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Rest Home Rangers

Reviewed: 07/01/2010

Is There Any Difference Between Old Monty and Young Monty?! Other than the mustache.....

Happy Canada Day! And oh goody; Monty gets ANOTHER focus episode to play with and it's against the whiny dork again. Well; the last episode was pretty good with him as the focus for a change. Let's rant on and find out if he can make it two straight shall we...?!

This episode is written by Michael and Mark Edens. Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended. I'm not going to mention Mark nor Michael here since they write episodes for TaleSpin; and I got the prep work on their credits there. Although considering how the Edens can dog episodes with the worst of them; this is not a good sign.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM with birds chirping and zoom in. We then cut to inside the family room as Chip (without hat) is blowing up a red balloon. Dale is walking up a wooden ladder to put a red banner with black letters as apparently; it's Monty's birthday. Oh goody; we start off with the unseen build up to Sweet Duck of Youth. Zipper does his ten seconds of work for the episode at 17 seconds; a new record for him. He's cracking a walnut which I must say is not a good image for me to look at. Dale talks about Monty's birthday as a great thing as Gadget stomps on a packet of icing which shoots out a perfect pink trim on a cupcake. See; Dale likes this because he wants to eat the cupcake. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Dale. Gadget places a candle on the cake because she doesn't know what his age is. Personally; I think she just couldn't find any pink candles to match in the trash can. Who in their right minds throws out pink birthday candles? You expect me to believe otherwise? Apparently there is cheese in the cake as Gadget claims that Monty is sensitive enough to slam the door and turn Chip into a balloon. Naturally; since it's the Edens writing this story; there is no smell to overwhelm Monty as he goes into the DRUNKEN CHEESE BESKERKER OF DEATH. It's so easy to figure out.

Monty then actually restraints (Okay; that is different and would have had more meaning if Monty smelled it first) as he bans Chip from having his cake and eat it too. Well; that makes sense since according to Lisa Ruddy; fat floats. Of course; Moose would also point out that her head is as hard as a rock too. Dale gleefully calls Chip full of hot air. BWHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Dale?! Chip breathes and flies around like a balloon with a hole in it and manages to dodge the cake; but take out the ladder with Dale who in turn takes down the banner and destroys the birthday cake of course. HA! See; this is why wrestling is often called a live action cartoon. Chip goes splat into it as well as Gadget gets battered. I see that cake was half-baked; kind of like Gadget most of the time. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Gadget gasps in horror as the party is ruined. Geez Gadget-love; lighten up. Parties are supposed to be this messy.

Monty wonders about the party as he grabs the banner and realizes that it's his birthday while swearing in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (Crikey!). Monty claims that it went fast (well; my birthday is only 18 days away) as Gadget planned a kick ass party for him as Dale gets into the mood wearing a goofy party hat and noise blower. Dale even blows into one as Zipper goes flying into the cup with a decent bump off-screen. Chip had a balloon too as Dale proclaims that Monty has had more than one hundred of them. Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. Chip points out that Monty is the elder of the Rangers and Monty takes offense to it instantly. Oh lord; why do the Edens test me so?! Monty walks over to the blue horn protesting his age and Zipper blows into his ear. OUCH! That is going to leave a mark regardless of age. The Rangers ask about Monty's age and Monty cannot hear them because the noise overloaded his eardrums. Chip takes that as a sign of hard of hearing.

For a detective; Chip sure didn't detect the science behind that spot. Monty then walks over and sits on the nut cracker and that destroys the walnut as Gadget takes it as his joints popping. OH TAG Gadget; you know better than that, and you're better than that to stoop to that bull crap. I know Monty has lived longer than the rest of the Rangers and he's a fatass; but he's far from being old. He looks like he's middle age and crazy to me. POW! OUCH! Ummm..Even in praise; the Aussie Stereotype still punches me in the kisser. That is just peachy. Monty thinks it's the trick knee which is actually more plausible than Gadget's joint stiffness. Gadget wants Monty to rest so they can get some cheese for more cheesecake at the supermarket. Monty blows them off for leaving him astray and runs out of the house and closes the door. The Rangers are surprised that he's so old and yet so spry. Yeap; this is like Sweet Duck of Youth only in reverse as you will see.

