has had enough of this and is setting some ground rules as Louie claims that rules chomp. Wait; I thought the BS&P word for "sucks" was munches?! Dewey goes up and closes the curtain on his top bunk bed as he proclaims that the first rule is no invasion of his privacy, second rule is no vandalizing his stuff and last rule, NO BUGGING HIM~! He steals the comic book back from Huey and Louie and Huey shrug their shoulders calling him tense. Okay; I realize that the story is that the nephews are invading his space. But we have seen this assholeness from the nephews before; including using Donald Duck as part of a prank in IOU A UFO. Thankfully; we head back driving the RV on the mountain side road as Daisy is asking Donald about directions as Donald is at least not acting like a tough white male when it comes to looking for direction because he has the map. Sadly; it's screwing him even more than it did Baloo in Stormy Weather. Daisy asks if Donald needs help and Donald get tied up with the map literally. HAHA! Donald struggles and punches the map and crumbles it into an airplane. Daisy proclaims that some questions are best left unanswered as Donald is now choking the map. I guess it's all right to choke non living objects on Disney. This leads to Donald making a paper map hat. HAHA! Donald then stomps the mat and somehow; Donald has not crashed into the windshield despite the RV moving at about 30 miles per hour. He continues squashing the map and then create the Taj Mahal. HAHA! Then we have a recycled background from some Quack Pack episode. I don't remember the name and quite frankly, I don't care because we cut back to Dewey lying in his bed claiming that he has peace and quiet. He tries to rest his head on the pillow; but hits something hard. Dewey then notices his boom box is there as Huey claims that he was returning it, and then it crumbles. Wow; and I thought Kick Buttowski's world wasn't up to code?! At least in terms of boom boxes. Dewey whines again as Huey ejects the CD and it bounces around like a pinball. Dewey asks why can't they use their own things and we see Louie killing a toothbrush; brushing his teeth. And it's Dewey's toothbrush he is using. Yeah; this is silly.

So Dewey tries to grab his backpack and go to the closet; but we get the other nephews doing Spongebob Tricks on Dewey as Dewey rants about them being everywhere. Louie and Huey proclaim that they are brothers, a team and they always share forever and ever. Dewey is not happy to hear that as the voice echoes and we get the dream sequence of doom as we see Dewey aged 90 years with glasses and a cane as we have a birthday with the other 90 year old nephews as they wheel chair in a chocolate birthday and flick Dewey's beak. I'm not going to bother calling this their blowing munches. So Louie invokes the FOAM OF DEATH to cream Dewey again. Then we scene change and eat cake as we discover that Dewey had his dentures stolen by Louie who was using them to strip paint off his desk. So; I guess paint thinner is on the environmental ban list now. Even at 90 years old; Louie and Huey still can act like smugasses as if they were 13. Dewey is not amused as we return to reality (no, not really) as Dewey blows them off for stealing his teeth and then storms off. So we head outside near a look off as the other nephews hop out of the trailer with backpacks, and we see Donald in his lumberjack gear (This is truly a special day.) as Daisy is wearing a green dress, blue skirt and mountain platform shoes as she is cutting a promo on Donald's camera explaining that they are here to find a lost paradise. It's called Nirvana Valley as we film the top peak of the mountain as Daisy asks if they will find it. Huey and Louie say no and then notice Dewey is taking pictures at a cliff; so they grab him and drag him away stage left. They don't want him to be left behind; and apparently they are going to covert him to Tim LaHaye's Christian world view! I wish that were true; then I could easily root for Dewey Duck in this one. Sadly; there is no religion allowed in DTVA; so I cannot easily root for Dewey here. Dewey is not amused as Daisy has her backpack ready and Donald has the big ass backpack ready which Daisy asks how to find Nirvana Valley without the map nor guide. Ummm; it's lost for a reason Daisy. Donald sezs no problem; just follow his lead. Sadly; his big ass backpack suddenly decides to be realistic and squashes Donald. HAHA!

