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They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?

Reviewed: 07/27/2010

They Drink Alcohol When They Hiccup, Don't They?

So we finally come to the end of the line for Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers. I'm sure going to miss them (sans the Aussie Stereotype of course); along with their C-pitched voices, Gadget being an innocent sadist, the 10 second fly known as Zipper, the whiny dork, the perverted Mr. Fat and all the dick jokes I could muster. So we end this episode with another round of Canina and her rival tricks her into an island that legally shoots dogs. Seriously; that's what the episode is. What is this; a contest between KK/DW and Martin Donoff to write the episode that is most likely to get blackballed by BS&P?! Well, let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce and David Weimers. The story is done by Bruce Reid Schaefer. Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended.

We begin this final episode of Rescue Rangers with a bird postman flying over the city. And once again; the episode title is in scare quotes. Does BS&P like them for some reason? He flies towards the front door of Rescue Ranger headquarters and knocks on the door. Dale answers the door and it's a postcard for the Rescue Rangers according to the white hat wearing bird (I'm guessing Joan Gerber or Tress MacNeille here). Dale has trouble pulling it into the house (strange since the card seems too easy to get in according to the animation) and Dale drops on his ass calling it a poster card. HAHA! All the Rangers gather around as Gadget reads the letter and does some overselling to force the point. HAHA! See; it's from Canina LaFur and she is in extreme danger and someone is trying to kill her in an international land. As annoying as Canina can be; I still would prefer it if Monty was there, just for me to get my kicks in. Monty of course doesn't like this because he thinks it's another tap dance shoe stealing incident (wow; CONTINUITY from the previous episode and everything). Chip called it a big case and Monty decides to go with it hoping that it's not a wild poodle chase. So we logically go to a sky shot of a river and then to water level as Gadget is sailing with the Rangers on her new makeshift tugboat. Monty is reading of course just to piss Al Khan off. He's reading a map as they reach a brick wall as Monty reads that Canina is in Taxadermia. See; in Taxadermia, if you are an animal, YOU CAN BE SHOT! Legally I might add.

This is Greenpeace's worst nightmare come true. Or Dick Cheney's wet dream depending on what mood I was in when I wrote this rant. Monty talks about Groundhog Day as we cut to a log as a turtle runs away comically while being shot by a man wearing scuba gear with a gun and a brown cowboy hat. He shoots red bullets and hiccups so be process of elimination that man is Wild Bill Drunk or Hiccup according to BS&P (Gregg Berger). Apparently; Dick Cheney was too offensive even for Disney. Somehow he looks like a young Dick Cheney too. He's also got an arrow in his hat as he notices more vermin on the makeshift tugboat coming this way. I don't care if he's Wild Bill; for rant jokes, he's a Dick Cheney as far as I'm concerned as Dick dives into the water; but Gadget uses the pencil rudder to escape as Monty states Dick's BS&P name and claims that he's the best hunter in the world. If he's talking about shooting someone in the face; then Monty's on the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. POW! OUCH! Ummmmm....

So we head to some tents deeper down the river and then cut to inside as we see some filming of a Broadway musical featuring Canina and the penguins from A Chorus Crime. Wow; the writers are certainly trying to end this series on a good note; that is for sure. Canina is dancing and singing about picking bones as she is shilling the dog food commercial and thus paying off the joke about her involvement with dog food commercials. Now I know that it's silly considering that this goes against the premise of the humans not knowing that the animals can talk; but really, I expected nothing less from the same creators who did Darkwing Duck. Sadly; the big ass can of dog food manages to unscrew itself and fall towards Canina. Death by dog food can; that has to be a slap in the face for her. Chip swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (oh my gosh) as the Rangers all run in as Canina is being chased by the big ass dog food can and the chipmunks swing like Tarzan allowing Canina to swing away safely. Canina over dramatically thanks the Rangers as Chip gets off death reference #2 for the episode (two kill words in a Disney show? That's whack!) as Canina has a good idea who it is. We then hear someone enter and it's a white poodle who looks somewhat like Canina but without the purple trim. By process of elimination (oh the irony!) she's Zsa Zsa Labrador. Zsa Zsa is even MORE over dramatic than Canina ever was (Canina should sue her just to see her projected reaction and for gimmick infringement.) as Canina is not amused by it either. Zsa Zsa shakes paws with the Rangers as the director calls for Zsa Zsa (Jim Cummings) and Zsa Zsa leaves via the dog whistle. Dale wants to know who she is and Canina wants to talk to the Rangers inside her doggy dressing room.