So we head to the ARENA OF THE FUTURE with cars packing up as we head inside to the International Dairy Exhibit as a Don Karnage-ish announcer (Jim Cummings and not Gregg Berger as I thought it would be.) and see Miss Milky (in a one piece pink bathing suit) showing off a cow on top of a green/white pillar. We see about fifty people inside and then we cut to a far shot of a green curtain as we see Norton Nimnul returning for the first time since Norton did a invention by watching too many Wuzzles episodes. Everyone pops at the car like features of the cow as Norton whines about crowds making him nervous. On the near shot we can see Norton eating a big ass box of raisins or prunes depending on what mood the animators were in when they were animating this episode. At least no one has teleported in this episode; yet. See; Norton has decided to go legit, straight and narrow. His life; or his tiny manhood?! You the viewer decide! He wants to practice some more as he goes through the speech from his pocket and he screws it up of course.

See he's so nervous that all he can do is eat prunes, rant and rave. Sounds like a drug problem to me and I think it's the sex drug before Vigara was sold. AHHAHAHAHAHA! He of course stomps on the bagpipes (and Scrooge has got to be calling his lawyers as we speak and not just for the bagpipes either) and it shoots it's long tiny manhood laser on a cow and it turns into a bull. Will wonders never cease to amaze me? The judge (all black with an orange judge ribbon) runs away stage left in horror, duh! I cannot tell who is voicing here; it might be Gregg Berger. If it is then Gregg Berger started in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in 1978 and then an uncredited role in The Stunt Man in 1980. From there it's mostly cameos, voice acting (starting with The Smurfs in 1981 and even the anime series TranZor Z in 1985 and the odd movie in between. Gregg has over 200 productions to his resume and a special thanks for The Simpsons Movie in 2007. His major voice acting roles include Grimlock in Transformers, Mysterio in Spiderman 1995, Cornfed Pig in Duckman and Odie in the Garfield series (his major typecasted character). Ducktales is his DTVA debut in 1989, Bonkers as Mr. Skunk, Captain in The Little Mermaid series, Gargoyles as Leo, cameos in Quack Pack, Winnie The Pooh Seasons of Giving and Recess: School's Out. Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers is his most recent credit. He also appeared in video games as Jecht in Final Fantasy X, X-2 and Dissida: Final Fantasy.

Norton goes over to the Scottish Manhood Laser of Doom and whines about losing fuel as he pops in more prunes. Would raisins seriously have made a difference here and eliminate the obvious elder stereotype or at least subvert it slightly?! We then go to an announcer on the stage on the far shot all decked out in white (and I'm sure THIS is Gregg Berger here) announces Norton as the green curtain opens and Norton of course has his back turned to the audience. I think he needs to rethink the legit part of his plan here. Apparently; his invention will change the cheese industry as much as pasteurization means to drinking milk safely. I could invoke the “he's creating Uranus Cheese” here; but really it doesn't work here. More prunes are popped into the Scottish Manhood Laser of Doom as the human cowboys all clap in unison. Norton takes the microphone and of course he yells for them to surrender and then catches himself. HAHA! Still overcompensating for shortcomings aren't you Norton?! He continues to have the elder stereotype munchies (if you will) as he explains his invention. See; it's the FOGEY (No; I'm not going to bother telling you what it means; I'll leave that one as an exercise to the reader) and it basically ages things including instantly turning milk into cheese. I can sense Dale having one of these to play a prank on Chip. It's just too obvious not to try out. To demonstrate; he's going to turn a 10,000 ounce big ass bottle of milk into 10 tons of cheddar cheese which is so conveniently placed behind him.

