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Chipwrecked Shipmunks

Reviewed: 08/31/2008

Now that's really pushing it guys!

Well kiddies; it's time to start Disc 2 with a really lame episode title that would make Jymn Magon hand his head in shame. Yeah; let's just make Chip and Ship change places; more so when Dale and Monty are the focus in this episode. That will make millions BABEE! Oh well; let's rant on shall we...

This episode is written by Kevin Hopps. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation was done by Walt Disney Animation Japan.

Interesting Moment #1: This episode uses the first opening sequence. This is getting really silly now.

We begin this one at sea as a turtle wearing sunglasses is enjoying himself and then he hears a boat coming and forced to bail as the Rescue Rangers are racing with their makeshift boat. I don't understand the point of this. If it's some sick way of poking fun at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to boost ratings; it didn't work. The show is still number one. Gadget is driving it and the Rangers are getting sea sick. They don't like her fast driving and blow her off. I don't like backseat drivers; most so when Gadget is the driver here. Hey screw wads; you'll take her driving and LIKE IT! Gadget says Golly #1 for the episode and proclaims that she needs to go fast to see if the Ranger Boat can hold up. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic as Monty and Dale bump like crazy. Gadget then checks the turning radius and I'm concerned for her safety because with Michael Eisner around; any complex speaking no matter how minor can be taken as a sign that a series will not be renewed for next season. Chip buckles up and he should be ashamed of himself for not doing that from the start. After all; children ARE watching this series. Gadget pushes the button and Chip hat goes flying into Zipper and he flies away for about three seconds; but then regains his ground. Monty grabs the hat which is perfect timing since Gadget pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and it goes really fast allowing Monty, Dale and Zipper to do the human chain boat spot. Lesson #1: Always wear your safety belt; most so when Gadget is driving. This applies more so with boats than with cars as you can plainly see. Dale manages to amuse me with the water skiing spots and bites Monty's tail which allows Monty to scream like the pussy Aussie stereotype that he is.

The Ranger Boat bumps like crazy and then bumps too much allowing Dale and Monty to bounce off the boat and onto a popping swordfish which is spotting the CARTOON LUMP OF DOOM. Gadget wants to check out reverse and goes backwards as Chip nearly falls out of his seat. There's logic break #1 for the episode since Chip was supposed to be buckled up. Now the swordfish throws Dale, Monty and Zipper into the air for a quick bite to eat; but the Ranger Boat forces the swordfish to dive lest he take more lumps and the diving Rangers fall into the Ranger Boat again. Gadget gets off the second Golly of the episode barely two minutes in. Now it's the aqua thrusters and that forces the swordfish to bail again as he has two lumps on his forehead. He looks like the swordfish devil now as Dale does a really silly raspberry on him. Gadget is driving with a bottle cap steering wheel I should note and she makes the obvious fatal error here: Checking the brakes while a mean swordfish is chasing them. They don't call her an innocent sadist for nothing you know. The brakes work by the way as we instantly fade to black and the crashing sound is heard because direct on screen blows are forbidden on children's television which would be negated when Baloo punched Martin Torque in the kisser along with Rebecca punching Muffy in the face as well in A Touch of Glass next year. So we go towards a deserted island as the Rescue Rangers wash up in separate match boxes onto the shore. Nice bumping from them I should note as Dale gets up and proclaims that this is great because they are shipwrecked just like in the movies.

Strangely; Chip doesn't bonk him on the head for that because they cannot change the channel on this one. Well; the fans certainly can as Chip and Monty blame Dale making faces with the swordfish for the shipwreck. For once; I'm on Dale's side because it was GADGET who kept running the swordfish over during her demonstration. But noooooo; she's female. She's untouchable because she's AWESOME. That's like having Kit do something that is clearly his fault and then blame Baloo for it. Gadget actually defends Dale sort of and Chip pours on the Dale blame by telling him that he's brainless. I think Gadget should simply apologize and end these silly hijinks; but no dice because seeing Chip and Dale brow beat themselves is FUN-IE see. Even though the spot has been done to death already. Dale runs to Chip and orders him to apologize; Chip decides to apologize....for not calling him an idiot sooner. Ooooooo....Gadget steps in to stop because they must work together to get off the island. That pretty much works as an apology from Gadget so Chip apologizes to Dale and declares that they'll be home on the next seagull.....