So Donald gets on all fours and tries to walk; but the backpack springs him back and Donald does a dramatic bump into the backpack with his back while Daisy just stands there with the Gruffi pose on. HAHA! Daisy shoots again as usual. We then scene change to a mountain path as Daisy leads the way with the nephews in tow. Daisy stops and cuts a promo on the awesome mountain air and then turns to Donald who barely climbs up and is tired as hell despite wearing a backpack that is a third of the size of the previous backpack. HAHA! Donald drops flat on his face as Daisy decides to stop right here; which gives Huey and Louie the signal to steal Dewey's food from his backpack. Dewey turns around and calls them out on it; and the other two clearly have food in their mouth despite acting like a bunch of dumb assholes. If you want to know why I consider Dewey the best nephew of this trio; this episode is a really good way of demonstrating this. Even worse; Dewey tries to get support from Daisy as she's eating with her mouth full and claims that Dewey brings the best food. Great; even the enlighten one has turned into a stereotype today as Dewey storms off to take a walk. Huey and Louie join in and Dewey shoves them aside because he's going alone and he storms off some more. Daisy asks what is wrong with him; and the nephews think it's the mountain air. No; it's because you are smug asses and he doesn't want to be one himself anymore. Which is why he's the best nephew of you three. It's not really that hard to figure out. So we cut to a camera shot of Dewey trying to take a picture of a white mountain goat who looks like he's from Snow Place To Hide. Sadly; he is not looking where he is going because he is on a ridge which is 2 feet wide and the nephews see him and charge in proclaiming that this is dangerous. Well; at least they have a poor "excuse" this time instead of no excuse at all. Sadly; Dewey stops moving well away from danger and the goat bails stage left. Dewey is pissed off of this because they want to barrow his camera. So he jumps off the ridge and slides down the slope. We see Dewey squeezing through stuff like Kit Cloudkicker on speed.

So Dewey swings on a branch and then hides behind a tree panting. He is found instantly by the nephews as they wave; which causes Dewey to panic as he rides a log off the cliff and down the mountain side and then slides to a large ledge and then drops behind a rock thinking that he's safe. Good luck Dew; they spotted you again! Dewey calls them relentless and here's a good idea: Call the cops! Sadly; Dewey doesn't have a mobile phone with him as the nephews throw a rope down which there is a lot for Dewey to hang himself with. So Dewey throws the rope over the ledge and blows the nephews off. Dewey slides down the rope which the nephews take as him being hurt. He is hurt all right; you hurt his small chance to actually have a personality that doesn't render him to be an automatic asshole. Dewey swings into the pine tree which actually has the green needles on; and spirals down the tree. He reaches the ground and Dewey runs stage left thinking he has won; and then somehow; the rope snags onto the end of his back pack and he is risen up by the nephews despite being 100 feet away from the mountain side. This does not make any sense. Dewey now has a beef with the logic of this universe as he groans on cue. So now we have the MO of Quack Pack: We have a beginning; the kids and adults separate, kids segment, adults segment, kids segment, adult segment, they come together to do a finish and then the ending. This repetition wouldn't be so bad if the kids section which is considered the main plot was a lot more entertaining. Speaking of MO we cut to Donald looking at his reflection through a compass which he wishes would give him moral direction on how to deal with this world. It doesn't sadly. Daisy asks if he knows where he is going and Donald proclaims that he has everything under control and then takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the out of nowhere mountain side with his face (seriously; the background literally changed the exact moment Donald made contact with the mountain); and the compass gets destroyed. And then to make it even more hilarious; he bumped into a large rock face that is barely the size of a very small house. Logic break: Donald was going west when he bumped into the rock; so Donald goes back the way he came despite the fact that the animator made it as if they were coming from the south. Yeah; this makes no sense.

