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Weather Or Not

Reviewed: 09/20/2008

Here Comes Monty Not Sucking.....

Before I continue; I would like to apologize for my own stupidity on the last rant that I did on the subject of making fun of the writers concerning the Ranger Plane/Ranger Wing joke. Thanks to someone who e-mailed me on the thing; I realized that I really screwed up on that because it turns out; the Rescue Rangers do in fact use two different kinds of flight transportation. One of them uses a balloon and one of them uses a flashlight. Just for the sake of laughing at myself for screwing up in really bad fashion; you Ranger fans can now throw mugs at me for one minute...Starting now..........

Spongebob Narrator: One minute later....

Well; that was different than various DTVA characters punching me in the face after I cracked a fat joke on them. Anyhow; that still doesn't explain why Darby would have magic during the end of the episode when the writers made it clear that Darby had switched his powers with Dale. And I present as evidence #1: When Chip backs Darby against the wall; Darby doesn't even try to use his powers which indicates to me that he switched his powers with Dale. Now the same e-mailer feels that their clothes only switched. That would have worked fine if Darby tried to cast a spell on Chip when he was backed against the wall; have a little pixie dust and then fizzle out. Unless of course; it's an implication that Wang Films screwed up the spot on their part by not adding the pixie dust fizzle out special effect. I think my argument on the switch spot is pretty valid I would say. So now is the time for the second half of Disc 2 on the DVD as we get in the obvious weather device related plot device in this one. Personally; I like this plot device for some reason if only for the serious chaos that is sure to happen. Plus; with climate change, the weather changing device is always good for a laugh unless it's Captain Planet of course. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Dev Ross in her first solo debut as a writer (and still doing dialog direction at the same time!). The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation was done by Walt Disney Japan which is #11 for the series thus far.

Annoying Moment #1: They are using the sloppy second opening sequence for this one. So much for not having to write one of these moment things.

We begin this one with a shot of a windmill as we see Gadget building it out of RIC FLAIR'S BROOMSTICK OF DOOM which goes to show you what kind of good taste she has as we cut down to the entrance way of the headquarters (made from a mailbox mind you) as we see Chip (with his white shirt on for goodness knows what reason) and Dale carrying the ice box (well you'll see what I mean) and Zipper of course gets the ugly Kit spot of carrying something bigger than his own body weight which is the PICNIC BASKET OF HOPPOS. Because everything looks fat in that sack. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA...Huh? No punch from Hoppo. That's pretty sad folks.. Chip wishes Gadget would hurry up so he can hit on her...ERR.. I mean go onto their picnic. Dale has an ice cube which sadly doesn't get placed in the back of Chip's shirt because that would be really funny see as Gadget does the ta-da spot and climbs down the rope explaining her weather meter indicator. I guess this is Gadget's new job after she was fired for sexual misconduct with Michael Eisner after Bonkers Dee Bobcat bumped her show out of syndication. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm.... Delayed smack methinks....

And Dale finally decides to grow a brain and tries to hit on her with the seduction face and Chip in a major surprise allows him to do it.. Well; it's nice to know Chip is allowing Dale to do this to catch up as Monty steps in to ruin the moment with his umbrella and the PICNIC BASKET OF YOGI'S. See he doesn't need smarts to predict the weather because Monty's tail is a weather device. Geez; that doesn't sound like praying for rain at all; no siree! Chip asks how it works and Monty grabs his tail while spewing crap allowing Chip to do the Gruffi pose which is apporos since Monty's weather predicting is as crappy as his BS stories. Gadget gleefully blows him off for that spot as she cranks the key and Monty states his method works because it has NOTHING to do with science. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Never mind that weather is a part of science so Monty is full of crap as usual; although WD-Japan does a good job of animating Monty's toes while he harps on the lame metaphors.

Dale still buys in Monty's story as I fully expected him to as the clock alarm rings and Gadget proclaims that it's going to be a very hot day and the chipmunks sweat to the hottie so to speak. HAHA! Gadget does her little innocent routine of course just to amuse me and we go to the scene changer as we head to the Ranger Wing (since the flashlight is involved here) as Gadget (wearing her pink one piece bathing suit here which made her look hot) and Chip board onto the Ranger Wing packing stuff as Dale enters with the human glass bottle of grape soda which he parks in the backseat. That's enough for Chip to protest because it doesn't leave much room which Dale gleefully blows off. Because nothing says “Sugar Rush” like a can of soda. And since Dale is goofy and dumb; the sugar doesn't affect him in the very least. Dale jumps down and offers to help Gadget carry her stuff and of course Gadget is happy to give it to him which is bigger than his body weight. HAHA! Gadget walks off of course which is so funny as she explains that she's taking her weather stuff with her to test moisture reading. Now you would think that finding moisture at a beach would be easy WITHOUT such devices; but since I love innocent sadist Gadget a lot; I'm going to pretend this silliness is a brilliant stroke of genius and move on. Dale puts the stuff into the backseat and strains like Kit after having to be moving boy to Baloo.

