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A Creep In The Deep

Reviewed: 08/17/2008

Will Scooby Doo show up..for real this time?!.

Nah; he won't as usual...Anyhow; it's time for the long haul single episode rants that I am known for as there are no multi part episodes in this one and this one I don't remember ever seeing so I'm ready to be surprised. So let's rant on shall we...?

This episode is written by Mark Edens. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. This one must clearly be one that was written by a debut writer. Bryce Malek (sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh anime dub name to me) was a writer for the Kwicky Koala Show, Transformers and Defenders of the Earth. He did write episodes for Gummi Bears which I may or may not have ranted on. Mark is one of the Eden twins who wrote several episodes together for TaleSpin. He is about average from where I stand. Believe it or not; Dev Ross used to be the dialog director a full year before she started writing episodes for Disney and broke through with the episode A Star is Torn for TaleSpin. The animation was done by Walt Disney Animation Japan which means that this is a good sign right off the bat. At least it's not Sun Woo; but we know that they'll get their grubby paws on this series at some point.

Interesting Moment #1: This episode uses the second opening sequence. You know; the really, really sloppy one.

We begin this one on a road near an ocean bay as it's a dark and stormy night (yeah; the first non-pilot episode for rant purposes just has to start with a Snoopy reference) we see a truck carrying frozen fish on the road. We know this because there is a black logo with ice and fish. We pan over to the driver who looks like a black haired Klordane wearing brown clothes and has a flesh colored fat lip which surprises me for some reason since it usually has red lips instead. And then the driver swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE and almost runs into the...What was that thing anyway?! FLASH OF DOOM and the truck is in the ditch and as he looks to his left; the frozen fish just leaks out of the truck like a leaking can. We get a blur and the shot is on television as the driver explains that some monster cut his truck open like a can. And in typical fashion; the driver blames the object for his bad driving. Okay; maybe not as we head inside the headquarters of the Rescue Rangers which surprises me since the headquarters was NEVER seen in the pilot. I guess the headquarters was too bland to be given a proper introduction like Cape Suzette and Higher For Hire got. Stan Blather (now there's an ironic name if I ever saw one since he only says one or two sentences maximum) calls this just another attack on seafood. Hey; I got a good idea of who it is. It's got to be either PETA or PETSF (People for the ethical treatment of Seafood); probably the later. Do you know how mistreated seafood is and it can danger the life of the fish as well as the humans? Okay; it's probably Mr. Fat (Cat).

Chip turns off the TV and declares this as a job for the Rescue Rangers. We then cut to see the rest of the Rangers eating grapes (well Monty is at least) sitting on a makeshift sofa. And yes; there is a water slide in the background; don't ask me why. Dale probably charmed Gadget into installing one just to screw Chip over; knowing him. Gadget isn't so sure that this is solving a mystery since it really pushes the limits of animals being in trouble. Sadly; no Golly from Gadget this time around as Monty is with Chip and Dale calls this fishy. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And why is Monty wearing a blue sweater? Is it really that cold in this building? Where is the cigarette lighter when you really need it Gadget?! Monty ribs Chip who puts on the fedora hat and asks him to go easy on the science because he might blind him; or something. Chip blows him off with his fist pounding because scientific detection is how you solve mysteries. And people think I get pissed off a lot at Reboot. Monty dresses himself like a goof as the Rangers all walk out the door while Monty calls Chip's way boring and painful. Oh; sod off you Aussie stereotype! What do you know about solving crime?! You know how to fight and be a jerk; but that's it for you. Chip is angry now and I'm SHOCKED that he doesn't do the Gruffi pose on him. And of course Monty loses because he ties his coat in knots in a ironic fashion. Even his coat thinks he sucks.