So we head to an outside shot of her dressing room (which looks like the rich man's doghouse) as Canina and the Rangers exchange notes on Zsa Zsa Labrador. She's Canina's stand in and Canina outright accuses Zsa Zsa of trying to kill her (death reference #3 for the episode; the third kill word actually) as she looks in the mirror (I see the Hoppo effect has infected her again) as Monty thinks she's full of crap basically and Zsa Zsa is a sweet pooch. Canina powders herself as she claims that there were other incidents as Gadget asks what those are. Canina explains via the helpful flashback as we head inside her dressing room as Canina puts on her purple skirt dress and dances somewhat as Zsa Zsa enters unanounced and shows Canina her card as she is the new stand in. Zsa Zsa sucks up to her because she admired her work see. Don't all jealous killers admire the better one's work?! Zsa Zsa does the old annoying Carl Sagan speech of being a fan and Canina blows her off for being annoying. HA! Speak for yourself LaFur!

She even attempts to play dead to force the point as Canina pets her and tell her that she can try and basically tells her off that she cannot be topped even by the likes of Zsa Zsa. Zsa Zsa is not amused by that as Canina goes to her mirror and puts on the flea collar (helpfully pointed out by Canina in the echo voice over) and goes to the doggie door; but it's locked as Canina pounds on it yelling for help as apparently someone barricaded the door outside. I find it hard to believe that Zsa Zsa was trying to kill her there. I don't think the lack of air plan was thought all the way through there madam. I think Zsa Zsa was just being a mere piss ant. Canina tries everything; even her trusty log of firewood (!!!) as a battering ram; but no dice as the flashback ends. Monty wants to know how she got out; but Canina blows him off because she wants to know who locked her in. She claims that it's Zsa Zsa because she was the last one to leave. Now there's a valid point; but Monty no sells that bill of goods. Gadget asks about any other incidents and Canina has one in mind as we go to the flashback again as the director is putting Canina's tap dance shoes on stage and oh my goodness; it's the same director from Flash The Wonderdog! How about that?!

So the director goes over the instructions which is to dance up the stairs and jump into the dog food can of Chow Bow-Wow Dog Food (oooookkkkkkaaayyyyy) as Canina barks and grabs a flying dog treat and eats it. What is the point of barking? Are they implying that the dog talking is fake despite the fact that the storyline has already broke the logic of the premise?! Never mind as the directors sits in his chair next to the camera crew and it's ready.....steady.....action~! We get the TAKE 2 BOARD OF DOOM (Scene 2, Take 2; how fitting) and it's paper thin as hell there. We then get Canina dancing with a bone with a pink ribbon tied to it. Canina dances up the stairs as Canina's echo voice over explains that someone attached the JAWS OF HALF LIFE and a rope to the bottom of the big ass dog food can. Canina jumps onto the dog food and gets WII-SHOCKED complete with DALEK X-RAY OF DEATH. HAHA! She bounces off the big ass can and takes some really good bumps on her ass down the steps. Canina is on the bottom steps as the director runs in to help her and here comes Zsa Zsa dressed up like Canina and she goes overdramatic on it too. If I were Canina; I would sue Zsa Zsa for gimmick infringement and non-support. The director calls for the stand in to take her place as Canina growls bitterly. The director tells her to calm down as the doggie stretcher with two doctors comes in and Canina gets stretchered out as Zsa Zsa starts tap dancing just to rub it in. Canina's echo voice over ends as Canina needs help from the Rangers. Monty wants no part of this like the heartless Aussie Stereotype that he is.

We then cut to outside as Zsa Zsa is looking on from the window and then sees a truck parked in as another Fry clone exits the truck with a parcel and enters a building. So Zsa Zsa notices the conveniently placed rope and ties up both ends of it to the doghouse and the green truck just as the Fry clone (dressed in blue) re-enters the truck which seems to have been idling all this time. The truck leaves and the babyfaces inside all get whacked inside with wussy bumps present. Sigh. Man; the wall on the left is as paper thin as the TAKE 2 BOARD OF DOOM earlier. Zsa Zsa is behind a trash can and waves goodbye to Canina basically proving her to be the heel right there. Canina is not amused by that either. So we see the truck drive outside as a guard spots the doghouse (Gregg Berger) and dials the office to call the police since Canina is being dog-napped. No, not really. It's actually a lot worse than that if you believe the episode title.