Dale finishes packing and then realizes the backseat is completely full and he cannot sit there anymore. And since Gadget is hands off to Chip blowing her off; he blows off Dale which is pretty funny. Even more funny is Monty storming out wearing his winter coats and gear because he's in a panic due to his BS Tail predicting a blizzard at any minute. Why do I get the feeling that Monty is going to be right on the button for this episode? And why do I feel that this is going to work out great? The chipmunks get stuffed with hats as Chip walks around drunk...and since Dale is probably drunk all the time, he no sells the hat plunked down by Monty. Zipper of course gets his hat and scarf which weighs him down and he drops dead like a fly. Gadget and Dale pulls off their gear and blows her off because her weather meter indicates a hot day and it cannot snow on a hot day. Unless you're in an episode of Family Guy; and then it snows when Peter Griffin SEZS it snows. Monty defends his actions because he was hunting for grub and his tail stood straight up and froze over like a snow cone. Memo to Monty: The real that happened is because you caught your tail in the fridge after turning around before closing it. It's all very simple science Monty so you're full of crap just like your BS stories. He tries to push the Rangers inside to weather proof the place; but the heat finally gets to him like the idiot that he has become.

Gadget has got that look of “I told you so Monty” while fanning herself with a leaf and she's showing a bit of a midriff right there as Dale thankfully helps her by blowing off Monty. Monty protests this because his tail is NEVER wrong. Just like your stories are NEVER wrong right Monty?! Honestly; Monty really needs to eat some humble pie. He then tries to proclaims that he predicted the tornado of 1937 (which was probably caused by Monty no doubt) which gets the Rangers to be SHOCKED; but of course it was someone else and thus making his case look even weaker still. Chip of course has had enough and the Rangers minus Monty enter the Ranger Wing as Chip blows off Monty's BS prediction. Monty blows him off back because they'll freeze to death since he's right of course. Then the Ranger decide to exploit Monty's weakness by proclaiming that there are cheese sandwiches on the Ranger Wing and he goes into the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DOOM (that's the second time that they broke internal logic on the spot; but then again maybe it works when Monty doesn't say it. Either way; it's pretty silly) and hops into the Ranger Wing's front seat and thus it creates a really tighter squeeze than before. Should have removed that bottle of soda there Dale. And Monty of course adjusts his prediction just to make it even more obvious that he has gone off the deep end. And speaking of going off the deep end....

We head to the park in the afternoon as we cut to the fountain where we see Chip and Dale jump off the fountain spouts and splash into the water making sure Gadget gets wet and her notes get soggy. What a bunch of perverts these chipmunks fellows are; giving Gadget a wet T-shirt. Gadget checks her stuff , which in a major shock, doesn't electrocute her and it's even more humid than before and that actually gives her the first golly of the episode and the first since Chocolate Chips believe it or not nearly 4 and a half minutes into this one. A full half hour without her saying that; that is just classic. Zipper is relaxing on a leaf with the shades and his red trunks which is too boring so we cut to the western side of the fountain as Monty is sitting in front of the fish spout not understanding why his tail has failed him. I do: it's called SCIENCE. Get over it worshipers of the world and he gets MURDERED with the water gun which is made by Chip and Dale putting their hands over the spout. Now that is funny made funnier when Monty slips and falls into the fountain. Monty pops up and protests this outrage as Dale and Chip plop him out of the fountain as Monty calls himself cool as a cucumber. Sorry Monty; that's Shere Khan's character you are stealing; and you suck at it to boot. When we see Gadget coming around the bend on the Ranger Wing and she tells the Rangers to hop in because something bad is a-happening.

So we get the scene changer as we see a bunch of police officers surrounding a building with a bank truck stuck onto the side of the roof. Someone's been watching Eleroo's house too much here. Officer Muldoon points out the obvious making his first non-pilot debut along with Kirby returning from Seer No Evil. And the bank truck lost it's loot which indicates a robbery has taken place and since this isn't a superhero cartoon; there's no minimum on how many of them you need in order to become one. So the police officers go inside and see that the bank safe door is destroyed and the place is ransacked of course. Muldoon grabs a chunk of ice and then is forced to throw it down because it's so cold. Apparently; the thief is also someone who like to use ice magic (which means Chillbeard or Isis Vanderchill is behind this if logic ever applied in DTVA; but it won't be in this case). So we pan over to behind a desk where the Rangers are snooping around and Monty sees this as evidence that his prediction is right. Can you smell the desperation coming out of him; or do I have to spell it out for ye?! Gadget explains the whole thing as the air conditioner broke which would have to be super cold to shatter the door; but it makes a lot more sense than Monty's deduction of things. Chip gleefully blows him off while taking off his fedora hat and sweating to the hottie again. I knew Gadget was too hot for TV; that's why Eisner got rid of her. Sadly; the awesome character to replace her was even more hideous to Eisner's eyes and he got buried even worse than Gadget ever did.