Spongebob Narrator: Three weeks later...

We cut to the trees to a look off complete with makeshift telescope as Chip is reconsidering his timing of the seagulls while wearing really bad Gillian's Island gear. We then cut over to Monty and Dale at the entrance to the tree house as Monty assures Chip that they do have the pleasures of home. Considering that the television was the only thing not makeshift; that makes sort of good sense. Why is Dale wearing Link's hat? And why should I care? And then Monty steps inside and opens the drawer to reveal the piece of cheese (which is still like Swiss despite being colored with Cheddar. Those wacky color stylists!) and eats it with one gulp. Okay; now I see the logic of the cheese attack, you need a smell to make it work. Dale blows him off because that was the last piece of cheese. Monty panics like he doesn't care about anything else in life. Go figure that one out and despair. Monty runs to Chip and shakes him good because he wants to get off this island. We then pan over to Gadget who has made a makeshift radio out of seashells and various other objects and there is rock and roll...which clearly leads to Dale dancing as the religious groups panic on the spot as we speak. Dale's dancing is pretty goofy with that silly Link hat as the weather reporter comes on (Jim Cummings in Bonkers' voice again) proclaiming that Hurricane Gary is approaching the islands after destroying Kawangawanga. Wow; someone finally had the guts to create a made up island on this show and it took only nine episodes to do it.

Monty does his usual BS story about being in one and Gadget doesn't like that because Hurricane Gary is heading straight for them...according to her calculations. And the male Rangers gasp badly because her calculations are NEVER wrong...RIGHT?! Scene changer leads to a palm tree where Zipper is stomping on coconuts with no way to get them down coming in sight. Zipper pants good at least. Chip is sadden by Zipper heroic efforts to get the coconut down because Monty and Dale are goofing off again. I think Chip is a fuddy-duddy if you ask me as Gadget arrives on bamboo stilts and does the double feet into the coconut to push it down and it lands right on Chip's pinhead. HAHA! Chip is nearly buried in sand close to his neck like he's on the beach (well; he is on the beach so it's apporos.) . Chip is rather mad at Gadget as he spits sand and then we cut to Chip going up a hill with a wheel borrow complaining about the heat. Now you know why they were goofing off Chip you miserable chipmunk. Zipper offers to blow air into Chip which he like and Gadget puts a little more stuff inside as Chip continues to blow off Monty and Dale for goofing off. What exactly are they doing Chip? Unless I have visual evidence of them goofing off; your accusations smell like a crappy way to blow them off because they are more over than you right now. Well; maybe Dale only as Gadget offers to help and they push the thing over the hill and Chip is screwed as the thing rolls down the hill and crashes into a tree.

Gadget is in horror mode (Yeah right?! Like she did THAT by accident?) as Chip is buried in sand spitting it out. Well at least they're playing it as Chip getting screwed because asshole Chip isn't nearly as fun as asshole Bumblelion. Gadget checks the items and gets off Golly #3 for the episode and we're not even six minutes in. That is usually a bad sign for the episode's quality right there. We pan over to Chip raising the sails on the new makeshift boat as Zipper bounces into the sail and lands right into the junk causing a tumble to come out. Gadget grabs and sezs it's a great help to her. Chip still acts like a jerk because he thinks Dale and Monty are goofing off again. I'm not buying into this because WHERE'S THE FREAKIN EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE CHIP?! Gadget blows Chip off because they are looking for supplies on the other side if the island and really working as hard as they are. And then we pan over to the other side of the island as Monty and Dale are....goofing off after all! I take back everything I ever said about Chip. There is your visual evidence right there. Good suspense writing from the writers which is rare for any series outside of TaleSpin and Gargoyles. They fall into the water after a water slide job and Dale wants to go again because Molly is in his blood. Monty goes to the edge of the lake as he wants to stop goofing off and look for supplies. Well; at least Monty knows when to stop....Or does he as he panics and sees a mountain with a crocodile's head on it. Dale swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) and wants a closer look.

