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Mind Your Cheese & Q's

Reviewed: 11/02/2008

Geez; you don't think this won't turn into a Monty focused episode...?!

Oh lord; if this turns out not to be a Monty focused episode; I'll be SHOCKED! SHOCKED I SAY! I mean Chip has only one focused episode, Gadget has only one, Zipper has none, Dale has at least six and Monty is into his sixth or seventh episode already. The rest are Chip/Dale combos, team combos or in one case a Monty/Dale combo. At least most of the Dale episodes have been entertaining. At least this one is so obvious as it has everything to do with Monty's cheese addiction which is the best trait Monty has. So let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Michael Price Nelson and Burt Brown. The story is edited by Ken Koonce and David Weimers. Now there's a change in pace to be sure in the writing department. I've got nothing for Burt Brown or Micheal Price Nelson and this looks to be his only writing credits for DTVA that I can think of right now. And of course; just to make it even more difficult for the episode to succeed; it's animated by Sun Woo Animation. I do not like where this episode is going quality wise.

We begin this one with a shot of a banana yellow flying kite in the sky which has got to be the lamest way to start an episode to date since ranting on this show. We then pan down to a girl flying her kite wearing blue and white which shows that no matter how much this episode might suck; at least they have characters with good tastes in fashion sense. We then pan over to see the Rescue Rangers sitting on a blanket near a tree having a picnic because there really is nothing they can do to stop the fact that two rookie writers are writing this episode. Monty of course is sleeping on the job which makes him the focus character by proxy. How lucky for him?! Gadget asks what is for lunch and of course it's Dale making it which means instant trouble from the start. Well; at least good instant trouble as he slurps at the sandwiches he made himself from the PICNIC NUT OF YOGIS since this is the Rescue Rangers here and it's Dale naturally. And of course they are almost as big as human sandwiches and Zipper gets squashed again. Again I ask; how can Jymn Magon be mean to Zipper when the writers of THIS SERIES are even more mean then he ever was?! At least Magon has some respect for chipmunks and mice and blue bottle flies; unlike the ducks. Chip grabs his sandwich and eats it. I was tempted to think he would call them awful; but he seems indifferent to them since he looks in between the sandwich which is the sign of a true scared chipmunk right there and sees nothing in there. Zipper has no luck either as Gadget is kind enough to mock Dale for at least remembering the bread. Dale is angry because someone de-cheesed all his cheese sandwiches. If you cannot name the creep who stole the cheese from the cheese sandwiches within five seconds then you have no business reading this rant...and you have learned absolutely NOTHING....AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING!!

And the Rangers are so smart that they only wait one second to blame Monty on it. Monty finally wakes up and in roundabout terms admits to stealing the cheese from Dale's sandwiches. He just couldn't help himself and his defense is so lame. No matter how shallow Babs Bunny is; her mocking “I just CANNOT help myself” is still one the funniest lines I have ever heard. Dale gleefully blows him off with a threat to lose control if he eats his lunch again. Okay; a few things: (a) Dale has no control to lose and (b) Dale should take my advice and never pack cheese in any context to a picnic ever again. In fact; they should just forsake cheese altogether but then that would end the episode two minutes in and of course you simply cannot do that to rookie writers; no matter how painful it is going to be for your audience. Chip proclaims that one day that cheese addiction is going to cause big trouble. NO?! REALLY?! Ummm; didn't it already cause BIG TROUBLE in just about EVERY Monty focused episode he was in?! Do I have to choke Eisner to get him to stop erasing character memories?! And so; the banana yellow kite decides to have a life of it's own and it's pink tail KIDNAPS GADGET! HOLY CRAP! The writers actually got their first good spot in...and it took only two minutes to do it?! Don't worry; they'll find someway to screw this episode up, I promise thee. Zipper flies into the air to save her; but the kite's tail bumps him off before he can grab her. Man; that kite is frisky. The Male Rangers Minus Zipper grab the kite string and wrap it around the girl's legs allowing her to fall right on her can.

Cute spot and good bump from her as the Rangers grab the string and Gadget is now dangerously close to the power lines. Ah; if you remember back somewhere in may rants; power lines do not affect cartoon characters so the whole scary scene is completely pointless. Gadget's line of the Bride of Frankenstein is really funny and it only makes me want to see Gadget fry even though logic would have her dead anywhere else but this show. We cut down to the bench where the male Rangers pull on the kite string right in front of a man (who look like the judge from Normie's Science Project and a father from the fair in Seer No Evil) sitting on the bench reading a newspaper and eating Cheese Nacho Chips. Oh; like you cannot smell the obvious coming a mile away already?! CHEESE ADDICTION OF DOOM beckons, Monty goes bonkers (well at least we can blame DA JUDGE on that one instead of Monty.); Chip and Dale are pulled and they slip on the string taking a couple of good bumps onto the ground. Gadget goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! And it's more amusing when Gadget is the victim of it. Sadism's revenge perchance?!) and the Male Rangers who don't have issues run after it. Well; at least the kite didn't land on the power wires. We cut back to Monty in the Cheese Nacho Chip bag stuffing his face like the cheese addict that he is and then pops up to see the kite spiral down and gently come to a stop right in front of the tree. Why?! Why not get stuck in the tree and add some more suspense?! It's not like she's close to power wires anyway. I don't understand BS&P at all as Monty realizes that his cheese addiction has screwed him. Monty then runs away complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. YES! Now I can say it officially: Now you know you are watching a classic!