Monty blows them off for not believing him and he storms off making sure he bashes Zipper's face when he shuts the door on him. Well; good, at least Monty cannot stink up the episode anymore. Gadget proclaims that Monty's pride was as sensitive as his tail. Which means that his pride is no selling as well. Since pride is more dangerous than greed; I don't really care. Gadget gets off Golly #2 for the episode as she's back to her normal golly self. We then cut to outside as Monty walks down and blasts his tail for letting him down and then it points straight up and turns white on a far shot which stuns Monty enough to get buried in a ton of snow. Monty takes this as a sign that he was right and they are wrong and runs back home. I think that's ice shavings that the care takers take out after the Zamboni (sounds a lot like a Disney director's name to me) cleans the ice after an indoor hockey game so Monty's tail still sucks. So we head back to headquarters with a shot of a makeshift television/computer like device as the news announcer is on a soapbox (must be a symbolic moment of what journalist has become right Malstrom?) with a paper in his hand reporting the recent string of strange robberies which has the police completely baffled and so do the Rangers.

Then the door opens and Monty steps in with a bucket of melted water to prove that he was right. He pours it and it's just a bunch of water. Told ya it was ice shavings from an indoor hockey game Monty! Monty trips and the water gets splashed right into their faces in a pretty funny spot as Chip protests this outrage. I don't blame him since he's splashing Gadget when Chip and Dale should be doing it is taking things way too far in my humble opinion. Monty pulls the yellow bucket from his head (which is the color of the yellow streak on his back for pouring water over Gadget's face) and realizes the snow is gone. Snow is basically shavings of frozen water Monty; it's SCIENCE which Gadget KNOWS and you DON'T. Get over it and apologize to the Rangers now you Aussie stereotype! Gruffi poses from the chipmunks as Dale blows him off because his name would be Santa Claus. Yeah; Dale was the one who made it snow in Cape Suzette. Hey; it makes sense but why ruin the awesome finish to Jolly Molly Christmas anyway?! Gadget; the bastion of kindness helps Monty up and only says Gosh this time and asks for Monty to lie down because of heatstroke. I would take her advice this time Monty; lest you want to look even more of a jerk than you already are. And heatstroke is pretty deadly if you ask me. Monty of course acts like a jerk and blows it off because he is right see. Monty turns around and storms off closing the door while Zipper sighs in Gadget's arms. Monty has got to learn to slam a door properly if he wants to be a really good jerk. Dale scratches his head in confusion as Monty is gone to solve the case himself which indicates that he's the focus character of the episode. Oh boy; please don't let him suck....

So we head down the street as Monty goes in front of a warehouse putting together clues as he admits that he passed the warehouse to find some cheese the first time and then stood in front of it the second time and he got snowed on. So he tries to put two and two together and of course he rolls snake eyes. What a shock that was?! However; the tail goes haywire again and Monty this time moves away from the doors wisely as the double doors open and out pops....a snowstorm cloud. OH MY GOD! MONTY GOT SOMETHING RIGHT....sort of....THIS IS A SPECIAL DAY!! PASS THE KLEENEX!! Okay; it's only a small blizzard cloud; but it proves Monty wasn't seeing things. Which means something is causing that storm cloud that isn't natural. Monty pops from the squash door and sees the storm cloud go downtown so instead of going inside the warehouse to investigate how the storm cloud might have been made; he slips and slides next to some conveniently placed sticks and puts them on his feet. He then skis downtown after the storm cloud. Well; it's Monty so I expect nothing less from him. If Gadget tried that; I would shudder in fear of the writers burying her as per Eisner's desire to bury anyone who he doesn't want to get over. A couple of fat ladies (but not Miss Fat, Mrs. Fat or Tan Margant) get snowed and buried like Kit's career was. We then cut to see another bank truck cruising on the street as the storm cloud puts in some more snow and then snows a path in order to make the truck slip and slide enough to flip onto it's side and open the trunk. The cloud then goes to the back of the trunk and starts eating all that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH without actually SEEING the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH.