Chip gleefully blows him off because jumping in without a plan is just plain trouble. Tell that to Drake full of himself REALLY STUPID Mallard Chip; he's going to need it. Monty calls him out as he slams the door and crushes his tail in the process. How sad is it when Monty has to be the bump machine around here since Mole isn't around to do it. We then head to the beach which just so happen to be near a pizza place BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (Read: Sunset) as we pan over to the water where the Rangers minus Monty and Zipper are studying gopher hole like tire tracks. I betcha Monty and Zipper are at the pizza place looking for food. Chip thinks that they are going in the water; Gadget claims that it is the opposite. Monty of course makes me mad by not going to the pizza place and relaxes in the back of the Rangerplane blowing Chip off again. Even Baloo wasn't mean when he was lazy to Rebecca. Sadly; the CHEESE OF SMELLS hits Monty and it's the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DEATH at just over two and a half minutes in. Now you know you are watching something silly. Gadget gasps in horror as Monty floats right into the pizza place making me happy again since he's looking for food and hopefully gets MURDERED so I don't have to deal with him again. That last one is wishful thinking on my part; I know. We cut to inside as the pizza chef uses the LONG ARM OF THE PIZZA LAW to put the pizza into the oven and Monty goes right into the oven. YES! YES! YES! Burn that Aussie stereotype into ashes! Maybe he'll be reincarnated as Jaloo. Or maybe Airplane Jane.

The Rangers gasp in horror over this because as much as Monty sucks; he is their friend. And friendship is a bigger addiction than cheese in DTVA. Zipper tries to open the oven; but no dice; DUH! I wish they leave him and collect the Darwin award money that they would get if he dies. Or not as Zipper does manage to get the oven open after all. Oh yeah; Zipper didn't meet Larson and Gary at all, no siree! Monty is all right of course as he was only in there for 15 seconds at the most and he grabs a slice of pizza and crashes into something off-screen; but when the Rangers start running to him; Monty didn't crash into anything and just simply dunks his tail in a glass of water. Bad logic break #1 guys. Chip gleefully blows him off for that addiction as Gadget asks if he's all right and Monty sounds like he is not since his mummy like tail was burned a bit. Well; that's what happens when you use toilet paper on a crushed tail. And of course; Monty is stupid enough to eat the whole pizza in one bite. As stupid as Monty is; at least he can blame addiction for his problems in life. Drake doesn't have that excuse.

We now cut to a couple sitting at the table eating a pineapple-anchovy pizza (well; the dork kid voiced by Rob Paulsen is) and the girlfriend doesn't like it one bit. I cannot tell if it's the pizza; or the boyfriend is a dork in this thing; it's all messed up. We cut over to Monty and the Rangers sitting underneath a table and a fries box propped by a pizza cutter (?!) eating pizza while Monty relates another one of his tall tales of fiction just to annoy me. And then logic break #2 of the episode beckons as the pizza hating girl actually eats some and then here comes the IRON GIANT'S white eyes peeping like a peeping tom out of the window. The girlfriend screams of course and the humans all bail out of the pizza place like a bunch of scalded dogs. The submarine crashes into the pizza place and causes some pretty decent damage in the process and causes some good bumping from the Rangers. Gadget points out the bloody obvious to us; making sure to make Monty look really weak (good for her) in the process. Monty can just hear Chip laughing at him in the background even if we humans cannot. And then Chip is screwed as we see various octopus' wearing fish bowls of water on their heads (and they are packing Super Soakers my God!) which Spongebob would lift off for his series as the SUBMARINE ARM OF THE SEA WORLD orders them to get the canned anchovies from the kitchen. That seems like a fair trade off to me ..AHHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...I didn't know he was violent in the very least.