Monty runs to the carnage (kite in pieces) and panics because Gadget is broken into itty-bitty bits. Oh shut up Monty! The kite spiral was so wussy there was no bump present to do any real damage to Gadget. Besides; if you didn't screw up; Gadget probably would have fried on the power wires, knowing Gadget's sadist logic. Dale is so ticked off as he calls him a cheese crazed rodent. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And it was the judge's fault for being a dangerous food item (both for Monty's and his health) anyway. Still; his accusation acting is too funny though as Monty hold his hat like Kit Cloudkicker waiting to take the WRAITH OF BECKEY. I betcha Gadget is perfectly fine in the tree branches somewhere; it's not like the bump existed in the first place to create the scene anyway. Yeap; she's fine; right in a bird nest. Oh wait; she's in a bird's nest and STILL IN DANGER! Dale's right. This IS Monty's fault!! Zipper finds her though so it is bloody unlikely that Gadget is going to be in any further danger. Monty proclaims that he feel shame for this. If it's being animated in Sun Woo; I don't blame him. Sun Woo animation would make any DTVA character feel shame and guilt which eliminates Ducktales, Fluppy Dogs and The Wuzzles from the list by proxy.

Monty's Munster crack is just too funny as he goes all Zummi Gummi on us. Gadget floats down using the Leaf Parachute as Monty declares that he'll never eat a piece of cheese again, ever. OUCH!! If that happens; then Monty is downright useless as a character. Gadget surprises him from behind and Monty is so happy to see her that he hugs her so tightly that he's liable to kill her worse than Hoppo's chance at Hollywuz. AHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm....Chip blows Monty off; calling him lucky. Hey; it's Disney, does Chip honestly think that Sun Woo was going to make a bump to kill her?! It's not like Disney would accept THAT one anyway?! I'd say Monty knows more about Sun Woo then he's letting on here. Monty declares that there won't be a next time because he is officially on the cheese wagon. OH MY GOD! That is the silliest freudian slip I have ever heard. Monty was supposed to say: From now on; I'm OFF the cheese wagon. For god sakes Ken Koonce/David Weimers; READ THE FREAKING SCRIPT before you send the script to Jim Cummings. Well; so much for hoping for these rookie writers to do a good episode and it took just under four minutes to screw it up good......

So; we head back to Rescue Ranger Headquarters as Zipper guards the door inside the house for no good reason having a toothpick as a spear. Monty paces around and he's already panicking about his promise ten seconds in as he wants some Brie from 1986. At least Disney Captions spelled Brie right so DC isn't messing this one up...yet....Anyhow; Monty begs for Zipper to reconsider (I didn't know the storage room was what Zipper was guarding) and of course Zipper no sells. Monty's over the top selling is so lame that I heard that Funimation was bringing it in for Jeice to use in Dragon Ball Z. Oh wait; never mind. Monty declares that he is going crazy while licking his chops. Memo to Monty: That is not crazy. Playing as James Bond as a work while being in a situation that is a shoot is crazy. I mean there is nothing funnier than Dale taking pictures with his bow tie; even Zipper's cracking the whip in the previous episode wasn't crazy enough. And that leads to Zipper turning into Swiss Cheddar (I'm SHOCKED The Wuzzles didn't steal that one first?) in Monty's own mind and if I find out that Toon Disney didn't cut this one out like they did with the health inspector when Louie saw him as a fish in Pizza Pie In The Sky then that is more evidence of TaleSpin being downplayed. It even has wings on it and just to break logic and reason Monty goes bonkers again. I mean; the addiction thing makes sense; but at least make Zipper smell like something close to cheese BEFORE doing that spot. Otherwise; it's macho nacho contrived.

Monty is ready to strike; but Gadget slams open the door and Zipper does the squash into the door between the wall spot Kit would later swipe in Plunder and Lightning Part Three. Gadget and Chip enter with cans of stuff along with Dale as they proclaim that this will end his cheese addiction for good. Monty is confused as I am because when we see Gadget and company open the stuff; there are THREE CANS OF THEM. That is so like Sun Woo that it isn't funny. They bought caviar (squashed fish eggs which should earn Chip an ass-kicking from PETA and total sympathy from Joe O'Neil from Famethrower; formally known as (Audience yells in unison): “THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL”); French Pate (mixed meat and fat which would earn him the same thing) and they totally missed the third stuff. Monty goes in and uses his dirty cheesy hands to taste the stuff...and gags because it contains liver and fish eggs. Well DUH you Aussie Stereotype! That's what Pate and Caviar are. Chip asks how it tastes and he says in roundabout terms that it is terrible by making sure he proclaims that he would rather wrestle a gator for a good piece of cheese. He needs the diet pill more than I do! And he weighs about 458 pounds less than me. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...why did Monty punch me in the face again?! Is this some irony about fruedian slips that I'm not getting like some theocratic nut?!

We then cut to Gadget closing the door to something as Chip, Dale and Zipper arrive to tell her that every piece of cheese has been eliminated. It's the CHEESE ROYAL RUMBLE! And the Rescue Rangers are the final four. Who will be the cheesist of them all?! TUNE IN TO NITRO TO FIND OUT! Oh; and Monty is not allowed into the match because he would always win it all. Fairness is such a virtue. Gadget tells them to be quiet because he's asleep. So Gadget was inside his bedroom and I shudder to think what Gadget did to him to get him to sleep. Sadly; I see no hammer with her; so it must be the rag soaked with ether. We cut to inside where Monty is tossing and turning in his hammock making Baloo look stiff in the selling department. And those blue with pink trim PJ's are so cute; I'm SHOCKED Molly Cunningham hasn't stole them yet. I guess even the FASHION POLICE OF LAW have too much time on their hands. That leads to the CHILD CORRUPTING DREAM BALLOON OF DEATH (oh great; let's do a stupid Wuzzles spot while we are at it?! I thought those were BANNED from DTVA after major suckage.) and he's dreaming about cheese. Monty tries to eat the dream balloon which makes the cheese get bigger for goodness knows what reason; but it disappears with a magical sound and he wakes up. And once again; Al Khan gets giddy. I don't need to tell you what I think of Al Khan; the president of 4Kids do I?! Well; take every mean-spirited and cynical comment I made of Michael Eisner and multiply it by 100. Okay; that's not entirely fair as he did produce a decent Pokemon dub (in no small part due to Nintendo forcing the issue on HIM.); but that was the only thing he did remotely right and thus the Pokemon typecast label was cast on the company. See Doctor Who.