Since the cloud covers all; it's okay by me. And of course Monty gasps like Zipper on drugs and loses his control allowing him to cover his eyes while skiing backwards and does the contrived ski jump spot right over the bank truck and takes a MAN-SIZED off-screen bump into the trash can. Monty pops out of the trash (which is so ironic on SO MANY LEVELS!) and it's the bird chirping spot which Monty ruins by breaking the fourth wall and no selling the thing. In other words; he blows off the birds for giving him a 9.5. If only Monty knew what they were rating him on and it's not his ski jumping skills that's for sure. The snow cloud takes the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH and storms off, Nyuk, Nyuk! The Ranger Wing arrives just in time to see the bank truck robbed and the Rangers inside that this crook isn't ordinary. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And here comes Monty with a banana peel on his head proclaiming that the snow cloud is stealing stuff; getting too right #1 for the episode and swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE to boot (blasted). Man; Monty's swearing like a dubbed anime sailor today. Now with all the snow about the town and a lot of the snow; you would think that Gadget would have noticed that Monty's snow cloud theory finally has some merit; but of course she gets off Golly #3 for the episode and is APPALLED because he's wearing skis. Okay; now Gadget is the one suffering from heatstroke and this is the first time that I actually have sympathy for Mr. Jack. Only a little sympathy; but it's a mighty good start by his low standards.

So we cut back to the red abandoned building (check the junk inside when the doors opened the first time in the previous scene) as we pan down to Monty hiding behind it and thinking that this is the place. NO?! REALLY?! Monty goes in front of it and his tail goes haywire; along with the little crack doing the red magic flash. Now Monty is sure of this which shows that Monty isn't dumb; just Hoppo's boyfriend. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Umm....So Monty opens the door and heads inside seeing the storm cloud shoot crimson lightning which gave the Digimon dubbers an excuse not to call it Bloody Stream. Monty looks in and sees all the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH in shock as the cloud comes down and the clouds fade away to reveal....Professor Norton Nimnul returning for the first time since the Rangers destroyed his lab in Normie's Science Project; thus tying him with Mr. Fat for most appearances as a villain with five (but beating him in non-pilot episodes 2-0). I see Normie's been sent back to the Burying Orphanage. AHHAHAHAHAHA! And he's riding the portable weather bicycle of fear which somehow makes him cooler. YOU BASTARDS! How am I supposed to make fun of him now?!

Monty hides behind a chair as Norton crackles gleefully and jumps off his new toy. He then finds a glass of water (because alcohol is a no-no except in the pilot see in DTVA television) and the machine makes him ice cubes. He toasts himself like Mr. Hardcore on steroids (Maybe not so hard after all. HEE HEE!) and then tosses the glass over his shoulder. I hate it when non-religious dorks act like religious geeks in more way than one on the bad acting of how he's going to top this. Well; you could snow in the Land of Wuz so Rhinokey cannot go to the Improv to MURDER his audience. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even the canned heat machine (tape recorder on the table) is so crappy that it's probably Norton clapping himself just to make him look like a even lamer ham so to speak. He should do a duet with Rhinokey. AHHHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Well; that was pretty original; usually I get punched in the face or nailed in the mush with a mug. Or chased by Hoppo. Or have a gun put to my head from Butterbear. That should cover all the bases on that sarcasm. Norton then pushes a red button (the staple of all good button pushing on DTVA) and the panel on the machine opens revealing a computer (the staple stereotype of all dorks, geeks and nerds everywhere good, bad or indifferent.) . And for his encore of doom; he'll rob the First National Bank. So this is what Norton is reduced to: Robbing a bank that has been done about five hundred times by other characters in other cartoons. This makes TaleSpin look even more daring than it's usual high daring standards; unless you count Gargoyles of course.

Norton does the ultra lame dork laugh as he pushes buttons on his computers while we cut to Monty standing on a love seat's arm which will probably be donated to Higher For Hire no doubt; as he calls him one snowflake short of a blizzard. Actually; that's a good thing since it only means that it's a snowstorm which isn't so bad as a blizzard. Monty needs to work on the context of his metaphors. I hear Malstrom is interested in helping him after he finishes his articles on Nintendo. Monty grabs the rope and prepares to swing into action because the Rangers think he's insane see. I wonder why..maybe because you are a jerk Monty...Norton pushes more buttons as he ponders how he'll do the encore and he picks the rainstorm. He's got to pick a better one than that; how about a hurricane, that's pretty deadly. And here comes the Tarzan spot commencing from Monty as he lands in front of Norton's face on the machine and bops him on the nose. Seriously; what is the obsession with hitting villains on the nose?! If you want to knock him down; go for the jaw or the eye. That's how the Street Pirates, Rebecca and Baloo did it to Kit, Muffy and Martin Torque.