Moving on; the pink octopus (wearing Donald Duck's sailing hat of course just to annoy Disney purists.). Yeah; Captain Fin is a fish in a bowl barking orders. Oh my gosh! I was right; it is PETSF after all. The pink octopus salutes him and then slips and falls with a decent off-screen bump onto the ground. Captain Fin blows him off for lack of land legs. The Rangers declare that Captain Fin is responsible for the attack on the truckload of fish. I think we know what this conflict entails: land lubbers accuse fish of attacking them and the fish accuse the land lubbers of assaulting them. Animals Vs. Animals; one sea, one land. I never like these plots because they are so heavy handed and dumb that you know PETA forced them to write them. Monty of course blows off Chip's detection like an idiot and steps in to fight because he's a reckless mouse see. The Rangers do not like that cover being blown as the pink octopus carries the cans and goes into the submarine as Captain Fin calls this revenge so much fun. Yeah; I'm going to have sympathy for a talking goldfish who doesn't know his place in the cycle of life.

The heels (or babyfaces; it's tough to know in these plot lines) hop into the submarine as Monty walks to the open hatch and peeps in. He's SHOCKED that the thing is full of water which is punished by the octopus as he closes the hatch crushing Monty's tail again. HAHA! Monty's tail is caught good as the submarine dives into the sea. Zipper flies into the pizza place and gets a cup of cooking oil and splashes it on Monty allowing him to get his tail unstuck as the sub dives into the ocean. Monty dives into the ocean blue and then does a perfect slide into the shoreline not unlike Mario sliding into a bed in Paper Mario. The Rangers console him as Dale wonders how to find Captain Fin. Chip pretty much answers that one in such a fashion as to blow off Monty for his reckless abandon. I cannot blame him for that one since Monty's antics are really starting to bug me at this point.

We head to Pier 12 and do a pan shot over to the Seafood Bar of Doom (4Kids would change that into a Cafe man.) which is helpfully labeled as suck as the tide is going in and seemly almost ready to swamp the place. The Rangers run in and Monty wants to do the talking. Geez; that is like inviting death with Monty around. See; a lobster shot off his mouth and got into hot water. Take one guess who provided the hot water as we cut to a shot of a lobster, clam, Barnacle Bill (The Barnacle of course according to Monty; so take that with a grain of salt.) the sea plant all wearing sailor gear. These Spongebob Squarepants fans have NEVER seen this show as there is clear cribbing of ideas going around here. See; Bill owes Monty a favor because Monty saved his plant hide. Yeah; like I'm buying that one Monty. Evidence #1: Monty's whisper yell spot which also tells me he's Drake's teacher. I knew Aussie stereotypes were nothing but trouble. Monty yells at the sea food as Bill cannot believed the tide washed in Monty. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

Monty tries to buy a prawn a shrimp cocktail and the prawn takes offense to it and wants to fight. Geez; even Monty's friends look like freaks of nature. Please let Chip do his thing Monty; because your way is not working at all. The clam bites Monty's tail of course because we haven't driven that lame joke to ground yet; no siree! Monty swings his tail like a hammer and the prawn gets popped right out of the Fish Bar (but probably not out of the episode) as the male Rangers try to unpry Monty's tail from Shelly with no dice. Bill claims Shelly doesn't like conversation. I can clearly see why. Chip and Dale unpop Monty's tail and then take a nasty bump into the table off-screen right next to a wine glass of goldfish. Gadget nicely blows off Monty's inability to THINK before TALKING and there is no sign of clues on Captain Fin. Barnacle Bill then realizes that those two goldfish in the bowl over there know about Captain Fin. And they were kidnapped from a pet store because Captain Fin was liberating them; and they aren't exactly happy about it making more fish puns. They don't know where Captain Fin is; but rumors it he's going to due a day raid on Sealand. And the Rangers run away because that is where we head next. And you thought Monty was the only one who was reckless. The goldfish just talk about the bubble maker glass something which I really don't care about.