So we get another scene changer as Monty gets dressed in between scenes and he goes to the storage door (Why? There should be no cheese to steal since they got RID of them!); but notices right away that there is a string attached to the knob and it leads attached to Chip's ankle. Take one guess who's idea was it to do that?! Hint; he's the only one who is close to having as many focus episodes as Monty does. Monty carefully jumps over the string and then grabs a white cloth calling the Rangers not clever enough. So we head to police headquarters AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) which is good because they were damn well close to committing a logic break here. We head inside Spinelli's office for the first time since Seer No Evil talking on the phone which shows how a lack of sleep is killer on the brain and on Donald Drake's nerves. We pan down to the left side of the desk as Monty is sneaking inside his office while Spinelli talks to a woman who proclaims that she wants to report a highway robbery. Oh; I can just smell the obvious joke a mile away on this one....and that means Spinelli will sell it hook, line and sinker. And of course she talks about the high price of cheese at the store. Yeah; like you couldn't smell that one coming?! Monty goes over to the mouse trap which seems to have a peanut on it.

And Spinelli no sells the whole thing because there is a cheese storage which shows that the mouse trap has a peanut on it. Well; that pretty much buries the whole point of the episode right there which is fine because these Monty focus episodes are getting too cheesy for their own good. At least Dale's cheese was good cheese. Monty swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Nuts! Which is not true since a peanut is really a pea and not a nut; but whatever.) and proclaims that they cannot do this to him. I disagree. Whomever villain is doing this is an automatic babyface in my book. He swipes the peanut away and the traps springs missing Monty completely. Oy vey there Sun Woo as Monty decides to go to the pizza parlor because they ALWAYS have cheese. So we go to the pizza parlor AFTER HAPPY HOUR and the place is closed with no lighting in sight. HAHA! Monty climbs up to the window in front of the store and is upset because the place should be hoppin at this hour (So sezs Monty). Considering that we get a small glimpse of the sign that sezs Closed on the far shot before the pan in; I think we got our answer. So we pan over and the Monty reads his last will and testament which is false; but it might as well be his anyway. Yeap; the cheese shortage is killing him.

Who is responsible for this outrage?! Is it...DUM...DUM...DUM...Monterey Jack himself and he's pulling psychological projection which erases his memory of things like eating countless amounts of cheese. I mean; this is the same guy who ate a whole truckload of cheese in Many Love Is A Splintered Thing. I know Monty's stories are BS; but at least with Monty's cheese addiction; that was actually plausible. Monty sulks like a limp dish rag as we cut back to inside Rescue Ranger Headquarters to see the Ranger notice a white cloth rope draped over the window where Monty must have escaped. So Chip blows him off and wants to leave to find him because he gets into trouble for his cheese addiction. Chip has never heard the phrase: As long as he hurts no one else; it's perfectly all right. Of course; he would break his promise on not eating cheese; but it's not like Monty could tell the truth anyway. See his BS stories for instance. And speaking of BS; Sun Woo shows evening when Gadget is checking the cloth rope; but ten seconds later; it's already morning when Chip blows off Monty and goes looking for him. Which is actually par for the course with Sun Woo around. So it's morning as we head for the streets of some town as Monty is walking on the sidewalk looking like he's tired from all that walking. He's finally gripping the concept for exercise well though so the cheese shortage is at least doing something go to him I guess. Too bad this episode isn't however.

We then head to around the alleyway and we see a bunch of mice carrying gold stuff over to a counter where the return of Francis from Double-O-Chipmunks (which I'm actually relieved to see) appraising it and he likes it and dumps it into a doctor's bag beside a violent/blue iguana wearing a red sweater and hat. Francis also has a bouncer with a red bow tie and a brown shirt. Hey; if you want to be cool, make sure you hide a camera in that bow tie. It's an effective weapon against cartoon characters to kill their eyesight and it always impresses the ranters and ladies when you pull the bow tie to take their picture. Francis takes the next mouse who brings him a golden tooth; and he sort of likes it and he gets cheese. The third guy is an old man with a white beard and cane holding something clearly not gold because it's always the third guy in the lineup that gets screwed in a cartoon. And it's brass as Francis Capone pulls on the old man's shirt and blows him off for being a dirty rat. The old man pleads for mercy which is just asking for trouble when the man you are pleading to is Mr. Capone. Francis proclaims that he would be breaking his heart and tells him to scram as the big fat bouncer mouse grabs the old mouse and kicks him out right on his ass in a good spot. Geez; even in 1989 they were symbolizing the hatred of old people by the young. I'm amazed Jymn Magon didn't reduce himself to doing this crap. The Iguana and Bouncer Mouse laugh it up and calls Francis' line a good sense of humor. If it was sick; I would agree with him, otherwise Capone should kick his ass since shooting it is a no-no in DTVA. Sadly; we get the alternative: Nothing but a shut up from Capone which just isn't cool anymore unless Kit is doing it to a six year old girl. Once Kit did that; meanness was dead as a doornail.