More bouncing as Canina is hanging onto the right window and this one is more 3D than the left one. This doghouse is NOT UP TO CODE! Canina struggles into the doghouse as she wants her stand in and then catches herself on that one. HA! Monty climbs onto the left window sill; which is now as 3D as the right one. Bad animation there guys. Monty notices the rope attached to the trailer and climbs down with the window blind ropes along with the other Rangers and undoes the rope loop which allows the doghouse to go out of control; Monty gets thrown up and takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the wall. HAHA! The doghouse breaks some barriers and free falls over the abyss below. We then cut to the cliff above as a white limo stops and out comes the director and his acting over the death of Canina stinks like crap. It's the big fade out as Zsa Zsa (in Canina's outfit; like I'm fooled guys) walks in and the director assumes that Canina is safe. No, not really. Zsa Zsa embraces him and they get into the white limo and drive off stage right. Considering the director's treatment of Flash; can you really be surprised by this?

So we pan down towards the forest and to the crumpled up trailer as we see that Rangers and Canina getting lamp-shaded. HAHA! Okay; only Canina as Monty is flat on his face. Canina takes the lamp shade away from the carnage and gleefully blows Monty off for me as Monty finally believes her in his own Aussie Stereotypical way. Canina throws the lamp away as she wants to get back to the studio as she walks out. Sadly; we then see Sparky being chased by Dick Cheney. Wow; just wow. I know I said this a dozen times already; but again, you accuse Jymn Magon of being mean to Zipper? The Rangers all walk out as Monty loves it because it's cat season. Oh f*** you, you Aussie Stereotype! Monty walks in; but Canina grabs him by the tail because her career is more important. Canina; you are becoming more and more like the fifth Rescue Ranger I always wanted. So we return to the tent studios as the Ranger and Canina pant all the way. Well; Canina is at least. Her dogs are killing her (that's the fourth kill word in this episode alone) as she whines almost as much as the whiny dork Norton does. That is a scary thought to say the least. They look inside and they see no one inside. Canina deduces that they left because the dog food commercial was shot already. Man; these Hollywood types are such litterbugs to leave their tents like that. Chip proclaims that maybe they can still make it to the airport.

So we head to the Taxadermia airport as the cast and crew of the dog commercial is already walking into the white airplane with purple trim. We pan northwest to the steel black gates as we zoom in to see Canina and the Rangers walk in. Canina proclaims that the plane is leaving without her as they run into the launchpad and the airplane has close it's doors already. We cut to a window inside the airplane as we see Zsa Zsa on a chair next to the mirror being a bigger diva than Canina ever could be. She has a dog treat bone which she uses as a prop trophy as she thanks everyone including Canina for winning the award for best dog food commercial. That is thinking way too small there Zsa Zsa. And then the door opens and in comes Canina looking pissed off. Now in any other universe; this should be the FINISH of the episode; but we still got another 11 minutes left so I think some logic is going to break big time. Zsa Zsa looks in the blue MIRROR OF VANITY and addresses herself as Canina LeFur.

Canina is ticked off and the urge to kill is rising. Can you really blame her since Zsa Zsa is trying to OFF Canina?! Zsa Zsa voice then cracks (revealing that Joan Gerber is voicing her and that's the last voice in the entire series I do believe) as the Rangers run in and Monty wants to break up this doggy catfight. Oh sod off and let them go you Aussie Stereotype! So Monty rolls up his sleeves and joins in as we get the most obvious doggy catfight of doom and BS&P actually allows us to see most of the scratching and clawing on screen actually make contact! Wow; just wow. Sadly; Zsa Zsa does an end around and opens the door; allowing Canina and Monty to catfight right out of the plane and they both get WARNERED~! HAHA! Monty comes down first and then Canina squashes him! TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT SPOT! And it was MAN-SIZED too! We cut back to the window with the other Rangers watching on as the purple trim white plane flies into the sky and that ends the segment and the Youtube video at 10:51; or nearly 11 minutes in. So that means we get about ten minutes of Monty and Canina battling Dick Cheney and I'm rooting for Dick Cheney despite Canina involvement. Hey; when the Aussie Stereotype is involved; you know they are going to write him as Super Mouse.