Well; it showed up in other shots; so it's not a logic break. Norton tries to fire the laser; but there is nothing....AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! So Norton bangs on the manhood and tries again as it only shoots in two short spurts and it manages to make the cheese smell so bad everyone is in horror covering their noses and protesting as Norton realizes that he is out of prunes and it works. No one is buying what he is selling of course. Norton then makes it work even worse as he throws it down and stomps on his Scottish manhood as the prunes shoot out and the big ass milk bottle shatters right on cue. Geez Norton; you are just writing my own routines now. We get the milk flood of doom and Norton gets splashed out of the door and onto the pavement as the White Milk Announcer blows him off because he stinks. Geez; give the guy some credit man. At least he's not an Aussie Stereotype. The announcer slams the door on him as Norton turns heel once again right on cue swearing revenge; or a chance to get laid. I'm betting on the former being played here.

So we head to the supermarket from Three Men & A Booby as Gadget is in awe over the selection of cheese to choose from. So much so that she seems to be infected with the Zummi stammer. We then cut to inside the diary section of the supermarket (the cheese section) as Gadget is getting an exposed triangle of cheddar cheese (which has Swiss cheese holes in it on the far shot and none on the near shot- sigh) as she proclaims that it should be enough to make the cheesecake for Monty. We then see a roll of cheese being bounced onto the floor and Monty and Zipper somehow teleport right onto the cheese. Well; that's still just one in the five minutes since this episode started so I'll live...for now. We then cut to outside as Norton runs into the supermarket and to the grocer kid (red hair, blue bow tie, sneakers and a brown apron) demanding to know where the prunes are.

Norton grabs the shopping carts and exits stage left as the kid calls him a poor old guy. Sadly; I have nothing in the notes to help me on the voice actor so we move on. We then see Norton hit the mother lode as we see a pyramid stacked filled with prunes. That leads to Norton having problems with loading up the stuff; so he picks the one on the third floor to the left which causes the prune stack to collapse completely and fill the shopping cart and entomb Norton in boxes of prunes, natch. So we return with a close up of the Rangers doing the log rolling contest with the wheel of cheese Monty chose. Well; it is HIS birthday so it's all okay. The Rangers call him a mature mouse (Memo to Chip: it's character, not age that decides maturity. Just so you would like to know) as they would like it if Monty eats healthy and lays off the cheese somewhat. So what do you feed a mouse other than cheese? Inquiring minds would like to know. Chip stammers on that one as we see the FPS shot as Norton is coming straight at them with the shopping prunes overloaded with boxes of prunes. I betcha Chip hyper-references the prunes and Monty gets pissed off. I check the Youtube video....Sadly; nothing.

We see no bump or anything; we basically teleport Norton to the express lane of the checkout as the cashier stops him to inform him that this is the express lane and it's no more than 12 items. Now; I don't see why Norton needs more than 12 boxes of prunes at this point. It seems the Scottish Manhood Laser of Doom (Sorry; FOGEY doesn't sound right as a name with Norton around) can last more than a month with just half the amount. Norton proclaims that he only has one item which is prunes of course; but the cashier stands firm and wants him to use the regular check lane. Norton stands his ground because you cannot stop science. Sadly; he is in the WRONG business to be blowing off someone. Now this would be more effective if the regular check out lane was clearly seen as full; but we don't see it naturally. So this just makes Norton look like a whiny dork. Oh wait; that was the writer's intentions, never mind what I said. We then head to the shopping cart push off because the grocer kid and Norton and my MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH is on the kid winning this one in a close one. He's merely a nerd in comparison.

He asks for paper or plastic which is absolutely pointless as Norton demands that they get out of his way. He's only implying that he's stealing the prunes which basically turns him completely heel again. Norton breaks open a box of prunes and loads up his Scottish Manhood Laser and I see a bad logic break: He let go of the cart; so the kid should be able to run his over quite easily and it doesn't happen. Norton fires his No True Scotsman manhood on the egg section and an entire carton of eggs turn into chickens. We then see on the alleyway shot inside; the Rangers rolling in on their cheese wheel looking SHOCKED and APPALLED by this. So seeing chickens flying in the store is awful to them? After Three Men & A Booby?! Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt... The Rangers dodge the chickens as Monty wants to know what the fuss is all about. Bad teleporting in this episode; that's what Monty.