Scene changer and we head to Sealand with the top shot towards the tank where Nemo the Dolphin (or Whale) is located. I sense Seymour is taking notes to mistreat his animals as we speak now as Chip calls this deduction. Monty deducts that stealing Nemo the Whale is stupid because he only jumps through hoops at Sealand as Nemo jumps up and down in his tank making sure to splash a wave right into Monty and Monty takes a wussy bump in front of the Rangers. Nemo apologizes for it and I wish he didn't. That Aussie stereotype needs a good drubbing. The Rangers try to warn him that a submarine is going to attack Sealand and liberate him; but Nemo laughs it off because there is a 100 foot wall between him and the ocean floor and therefore Captain Fin has no chance in hell of kidnapping Nemo. Monty gleefully blows off Chip because that is deduction. No Monty; that's being prepared. Sadly; they somehow don't see a pink octopus climbing up the sides of the wall with the dynamite despite looking in clear sight of the animal. Logic break #3 for the episode as Nemo hearing something and Monty hears nothing. Gadget claims that sound carries better underwater and dives into Nemo's tank and hears that a drain is being unstuck. We then cut to All Hands using a spear to climb up and then there is an explosion sound out of nowhere; but nothing comes out of it other than All Hands bumping like a goof.

That makes no sense whatsoever as we cut up to the Rangers bringing out the rocket launcher as they finally see All Hands for real making them look REALLY STUPID in the process. Gadget puts the firework onto the launcher as All Hands puts the dynamite against the side of the wall with the spear and then tries to escape; but the plunger grabs him due to Monty being reckless as usual. Gadget claims that this is 93 times faster than an fishing reel and the device rockets up All Hands into the air and where he lands I don't really care as the dynamite explodes on the wall side (not so impressive visual there) and the Rangers bump like maniacs into the tank and it's whirlpool time! They all get sucked out of the tank and it's waterfall time into the ocean blue. Zipper is the only one that didn't get sucked in and goes over to Nemo who swims around and asks where the Rangers are. Dale responds to that as they are inside Nemo's mouth and that everyone is okay.Well; except for Monty as he get his tail crushed again. Now there is one spot I don't want to see retired; if only to see Monty getting it. Not that it matters since this was easier to unpry this time around. Gadget questions Nemo's flossing skills and Monty complains about needing a tail transplant.

We cut back to Zipper as he notices the submarine as the hatch opens and here comes Captain Fin in a fishbowl declaring that he has set him free to destroy the land dwellers. Nemo swims towards it acting really mad about it. See; even a dumb whale cannot take Captain Fin seriously as Dale blows off Captain Fin inside. Captain Fin is amazed at this whale ventriloquism. Nemo isn't amused and Chip wants him to ram the submarine. Nemo sells because Fin sucks see and Captain Fin realizes that he is had and orders his crew to reel him in. Nemo blitzes as we cut to the wheelhouse as a starfish who is already a million times more smart than Patrick Star ever was mans it and tells Fin the obvious. Now all we need is a sponge and Disney has a legitimate lawsuit on their hands. Fin blows off his crew because you never trust anyone who breathes air. Considering that no one TRUSTS him period; color me unimpressed as Nemo does the MAN-SIZED bump into the submarine (and boy that looked wussy) and the Rangers bump into Nemo's teeth (which looked better); and Fin get squashed between the steel walls and his octopus goons (which was apporos since Fin is a complete wuss.) . The goons peel Fin from the walls and he orders them to get away from Nemo the Maniac. The Pixar fish; or the DTVA whale?!

I don't know which is which anymore as the submarine turns around on a dime (nice visual) and then drives away from the bay lest anymore whale violence occurs. The whale beaches itself onto the shore; and opens it's mouth to let the Rescue Rangers out. Nemo tells them that he will return to Sealand and Dale is amazed that he doesn't want to be free. Nemo answers that one for me: He likes showbiz. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic. Monty then has a huge brain cramp because he actually admits that Chip was right and needs some deduction now to end this case. Chip then completely blows him off; telling him to use his head. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?! And then Monty get squashed with the bottle right out of nowhere and this pretty much goes the same place. I ditched DARKWING.....DUCK to get away from him; I didn't watch this show to be REMINDED of it. Dale blows that spot off in a good hearted fashion as Gdget pops Monty out of the sand hole Monty basically dug himself into. Dale unpops the cork and does some flopping after water sprays in his kisser. Chip pulls out the message inside and he claims it's octopus writing help. How could he deduct THAT from the message; other than the water inside?