Don't be such a wuss. Norton holds his nose like a bad dork would and tries to squash him with the dork fist; but it hits the panel of the machine instead as Monty runs again. That's the fourth time WD-Japan has done that mid-air run start spot in this series as Norton gets onto the machine and it's time for target practice. I actually have more sympathy for Monty then for Norton so this spot actually works well. Norton starts the engines motor bike style and rides as the clouds create a float for him and it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE STORM EDITION~! Norton opens up the front panel to reveal the tiny laser to shoot on Monty which misses; DUH! That device is actually the size of Norton's manhood at this point and I'm talking about the small laser pole on the front of the laser here. Monty hides behind the chair and it gets zapped and destroyed. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THAT WAS A PERFECTLY INNOCENT LOVE SEAT! There is no justice! Monty hides like Scooby Doo on acid (how fitting?!) as Norton calls this the electrifying conclusion to end the segment almost 11 minutes in.

After the commercial break we see Norton ready his laser device and zaps Monty right in the ass so Monty yipes and runs away into the pipe system leaking with water. HAHA! About time a shooting device made contact. Monty pops out of the right knob of the sink and gasps like Dale drinking too much alcohol and the sink gets zapped of course. Well; I have no sympathy for that sink because it made Don Karnage look bad so let's move on. Monty seems to be vapor as Norton proclaims that Monty will NEVER show his face again; so Monty shows his face about a second later opening the glass door. See; make the joke and then pay it off. Monty does the DORKY PISSED OFF STEREOTYPE FURY and fires his manhood which is deflected by Monty and goes right into the trash causing a bonfire. You know Mr. Hardcore sucks when Norton FREAKIN Nimnul does a more creative way of creating a bonfire than they can. Norton calls for rain and the rain cloud increases and floats right over to the trash to piss on to put the fire out. Norton breathes a sigh of relief which is pretty scary when you think of all the heat he is actually getting. So apparently; Monty escapes and we logically go back to the far shot of Rescue Ranger headquarters as Monty relates the whole story to the Rescue Rangers. Which of course leads to Chip calling him coo-coo. Well; after about a hundred or so BS stories from him; can you really blame Chip?! Well; maybe you can in this case as Jack is actually gaining babyface heat for a change.

Gadget then grabs his hand and walks him down because he's suffering from extreme heat due to hallucinations. Has Gadget been drinking from Dale's bong water or something?! I mean; considering that it was clear that there was SNOW on the ground when the Ranger Wing appeared at the bank truck; WOULD have been an indication that Monty's theory wasn't as insane as it appears and she would have CONSIDERED Monty's theory on some level?! On the other hand; Monty is showing me that he has the ability not to suck so it balances it out; but Gadget is being a bit out of character even for her. And Chip needs to get his deduction meter checked as well. Dale doesn't because he doesn't have one to begin. I don't know about Zipper though. She sits Monty down and Monty is PISSED OFF and proclaims that they think he's wackier than a bowl of mixed nuts. Well; that's par for the course when it comes to his BS stories; and Monty should know better since he keeps CRYING WOLF over them being true. So he storms out AGAIN and steals Gadget thermometer which Dale points out.

We get the Rangers Away music as we head back to the WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! Did Norton repaint his building gold while he was away?! Stupid, stupid, stupid coloring mistake there WD-Japan. Monty places the thermometer onto the side of the building and then climbs up to the window. Monty waves his arms at them and the Rangers think he's going to jump. Okay; this is getting really silly now as Zipper does his ten seconds of work by flying up and head butting Monty into the midsection allowing Monty to fall onto his back on the window sill. Monty does a football joke to amuse me; or annoy me depending on what mood I was in when I was writing this rant. The Rangers climb up with the grappling paperclip hook (why bother since Monty climbed up without it?) and Chip climbs up while Zipper jumps on Monty's midsection. Oh yeah; a two pound mice stopped by a 1 gram blue fly; that is really peachy. I cannot believe I'm starting to like Monty now even though the other Rangers look REALLY STUPID at this point.

Chip promises to believe everything he said as long as he doesn't jump. I betcha he breaks his promise too as Monty stops selling (YAY! I cannot believe I just said that!) because he wasn't going to jump, DUH! Monty's tail goes haywire and Chip looks inside and realizes that it's raining inside the bank and I once again am forced to apologize for getting it wrong in thinking that it's Norton's place. I suck badly this week as Chip now officially believes in Monty and yells at Dale; so Dale proclaims that Chip's brain is fried. Gadget then looks at the front door which has about five feet of water and the doors burst open and it's the WAVE OF MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH~! The humans get washed away like Mr. Hardcore after Nintendo's disruption plan and so does the Rangers and the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH, DUH!! So now Gadget and Chip can stop acting stupid so Dale can rest and we can now start spending the next eight minutes defeating Norton Ninmul.

