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Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers Rants

Update #68 (07/27/2010)- They Shoot Dogs, Don't They? rant is now up.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers DVD Volume One Review- Another Mixed Bag Of Nuts From Disney DVD.

Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers DVD Volume Two Review- Talk About Running Out Of Steam!

To The Rescue Part One Rant- Sometimes, Some Crimes, Go Slipping Through The Cracks...

To The Rescue Part Two Rant- ...But These Two Gumshoes; Are Picking Up The Slack.

To The Rescue Part Three Rant- Disney Should Get A Medal Right Here!

To The Rescue Part Four Rant- Should Monty Get A Raincheck On That Apology?!

To The Rescue Part Five Rant- A Jello FruitQuake?! SHOOT ME NOW!!

A Creep In The Deep Rant- Will Scooby Doo Show Up? For Real This Time?!

Normie's Science Project Rant- Someone's Been Watching TaleSpin Too Much!

Seer No Evil Rant- Because It Could Kill You Right?!

Chipwrecked Shipmunks Rant- Okay; This Is Really Pushing It Guys!

When Mice Were Men Rant- Doesn't Eric Realize That Means The Mice WON'T Fight Back?!

Chocolate Chips Rant- Okay; I'm declaring This Series NUTS!!

The Last Leprechaun Rant- Uncle Scrooge Must Be Rolling In His Grave Right Now!!

Weather Or Not Rant- Here Comes Monty Not Sucking!!

One-Upsman-Chip Rant- That Sums Up Chip & Dale Well; Doesn't It?!

Shell Shocked Rant- You Just Knew The TMNT Bashing Would Continue.

Love Is A Many Splintered Thing Rant- I Love Real Comments That Aren't Supposed To Be Real Comments.

Song of The Night'N'Dale Rant- Enter The Ranger Wing.

Double'O'Chipmunks Rant- Stirred & Shaken As Dale Is Around.

Gadget Goes Hawaiian Rant- Surfing Gadget Hackwrench!

It's A Bird; It's Insane; It's Dale Rant- The Episode Which Drove Me Insane.

Short Order Crooks Rant- If Only My Rants Could Be Done In Short Order.

Mind Your Cheese's & Q's Rant- Geez; You Don't Think This Won't Turn Into A Monty Focused Episode?!

Out of Scale Rant- ...And Out Of My Mind!!

Dirty Rotten Diapers Rant- Trash Those Censors!!

Catteries Not Included Rant- Neither Is A Continuity Checker It Seems!

Three Men & A Booby Rant- Do The Writers Know Booby Is Slang For Breast? Does Disney Care Anymore?!

The Carpetsnaggers Rant- Ghost writing Is EXTREME!!

Piratesy Under the Seas Rant- Round Two Of The Dumbest 3.14 In History!

Adventures In Squirrelsitting Rant- The Fat Cat Stomp In All Of It's Glory!

Flash The Wonderdog Rant- Wonder If Bolt The Dog Was In The Audience?

Pound of the Baskervilles Rant- So An Entire Family Is A Dog Pound?! THAT'S....Ummm...Odd?

Parental Discreation Retired Rant- If Only We Could....

Risky Beesness Rant- Did Dusty Rhodes Start A Bee Keeping Business While I Was Away?

Bearing Up Baby Rant- Humprey The Bear & Tad Stones Together: Sounds Like A Death Wish To Me!

Out to Launch Rant- ...And Into Crap It Seems!

Dale Beside Himself Rant- ...Is Better Than Monty Being Himself.

Kiwi's Big Adventure Rant- Dale: Bob Orton Jr.'s Pet When He Was A Kid.

Lad In A Lamp Rant- Sounds Like Eisner's Attempt To Bottle Kit Cloudkicker To Me.

Battle Of The Bulge Rant- Only Disney COuld See This Title As Offensive.

Ghost Of A Chance Rant- I Don't Stand One Chance Against The Awesome Sucking Power Of Monty Focused Episodes!

An Elephant Never Suspects Rant- ...A Crappy Episode!

A Case Of Stageblight Rant- Also Known as A Case of Dale Being A Dale Too!

The Luck Stops Here Rant- ....But The Fun With Gadget Still Marches On!

Fake Me To Your Leader Rant- Only Disney Could See Gadget Unlocking Something With Her Tail As Offensive!

Last Train To Cashville Rant- Just Sleepwalking Through This Rant.

The Case Of The Cola Cult Rant- The Most Surreal Disney Television Animation Episode Ever!

Throw Mummy From The Train Rant- This Episode However; Is Just Plain Silly!

A Wolf In Cheap Clothing Rant- Geez; Even I Don't Insult Sunwoo That Badly!

Prehysterical Pet Rant- Just Another Day In The Life Of Dale.

Robocat Rant- Or It's Sadism Against The Machine Depending On Which Drugs Gadget Was On.

Does Pavlov Ring A Bell? Rant- Only In A Gummi Bear's mind.

Good Times, Bat Times Rant- The Episode People Claimed Cursed The Voice of Foxglove.

Pie In The Sky Rant- ....and Tasty In Monty's Belly!

Le Purrfect Crime Rant- Oh LA! LA!

When You Fish Upon A Star Rant- When You Know What Monty's Are.

Rest Home Rangers Rant- Is There Any Difference Between Young Monty & Old Monty? Other Than The Mustache?

A Lean On The Property Rant- More 9/11 Antics From Disney!!

The Pied Piper Power Play Rant- The Shortest 22 Minute Episode In DTVA History.

Gorilla My Dreams Rant- Please Take This Crap To Smokey Mountain.

The S.S Drainpipe Rant- Time To Go Down The Drain. AGAIN!

Zipper Come Home Rant- We Promise That Jymn Magon Will Not Be Mean To You Ever Again!

Puffed Rangers Rant- Truth, Justice & The Stereotypical Way!

A Fly In The Ointment Rant- Watch The Creep Factor Rise!

A Chorus Crime Rant- The Birth Of Happy Feet & Insano Glenn!

They Shoot Dogs, Don't They? Rant- They Drink Alcohol When They Hiccup, Don't They?!

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