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His wait is finally over. He finally has a home to call his own.
He is known as Disney's answer to a tough kid whom society messed up.
This is a tribute to him & the most underated TV series in Disney history.

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420th Update: 03/20/2015
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Like Kit having the dream of becoming a pilot when he grows up; I had a dream of creating a webpage in tribute to him. He is the greatest child character in the history of Disney and please don't call him a 'Spoiled' brat. (I don't mind you calling him a brat though.) As you will see; he is very far from being excatly that :spoiled. (Also; please do not call him Clownkicker either. I've had one fan already upset over that! (2015 Gregory Weagle Says: It's Kit himself because Kit had to name himself with a meaningful name that people laugh at because it's so goofy.) In my humble opinion; Tale Spin is the best production ever created by the Disney Company. Tale Spin's diverse cast of characters, excellent music and soundtrack, an excellent main villian in Don Karnage, a well-thought out premise, some fairly good comedy and excellent animation and art work can stand up againest almost every production ever created by Disney or any company for that matter. Cartoons today don't have the detail of beautiful artwork; music ; depth or even the heart that TaleSpin has. It is proof that Disney's vision was indeed thought about when Jymn Magon and Mark Zaslove and their team of 100+ people started putting this masterpiece in 1988. (I still don't believe that it took three days; but it doesn't really matter. (Yeah; the start of production to first episode released on television that was done in nine months is MUCH MORE AMAZING than the pitch idea Jymn Magon and Mark Zalove did! Unless you happen to like Jymn Magon saying literally a dozen times during said pitch. ))

I Love Kit Cloudkicker: Future Ace of the Skies! (Special Thanks To Mark Hargreaves For This Banner!)

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