They go down the drain and into the FAIRY KILLING BUTTERFLY NET OF DOOM which Norton has while riding his weather bike. He loves that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH until it is poisoned by seeing rodents on top. He groans worse than me on a bad day and we cut to the street as the manhole cover flies open and the Rangers get sucked into a tornado. Because this is what this episode needs: More windbags. Thankfully; the tornado stops and Gadget uses her makeshift parachute to float the Rangers down safely as Gadget does Golly #3 for the episode. Well; at least she isn't saying them with FURY in this one. The Rangers apologize for being wrong (except for Gadget because that would make her weak see. Right Kit?!) as they land on the grass and Monty forgives them because he's a jolly good jerk who just wanted to prove his point. So Monty can finally go back to sucking again as he does the big fat hug on the Rangers which should crush them as punishment for calling him insane.

So now we head back to Ranger Headquarters as Monty is on top of the windmill tower as his tail has now become part of Gadget's latest invention: The Weather enhancer. Nice spot to shock Monty on the miscue as Gadget returns to her innocent sadist mid-season form here. Dale is thrilled to hear this and asks what it does. Gadget proclaims that this is very simple. UH OH! Here's a bit of a memo: When a geek states that it is simple; it really means she talks in slightly less complex speak than she normally does when explaining such things. And of course Monty's tail is being used to pinpoint Norton's next robbery which is right in the middle of the map. Sadly; Monty gets shocked and frozen on the tail allowing him to flop down and destroy another one of Gadget's inventions in the process. Poor sap. I think you know which one here as Monty talks Aussie stereotype and is ready to go beat up a whiny, dorky scientist. Okay; I can live with that. So we head to the Jewelry City because it just wouldn't be a robbery spree without a jewelry store involved. No wonder Don Karnage was so awesome; he had creative ways and places to plunder people instead of the usual stuff in cartoons.

So we get the shot of the glass case of jewels as the Rescue Rangers are on top of the glass case waiting to pounce on Norton. The door opens (complete with bell ringing) as a blond lady wearing purple with a lot of jewels around her neck and fingers talks to black haired man wearing grey and wearing only a bit of jewelry around his neck. This must be the guy's lucky day judging by the lady's dialog and the man kissing her hand (and jewels) while talking in bad French. As much as I like accents in a cartoons; speaking outright French is not going to help the French speaking audience learn English in this series. It's not going to work; so let's just enjoy the show. We cut back to behind the glass case as Chip asks for status on Monty's tail and Monty's tail is warm and then it grows cold. The joke just doesn't work here; he should say that it's getting cold when the tail grows cold in order to create a twist take on the joke. Anyhow; the two humans talk about more jewels as the man wants an overcoat because he's freezing as the cloud spawns behind the glass window and then shatters it right on cue. That is one roided cloud. I see Larson And Gary have been dealing with Norton after all. Which is apporos since all three of them are whiny dorks. The cloud sucks up the jewels and freezes the humans on contact as the chipmunks hops onto the cases towards the place where the alarm is. Why put it there?! Why not BEHIND THE COUNTER?! Never mind; fuzzy cartoon logic strikes again.

Chip gives Dale a boost as he tries to pull the alarm (which would be the first time in his life that it didn't involve a joke) and the cloud comes in and freezes the thing. The thing rings anyway thus rendering the whole thing pointless sort of. The alarm is destroyed of course as the Rangers bail and Norton uses the binoculars to see that the rodents are screwing with his plans again. Now you know how Mr. Fat feels Norton. I see that Norton's manhood has become a freeze ray which just makes him all that much cooler. Dev Ross is actually getting a whiny dork over. No wonder Mr. Hardcore is so screwed up. The glass cases get zapped, freeze and shattered (in that order) as Norton does some English tsking while calling it a mess. So he cleans up with the vacuum claner which sucks up the jewels. And that thing sucks more than Sean Desmond (but not as much as Norton does). Ron Sparks is still on sick leave so I'm filling in his place for this rant. Sadly; something gets screwed up in the mix. HUH? I don't see any knot in the mix?! Bad, bad logic break there WD-Japan as the thing explodes anyway and it does zero damage. Huh?! No soot?! So now BS&P hates explosion spots?! Oh well; Monty is seen inside the glass case wiping his hands clean of any responsibility on that logic break (cannot blame him I guess) as Norton is back to his PISSED OFF DORK STEREOTYPE as he plays with his manhood while the Rangers run away Scooby Doo style and Norton uses the vacuum freezing manhood of death to freeze the Ranger like an ice cube and then shatters the door to allow the Rangers to slide right into traffic.