Gadget claims All Hands has not been seen and may have something to do with it; but All Hands was popped out of the episode so it couldn't be him. Chip claims it's the only lead and it's time to go back to Sealand for clue hunting. Monty whines about it because he doesn't want to climb up again and Nemo decides to open his mouth again and help them get back up to Sealand. Well; there's one fish in the sea who is a good friend. The Rangers climb aboard as Monty cannot believe he's doing this willfully. I cannot either as Nemo squeezes hard and blows the Rangers away with his blow hole. I knew that thing would be used at some point as it's Rescue Rangers Away and they land right into the grass near the brick road with a wussy bump. Sigh. The Rangers walk forward and then notice a diving helmet as Gadget finds about three different ways to say that All Hands is in the fountain throwing bottles filled with water and messages. All Hands' is still heel (babyface; whatever..) because he wants to be saved by Captain Fin. Monty then states that they toss the bottles into the sea and that would land Captain Fin to return to save All Hands. Chip is amazed because he actually came up with a real plan..sort of. Dale thinks it's a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN (well; he doesn't know that's what they are called; but still) because how do they DEAL with Captain Fin? Well; knocking him onto dry land from his fish bowl would be a mighty fine start.

We head to the bay BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (Read: Sunset) as the submarine rises up from the sea. The hatch opens allowing Patrick Star's grandfather uses the harpoon gun which would be given to Seymour as a gift to play with in TaleSpin as Captain Fin orders him to shoot and he sells as it attaches to Sealand's wall. Captain Fin really grates my nerves as apparently; he has been doing Subway commercials lately. You know; the ones with the monkey and all the pointless games they play. They send up the life bucket to slide on and it returns with All Hands as he thanks his captain for not foresaking him. And I see he's breathing air. Does that mean he's a traitor too?! Logic break #4 for the episode as we then cut over to Gadget's makeshift submarine which has the twist key to propel the engines. It's full speed ahead as Zipper salutes her and enters. The submarine is off to catch some pesky fish as Gadget pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER) and dives in with the big sub. We get a thrilling chase which is tainted by Gadget's magnet which attaches itself to the haul of the big sub. I didn't know magnets were effective in water? Oh well; live and learn unless you are Dale. He just lives.

The submarine lands somewhere in the deep and the hatch opens to reveal Fin's octopus goons who seem to change from purple to pink in water. How about that?! I refuse to believe that was a coloring mistake; but a character trait of these goons.. The magnet pops from the submarine and the makeshift submarine goes into the big submarine just as the goons leave to check something out. What it is I don't know. The little sub is forced to hide as Captain Fin orders his goons to play music to plot the destruction of the land walkers. Oh swell; even DTVA is stooping to do this contrived spot. They dive deeper into the submarine as the little sub that could dives towards the wheel and the hatch opens from below to allow Chip, Dale and the Rangers to swim in with...wait for it....BUBBLE HELMETS OF POP CULTURE. HAHA! You know the Ranger fans have matured over the years when they don't even care about blasting Spongebob SquarePants for stealing from this episode. Monty's mother calls him a bubble head. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments as we cut over to the controls as Chip's MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN is to wreck the controls since it will destroy the submarine. Monty loves random destruction thus lapsing back into character too quickly and pulls the lever and that is the WRONG LEVER for real as the alarm wails. Monty thinks they didn't hear and of course; we all know the babyfaces are screwed as the fish of freedom surround the Rescue Rangers to end the segment for real 16 minutes in. I just cannot get into this episode; it's too fishy so to speak.