After the commercial and Youtube breaks; we return as the plane flies into the sky on the sky shot and we head to the strip as Canina recovers and blows Monty off as a rat. HAHA! Canina walks away stage left as Monty asks where she is going. Canina walks and proclaims that she is catching the next plane and Monty tells her that in Taxadermia; that WAS the last plane which is funny considering that there are at least three planes in service when we first saw the airport. Then we get a bullet shot on the pavement and both Monty and Canina bail as Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (Crikey!). We know who it is; don't we?! This is going to be so much fun to watch the Aussie Stereotype squirm. Not so much Canina though. That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE DICK CHENEY EDITION~! Yes; he's shooting INSIDE THE TOWN~! There is something screwed up in this country. Canina and Monty hide behind a mailbox as Canina is tired as hell. Monty points to a pole and it shows that it's open season for dogs on the picture of a dog. Canina doesn't buy it because she's a star see. Monty tells her to tell it to Dick Cheney and the pop gun pops and we bail again. I wonder if the bullet sound was re-dubbed; or it was intentional on the creators part.

The chase MUST CONTINUE as we see Canina and Monty make it to the makeshift tugboat and Canina refuses to go on because it's against her diva looks. This makes her one notch below Hoppo now. Even Hoppo had little problems accepting being on a normal tugboat. Monty blows her off as Canina thinks a liner is great and then three bullet whiz by missing her by four inches. Oooooooooo....So the writers are in a contest to see who's crazier, Canina or Kit?! Monty unlashes the rope and Canina gets on and tells him to speed this thing up. Monty gets onto the pencil rudder and blows her off for calling him bad names. More gunfire ensues as the boat sails right towards Dick Cheney's direction. Something tells me Monty wants to kill Canina for some reason. So we head back to the airplane as it lands at the Rescue Ranger USA Airport (might as well call it that since they could never get this town's name straight even if there was one) as it lands and the stair case is unleashed as the PRESS OF FRAUD shows up when the door opens and it's Zsa Zsa (who is addressed as Canina, natch) with the clueless red haired director. They walk down the steps as they approach a purple suit female announcer with black hair and a microphone asks Canina about being nervous about the Lassie Award for best dog commercial. I believe Tress MacNeille is the voice of the reporter here as Zsa Zsa barks as the director grabs her. The director proclaims that she is excited and wants to be excused because they need to groom and prepare for the event as they leave stage left. So we head inside the airplane as a green dressed gray haired old fat lady is using the vacuum cleaner of doom on the chairs. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Shaun Desmond.

She takes the pillow and opens the top shelf to reveal the Rangers and the lady screams rodents and runs like a scalded dog. Dale gets all pissed off for Zsa Zsa locking them in there (Huh? How?) and they all jump down towards the floor and run away stage right. We go back to the scene changer to the river as Monty controls the tugboat while Canina does nothing basically. The boat slows down and Canina gets on Monty's case as Monty stops because Dick Cheney is gone and he brings out the PICNIC BASKET OF YOGI'S containing his cheese rations for a cheese break. Canina threatens to break his neck if he doesn't get her home and I want to see it happen! Monty no sells because he's waiting until dog hunting season ends. Canina gets pissed off because the Lassie awards are tonight. Monty asks the fatal question: the lousy award or her head mounted on Dick Cheney's wall. Canina chooses the award and pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER! WHAT LEVER?!) and the tugboat speeds away. HAHA! Monty falls overboard and gets carried away by the rope. I am so loving Canina now. Canina blows him off as we continue racing for her life and she doesn't have any sense of direction without her agent to help her. HA! Monty gets back on the tugboat and calls her out on turning right. Canina claims that she always exits stage right; as she IS Snagglepuss' girlfriend. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm....

Monty panics because this is the Amazon River and no one lives unless they are in 26 pieces. And more gunfire as Dick Cheney arrives on his motorboat loaded with more guns than your average warship has. More gunfire hits the tugboat as we have finally reached 0.5 Trigun which is unheard of for this series. That leads to the SCOOY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE DOG HUNTING BOAT EDITION~! There's no turning back now according to Monty (even more so since this is the last episode of the series) as we see the Dick motorboat fly off the sharp ramp rock (!!!) and gets stuck in a tree. Yeap; Dick Cheney is the apporos name for this loser. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dick is hanging on the seat of his pants literally from a tree branch as we cut back to the tugboat with Canina and Monty for some more floating. Canina hyper references Wang Films (I'm guessing they are animating this episode since Cukoo's Nest is the alternative name for Wang Films) and they go over the waterfall. Geez; I called that one a full two minutes before it happened. They fall into the water below as the tugboat gets completely destroyed of course on the impact of a rock and that ends the segment 15 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the river from another angle as the life preservers float up and then pan west to see wet dog Canina and Monty walking on the edge of the river from the carnage. Monty shakes water from his body as he swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) and hyper-references Humpty Dumpty. Man; I wouldn't have thought Monty would have such a dirty mind, but here it is in full bloom. Monty squeezes his goggles and then gets soaked by Canina dog whipping. HAHA! Canina is perfectly fine of course as she wipes her face with Monty's coat. Canina continue with her promo cutting and then the biggest logic break occurs as somehow the tugboat returns almost completely intact. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?! And we pan over to a blue fish laughing at their expense. Okay; that was a neat spot; but it works better without the boat guys.