Norton waves bye-bye to the Rangers as the Ranger slide across the street in heavy traffic no less. Monty's hard head is enough for him to move his head and break the ice clean open allowing the Rangers to breathe. I'm shocked that didn't break their heads clear off their...Oh wait; this is Disney, never mind. So we do some zipping into traffic to avoid the blue truck (odds of hitting are 1,000:1 anyway so that was pointless) and the Rangers skip onto the sidewalk and land right into the hotdog bicycle stand crushing it completely much to the horror of the hotdog vendor. The ice melts and the Rangers warm up. And now Gadget is PISSED OFF (ALRIGHT! ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO!); probably from that ice ruining her hair and proclaims that she'll have to fight dirty more or less to beat Norton this time around. UH OH! You don't want to piss off Gadget Hackwrench (and Dirty Rotten Diapers is the last episode on Disc 3 of this volume) as Dale thinks that this is cheating. Gadget doesn't think so because it's fighting weather with weather. Well; that's fair if you ask me. You want me to tell Gadget that it's cheating?! I don't. And of course Monty's tail is the key because somehow the moral is to trust your tail instead of cold science. Then again; Norton is using science for evil; so it makes perfect sense as the segment ends almost seventeen minutes in. I'm actually digging this episode Dev Ross is writing....

After the commercial break; we pan over to the pizza place (check the chef with the pizza promo sign on the far right) as the Ranger Wing as Dale protests why Chip gets to sit in front with Gadget. Why is Dale suddenly bringing this up when he's not the focus character? Unless they are foreshadowing One-Upsman-Chip here. Monty answers that one with BS as usual as Gadget asks for the status of Monty's tail. Monty states that there is nothing...for about three seconds as the tail sticks up. And apparently; it's one heck of a rainstorm since his tail doesn't freeze up. Gadget gasps in horror; but it doesn't kill her desire to say Golly #4 for the episode. Gadget calls for Weather Plan B as Chip uses the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH because the cloud exits the abandoned warehouse. Gadget pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and it's Rescue Rangers Away which means the finish is almost at hand. The Ranger Wing goes after the cloud as Gadget calls for the..wait for it...The SEEDS OF REAPING! Dale wonders how this is going to help stop that rain cloud as it heads for the bank down the street and Gadget helpfully explains that the seed will crystallize the cloud and it rains before it reaches the bank.

Monty, Dale and Zipper pour the bag of seeds into the cloud as it thunders around (check the red lightning bolts) and the clouds starts raining as the Ranger Wing bails. Norton peeps outside and blows off the cloud for raining inside as the cloud is destroyed. However; the machine still works as he goes to Plan B: Fog. Okay; let's see Gadget walk her way out of this one. Gadget gets off Golly #5 for the episode as she admits that she didn't prepare for that one; although she has no trouble proclaiming how to stop it which is a blast of intense heat. Actually; she already has it around the surrounding area since we were IN A HEATWAVE. So she should win by default. However; since they need Monty's tail to win, Monty offers to help as the fog rolls into the bank and panics the customers inside like Mr. Hardcore after seeing Wii Music. Some of the customer bail out as the police car rolls in and Officer's Kirby and Muldoon go into the fog. Well; that is sort of overkill considering their careers as a whole. They barge on in and they go all goofy eyed as Norton invokes his freezing manhood on them to freeze them solid. That is just sad: beaten with the power of a dork's tiny manhood. Norton flies towards the vault (which we don't see in the smoke like fog as we cut to a hair salon as Monty runs into the shop and scares the customers DUH!

He runs right out (with the Rangers in the Ranger Wing looking confused) as a lady screams while Monty steals her hairdryer chair. Well; Monty is full of hot air so this is pretty apporos actually. The lady bails out as Monty runs in and steals two more chairs. Okay; this is a little overkill here guys. Gadget is a little frightened by Monty's lack of class on that spot as we cut back to inside the smoke foggy bank as Norton shoots his freezing sucker onto the vault door as we cut over to the west as the Rangers roll in the hair dryer chair as Gadget is on the seat telling Zipper to turn on the dryers. Zipper sells and turns the three knobs which invoke the heat which kills the fog. Norton is a little peeved of this; but he's done as he jumps off the weather bike and taps the door with his fist which shatters the vault right on cue. Norton gleefully runs into the vault and plays with all that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH while sounding like an absolute dork. Now he's run into the problem of carrying it; until he realizes that he can use his weather bike to form a tornado since Monty isn't a big enough windbag to do the job..AHHAHAHAHAHA..POW! OUCH! Umm...