Monty agrees to that and we head to Crocodile Hill as Monty and Dale check the inside of the Crocodile's mouth. Monty gets off a dentist reference as Dale clearly sees this as a hideout for pirates. He knows this because there's an obvious cannon right beside him. Nice to see Dale on the ball here eh? Dale takes the stick and starts goofing off here. No; really, I'm as shocked as you are. Monty joins in for fun and they play sword clashing for a while to waste time and prove Chip's point of goofing off. They foolishly step onto the trapdoor (I smell logic break #2 since that door weighs about five times more than Monty and Dale combined) and it opens allowing Chip and Monty to free fall right into that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! And it's the mother lode of all treasures! They bounce around declaring that they are rich and Monty can buy so much cheese that it's not funny. Monty and Dale throw coins, do plate spots with the coin and then it's the Scrooge McDuck swimming in money spot. Dale wants chocolate bars and comic books; while Monty wants cheese. I pick Dale's wishes better on the account of the comic books just to screw Al Khan from 4Kids (because children do read see and Al thinks that they don't.) .

After that we get a scene changer as Dale and Monty walk in the grass forest as Dale proclaims that the others should know about this and Monty doesn't like that. Why? Because they goofed off see. And the Rescue Rangers deserve their fair share because they are friends see. However; they cannot tell them right away because here comes Gadget and a rightfully pissed off Chip who wants answers. Dale want to tell the truth but Monty covers his mouth which makes no sense whatsoever since Dale should be covering Monty's mouth since Monty would rather tell the truth than risk Chip's wrath. Monty's supposed to be the smart one of the outfit. This chemistry is not working out well as Monty declares that nothing happened...including them goofing off. I would be more convinced if they said that someone attacked them; but Gadget buys the bill of goods anyway and gets off Golly #4 for the episode because she's got good news. This must be the episode where people complain about Gadget saying Golly every two minutes. Shows how much they actually watched doesn't it?! The Rangers go over to the bay and there is a pirate ship sitting in the harbor and a row boat washes ashore and lands on the beach as some mice wearing pirate gear pop out of the rowboat.

Monty doesn't like this because they are pirates. Dale on the other hand loves it because they are friends the Pirats. Oh; dig that cooky wordplay. See; they are rats dressed up as Pirates and...Ah forget it; Seth Macfarlane isn't watching this show anyway. Dale tries to run; but Monty grabs his shirt because the Pirats might not remember them as the Rangers like these turn of events. Dale doesn't care and the Rescue Rangers run onto the beach in such a funny way that the Baywatch lifeguards should hang their heads in shame. Sadly; the Pirats don't sell and they growl at the Rangers as Dale runs back and collides into the Rangers allowing the Pirats to blitz them and it's the FIGHTING FCC FRIENDLY CLOUDDUST OF DOOM (which TaleSpin only did twice in their entire run and both were in the same episode; and they involved a treasure too.) which usually indicates the babyface comeback; but since this is Disney, the heels win and the Rangers are tied up. Monty is angry at that spot as two of the Pirats do a silly repeat spot involving killing the Rangers in painful ways which Monty mimics in order to make them cut them loose. They almost buy that one; but they tell Monty to cut it out. That wasn't so funny as Jolly Roger appears walking a tightrope with his butter knife (okay; that is a funny BS&P decision) wanting to take care of this one himself.

He speaks in a pirate voice and has Monty's voice to boot. Sorry; but Don Karnage is much cooler than you because he doesn't wearing stereotype pirate clothing. He wears French naval clothing for the three of you who care. Plus; he has a cool way for overdoing his dialog instead of the usual pirate talk. He notices the Rescue Rangers right away and cuts them loose while laughing...badly. He then grabs Dale and hugs him like he's his girlfriend. Jolly Roger proclaims that he NEVER forgets his friends and then tosses Dale away like yesterday's trash. I'm SHOCKED Chip didn't laugh at Dale after THAT one. We do the exchanging of notes on the situation spot as Jolly Roger wants to find buried treasure which causes Dale and Monty to panic a little and Gadget to panic a lot because a FREAKIN HURRICANE IS GOING TO MURDER THEM! Jolly Roger doesn't buy it because Stormy's mustache (which looks like Mad Dog's so take that with a grain of salt) would be straight out ; but it is clearly limp as seaweed here. Considering that Monty and Jolly Roger are friends; I'm not buying this and I bet Gadget doesn't either. The Pirats walk off as Stormy continues to annoy me with his dumbness and Jolly Roger grabs him as the Pirats enter the jungle part of the island. Dale wants to go treasure hunting; but Monty grabs him to inform him that they already went treasure hunting so Dale yells that they are after the treasure. Chip sits down and sulks that they'll never get off the island this way.