So Donald and Daisy walk into the SCARY FOREST OF DOOM with cartoon lighting (I don't really care if it is; at least I can see what is going on here) as Daisy looks a bit concerned that Donald's sense of direction is going to kill her. NO?! REALLY?! So Donald pulls up some moss and it reveal a path to a dark and spooky castle with thunderclaps. HAHA! Daisy has the Gruffi pose on and is not amused. Well; maybe Nirvana is the name of a castle that belong to a vampire of the same place; and it's Nirvana in the sense of Dracula. Have you ever thought of that Daisy? And before everyone comes out and tells me how stupid that is; remember that this is Quack Pack we are talking about here. This would not be out of place for this series. So we return to the dreaded main plot of doom as it's BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as Dewey is in shadow on a rock like table on his laptop (which apparently is solar powered) as he monologs that he is in a cheesy horror movie which is "The Revenge Of The Mutant Brothers Who Don't Respect One Privacy". BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Dewey Duck?! So we zoom out to see Huey and Louie have already pitched their tent and set up a camp fire as Louie brings out his black phone (THAT'S RACIST!) and wants to contact Donald and Daisy. Huey mocks this because he thinks they want to be alone and do some kissy-kissy. I think you are confusing them with Hoppo and Bumblelion. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....Dewey proclaims that they aren't the only ones who want to be alone as we cut back to Daisy holding the purple pump tent the small edition; which looks similar to the one Kent Powers had in Shrunken Heroes. Small world after all indeed! Daisy looks at the instructions as she pulls the cord and it's instant pump tent. She is going to wish her boyfriends were that inflatable as Donald is wrestling the tent and losing badly to it I might add. HAHA! Yeah; I realize that this buried Donald after the Lumberjack short (Up A Tree from 1954); but Donald wasn't exactly squashing the chipmunks in that one now; wasn't he? He gets one tent set up and thinks he's won; and then he gets umbrellaed. HAHA!

So Donald turns into a tent bat as the cell phone rings and Daisy answers it as Louie is proclaiming that they are going to sleep together for the night to give Dewey some brotherly love. Oh TAG! Daisy was about to call them anyway and she doesn't know where they or she is right now as Donald is acting like Goofy from Goof Troop; only slightly more funnier. Daisy tells them that she hopes to meet them in the morning and hangs up as Donald fights with the tent and the tent wins by hooking him in the hanging roast submission hold. HAHA! Daisy looks at the box and the magically out of nowhere blue carpet shows up and she walks in as Donald plops on the ground and groans. No wonder Donald's so jealous. So we head outside AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Donald is trying to make a fire while Daisy sits in her lawn chair waiting with baited breath to mock, scold or shoot or any combination of the three, on Donald. Donald is rubbing a stick onto a piece of log as Daisy doesn't see this as bad, and likes a warm campfire. She then asks Donald if he wants a match and Donald blows it off saying that he has it under control. Let me translate that to you: "No, because Michael Eisner has Disney Channel cut scenes with matches in it because kids are mimicking me for some peculiar reason." So Donald makes some smoke and finally gets an ember to appear which flies into the air. Obvious logic break: Donald is looking in awe despite the fact that the ember is clearly heading for his tent and lands on it just before Donald starts to panic. Donald climbs on the tent to blow it away; but jumps off because his tent is burned to ash and soot leaving only the frame of the tent. Oh well; sleeping in a tent is for amateurs anyway. Sleeping under the stars is manly, MANLY I SAY~! Daisy asks if he wants to come in to her tent; and Donald claims that he has no problem sleeping under the stars as the wind whips out of nowhere and as Donald brings out the green sleeping bed; it fills with air and blows away into the moonlight. HAHA! So Donald groans as he lays his head down on a small rock and uses a leaf as a blanket. HAHA! Donald shivers and his teeth chatter on cue.

So the main plot is starting again as we scene change to a crescent moon as we pan down to the rock table as Dewey has pitched his red tent and we see him in shadow typing on his laptop and doing monologue again. Apparently; he believe that the nephews have finally taken the hint; despite the fact that there is no indication that such a thing took place. But there is no dice as Huey and Louie want Dewey to come over to the fire and read comic books with them. Louie of course whisper yells that they are going to burn his comic books and his whisper yell is so loud; even Dewey should have easily heard it. What a lousy telegraph that was?! Dewey decides to ignore them and keep typing; so the nephews barge right into his tent and cozy up beside him as Dewey is not amused of this at all and we fade to black 11 minutes in. I'm refraining from calling this a commercial break because the Toon Disney bug is still shown during the slug. So we go to morning as we recycle the background from earlier and we also recycle the walking sequence the nephews did earlier with Daisy. The only difference is the dialog and trash on the ground leading to a mountain like cave. Huey then increases his level of assholeness by admitting that he ripped Dewey's backpack open looking for more food and thus we get the trail you see here. Including his blue sock despite the fact that he never wears them; nor shoes.