The lineup gets shoved aside in all directions as Monty buts in like an ass and he's gone all bonkers on us again as he faces Francis Capone. Please MURDER this guy Francis; you were so good in Double-O-Chipmunks. Please don't suck now!! I'm begging you... PLEASE! Oh wait; I'm begging like the Kokiane Ranger; my bad. Francis calls Monty a fatso as Monty is going really bonkers because there is a lot of CHEESE right behind Francis Capone. Francis blows him off remembering to add stuttering to the gold part. I just realized that Monty is in insult to people who stutter which is on top of his Aussie stereotype. Now I know...and knowing is half the power. The other half is finding a better mousetrap to MURDER Monty with. I guess Arnold is the Iguana and Sugar Ray is the Mouse Bouncer by the way he looks in directions (Arnold is left which is the iguana and right is Sugar Ray which is the mouse bouncer); however, this is Sun Woo we are talking about so I'll probably get them mixed up. Sugar Ray Arnold grab Monty by the shoulders in a gleeful fashion and Monty gets thrown out of the alleyway right on his back with a really good bump along the way....and right on cue; here come the rest of the Rescue Rangers as they gather around Monty asking him what happened. Monty calls this whole thing a horrible crime as he declares that there is no cheese in town.

He then decides to show them and they hide behind a trash can as Francis and company close up shop. Really bad CONTINUITY ERROR: Sugar Ray declares that there is no more cheese left with a smirk; and on the far left side of the picture you can clearly see stacks of cheese in the background; even in the next shot when they lock up the store! This is the dangers of using a rookie writer to do a not so good idea episode to begin with. Sugar Ray locks the door with a pad lock and the Gangster Mice of Doom run off stage left as the pleading mice in the lineup run to the door and try to open it; but no dice. We then head back to the trash can as Gadget is confused in more way than one because she calls him Rat Capone despite clearly looking like Francis. I can take him being Mr. Capone; but he looks like Francis; so screw it rookie writers; he's Francis Capone. She wonder where he gets his cheese. If Chip were sarcastic enough; he would say: Why not ask Monty?! However; since we have rookie writers; I doubt he'll say that. And I'm right as Chip decides to follow them. He was RIGHT THERE waiting for the obvious joke and he DOESN'T crack it on him?! FOR SHAME!! Anyhow; this logically leads to...

.....a country road as a milk truck is driving on the road. We know this because there is a bottle of milk with the word milk in black letters on the milk bottle painted on the truck. And there is another one as the Rangers use two of them to hitchhike on. Why two?! I guess Monty requires half the bumper like Hoppo requires a full course meal as a snack. AHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Much better.....Anyhow; we do a pan shot of a farm as the milk trucks stop at the farm and the heels jump off the front milk truck. Okay; that makes sense now. Still doesn't change Monty's fat joke though. POW! OUCH! Ummm...The Rangers notice the heels going into a small pipe which leads inside the farm and they jump down and follow them after Chip points out the obvious. We then see a shot of the farm where the cows are standing around in a circle against the milking truck which shows just how heinous diary farming was in 1989 compared to now according to How It's Made. There is stacks of hay in the fore and backgrounds to accent the fact that this is a farm. We pan southwest as the Rangers walk towards a cow who is clearly female eating hay and wearing a blue ribbon which allows her to wear a goofy daisy hat. Now where is PETA when you REALLY NEED THEM?! Wearing a daisy hat is cruel and racist to cows dammit! Chip calls her bossy just to make it even worse as he asks if she saw two rats and a lizard. Bossy blows him off because she has her own problems. Is this cow rebellion against the daisy hat she's wearing. I doubt it; but I can dream can't I?! See; she's in trouble because if she doesn't think milk; she must think hamburger. BS&P strikes again; although understandable since pee is barred until 2000 at least.

Still; the point is made if you read between the lines as we see Gadget near the milk tank and she declares it half empty. Now here's one of those questions of ying/yang (ZEN!) moments that are just there to screw the crap out of me; so I'm not going to go there for the sake of my sanity. Bossy declares that nothing can fill those tanks as Chip calls it weird. I think Bossy is hiding her steroid problem here because ROIDS can wreck havoc on anything; including milk. Ask Gadget when she slammed into a fork in the last episode. Gadget then invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH (You can put an eye out with THAT! There's my cheap shot for that stupid pun.) as we cut to outside where Sugar Ray and Arnold are carrying a skate filled with gold. What is the writer's addiction with using roller skates as a moving device?! Is there some cool factor that I didn't notice in 1989?! Sugar Ray notices the Rangers running outside and Arnold panics because it's time to alert DA BOSS! Sugar Ray pushes the skate and flattens Arnold flatter than Alexander The Grape. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! I see Arnold is the latest to audition for DARKWING...DUCK already. Maybe if Kit had done that; he would have lasted longer. Not much longer mind you; but still.

Arnold and Sugar Ray run along the bend and enter inside a broken glass window which is of course the only basement window with a broken window and somehow I doubt the Rangers will find it. The Rangers are outside wondering where they are as we get another recycled shot of the inside of the farm (UGH!) which lasts for a few seconds before we head down the pipes as we are now inside the chees factory as we see cheese made like How It's Made and then we see mice in their underwear lugging cheese over to a pile like slaves. Now that is just plain perverted guys! We pan over to see Francis sitting on top of all that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! We then cut to a shot of the heels bringing in the skate of loot into the factory and dumping it in front of Francis as the crack Sun Woo team gives more pointers for 4Kids to paint anything that might make children read by having a pocket watch with NO FACE ON IT. That is so bad that it's funny. Sadly; it's no longer funny now that 4Kids is doing it on a regular basis. If Al Khan wants to really piss anime purists off; how about cutting any scene with actual characters doing REAL READING. If 4Kids got TaleSpin; Wildcat reading to Molly in Flight of the Snowduck is gone which would completely destroy the whole point of the episode and screw up the finish. And then in an ironic moment; when Francis does the lame swimming spot (you wish you were Scrooge Capone); the watch has it's face back! I'm amazed Tanka's CDRR page missed that one.