We then cut back to the check out (express lane of course) and apparently we STILL don't see the other check out lanes as Norton storms through the express lane stealing the shopping cart filled with prunes. The cashier finally realizes what is going on (as if Norton's promo on science didn't convince him) and uses his foot to push a white button to sound the police alarm. Man; that's got to be a bitch to walk around there as we cut back to the wheel as Gadget states that it's Professor Ninuml. NO?! REALLY?! As if the red hair and manhood laser he's carrying doesn't convince thee. Is Gadget seriously believing that she thought it was Pitbull (the one who created that soft porn music video Hotel Room Service for those who don't get the reference – See Video on Trial for the awesome beat down the critics gave it) who was robbing the store? If this was a hotel; then maybe she would have a point on her head.

The Rangers try to roll; but they roll backwards; except for Zipper. No; I don't get that spot either. Norton runs out with the shopping cart as the police car arrives with Officer Kirby and Muldoon in tow of course. Norton pops another box of prunes into the laser and fires his manhood right at the car which turns the humans old and the car into a wreck. HAHA! I see that old stereotype do not discriminate either judging by the look of elder Kirby. This leads to inside as Muldoon and Kirby do the hard of hearing spot just to annoy me some more. At least it works better this time around. That of course leads to Norton bailing; the shopping cart getting destroyed, prunes flying and the police car crashing into the store. I shake my head in disbelief over the disgusting ageism the Eden twins are performing here. Thank god for Whistlestop Jackson and Joe McGee for being class to the elders in TaleSpin.

We then cut to the ground with the wall crumbling as the chipmunks pop up from the carnage. Chip blows off the officers for driving in here and Dale gleefully chimes in that it's an exit. HAHA! Chip to my amazement doesn't bonk him on the head for that one. Monty the Super Mouse is already up and fresh as a daisy and runs away because the whiny dork is getting away. Monty? Grew a brain? What universe did I wake up this morning? And why do I suddenly like Monty as Super Mouse now? The Rangers follow with the mid-air run complete with Hanna Barbara looping and running sound effects. We see outside with more carnage in the background as Norton still has manhood set to profits as he shoots his manhood onto a cloth roof on top and it rips up and engulfs the Rangers below. That would be the dorky way of taking a piss on someone's lawn. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm....Monty rips through the cloth roof as Norton attempts his escape via a shopping cart with about 20 boxes of prunes give or take five. Sadly; he slips on some prunes like a banana peel (Question of the day: Are prunes that slippery? Just curious) and his manhood unintentionally ejaculates and Monty gives nailed good while the Rangers were pulling him out which is pointless since he was the first one to pop out.

Monty does some forward rolls (a foreshadowing to Barney in Jumping the Guns who wasn't a respectful elder I might add) for fun stage right as Norton bails with shopping cart in the same direction laughing like the whiny dork that he is. Kirby and Muldoon try to follow; but they are way too slow due to the force of bigoted ageism. We then cut back to the Rangers as Monty is face down in a heap as Gadget calls for Monty as they think he's dead. If only guys; if only. Monty turns around and we have horror as Monty's hair turns white and he's slightly prune-ish in the face; and that's pretty much it. Monty proclaims that he never felt better. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. That ends the segment almost eight and a half minutes in. This is so far one of the better Eden episodes that I have seen. I know that it isn't saying much; but it is a start.

After the commercial break; we return with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM with the exact same zoom in as in the beginning of the episode. We cut to inside as the young Rangers are at the table (with three potted green plants – Don't ask me why they are there) exchanging notes on the situation. Chip proclaims that they will have to stay alert as Norton could be anywhere. We then zoom out and see Monty in a rocking chair asleep at the wheel. And I'm loving this moment actually. Gadget pulls up the covers as they wonder how Monty got old and Gadget deduces that he's a year older now. Oh come on Gadget! Why must you be stupid every time Monty actually makes an effort to get over?! It happened in Weather Or Not; and it's happening here too. Chip still believes that Monty is a Rescue Ranger as Monty wakes up in a fog. HAHA! Monty blows them off for being up in the air and Gadget gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and thanks Monty for the suggestion to find the whiny dork. Gadget proclaims that they will use the Ranger Plane to find Norton (Wait a second? I thought this was 1990. Am I confusing the Ranger Plane with the Ranger Wing again?) when he strikes again.