So we head inside the cave as Dewey is walking and notices clear water and lots of quiet. He proclaims victory over his criminally evil nephews ; but the nephews come in to annoy him and me some more. A lot more in fact. Dewey then really blows them off as he backs up and basically tells them to stay there or go back; but never follow him again. The nephews act as if they don't have the two clicks in the making of a clue as this is borderline sociopath behavior at this point. It's also hard to sympathize with Dewey when Dewey has been playing pranks on them during Halloween night and other such crap. So we scene change deeper in the cave with Dewey claiming that he sounded too tough on the nephews because they were just trying to help. Yeah; "help" him. Trust me Dewmeister; you were not tough enough. Which is not surprising considering how much weak sauce you have been in this series. So Dewey jumps up and clicks his heels proclaiming victory over the nephews and then he slips for no reason and slides down the embankment as his backpack snags on a rock and Dewey is forced to hang on for dear life because he's about to fall down a bottomless pit; which we don't see from a sky shot. Dewey screams as we see the pit is much larger than I thought it was and that ends the segment 12 and a half minutes in. It took 12 minutes to set this up; when the point was made about five minutes in. Way too long and way too much overbooking here.

After the commercial break; we see Dewey continuing to hang on for dear life as we get the sky shot of the pit and then Dewey does the dramatic climb up; which the rock screws him over as the backpack snaps and Dewey free falls. Sometimes; saving yourself is just asking for wanting to have your privacy invaded. So Dewey free falls and drops into some lake and then Dewey uses the backpack as we do some water sliding action with Sonic loop-de-loops for only a dollar. So Terry Funk; how long does Dewey Duck water slide until we change scenes to something different...?


Actually; it was only thirty seconds long as he flies out of the cave and then flies into the air and gets WARNERED~! He drops into the lake below with a resounding splash. Dewey does snow angels on his back on the lake loving this as we head back to the cliffs of blame and shame as we see Huey and Louie blaming each other for screwing Dewey's privacy and life in general. Geez; they cannot even blame each other without sounding like a smug ass. They slide on the cliffs and climb over rocks blowing off each other as we return to Nirvana Valley with Dewey running around the purple flowers, palm trees and blue/green grass with glee. Dewey runs around proclaiming that he'll tell everyone while running around and then he sits down in a jump cut above the water on a rock ledge proclaiming that they'll just wreck his stuff anyway so he's going to keep it for himself. Sadly for him; someone makes a little noise for him as Dewey looks around and notices a hermit like man looking for something and he has a white beard (with mustache), orange vest, banana yellow shirt and has yellow whites in his eyes. So Dewey comes out and greets him. He also wears sandals and a green pot on his head as the hermit ignores him. Yeah; Dewey is invading his privacy and yet the irony of it all hasn't sunken in to him.

So the hermit blows him off because he has rules and rule #8 is no questions allowed. He goes over to his big ass palm tree and runs up to the top as Dewey brings out his camera to take a picture; and hermit (Charlie Adler voices him by the way) grabs his camera and destroys it. No pictures and no excuses allowed either. Dewey then gets the big ass book of DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) squashed on him as the hermit tell him to read his rulebook. So we jump cut violently back to Donald climbing up the mountainside which is the statue of what appears to be a boot. Daisy is using a pulley system to pull Donald up and there is a knot which gets caught in the pulley. UH OH! Daisy is shooting again! Donald climbs up and tries to pull the rope instead of untying the knot. Daisy wants to stop this shortcut taking and find a path so they can meet the kids again before it's too late. Donald blows it off because that is for amateurs. Daisy blows him off in kind because they are lost. NO?! REALLY?! And that's both ways I might add. So Donald finally pulls the knot out of the rope; but the pulley wheel gets yanked out somewhat and Donald falls down as the rope somehow snags Daisy despite the fact that she wasn't tied to the rope at any point; and Donald ties himself up and we do some yo-yo spots for fun. HAHA! Daisy shoots on Donald again as Donald is flustered. Speaking for being flustered; we return to Huey and Louie blowing each other off again. They are yelling from the top of the cliff as both finally run out of reasons to hate each other and admit that even Dewey deserves some space. And then they high five each other and admit that they won't admit that to Dewey because they are brothers and then they climb down the mountain. There's your generation of kids 1996 onwards folks! I hope it was all worth it as we head back to Nirvana Valley as we do a pan shot of the valley with butterflies and mushrooms which Dewey is sitting on one of them. Dewey is reading from the rule book as apparently; you cannot say anything bad in this valley.