He NO-SELLS the obvious yell from Dale?! Logic break #3 for the episode as Monty and Dale bail stage right in order to get the supplies. Gadget thinks there was nothing because Monty said there was nothing. Monty agrees with her; but Dale adds that there are supplies acting like they have guilt written all over their faces. Gadget calls them goofy. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Chip blows that off because they are perfectly normal. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. That's the first time that has ever happened. We head into the jungle with the Pirats using the butter knives to cut the bushes (and they cut fine exposing the BS&P decision right there) as Jolly Roger checks out the map and they are to go 3,000 paces to Porcupine Palm. Sadly; the map shows the route is all over the place where just going 3,000 paces to Crocodile Cave would have suffice. Stormy must have written that map. His nod only confirms the obvious to me as he tries to explain the obvious; but his mustache gets pulled by Jolly to shut him up. So we cut to Crocodile Cave inside as Monty is filling rocks into a wooden bucket attached to a pulley. Oh; boy here comes Louie's Last Stand all over again as the pulley is attached to the CHEST OF DEMONS and then we get the dramatic treasure pull up spot which is quite clever. Then once the CHEST OF DEMONS is up; Monty replaces the hole with the badly designed new trapdoor. Like that's going to fool Jolly Roger in any way. 2:1 odds say it will. Dale proclaims that losers will weep as he unties the knot on the rope and the CHEST OF DEMONS (attached to a wagon mind you) bounces off the trapdoor and the wagon rides down the hill. Monty manages to grab onto the pearl necklace at the last moment and get on board. The wagon races off Crocodile Cave's mouth and the goofs with attitude panic to end the segment 12 minutes in....

After the commercial break; we start with a spot feast as the CHEST OF DEMONS bounce off beige vines and various palm trees. What is this; a Darkwing Duck episode?! They land on a palm tree's top as Dale calls it a soft landing. But since they are not down yet; the branch breaks and the CHEST OF DEMONS falls down with a decent bump onto the ground. And lookie here; it's covered in vines, how nice. Dale covers the chest with more and declares that the Pirats will NEVER find their treasure. Sadly; here comes Gadget and Chip angry at Dale goofing off. Chip grabs Dale's hand (What? No ear pull?! FOR SHAME CHIP!) and the Ranger bail stage left as Monty climbs down from the chest. Well; that was short and I would have expected Dale to at least whimper. We then cut to a far shot of Crocodile Cave and then we pan over left to the jungle where Stormy is still trying to tell Jolly Roger the obvious fatal error and Jolly Roger blows him off while bashing him with the map. At least Stormy has the decency not to sell it; or I would be annoyed. He's the one with the treasure map see and therefore he is law. Umm; you had me there when you called yourself Captain there Jolly.

And it ends with Stormy getting his mustache pulled again as we cut to THUNDER VOLCANO CLAPPING FROM THE VOLCANO~! We know this because we see smoke (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND BAD DARKWING...DUCK EPISODES!) We then pan down to the beach where Chip cannot wait to get off the island and onto a new case. So; Gadget's misadventures with the Ranger Boat was a case?! Gadget and Chip walk to get some more food and supplies as Dale and Monty sit on a log sulking because they goofed off see. Dale wants to take the treasure with them and still manages to yell it out without Chip selling it. This logic break is really getting annoying as Monty tells Dale that the boat would sink if they put the treasure on the boat. Then they get the evil intention looks on each other and they bail stage left. They return to find spiked bats (WHAT THE HELL?!) and they destroy the boat off-screen. I smell gold fever coming back which shows mallards are not the only ones who can get. it. We get a scene changer and here comes Gadget and Chip (with Gadget foreshadowing her big appearance in Gadget Goes Hawaiian. Evidence #1: The flower in her hair which Rebecca talks about in Her Chance To Dream) with the luggage. Well; at least it's equal weight and Gadget isn't doing Kit's spot where he's forced to lift all of Baloo's weight which is more than his.