Sadly; Monty snores right back to sleep just to amuse me. When Monty is amusing me; you know the writers are writing him PROPERLY. Dale points out the obvious as we cut back to inside Norton's purple wall lab of dorkiness as Norton is sitting on a stool (NOT THAT ONE!) near a table and filling up his Scottish Manhood Laser of Doom with boxes of prunes again. I swear to god that the animators keep recycling the same motion for this everything he reloads. He throws the box away and laughs like a good whiny dork should. He's up to another diabolical plot (because making the writer look like age bigots isn't enough for the dork I see) as he paces around realizing that he needs an endless supply of prunes to reek havoc on the world. He decides to go to the source which is the prune factory. Why not simply go to the area where plums grow and invent an automatic drying machine. Same thing basically.

So just to annoy me even further; we cut back to the street as we see the broken down police car (and somehow that thing is STILL WORKING. SOMEONE FIRE THAT CAR!) chugging down the street with Muldoon driving and Kirby doing nothing but be an annoyance of course. We hear cars honking; but of course the officers hear nothing but their own imaginations. We obviously see that they are causing a huge line up on the lane and he's one slight problem with this: No self respecting guy would ever drive near the middle like that unless they are hanging a left in real life. So the spot doesn't quite work. We get a far shot as the Ranger Plane (Yeap; I did confuse it with the Ranger Wing in several episodes before this when I started re-ranting; my mistake) swoops down as we cut to the closeup with Dale noticing the heavy traffic, Gadget flying, Chip and Zipper looking on and Monty sleeping of course. Monty then wakes up and then relates a BS story about a fairy tale which is so contrived and forced that Monty sounds believable. Gadget wonders if Monty is acting strange.

How can Gadget tell; other than the mustache turning white? Monty sounds a little more forced than usual; but his BS stories are still intact. Dale then spots Norton (How could he see him when we don't see what he is pointing?) as Chip tells Gadget to spiral down and Gadget spirals down towards the prune factory (I think) as we cut to Norton jumping onto running with HB sound and looping effects on full blast. That looked really pointless to me as he jumps up easily; takes a glance and dives through a window into the factory. We then pan slightly as the Ranger Plane lands on the ground without further incident which ends the Youtube video 10 and a half minutes in.

After the Youtube break; we go to the closeup of the Ranger Plane and then see Zipper fly up towards the open window. Zipper gives the okay sign as a grappling hook rope attaches to the window sill and the Rangers climb up. Dale uses Monty's tail to climb up of course and he blows off Monty's weight. We cut to the inside shot as Chip hears something and of course it's Dale trying to keep Monty from falling asleep again. Monty wakes up and blows off the young Rangers for overusing their eyes as Monty has trouble seeing from the FPS shot and we see Norton running in and stealing a truck according to Monty. Although the stealing part seems a little forced to me. Chip wonders why he would want a moving van and Dale gleefully answers that one for me; so Chip bonks him on the head. Ummm; yeah a little late for that one Chipper. Gadget proclaims that Norton's trapped since he could never get through those double guard doors. Norton then calls checkmate on her and fires his manhood right on the door crumbling it open. Gadget seems impressed; I'm amazed how dumb Gadget is getting in this episode. Norton goes into the moving van (cheese colored I might add) and tries to start it up; but IT'S A TECHNICAL ISSUE~!