After the commercial break; we get a shot of the submarine in side profile and then inside a window as we see the Rescue Rangers kept inside a glass fishbowl to create such irony. It just doesn't work with chipmunks and rats because getting trapped in a cage is pretty routine for these guys. Humans on the other hand work better as we pan over to the organ as All Hands is playing somber music to show how serious Captain Fin is in destroying those land lubbers. All Hands screws up a note and Captain Fin slaps him silly with his fin. Yeah; a fish slapping an octopus like he's his bitch; that's real manly of him. NOT! Fin blows off his fingering and All Hands answers that one for me. I feel a little sorry for All Hands; if only because Captain Fin sucks the meat missile with gusto as a heel (or is that babyface?) All Hands continues to play the organ and Captain Fin feels relived. This just doesn't work without All Hand's screwing up on purpose. Then he finally decides to swim to the Rescue Rangers and blows them off for doing evil deeds to him; or something like that. Yeah; I going to take a fish seriously on that one...Surrreee.. Everyone sobs badly as he relates a fish story so outrageous that I think Monty and Fin have met before for some odd reason. Fin looks out the window continuing this absurd story in a desperate attempt to gain heel heat and I'm more inclined to apologize to Seymour for being such a bad heel as Fin is getting to Jambalaya Jake's levels of heel stupidity.

Chip gleefully blows him off for his silly plan and Fin proclaims that he'll make the humans see things my way by ramming the submarine into the county dam and put the city underwater before laughing his head off like a bad evil villain does. Yeah; ram the submarine into the dam; that will change their tune. Captain Fin needs to find a bigger dam; one that will actually do some real damage that will get him noticed; unlike some unintentional thing like ramming into the county dam. Or he could pray for flooding rain which would be no worse than this plan. He swims away as the Rangers gulp in fear. Well; they have to sell this because money talks and an Eisner weighs so to speak. So we head to the town (which shows Fin has no sense of what a REAL CITY looks like) and we pan over to the dam and then pan down towards a fishing boat with two fishermen fishing for fish wearing fishing gear. They complain about the bad fishing conditions and they hook onto the submarine as it rises from the water and it drives around as the fishermen stare in awe. Strangely; they don't bother to MURDER them. I guess drowning them fits BS&P after all. Fin orders them to drive around and they drive onto the road as Dale declares that they must stop Captain Suck..I mean...Fin before he rams into the dam. Monty then blows off Chip because he doesn't have a plan to get out of the glass tank.

Gadget has one and gives us logic break #4 as she has a glass cutter. I'm going to let that one slide because (a) Monty realizes how silly the spot is and (b) it's Gadget and she's AWESOME so she can break all logic and reason if she wants to. Kit could have done the same; but he rarely did it other than sky surfing; but all he needed was something to have his feet grip on (I always felt it was sticky grease that Kit's soles of his feet created on their own that allowed him to stick to his airfoil and kept his feet so soft that they were ticklish despite years of walking without shoes.). Gadget uses the FUZZY CARTOON GLASS CUTTER OF DOOM and it opens up the glass and water pours in as expected. The Rangers swim out of the glass tank and separate into groups as Chip and Dale notice that the Submarine is driving on land. Whomever created that thing is a genius and Fin is burying him by the second. Of course he's a land lubber so at least it makes sense no matter what human created that thing. The Rangers rise to the surface as there is some air remaining (which explains the organ working mind you) as we cut to the little sub as Monty complains about his tail again. Well; at least it hasn't been crushed in the last ten minutes or so. Monty wishes he had a binge pump so he could hang Captain Fin and his tail out to dry and then he notices the organ and it's one huge pump.