Thankfully; Monty checks the damage after the fish flops into the water; and it starts to leak good and it's a goner. It still doesn't change the logic much; but at least it makes more sense. Canina whines about a cab and Monty blows her off because it isn't Tinseltown. Although they might be blasted into tinsel if they aren't careful. Although seeing Monty blasted into tinsel is my wet dream realized. POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Canina bawls and damn it it is so terrible that I think Carol is doing it on purpose. Monty has the Gruffi pose on full blast just to make me want to punch him in the face for it as Canina wanted the highest award known to man's best friend. Apparently; not a mouse's best friend considering the Aussie Stereotype. Monty claims he cannot help so Canina walks off and bawls even worse which is enough for Monty to reconsider. I should have known she was doing it on purpose. It's too terrible not to be. Monty jumps down to find the wrench as Canina walks into the bushes to groom herself again and Monty groans in pain and sounds almost like Fred Flintstone. Baloo is much better in that role than Monty is; so screw the Aussie Stereotype what he thinks.

We go to the scene changer to a sky shot as Monty fixes the boat by himself while Canina sits on a cliff doing absolutely nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING. HAHA! Monty proclaims that he is not Gadget; but he has it working again. Canina jumps down and into the tugboat and tells him that he can primp on the boat. Sadly; the motor is shot so Monty give her the spatula (that he probably stole from Molly Cunningham) as Canina blows him off because she's a star and seems to throw it overboard. But then on the far shot; we see her rowing with the same spatula. Bad, bad form there guys. So we go to the scene changer as there is more rowing as Monty gets the wooden spoon to row with. Canina asks about how far they are from the border and Monty proclaims that it's around the bend. Canina does some religious chant and they brings her papers out as she apparently stole Zsa Zsa's acceptance speech during the fight. And here comes Dick Cheney who has added about five more guns on his boat since we last saw him. Canina asks Monty about doing something and Monty blows her off since she calls him a Mandango. So Canina starts to show more effort in rowing and we have the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE MOTORBOAT HUNTING EDITION PART DEUX~!

They are about 100 meters from the border (and the shot is downright blurry) but the Dick Cheney motorboat is gaining ground. Canina then has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN (from one of her own movies natch) and Monty blows her off which is funny considering that Canina hasn't created an actual plan from a movie until now. Then a shot is fired which misses her by a mile but she oversells the death chant. I've seen a more believable fake death in Balooest of The Bluebloods then this; but whatever. Monty blows off her bad acting of course. HA! It's still better than yours you Aussie Stereotype; so just sod off. Canina blows him off (YAY!) and dives into the water looking dead. Canina floats over to Dick Cheney as Dick grabs her and she gives him the BITE OF ASS on screen (how fitting that Plato's move would play into the final episode of the series) and bites off some of his pants and Dick Cheney goes swimming stage right into the river.

Canina dives into the water and returns to the tugboat as Monty is impressed with Canina's saving abilities. Canina tells Maxwell to move it and Monty takes that well and uses the wooden spoon to paddle the tugboat. Monty is impressed by her smarts and admits to seeing the movie in question. Monty then admits as he does the annoying Carl Sagan spot and I am waiting with baited breath to see Canina shoot Monty in the face with one of Dick Cheney's gun; but it won't happen of course. Monty rows to the border as he stops annoying her and wants to get her real Lassie award. So we head to Canina's residence (complete with animated water fountain) and then cut to the steps as we see Dale praise Canina's home as Zipper does his ten seconds of work for the episode for the very last time in this series by grabbing the curtain and pulling it down which expands it to a rope. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyyy. The Rangers climb up as we head inside Canina's room with a closeup shot of the collars as Zsa Zsa is having her problems choosing one. We pan west to the windows as the Rangers notice the wig beside Zsa Zsa and decide that murdering the wig will blow her cover forever. So the Rangers run in to the wig on the fake human head and steal it just as Zsa Zsa puts on the circle collar. Zsa Zsa notices the sliding wig and that leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE WIG EDITION~!