All but Monty run in (complete with HB sound effects again) as Monty can barely walk at this point. It's nice to know that the Edens can finally see that Monty is better when he's not Super Mouse. Norton backs up to the conveniently placed boxes and the Rangers bounce in on a green cushion. Okay; what is with this BS&P-ing?! This is not a Z-grade live action movie; get over yourself guys! Well; all except Monty which makes him the respectful one in this episode. Gadget notices Monty hasn't moved an inch as Monty is on the crates and backs up and sits on a hook to rest his bones. Wow; I like old Monty better than regular Monty. He does get better with age; literally. That leads to Zipper doing his ten seconds of work as he struggles; but pushes the green button on the conveniently placed remote control box in the middle of the building and that moves the hook and causes Monty to free fall right into the truck and pull down the lid shut.

Wussy bumps ensue; but the mattress is there so it's understandable. I still think old Monty can take a good bump though. The moving van drives away through the crumbled door as we cut to inside as Monty blows off the Rangers for asking if he's all right and then invokes the heart punch and almost knocks himself out. HAHA! Monty may be a jerkass; but old Monty rules! Gadget then realizes that it's not natural to get that old that fast. YOU JUST NOTICED THAT NOW GADGET-LOVE?! Monty cannot think straight to save his life because his brain is getting rusty and Gadget gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY because the doors rusted the same way; hundreds of years of rust. I see Michael Cole goes to the same school Gadget does. That might explain his sex life. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dale is relieved because next week is his birthday. HAHA!

So we cut to a sky shot of the moving van as it finally arrives either at Norton's lab; or the real prune factory. I'm picking the later over the former this time around. We cut to street level as Norton climbs out of the moving van with his No True Scotsman manhood set to profits. He shoots his manhood right at the door and it crumbles to dust; DUH! Norton drives the moving van into the factory and somehow the security really sucks here. As in none at all as Norton jumps out and goes all Carl Sagan on us. The amount of prunes in the factory equals enough firepower to age the world and make him the youngest dork in history. Okay; I made up the last part, but you know it's true. Norton has his keys and goes to the back of the moving van as he opens it forcing the Rangers to bail with more HB sound effects foleyed in. Sadly; Monty cannot move much and gets caught easily by Norton. Norton accuses him of trying to eat his prunes which is silly since Monty likes cheese, not prunes. Unless they are Prune Cheese; then Norton is in deep crap. AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm....Norton invokes the dreaded POINTY FINGER OF DEATH on him; accusing him of being a thief and he laughs badly because he's bigger than Monty. That ends the segment about 14 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we cut to a piped wall as the dreaded SHADOWS OF DOOM ensue and Norton laughs badly like the whiny dork that he is. Wow; that might be the best laugh I have heard out of him. We pan southeast to see Norton still squeezing what little life Monty has left on the far shot. The Rangers jump off the bumper of the moving van on the next shot as we cut back to Norton blowing off Monty because he's too busy to deal with the likes of him. So he grabs him by the tail and throws him into a slide which allows him to take a decent bump into the mixing bowl. Monty wakes up and apparently one of his BS stories involves waltzing with Matilda. We then cut to the control panel as the young Rangers are calling out for Monty as a forklift is driving in the background as we cut back to the mixing bowl with Monty looks at a mirror image of himself and basically talks to himself. He finally gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as he calls himself blinkin old.

Monty slides down to sulk as the young Rangers are on top of the mixing bowl hoping to get him out. Monty tells them to leave him be because he has nothing left. Gadget blows him off because he's a Rescue Ranger see. Dale of course proclaims Monty is as old as the hills. HAHA! Chip bonks Dale on the head for that one too. Chip and Gadget blow Dale off for hurting his feelings. Oh please Gadget love; since when did the Aussie Stereotype have any feelings. BONK! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm.... Monty then snores himself asleep again and somehow this is perversely entertainment for me. That leads to Zipper coming in for more work as he struggles to get pass his fatass and wraps the rope around the belly of Monty and the Rangers pull him up to waste some more time. Monty yawns and wakes up and has no clue as usual. Chip reminds him that they are here to stop Norton from making him the youngest being in history. Monty no sells and sits on the orange button which gives us a long sequence of How It's Made. Today subject: Prune juice of course. We then see Norton coming from the back of the moving van (So who was driving the forklift?) and he's PISSED because they are the same rodents who screw up his plans. So he brings out his No True Scotsman manhood and shoots it at the table legs causing the Rangers to scatter onto the conveyer belt with the rest of the prunes. Ooooookkkkkkaaaayyyy.