Francis calls it a joke and he makes Rhinokey look like Dennis Miller. Sadly; since Capone can MURDER someone with the coat grabber; the henchmen laugh at it anyway. Capone tells them to shut up which is just lame. For goodness sake Capone do something else! Kit outclasses you in every way when he sezs it; so it's not worth trying. I know Kit doesn't exist until next year; but this is grating my nerves now. Capone calls silence golden which would be nice if Capone would just SHUT THE HELL UP. See; without Chris Jericho or Kit saying it; it's no longer funny and/or nasty. Arnold raises his hand because he wants to speak and Francis asks now what. Arnold tells Capone that the fat mouse is back and he's brought his posse over to screw Capone over (My words; not his) and Capone blows them off because they aren't getting his cheese. And as sucky as Capone is; I'm cheering for him to succeed since without the cheese addiction; Monty is just there to suck. Which of course is why the writers write focus episodes just to get him over. Dale doesn't need to resort to that; he damn over already. The slave mice push a skate full of cheese to the vault informing the slave master of it and Francis thanks them for it as he tells Sugar Ray to take care of it.

Okay; here's a nasty logic break for you: Remember when we heard Sugar Ray and Arnold for the first time?! When Francis addressed them; he said Arnold and turned to his right which was the iguana; when he addressed Sugar Ray; he turned to his left to the mouse bouncer. Remember that?! So now who becomes Sugar Ray?! It's the iguana. Stupid, stupid, stupid! DID I MENTION STUPID?! UGH! How can the script writer make that simple mistake?! It cannot be too hard to watch the animation when Francis addresses them to notice who is Sugar Ray and who is Arnold and then make sure he sezs Arnold when the iguana gets the key. For once Sun Woo isn't to blame for screwing up a spot which makes the writers look even WORSE. No wonder I didn't see them writing another script after this..(that I'm aware of). Anyhow; Sugar Ray (I guess that's his name now) takes the key and goes over to the steel safe and opens the padlock door with it. Thankfully; we head back to outside of the barn as the Rangers return and tell Chip that there is no luck. Gadget declares that they just vanished so Monty sniffs the air. Now normally this would do nothing; but since Sun Woo is animating and they are the alpha and omega of screwing it up, guess what happens?! Monty goes into the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DOOM. Yeah sure whatever. Monty tries to run; but Dale and Chip stop him. Please let him go and die like the fatso that he is. POW! OUCH! Ummm...

Gadget thinks that Monty's cheese addiction would be useful to find Capone as she still refers to Francis as a rat. Okay; Gadget is insulting him which is fine since he is a heel anyway. Chip tells him to follow the scent; but to control himself. Umm; isn't that asking for death Chip?! Even more so since the whole point of the episode was to kill Monty's addiction since it was hurting his friends?! Never mind; these rookie writers no longer make sense anymore as Monty proclaims that he's in complete control and he's struggling just to maintain any sort of control. Well; that's the best we can hope for. Unless he finds Desiree's ANTI-CHEESE ADDICTION SCENT OF DOOM somewhere; I'd say Monty is hopelessly addicted. Monty runs away and the Rangers follow as Monty repeats the I'm in control line which is a bad sign of a real addict right there. He finally admits to being out of control as the Rangers turn the corner which makes sense on the Rangers side but makes no sense on Monty's side since he's running straight ahead. Par for the course with Sun Woo around. Chip stops and declares that he has disappeared too. I think that's a GOOD sign for you Chip as we cut to Monty tearing up some boards on some wooden fence or barn ( I think) and heads inside a room saying about five kinds of cheese as we makes it to a wooden vent which seems to change the number of bars from four to five to ten on each shot depending on how drunk Sun Woo was when animating.

Monty calls this the promised land as he rips the wooden vent open and does a gravity defying bump off-screen on the recoil. You're not cool like Gadget when she does that Monty; get over it. Monty runs in as we cut to the vault as Sugar Ray is outside of it. The mice come out of it which appear to be the same mice wearing clothes earlier in the episode which completely destroys the entire concept of mice slavery the writers were shooting for in this episode. Arnold arrives (Okay; Arnold as the mouse bouncer makes sense; but still bad logic break all the same) to tell Sugar Ray that Monty is running in to steal their cheese. He runs into the cheese vault and pushes the stick away to seal the thing. Boy; those henchmen are either too slow or too dumb to notice the obvious as Monty sees his promise land commencing. Wow; it took him nine minutes in between cheese attacks which is far less on average than usual. Monty eats the cheese like a maniac and then slams his back against them singing the bottles of beer on the wall song; but beer is a no-no on DTVA, so it's cheese. It's apporos; but it's a lot less funnier than Blinky singing it. It just doesn't sound awesome without her mangling it in such a funny way. She would be perfect as the official spokesperson for Wii Music.

The henchmen open the vault (Take one guess who opens it) and Francis calls Monty a dirty rat. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Monty tries to move; but he's just TOO FAT to move. Arnold grabs him by the ankles and shakes him for gold; but none comes except for some really yellow cheese. Monty is so screwed as Francis is pissed off big time. So am I for different reasons as Francis orders his men to take the over sized blimp into the bottling plant. He wants him homogenized which is just pushing the limits of good taste right there and for all the wrong reasons. Monty gasps in horror as Sugar Ray and Arnold roll Monty out of the vault with Monty pleading for mercy. Cheese Addiction: Even your screams are lame. So we head to the wooden plank catwalk as the heels roll Monty towards the giant steel milk jar. Funny logic break: The jar is on the right side; and yet they roll him straight off the middle of the plank without turning which would have Monty landing on nothing but solid ground. Still; they roll Monty off the wooden plank and into the milk jar anyway. This is the definition of worse episode in the series right there as Monty screams like a baby and dives into the milk jar with a resounding splash. Sugar Ray and Arnold blow off Monty's death and leave stage left as the segment ends 12 minutes in. That was just plain brutal....and we still have 10 minutes left to rant on...