Norton laughs badly as Gadget goes through her geek notes to find Plan T as Zipper doesn't like this until he finds the sprinkler system onto the ceiling and gives Monty the signal to take action. Monty climbs up (complete with Rescue Away music) to the desk as he makes a fire with two pencils. Now that's using makeshift items there Monty as the smoke tickles the sprinkler system and the thing turns open spraying rain right on Norton's parade. That confuses Norton as he slams his fist on the console (because the dork just has to screw up at some point) and snow comes out of it's ass. This episode is getting really disturbing now that I think about it as Norton eats a snowball from Dale (payback from To The Rescue Part Three; although wrong guy; but the thought was certainly there.) as Norton is ticked off and the urge to kill rodents is rising. Norton falls flat on his face and then gets rolled over by a bigger snowball from Chip. Now Monty wants to show Chip how it's done as he creams Norton with another snowball. Good selling from Mr. Norton Dork Nimnul but the Icicle Daggers forces Monty and Chip to bail as Norton magically returns to the weather bicycle (Sigh...Logic Break #1 for the episode) and uses his tiny manhood as an ice paper airplane maker! Okay; now this is really getting overkill now as the hair dryer kills that on arrival. Sadly; Gadget and Zipper bail because it's time for Norton's tiny manhood laser to do some killing as Norton gets really serious now. He'll destroy the bank if he has to because he so wants to kill the Rescue Rangers.

The Ranger hide behind the chair as Norton fires his manhood away as Monty hatches his MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN. Chip and Dale get onto the desk and use the LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE IN STEREO~! That ties up Norton and drags him down to the ground away from his little manhood as Monty and Gadget climb onto the weather bike and Gadget pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to raise the weather bike into the air. Zipper places the plunger into the air vent (!!!) as Gadget pushes a few buttons; Monty fiddles with the thermostat and it's snow time as the air vent shoot snow and turn Norton (who managed to untie himself) who manages to find a way to be under the air vent; into a snowman. HAHA! Contrived yes; but who cares?! Chip and Dale giggle at the dork's expense like Sean Malstrom laughing at Mr. Hardcore's expense. It's all the same to me as Norton's manhood is finally under control. And yes fans; I'm done with the dick jokes for this rant at least. Gadget gets off Golly #6 for the episode as she wonder what they are up to.

Chip uses the hair dryer to thaw the police while Dale turns Norton into a real snowman. Sadly; he is reduced to using gold coins since the carrot is unavailable due to a strike to protect the rights of nose carrots everywhere. Slight WD-Japan mistake on Dale as his face is completely dark brown instead of the brown/flesh colored state he usually. Dale proclaims that it's too bad that they have to arrest him. I don't see the problem since his trip to the mental hospital should prove to be entertaining right Mr. Malstrom?! Okay, maybe not. So we logically cut back to Rescue Ranger Headquarters inside as the Rangers want to go on another picnic and Monty sits down at his chair flipping his tail proclaiming that it's going to be a good day with lots of sunshine. I smell a screw job commencing with that look as the Rangers run to the door; and it opens to reveal a rainstorm with thunder and lightning. HAHA! Monty calls that a 10% chance of showers as the other Rangers look mad at him. Well; you have no one but yourselves to blame for falling for Monty's jokes there guys. Monty opens his tiny umbrella and winks to the camera as we circle fade out to end at 21:10. Very good debut for Dev Ross; but it just fell a little bit short *** ¾ (75%).


I actually liked this episode for the most part; but it was marred a bit by a few mistakes and the contrived nature of Gadget and Chip acting stupid when the clues of snow on the ground during the Monty ski sequence in order to make Monty look pretty weak. Thankfully; Dev Ross was smart enough to stop doing it after the 13 minute mark and the episode really got good after that. This episode is really the first one where I actually had some sympathy for Monty as his jerk attitude had justification (albeit due to the problems above) and I got into his determination attitude during this episode to the end. Plus; I actually felt Norton built himself quite nicely with a pretty good weather device as a heel and actually was game to give me all the fodder to mock him so instead of being merely a whiny dork; he was playing one for me to laugh at. And yes; the manhood jokes were all caused by me and not by Norton of course. WD-Japan was it's usual smooth self with few coloring mistakes and the logic breaks were few and far between; plus a pretty funny climax and Monty joke payoff at the end. Overall; a much better episode than the last one; just not quite awesome. Still; this was Dev Ross' debut episode for rant purposes so it was to be expected. She's got a future in DTVA I see. Next up is One.Upsman-Chip. Let me see: Dale becomes a fortune teller and screws Chip. Can we finally have our first ****+ episode on disc 2? We'll have to see; but.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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