Monty drops onto the floor with the rest of the rust (helpfully pointed out by Monty) as Norton has his manhood set to profits as he lost them again. D'OH! Gadget and Chip jump off easily; but Dale stays in the box of course because we still have about four and a half minutes to go and we just have to waste it on Dale being Dale of course. Dale goes through the gift wrapping machine and pops out of the finished product and does the worst scream I have ever heard in my life. It ranks right up there with Chip's terrible laugh. Norton spots him and fires his manhood; but Dale dodges and runs on the pipes like a coward. Chip tries to grab Dale; but Dale dragged him over the edge and they get WARNERED~! HAHA! They drop onto the conveyer belt right in front of the conviently placed cutting knives. Chip and Dale barely dodge them as the conveyer belt action continues on. Dale calls it a close shave as they both get flicked into a box of Insano Nuts. HAHA! Both pop up guessed it....Chip bonks Dale on the head and Dale spits out a nut. How fitting?! They shake hands on that and then dodge as Norton does fires his manhood on the nuts. Does this whiny dork have no shame whatsoever?!

That leads to outside as we see the police car is STILL going as Kirby and Muldoon still continue the bigotry. I think the car has repaired itself since we last saw it as the prune factory grows some green leafy hair in the process. Even that is enough to cause the officers to back up and take notice. So we head back up the catwalk with the chipmunks running stage left. Sadly; they reach the dead end as Norton stalks them with his No True Scotsman manhood. Norton decides to MURDER the chipmunks with a 100 years in chipmunk which is equal to around 650 years give or take 20 years. They notice Gadget on a wire elevator and gulp as Gadget calls for them to come down. So the chipmunks take the leap of faith and miss the laser by about three inches give or take one. They land safely in the can so to speak as Dale thinks they have won. So Norton fires his manhood on the wire and that brings them down to land with wussy bumps into a prune juice bottle. And naturally; Chip is on bottom. Norton calls it rodents under glass. In reality it's more like rodents under plastic; but who's counting?! Zipper zips in as Norton puts the bottle onto the conveyer belt to show his juicy side so to speak. The chipmunks swear like chipmunks of course as the prune juice bottle fill up. Now who turned the juice machine on? If you said Monty; then you win the no prize. Zipper zips in to push the bottle; but he still forgot the No Steroid Act by Disney and therefore no dice. Zipper gets Labeled for his troubles. HAHA! I am so digging this episode.

So we cut back to old Monty dusting the rust off of himself again and of course you know why this all happened now do you? That's right; it's to get Monty over silly. And somehow it's worked thus far. More reflection hilarity ensues as we get a bad logic break on the belt because the juicer is still about 50 feet away and yet at least seven prune juice jars are filled before it. How do I know? They are in front of the one containing the Rangers and none of them are even near the juice spout when they are yelling. Bad, bad form there animators. It really makes little difference now as Monty is thankful for them remembering his name as we cut to Norton taunting the Rangers as the prune juice drowns them good. Okay; this makes no sense whatsoever as a death trap. At least draw it out and let Monty try to save them. And then a prune gets thrown in Norton's face and Norton turns around to protest this outrage. Monty claims that he did it and I see that the aging ray hasn't killed off his throwing skills. Monty taunts him to pick on someone his own age (or time line as I like to say) and Norton runs in with his manhood and shoots it which deflects off the mirror image as Monty barely dodges it (how does that work?) and it hits Norton. HAHA! See what happens when you don't keep your manhood in your pants?!