Geez; this is the MPAA/RIAA's dream valley and they want it on a grand scale in our reality. So we continue on reading as the hermit appears and steals the book back and then steals the flower necklace from Dewey and then steals the mushroom he was sitting on because those are his. So we continue with the banter of hermit proclaiming that there is only serving to make Dewey feel totally unwelcome as hermit blows him off because there is a rule that stories cannot start with his brothers. That rule has been broken since this show started; so the hermit is hosed. Hermit walks to his house as Dewey offers to share and give hermit as much share as he wants; but he blows that off and then slams the door to his palm tree tower. Dewey then calls for Huey and Louie; but then realizes that they aren't here as he slumps down and picks a flower as he realizes that being alone is rather quite lonely. So we fade to black almost 17 minutes in....and we return with Dewey in front of a rock with his laptop as he is doing monologue as we see the hermits' tree tower and we jump cut to the hermit swimming in the lake while the fish cannot even swim with him. Personally; I would let him in there; because he must really stink high heaven. Dewey is still continuing to provide voice overs so he slams the laptop on Dewey's hands and calls out that. HAHA! Dewey has had it and he decides to give the hermit exactly what he wants and storms off. Sadly; this hermit rules are clearly designed to let him control anybody and anyone (the sign of a tyrant) as he forbids anyone to leave. Dewey tells him to watch him as he walks off. So hermit slams his book down and brings out the slingshot because no one leaves as he fires a pebble at a rock and apparently; this hermit has been watching too many Gummi Bear cartoons as this is the COMPLEX TRAP OF THE DAY! So this all ends up with the pebble driving a wooden stake into the rock cliff containing a big ass boulder and it rolls down the hill straight at Dewey. Dewey bails as the boulder continues to chase him and that ends the segment right there almost eighteen minutes in. Well; that was a pretty interesting turn of events.

After the commercial break; we have Dewey being chased by the boulder some more and then he trips on a rock (because Dewey is stupid and cannot see where he is going) allowing him to go under the boulder as the boulder bounces up into the air and lands in the entrance of the cave. Well; that was all Dewey's fault, he should have just looked where he was going and he would have been out of there. Dewey tries to push the boulder; but no dice. Dewey slides down and blows him off for being such an idiot as hermit rants on about people discovering this place and paving paradise to put up a parking lot, including fast food. Dewey tries to climb a palm tree to escape; but no dice as he has a catapult with a pull rope he stomps on. That is a really neat weapon I should point out. Apparently; he is a grumpy old fart who won't let anyone off of his lawn. What a shocker?! So Dewey gets flung off and Dewey takes some really nasty bumps along the way as only the hermit decides who stays and who goes. Hermit should just kill Dewey; but I bet there is a rule against that, in both books actually. Dewey blows him off because he doesn't want to be like him. I agree; he would be even WORSE than the hermit. More boulder sling shots for fun as we scene change inside the cave as Louie and Huey walk in calling for Dewey and then they run towards the cliff and find a piece of blue cloth nearby. They act like smug asses calling this a long way down; and then they drop down screaming. You wish you were Kit Cloudkicker guys. So we continue with the hermit hurling boulders and causing some halfway decent damage as Dewey hides behind a rock. Then the other nephews dive into the lake right on cue as Dewey pops up and that somehow stops hermit from being on the warpath. Whatever. So Dewey comes over as the nephews squeeze the water coming out; and is happy to see them. The nephews are more happy to take his stuff again as they ask who his friend is. Dewey proclaims that he's no friend of him and all three bail in different directions. So Huey steals the CLUB OF DOOM from the hermit and then tosses it away. He mocks the hermit and that pisses hermit off as Louie grabs the book from the hermit and bails. Okay; whatever.