After the commercial break; we get various shots on how milk is bottled which would be amusing if there was the Goofy Narrator there to narrate the whole thing. Otherwise; it's just plain boring with no drama or suspense to make me care. Well; unlike 4Kids; at least the stock music is awesome so it's not a total write off. We cut to the milk spout as milk pours into bottle and Monty gets poured and somehow manages to fit inside the bottle. His bottle also gets capped shut. Now if the rats intend to seal the air out of the bottle to kill Monty then it's a pretty funny way; but I suspect it's just there to waste time since I don't care about Monty anyway and therefore it makes Francis look like a babyface. Not the best sight you want to see. Chip and Gadget run in and don't take the effort to turn their backs about 90 degrees to notice where Monty is. Which is a good thing I might add. I don't believe they are dumb by accident either. Dale enters and proclaims that he is gone. If only Dale; if only....Monty shakes the bottle and the bottle flings itself off of the conveyer belt and does some milk bowling before dropping off the belt and we hear shatter sounds despite no bottle breaking. Most so Monty's bottle as Chip realizes that it must be Monty. Monty rolls at them and it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE BOTTLE EDITION~! Nothing warms my heart more than a lame chase by a bouncing bottle. All it needs is lame hippie music and we got all the bases covered in the fine art of true Sidism. And just to make the Sidism even more insane; Monty manages to bowl the Ranger over WITH THE BOTTLE allowing the Rangers to take a dive on the wooden floor right in the face with a decent bump. Okay; that was different and a bit creepy if you ask me. Bad Joke Alert: Dale wants the license and yet the writers must be unfunny fuddy duddys since he was supposed to say: Anyone get the license of that milk bottle...NOT MILK TRUCK! And this makes The Incredible Shrinking Molly look like a ***** classic.

Monty bumps HARD into the steel wall and the thing STILL DOESN”T DAMN BREAK. Not even a dent. SOMEONE FIRE BS&P! Chip opens the cap which the middle of the cap breaks free; but the outside cap is still ON THE BOTTLE! Someone should teach Sun Woo about how screw on bottle caps work. Monty pops his face out as he demands a group tug because he's just TOO FAT. Now personally; I would leave him in the bottle to make him think about the people he hurt (in laughable fashion I should note) with said bottle due to his cheese addiction; but since they are best friends forever; I betcha they do the group tug and he pops out. I check the DVD....See; I am so damn good. Zipper earns bonus points from me by tugging on Monty's ears which proves that indeed; Kit's was hung by the ears at some point in his life. But loses a point for apologizing as they finally popped Monty out of the bottle taking some good bumps along the way.

Dale asks how this could happen and Monty blames Francis for it as he hiccups. Wow; he's drunk with cheese. Must be Cheese & Whine. AHHAHAHAHAHA! I hear it's a favorite with Mr. Hardcore. BANG! UGH! I'm okay; it hit me in the arm. No damage done here....What's that red stuff coming out of my arm?! Dale then points out his Gouda Gut. Wait a minute?! He's NOW REALIZING THAT MONTY IS FAT?! Even though he looks EXACTLY THE SAME as he did in the entire series?! Either Dale has completely lost his mind; or the rookie writers are showing why I haven't seen any episode written since (that I know about.). I don't care which; but PICK ONE! Monty admits that he's filled with cheese as Gadget asks him where he found it. Monty explains that Capone is one tough rat and he found it in his hideout. Well; that is really good info there Monty. I'm sure the Rangers can wing this one good right?! Seriously; what is this red stuff coming out of my arm?! Chip proclaims that they will have to outsmart him and he has a plan which means it's time for this installment of the MIMI JOKE ZONE! So that logically leads to....

...Outside near a brick wall as Monty raises the green cage with the rope pulley as Chip, Dale and Gadget are dressed like gangsters. Call me crazy but Chip is dressed almost like Baloo was in Bringing Down Babyface only gayer. Chip plan is simple: lead the heels to the cage and Monty brings them down. Geez; you don't think Monty can screw THIS one up...can he?! Gadget's face looks more pale white than usual. Remember that for later as we cut to inside to the cheese vault as Sugar Ray and Arnold are guarding and blowing off the prisoners who are in their underwear again. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND SUN WOO! Arnold tells them not to eat any and then proceed to try to put his hand in the cheese sack; which Sugar Ray slaps away. Spoiled sport as Francis tells them to knock it off. This episode sucks so badly and yet the heels somehow keep this episode afloat. He's polishing gold on his hill of MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. He likes to see his kisser in it...and it looks UGLY!

There is a knock on the wooden door which is helpfully shown as such on the different camera angle and he wonder who it is. The door opens and in comes the Ranger Gangstas. I'm sorry; but I cannot take Dale seriously in that gangster outfit. That purple hat makes him look like Fry from the previous episode. And apparently; the sun is so nasty today because Gadget is completely sun burnt. I don't know how Sun Woo keeps screwing this episode up; but they are finding new ways to do it. Francis demands names and Chip calls himself Scarface Dillinger complete with High C pitched voice. Well; it works so I'll let it slide because I need the babyfaces to do SOMETHING GOOD for this episode for a change. Gadget blows a bubble which bursts in her face; but even the female cannot be harmed rule even applies to bubble gum bubbles popping into face and therefore the gum is erased on cue. BS&P RULEZ! She's Bubbles & Clyde which is cute until I realize that Clyde is Dale. Kit and Rebecca had kick-ass names which would blow the Rangers cover in any other known universe if Dale's outfit didn't ALREADY DO SO.