You get screwed when THAT happens. Norton become the white freak and even then he whines like a dork. Monty walks and reflects on his life figurally and literally as Norton continues to whine some more and then notices the FOGEY device on the conveyer belt (I guess it did get knocked out of his hands) as he slowly chases it. Gall Darn It Norton?! That's a new one for me as we see Monty teleport (oh for goodness sakes guys; quit it!) onto the belt as the juicer only filled it in half for them which makes no sense since the other ones were filled to the brim. That's a BS&P decision if I ever saw one. He slowly pushes the bottle over the edge and it shatters on the floor. What do you know; the thing was glass after all. That makes Mind Your Cheese And Q's look worse than it already was. Gadget cannot imagine being drowned in prune juice as I say she should be lucky that she's wearing a purple jumpsuit; or we couldn't tell how messed up she really is. Dale flexes his lack of muscles on that one as Monty cannot jump off for some reason (why not use the teleport? The animators seem to have no trouble doing it in every episode now) and he gets capped. HAHA! Monty is taking a beating and I'm loving it dammit! He falls off on that one and no bump off-screen either. Sigh.

So we cut back to Gadget as she has a plan as the chipmunks get to push the FOGEY device towards the plum trees (okay; so those were plum seeds they were in earlier? That makes the bonk on the head even funnier in hindsight) as Gadget and Zipper run stage left. We then get a sequence where Chip and Dale run to the FOGEY device (and yes; the dick jokes are over now) and drag it off the belt and onto the ground towards Gadget as Zipper does his ten seconds of work by grabbing plums off the plum trees. Chip and Dale are confused on this reversal of fortune so Gadget explains the educational line of the episode as prunes are dried plums see. So feeding plums into the device would make Monty younger and crappier. And here comes Mr. Bag of Whine Dork blowing them off for stealing his fogey. EWWWWWW!!

Chip and Dale load up the plums into the device as they then help Gadget aim the device at Monty who is completely punch drunk with a bottle cap on his head on the floor. HAHA! Too bad he has to go back to sucking again and they fire the green laser and it's hits Monty right on the button and my entertainment with Monty is over with less than a minute to go. Norton slowly runs in as the Rangers run towards the crumbled door and place it on the floor right in position to bail and let the police car stomp on it and it fires; reflects off the metal and nails Norton and the police officers back to their young selves and Norton is so freaking BUSTED~! Kirby orders Norton's hands up and he's back in jail again. So we cut back to the Gadget with the bottle opener as they unpop the bottle cap off Monty's head and Monty is back to being young and the Aussie Stereotype I always love to mock. Dale is happy and everyone thanks Gadget as Monty blows Gadget off for shaving off some years; but he gained a few pounds which doesn't make sense since he hasn't eaten anything in this episode; even cheese. We then cut to Norton being handcuffed and taken away as Norton asks what they serve in prison and Kirby states that they show mercy as Norton makes it clear: NO MORE PRUNES! We cut back to the Rangers as Dale is eating a prune and Gadget apologizes for this happening on his birthday because they had a party planned. Monty calls it a bonzer party because he got young for the first time and that ends the episode at 21:16. A few logic breaks aside and some dumb moments from Gadget prevented a perfect episode. That's right folks; this is Monty's finest hour. And it took being too old to do it. **** ½ (95%).


Well folks; Monty has finally gotten over in my eyes. I am shocked; but it has occurred. It took being older than dirt to do so; but I absolutely loved old Monty. He acted like he should act when he was young; only faster. No Super Mouse routine; just some plain good characterization and some funny spots to boot. I didn't like Gadget being dumb in this one though as it dragged down the episode a bit; and the teleportation continues with the logic. Still; Norton was a hoot with his over compensating on his own shortcomings and Dale was Dale as usual along with Chip. The episode got stronger and stronger once Monty turned old; although I would have liked it more if they used raisins instead of prunes for less stereotyping and some of the old routines were not really all that funny either. All in all; this is probably one of the best episodes ever from the Eden siblings and considering how much they dog episodes; this is a great feat for them. So next up is A Lean On The Property featuring the return of Monty's mother as she was stoned to the gills. Let's see if Monty can keep his good graces with me.... So......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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