Zsa Zsa's running actually causes some claw marks on the wall and man; she seriously thinks she is a cat now. Thankfully; Zsa Zsa outsmarts them (yeah right?!) by finding a coat package and stuffs the Rangers in it with the wig. She steals the wig and calls them miserable rodents. So we head to the theater AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as the Lassie Awards are underway. We know this because it says Lessie Award on a blue cloth in gold letters. It's the 7th year for the award according to the host (Gregg Berger of course) as we cut to a far shot of the stage with the spotlights on the red curtains and the host (in a white suit with red flower and black bow tie) reveals a card at the podium. The golden award is a dog panting on a bone of course as he opens the letter and the winner goes to Canina LaFur, DUH! Like that was any surprise as Zsa Zsa barks and runs to on stage as the Rangers enter from the doorways.

Chip proclaims that they are too late as we cut back to Zsa Zsa accepting her award and she talks. Oh; I give up, the logic in this series is officially shot now. She does some barking as the red curtains open and here comes pissed off Canina to do some killing of her own. Everyone gasps in horror as Canina and Zsa Zsa blow each other off for being the imposter. Considering that Zsa Zsa is wearing a darker wig and has lighter fur; I think this is easy to figure out. So we have the tug-of war with the Lassie Award and this is not going to end well for the award. Then Canina bitch slaps her (seriously! And on screen too) and grabs her wig as Zsa Zsa just stands there stunned as the crowd gasps in horror again. Canina then steals the tail end and Zsa Zsa runs away like a scalded dog stage left. Canina takes her Lassie Award and goes to the stage as she thanks everyone and then cuts the Carl Sagan promo as we go back to the host behind the curtain checking his watch and the logic goes back to her barking instead. They just cannot keep the logic straight can't they?! When we go back to the close shot of Canina; she's talking again. Canina thanks her number one fan as Monty appears with the Rangers who are sitting down on the floor and Canina gets his name wrong for the 20th time. HAHA! Monty blows her off for that as he does the Gruffi pose and we cut to a far shot of Canina waving as the crowd claps in unison to end the episode and the series at 21:12. While the storyline and the Canina/Monty/Dick Cheney (Wild Bill) sequences were a hoot; the premise logic of the animals not talking to humans is completely shot now with this episode. *** ¾ (75%).


Well; we end Rescue Rangers with a fun episode that would have more exciting had it not been for the continuing wonky logic between the humans and the animal interaction. Norton was supposed to be the only one who can understand the rodents yet it seemed the humans could understand Canina half of the time in this episode. There were a few logic breaks as well and some of the animation seemed out of place; but otherwise, the entire Canina/Zsa Zsa/Monty/Wild Bill fight was awesome to watch. Sure; I didn't get my wish; but at least the writers teased me enough to enjoy the thought of it happening. Canina does make a pretty good fifth Ranger; but I still think Kate wins the award by a nose due to being less of a diva.

So that is that for Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers in general. There were five thumbs up, six in the middle and three thumbs down; for a grand total of 27 thumbs up, 23 thumbs in the middle and 15 thumbs down. I'm not going to talk about this in great length since I have already done so in Does Palov Ring A Bell. Still; I will say this: the writers did find a way to write Monty correctly; but it only lasted three episodes tops before he returned to Super Mouse form again. I did have a lot of fun ranting on this series; but as I said earlier, hindsight doesn't help this series nearly as much as the other series of DTVA have. I think this also shows that like Jymn Magon's fall from grace in Quack Pack; we shouldn't be tempted to put up Tad Stones on a podium of DTVA god either. As I saw in Darkwing Duck and in Aladdin; the drop in quality from Tad was forthcoming and it showed that Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove had lots of groundbreaking ideas; but didn't have the execution that Jymn Magon and Mark Zaslove have (whence they lack groundbreaking ideas; but have better execution of the idea they do use). So what is next for me? The TaleSpin re-rants are in September; so for August, I'm going to continue dealing with the vainglorious bastard known as Kick Buttowski as more episodes are now in English on Youtube. So......

Thumbs in the middle pointing up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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