They hear the blow horn and both Chip and Gadget drop their weight and see Zipper on top of the sunk Ranger Boat. UH OH! Monty forgot to MURDER his buddy if you catch my drift. Chip wonders what happened to the Ranger Boat using the most monotone voice I have ever heard. Gadget proclaims that they have been shipwrecked again as Dale and Monty hide behind the bushes loving it and they bail towards Crocodile Cave. I knew Gold Fever was a threat to furry kind as we pan to the Crocodile Mouth again which hasn't changed much since the beginning which is a good sign for WD-Japan. We cut to inside as the Pirats pull up the trick pulley while Jolly Rogers ponders why it's there. Stormy gleefully answers that one for me as it pulls up and there is nothing but rocks. This is REALLY STUPID on SO MANY LEVELS because the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH is underneath the bucket. Look below the bucket you moronic Don Karnage piraty, pirate! Take that Bartz! Logic break #4 for the episode and a really stupid one at that. Stormy at least tries to make it funny as Jolly Roger deducts that the rascally Rescue Rangers are the only ones on the island. Now THAT'S insightful deduction there as he takes out his butter knife and it's time to keelhaul those Rangers as Stormy (who turns from beige to white I should note) releases the rope unintentionally (because the Pirats walk all over him see) and Jolly Roger is stupid enough to put his head in the area where the bucket of rocks can hit him and he gets creamed and falls into the shaft. Hopefully; he'll see the obvious logic break on the off-screen MAN-SIZED bump.

We then go to the CHEST OF DEMONS which has been uncovered from the broken palm tree as Monty and Dale take some of it out and counts the money. Dale and Monty both agree that they should be ashamed of themselves for not giving it to their friends. But; they aren't ashamed (apparently) of goofing off which was the whole moral of this story see. And then Gold Fever sets in as Monty wants Dale to take half his fair share and Dale protests this and wants Monty to take half. Memo to goofs: There are five of you Rangers. It's 20% of the loot for an absolute fair share which is more than you'll EVER get in a lifetime. Ah the pitfalls of Gold Fever. Mrs. Beakly should sit these two rodents down and have a heart to heart talk about the dangers of this illness. Dale has the golden dagger to protect him as he runs away and it's the Scooby Doo Chase Sequence Rodent Style~! Ah; the hallmarks of a bad episode. Maybe Darkwing shouldn't be held 100% accountable for it...Oh; who cares?! How else am I going to mock Drake Mallard now?!

The thunder starts clapping and the animators now officially confuse me because it's a storm cloud and not smoke. Geez; friends hating each other and a storm cloud comes out and rains right on cue. We then cut to Chip and Gadget hiding underneath a leaf as it is pouring rain out there. Well; Gadget seems to be right about Hurricane Gary meaning Jolly Roger should stop using Stormy as a weather plot device. Gadget gets off Golly #5 for the episode after seven minutes of golly free action. So it's every three minutes now; that sounds a little better for the episode quality. Chip blows the goofs off because he knows they are goofing off and Gadget defends them because Chip has no evidence that they caused the boat to sink. Memo to Gadget: Talk to freakin Zipper! He probably knows who did it since we saw him around the area when Monty and Dale were using those spike bats. Gadget calls them Rescue Rangers and Jolly Roger calls them surrounded too as the Pirats surround Chip, Gadget and Zipper to end the segment nearly sixteen minutes in...Wow; that was almost a carbon copy of the end of the second segment of A Creep In The Deep.