So we play football with the rulebook for a while which at least now; the nephews have finally decided return to their normal rule breaking ways which is fine in this case because at least it allows me to cheer the hermit as the babyface here. If the nephews were likable; it would be the other way around. So Huey throws the book and manages to somehow throw it into the hermits face and knock him out. The nephews slap skin together and well; close enough. Dewey then remembers that they cannot get out since the boulder didn't budge. However; only Dewey tried, but there are three of them now and it's time to try again. So we scene change to the nephews bringing out a small rock and a pole and they try to pole vault the boulder out of the entrance and it works. Instead of running into the cave; they try to slap skin again, and that allows hermit to control the pulley system allowing the nephews to repeat the upside down spot, almost to the exact image from Captain Donald. The hermit proclaims that some people are in big trouble. Man; this guy cannot tell the difference between chimeras and people can't he? So we cut back to Donald doing the Gruffi pose blowing off this idea of some kind. Daisy counters that she has had enough of Donald being in charge and therefore they are going to do it her way: go straight down the mountainside which is the easiest way down. Donald no sells like Shaggy and Scooby being told that they are the bait for one of Freddy's ghost catching traps. So Daisy jumps down proclaiming that she'll do this alone as we head back to the upside down nephews tied up as the hermit reveal rule #914: Intruders will be thrown into the bottomless pit. Why didn't Dewey just lure him in there? IDIOT! Dewey proclaims that it's all over; but they are together as he hugs Huey and Louie. HAHA! Huey doesn't like this at all and answers with sarcasm as we cut down to the mountainside as Daisy jumps down and Donald joins her proclaiming that this isn't so bad. UH OH! This has to be a setup!

And it is as they go through the HOLE OF DOOM created by the hermit and then they free fall into the forest which somehow opens up more and Donald lands on the hermit and squashes him which allows him to let go of the rope and bring the nephews down on their heads off-screen with wussy bump. Daisy just hangs on the rope about two feet above the ground as she unhooks her belt and realizes that this is Nirvana Valley. Dewey and the nephews act like smugass as Daisy calls this a story. Donald calls this a headache. HAHA! I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So Daisy sticks the microphone in the face of the hermit as the nephews decide to leave and let Daisy figure out how much of a sociopath this hermit is. The hermit tries to point out the rules here as Donald has the camera on and Daisy proclaims that this will be seen by millions of people. The hermit realizes that he's outnumbered and out muscled as he yells for them to leave him alone and he runs away out of sight as Daisy and Donald follow him with Daisy wanting to ask more questions and the hermit screams like a madman. Well; that was an interesting finish as the nephews are at a hole and they do the after you spot and then they walk out as their shorts are down to their ankles it seems; but no white ass is shown. Louie asks for more food because he's hungry and that ends the episode at 21:08. Okay; this was disappointing as they build up the scene way too slowly and was contrived and forced to the point where I was wondering when the real plot would begin. It took them 12 minutes to build this up; when it should have taken five minutes, and then we rushed through the hermit who came off way too much of a psychopath and then do a finish and ending which was interesting, but not really good in a sense since the bottomless pit angle went nowhere because they ran out of time and we never got to see the bottomless pit in anyway. This is way pacing is so important and it was blown here. Otherwise; okay with Donald carrying this episode of course. ** 1/2 (50%).


Well; I finally got through the "pathos" episode and it wasn't good. It wasn't horrible by any stretch of the imagination as the idea of privacy was sound enough and Dewey would have been good enough to carry it through the day. The problems with this so happen to be the pacing: They took 12 minutes to set this up; and they had to make Huey and Louie look criminally clueless in order for them to act like a bunch of no good jackasses. That is just contrived and forced even by these nephews' much lower standards. It's also hard to have sympathy for Dewey in this one (although not impossible by any means since I did have some sympathy for Dewey here.) because he has acted like a prankster for so long that the nephews have to invade his privacy just to keep him from pranking them. Then they rush through the hermit stuff and that made him into a really old fart stereotype with a touch of hippie and tyrant which is probably the worst combo for this character I have ever seen. On the other hand; seeing him trying to kill Dewey with the slingshot catapult was neat; the animation was really good for the most part and Donald Duck did make me laugh in most of the segments he was in; so I came out of this feeling like I go some entertainment out of this; but I was expecting a thumbs up episode and not only did they not deliver, they almost got a thumbs down as a result. So we have finished 38 of the 39 episodes of this show and last up is Hero Today, Don Tomorrow as Donald gets jealous once again. Over the nephews' new hero. So........

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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