Chip calls his gang the big boys from uptown. So Bubbles is a cross dressing male dressing up as female?! That is pretty creepy; unless you are Mayonne/Flea (Mayonne is Flea's Japanese name from Chrono Trigger. I'm mentioning both since the DS version might change Woolsey's version of the name) then it's pretty normal. Francis shows his heels which are Arnold Mousenegger and Sugar Ray Lizard. I know that the names make sense for the characters; but when they were first introduced; Francis addressed the lizard as Arnold and the mouse as Sugar Ray. Scarface Chip walks up to Francis and calls him a two-bit rat who is screwing with his cheese market. Which makes Chip a two-bit chipmunk wearing a lame color scheme. It's almost like The Undertaker in 1994-1996 WWE run. Francis uses his LEGAL HAND OF GOD to make them stop and blows him off for talking to him like that. Psychological Projection: The only defense against defeated contexts. Dale then butts in and tells Francis to step outside so he can kick his ass in roundabout terms. BWHAHAHAHAHA! I'm expected to take Dale seriously doing that?! On the other hand; Dale is providing the only laughs in this entire episode so I'm game for him making an ass out of himself. Francis agrees with the terms as they walks to the two green doors and then they get into an argument on which door to take.

Dale does the old Linus response from A Charlie Brown Christmas Special (The first one): Give me one good reason. You know this is not going to end well for Dale as I bet he does the Lucy response: Give five good reasons and make a fist with them. He outclasses Lucy by giving only two which are right behind him. One is a lizard and one is a fat mouse. Dale gulps right on cue as I figured the fun stuff would be over quick as we cut back to outside with Monty and Zipper keeping the green cage trap set up. What is the point with the wooden plank on the ground?! The trap door opens and Monty springs the trap which the green cage falls right on the.... DUM.. DUM...DUM...Rescue Gangstas. Curses! Foiled again which is par for the course for Monty. At least Monty can take solace in me not laughing at him for wearing such a silly outfit and pretend to be a serious gangster. The real heels pop out and Francis proclaims that it is a trap. NO?! REALLY?! Gadget orders Monty to run and he does the dumbest thing I have ever seen: Run right beside Sugar Ray Lizard close enough for him to put his tail out in front of Monty; which allows Monty to trip on said tail and take a MAN-SIZED bump right on his face. Nice to see Sun Woo was on the ball here eh?! Zipper zooms in to annoy him which is really a brainfart since Sugar Ray is a LIZARD after all and lizards eat blue bottle flies.

Sugar Ray lashes out with his stick tongue but it misses Zipper completely and it hits the pulley on the cage which the rope snaps and the pulley nails Sugar Ray right in the kisser. Now that was a quality spot as Lizard drops dead for the TKO. Got to get in the cheap boxing joke somewhere. Francis addresses the Rescue Gangstas as he order Arnold and Sugar Ray to show them the executive suite. Ummm; Francis?! Check your internal logic here: Sugar Ray is KNOCKED OUT !! Couldn't it hurt to mute Sugar Ray's name from the voice?! They censored Kit in Plunder and Lightning Part Four which was really stupid since that always gave his message to Baloo power and yet asking Sugar Ray to assist him is stupid since he's knocked out and they DON'T MUTE THAT?! Francis giggles as does Arnold for about three seconds as he gets confused. Now you would have thought that it would have made sense for Francis to tell Arnold that it is the sewer drain since Sugar Ray is knocked out right now. So who tells Arnold that it's the sewer drain?! If you said Sugar Ray; then you win the prize of assuring that you'll never get a job working for DTVA or even Disney Live Action Shows ever. That's because you are actually SMART see...Arnold laughs and Sugar Ray who seems to have the JAWS OF STEEL calls Francis funny. Well the rookie writers and Sun Woo must be playing a really sick joke on me; and this is really not funny. Francis tells them to shut up which I approve.

So we head towards the sewer drain as the Rescue Gangstas are being forced to death march by the golden forks from Arnold and Sugar Ray. Monty blows them off for being cowards with golden forks so Sugar Ray punishes him by sticking the fork in Monty's ass. Monty's selling is lame as his cheese breath which stinks. So we finally stop at the sewer drain which looks like a makeshift swimming pool with a drain on the bottom which signals the whirlpool effect. And now that I think about it; why not tie the Rescue Gangstas up BEFORE you made them march?! I don't know how many logic breaks there are and I don't care because I want this episode to be over and we still got about six and a half minutes left. Francis tells them that this will work out as Sugar Ray and Arnold push Dale, Chip and Monty into the swimming pool. Where is Zipper?! And I'm having problems seeing...Is it this red stuff causing it?! Francis tells Bubbles Gadget to say goodbye to the males because females cannot be pushed in due to the no contact on females rule; which is pointless since Monty already squashed Gadget earlier in the episode. I guess the bottle made it so it would get past BS&P. I knew alcohol was bad for the rational side of the brain. And Gadget gets all frisky on Francis just to make it even more silly.

Francis hates spunk as he grabs Gadget by the hand as Mr. Fat is probably seeking out his lawyers as we seek. Then we cut to the door as the hole plugged in the door opens and finally here comes Zipper as Francis orders Sugar Ray to kindly draw their bath. Sugar Ray runs to the pipe which has a green rubber hose attached to it and twists the knob to open the water to pour into the sewer drain. Arnold pours the hose of water right into the male Rangers and they get forced right into the sewer drain; which somehow plugs up and the male Rangers pop up to the surface. Then it is the whirlpool effect as the Male Rangers swirl into the drain pipe with Monty being dumb enough to grab Zipper and force him in. Oh; that wasn't contrived in the very least, no siree. Francis laughs it up as the babies went out with the bathwater. The henchmen laugh with him and then they get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and shut up in response to end the segment sixteen and a half minutes in. It just gets worse and worse as Homer Simpson would say and we might be looking at the worst episode in Rescue Rangers history. I wonder if they can beat even Drake Mallard to the punch with the first negative star episode in DTVA history?! Stay tuned....