So we cut outside to the pan shot of the dam BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (three times in one episode; that has got to be a DTVA record) and the top of the mountain as Captain Fin is inside with the sea animal freedom fighters (or are they pirates?! Ah screw it; this episode's not worth saving and it's time to mercy kill it.) telling the Mr. Starfish to build up steam so they can blow up the dam and die going down as fish freedom fighters; or that is what Mr. Suckfin is implying. Which explains why Patrick Starfish turned into the funny moron that he is today. They gulp in fear which shows that they have some common sense to go with it as we cut back to the top of the organ as Gadget places steel pipes onto the mouth of two of the organ pipes and then hops back into the little submarine as Chip closes the hatch and hopes that Monty's plan works. When Monty is coming up with the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLANS; you are hosed. We cut back to the wheelhouse as Captain Finsuck orders so to be moronic Mr. Starfish to pull the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and ram into the dam. Ramming into a dam sideways seems a bit absurd if you ask me as the little submarine starts playing the organ and the water sucks into the organ pipes from the steel pipes inside the submarine. I think you know what happens next here as the water sucks and blows out of the big submarine causing the level of water to drop.

The fish are screwed as Captain Suckfin tells All Hands to MURDER those air breathers and then orders Mr. Starfish to ram the dam so to speak as All Hands sells like a goof and flops stage left and Mr. Starfish pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the submarine goes down the hill leaking water like three dogs taking a whiz on someone's lawn. More bouncing as the submarine gets destroyed by All Hands and the Rescue Ranger spill out as the bubble lotion pushes up and the contents pour into the organ pipes as All Hands is pissed now and tries to MURDER Chip and Dale on the organ piano keys; but misses and pumps more water into the organ pipes. All Hands is the only over character in this episode I should point out as the submarine gains more speed and bubbles. And Monty's tail gets crushed of course because we cannot leave this episode without that lame spot again. Monty is PISSED OFF of this and for once I agree with him since this is getting absurd now. At least it was a purple octopus goon rather than All Hands so no logic break there (although they are back from pink to purple colored now; proving my theory right there). Monty's yelling is enough for the goon to let go and both he and Gadget slam into the wall with a good bump.

Gadget tells Monty not to do anything rash; but Monty has HAD IT BABEE and he blitzes onto the octopus goon and it's Octopus wrestling made easy! I always loved pissed off Monty and I hope he remains that way. Gadget is stunned as Monty blows the octopus off. We cut back to the wheelhouse as Mr. Starfish cannot control the wheelhouse and falls into the drink as Captain Fin declares that he is won...and he's hypocritical since he's breathing air. That pretty much kills any hope that Fin can be redeemed as the submarine goes up into the air with a Bubble Float. Oh that wasn't contrived in the very least no siree! The winds will blow the submarine out of the episode and into the desert (YAY! Hmmm...Fried Fish...SLURP!) as the Rangers use All Hands as a parachute to float down towards the dam lake below. They land on the deck of the dam as All Hands takes a really good bump right into the dam side. HOLY CRAP? All Hands is trying to do the impossible here by himself. Sadly; All Hands gets dizzy and falls right off the dam side and into the dam lake as Monty blows off his lack of land legs again. The Rescue Rangers calls this a whale of a tale (OH TAG Gadget!) and even Monty doesn't want to hear it because of his tail as we get the circle fade out to end at 21:14. Yeah; this episode sucked. * ¾ (35%).


I just could not get into this one as it was really silly and there was no sympathy for Captain Fin because he was more interested in revenge than his own crew mates who were clearly better than he was and most of the fish of the sea could care less of him because he was basically a jerk who they didn't ask to be saved in the first place. Oh; and he's complaining about the air breathers and yet he's breathing air. What a bad heel he turned out to be. Rupert's version of Sea Vs. Land was a lot better than this. I really couldn't stand Monty in this one as he acted like a jerk for the first bit and then they in contrived matter made Monty see the light way too quickly and made it so Chip acted like he was a bully. Oh; and the finish was ultra-contrived as it was similar to Dirty Money where the submarine weighed less than a bubble. I didn't take Drake seriously in Dirty Money on that spot and I'm not going to here. All Hands turned out to be the only character in this entire episode that I had sympathy for and he was pretty cool taking bumps like a bump machine. Add on five logic breaks and this one was a stinker which is apporos since raw fish is involved. Oh well; at least they held out for the thumbs down episode a longer than Darkwing Duck did and the next two episodes are a lot better than this. So.....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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