After the commercial break; we see Gadget, Chip and Zipper tied up by Stormy who now looks like a stereotypical Japanese sailor now doing some good work as he is the only character who is remotely over in this episode. If Jolly wasn't so stupid he would be number two. They force the non-goofs with attitude back to the Pirat ship as Jolly Roger blows them off because it's only a little drizzle and not a hurricane. Jolly then falls into a giant puddle which nearly drowns him; but he pops up and he's upset. We then cut back to the thrilling and painful Scooby Doo Chase Sequence with the GOOFS WITH ATTITUDE. It ends with Monty blitzing Dale down and Dale and Monty then see the Pirats taking the non-goofs with attitude onto the rowboats proclaiming that they'll make the Rangers pay for stealing his treasure. Dale drops the dagger in shame and shrugs as we head to the Pirat Ship as we cut to the front of the ship where Gadget, Chip and Zipper (still tied up mind you) caught in a net. One Pirat want them to walk the plank. I would personally give them the tickle sentence (as for The Phoenix Fanfic; at least Kit lasted longer than Drake did with NegaDuck welding a chainsaw before confessing.) and then dump them.

Jolly refuses because they did that last time and it failed (nice CONTINUITY from the writers I should note since they met BEFORE this episode (and I'm doing it by production order instead of date order which TaleSpin was done.)). Stormy suggests keelhauling them; but Jolly refuses because they already painted the keel (nice implying of the word blood there guys) and the pirats sell it in such a bad way that it's funny. Stormy then wants them to dress them up as bunnies and dip them in chocolate. Now that would be really nasty torture; but Jolly refuses because it's not piratical enough. Spoiled sport! Gadget then suggests that they bury them in sand and let the high tide drown them more or less and Jolly Roger calls it a fine idea. Gadget Hackwrench: The most innocent sadist in all the land. Even Kit Cloudkicker cannot measure up to her in THAT department. Chip really doesn't like that one and blows her off. Gadget acts like she did that on purpose because she likes a challenge. HAHA! We then cut to the back of the ship as Dale and Monty climb up and then put the golden dagger right into the mouth of one of the cannons as they admit that their goofing off caused them to be captured more or less. Well; that is good to know as we pan back to Jolly telling them that they will be trolling for sharks and the non-goofs will be used as bait. Umm; aren't yo going to bury them in sand and wait for the tide to kill them?! Bad, bad logic break #5 there guys.

Roger laughs as we cut back to the top of the cannon as Dale and Monty balance themselves on it. However; they walk too fast and slip and slide off the cannon and take a couple of wussy bumps onto the floor. Jolly and his gang have them surrounded as Monty nicely demands Jolly to let them go or suffer his wrath. I would listen to him if I were you Jolly Roger; we know how nasty angry Monty is. Jolly of course laughs it off like the stereotypical pirate that he is. He blows off the suggestion that Monty is going to make them laugh to death (death reference #1 for the episode) as Monty strikes a match and lights it (I smell Toon Disney cut commencing here) which fires the cannons containing the golden dagger which lands and cuts a rope containing several palm trees catapulting coconuts which land right on the heads of the heels (or tweeners in this case since Jolly Roger is a heel here and a babyface before this.). Good bumping; really silly contrived spot. Dale then grabs a rope and pulls down the babyfaces from the net as Jolly Roger and his gang run away from the ATTACK OF THE COCONUTS complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. Well; at least it isn't the NINMUL FRUITCAKE~! Chip is really pissed off as Dale and Monty confess that they caused all this trouble as Gadget proclaims that the hurricane is coming as Monty and Dale suggest that they bail for Crocodile Cave.

Monty and Dale run away as the Pirats go after them and the sequence of leaving the boat is so screwed up that even Sun Woo would hang their heads in shame. Seriously; the Pirats were walking like they were floating about two feet above the rope. That kind of spot blowing is almost Kennedy Cartoon like methinks. And this is Walt Disney Animation Japan; the offshoot of TMS for goodness sakes. Please let this episode end now! Chip gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and the non-goof swim after the Pirats complete with the Rescue Rangers Away chant. Which means the finish is almost had. Gadget gets off Golly #6 for the episode as Monty and Dale do a really silly series of spots of Monty clearing it while Dale screws up all. Dale and Monty think that they lost them while Monty sezs Too Right for the fourth time in this episode alone. And they accuse TALESPIN of repetition?! Monty and Dale then go right back and REVERSE REPEAT THE SPOTS! Now there's something you don't see everyday. Dale whistles at Jolly Roger who is growing more angry by the second and it's the Scooby Doo Chase Sequence Pirat Style~! This episode is dying and I don't think Gadget can save this one. Evidence #1: Gadget gets off Golly #7 for the episode; a new record for her. Chip and Gadget follow them wondering if Dale and Monty are dumb enough to do this on purpose as we cut to Crocodile Cave with the worst animation effects I have ever seen. It looks like bad parallax scrolling there with the rain and thunder against the still background.

Dale and Monty wonder if they were followed and they nearly get MURDERED with the butter knives. Yeah; BS&P RULEZ! Dale and Monty bail behind a rock near the entrance as the Pirats enter wondering where they are. Sadly; Chip and Gadget pretty much ruin everything by entering the place right where Jolly can clearly see them. However; we then see Monty and Dale behind the cannon as match strike #2 beckons (Toon Disney Cut commencing!) and the cannon fires breaking the rock Crocodile's jaw and it closes. Monty sezs they did it to save everyone from the hurricane. If Dale had said it; it would have meant something a lot more than when Monty had said it. Jolly Roger no sells because he uses Stormy to prove that there is no hurricane. At this point; the wise thing to do would be to throw Jolly Roger out into the storm; but the Rangers (minus Gadget of course) wouldn't be so sadistic like Peter Griffin now; wouldn't they?! And of course Stormy's mustache straightens out right on cue which the timing directors ruin because they gasp in horror BEFORE it happens instead of the other way around. Jolly finally admits that there is a hurricane and all hell breaks loose outside like any good hurricane does. Including spinning the Pirat ship right onto the top of a rock. Jolly Roger finally gets it and thanks Dale and Monty for saving their lives.

Well; that's one improvement from Jolly Roger I would admit as he hugs Dale again. Dale was repayment by letting him go of course. We then cut to morning as the Jolly Roger proclaims victory as Stormy and his muscle pal freak mouse pirat lift the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH onto the ship. Jolly sezs that they deserved a pat on the back for a job well done and Stormy gives his muscle buddy a pat on the back which forces him to let go allowing Stormy to ride the rope and Jolly to get squashed by all that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! Jolly loves that drop and wants to shove off. Sadly; he forgot about the boat being on the rock and therefore they must wait for the next hurricane. We then cut to the Rescue Rangers sailing home on the gobblet (check the jewels on the hull) as Gadget gets off Golly #7 for the episode which is more than all of the first eight episodes combined. Monty thought it was nice too as he unscrews a red jewel and Dale steals it. And they fight over that jewel in a really silly spot because funny well drawn cartoons cannot redeem themselves. Except this wasn't really funny to begin with. Blame it on gold fever. Dale and Monty fall into the drink and Chip proclaims that it will cool off their gold fever which causes the goofs with attitude to sound like Pirats to end the episode at 21:14. Not as bad as A Creep In The Deep; but the multitude of mistakes and logic breaks really dragged this one down. And the mistiming really hurts here. ** (40%).


This episode wasn't as bad as it could have been story wise as it was solid; but the amount of logic breaks and some of the worst animation this side of Kennedy Cartoons showed up here with the Pirats floating on thin air while running. The goof off angle would have worked a lot better if Dale was doing the mouth covering and saying that they saved the Rangers because it would mean something to his character overall; but that would be character building and only Gadget is supposed to have character in this series while Monty is comic relief (that isn't a relief) and Chip and Dale are gimmicks from the past I suppose. Stormy was pretty funny though and Jolly Roger would have been if he wasn't so stereotypical and wasn't so stupid. The fact that Gadget got off seven Golly's in this episode should have been an indication of how much this episode sucked and it didn't fail to disappoint. Sadly; most fans use that as a stereotype to hate this series instead of the bad episodes that do exist in this series overall. I think this episode is an indication of WD-Japan making mistakes later on when the animators got way too loose and started inserting unintentional logic breaks in the process. On the other hand; this episode at least I could take really seriously creditability wise unlike Creep In The Deep. So overall; a below average episode and next up is When Mice Were Men. Will this mean someone won't fight back?! Stay tuned....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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