After the commercial break; we see the male Rangers sliding down the drain into the sewers (DUH!).for awhile to waste more time which ends with them in a dirty sewers which is apporos for rodents such as these. Dale of course makes me laugh by acting dumb while wearing a can on his head. Chip takes off the can and blows off his brainless head and even remembers to obey his contract by bonking Dale on the head. It's always nice to see Eisner give Chip at least THAT. Dale Clyde (maybe that's why Disney is so ashamed of exposing Chip and Dale's last names: They suck.) wonder what they can do. Chip proclaims that it's simple which is to go back to Capone's hideout and they have the BEST RADAR IN THE WORLD: Monty's Cheese Addiction. I guess this falls under Second Hand Cheese in terms of harmful effects of cheese to paraphrase Jay Leno. For those who don't get the joke: Jay Leno made a funny about meat being as harmful as smoking; which of course leads to Smoked Meat and Second Hand Meat. He might suck now; but Jay Leno used to be funny. Until he started stealing Kit's Oh Shut Up line from 1990. Monty groans in disgust and no sells because he's sick of cheese. Oh great; the guy finally learns his lesson at the WORST TIME?!

Dale of course proclaims that the reception is as good as ever and that's enough for Monty to go bonkers. WHAT THE HELL?! He doesn't even bother sniffing and no one even says cheese?! I give up; this episode is becoming the Disney version of the Agony Booth. At least it's rare unlike the Disney Channel is these days. I'm more amused by the Anti Disney Movement Against The Disney Channel Freedom Fighter turf war on Youtube than this episode by the way. And it fails and he proclaims that he is a failure. Geez; you could have said that in Part Four of the pilot and save me the trouble of watching you trying not to make a fool out of yourself. On the other hand; at least you are more honest than Drake Mallard is. So we head back to the gold pile as Francis tries to charm Gadget into kissing him. Is he serious?! Gadget will certainly kiss you..WITH HER FIST! I know; I can attest to that..and forgive me if my spelling goes out of whack even more than usual; I'm really going brind and I'm going to haver to wring it. I do zear sirenz outside so something must be upp and.......(One month later). Okay; I'm back as I found out that the stuff coming out of my arm was blood as I was shot in the arm by Mr. Hardcore. I hope Malstrom gives him his just deserts for that.

Anyhow; we continue on as Gadget tries to bitch slap him and Francis ducks. BOO HISS! I wanted her to hit him good as he blows off her spunk again. I really hate it when the writers are forced to make Gadget look bad to please Eisner's mandate. Francis goes for plan b which is to give her a gold coin because he wants her to be her golden moll. So there's where Molly's name came from. No wonder the manly TaleSpin fans HATE her. I like her because I'm not manly see. He calls her a shopping moll which is actually funny and the henchmen rightfully laugh on the spot. And I betcha he says Shut Up again. No dice this time. They finally got a funny joke over; and Francis WON'T FINISH IT! Gadget is PISSED and literally MURDERS Francis right on the head with the gold coin. This episode deserves * just for that spot alone. I cannot resist marking up for that one since it symbolizes the original DTVA characters rebelling against Michael Eisner all in one neat package. Gadget then runs away stage right as Arnold chase her through the dirty rotten sewer area and Arnold tries to grab her but misses and takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the brick wall. Now that's funny! Sugar Ray hide in between two brick walls waiting for the unsuspecting running Gadget Bubbles (Worst...alternative...last name...EVER!) and sacks her good.

Nice to see someone finally realizing that Mr. Fat has complete control over the perverted grabbing Gadget spot. Francis arrives to tell Sugar Ray to put her in the weight reduction device. Arnold comes back rubbing his forehead which shows his head is harder than diamonds (makes sense I guess) confused as hell since Francis keeps renaming the sewers. So Sugar Ray corrects him because it's the cheese slicer. Hey Dumbasses; why didn't you use it FROM THE DAMN START?! That was better than the sewer drain. Well; at least Gadget is going to get it so it makes me happy to see. The goons take Gadget away stage left as we cut back to deep in the sewers as Chip and Dale pace around in a circle proclaiming that they must make Monty love cheese again. Monty sits on the pipe with Zipper on his shoulder (which would make a great puppet act methinks.) Dale's way of pacing is funny as he asks how to do it. Chip and Dale have a whisper conference and then they try the lamest version of the lamest debate point/counterpoint in history: Swiss/Cheddar. I guess Swiss tastes great and Cheddar is less filling right?! Chip wants Monty to close the debate and he proclaims that it's none of the above since it's Brie 1986. What is so special about Brie 1986?! Unless it's a Gummi Bear name pun that I'm not getting here; color me confused. Much like the way this episode has been going.

Dale wonders why and Monty claims it's the aroma. Isn't Brie 86 the most rarest of cheese in the world or something?! Seriously; I don't know. I''m not a cheese expert. I don't even think Monty is either. He goes into a flashback way as we get the most drugged version of the CHILD CORRUPTING THINKING BALLOON OF DOOM (which would be painted away in anime) which contains the Brie 86 cheese. He loves the color too by the way and how it nips at the taste buds. He touches his own dream balloon and tastes his finger which makes him go completely bonkers. That settles it! That cheese in the cheese vault has either alcohol or illegal drugs in it. There's no other way to explain it. The chipmunks shake hands since he took the cheese bait. Anti Disney Movement would have a FIELD DAY watching this episode as Monty walks off still in cheese addiction mode as the chipmunks and Zipper follow him. So we logically go to the cheese slicer which is a mini version of the one they would try to use on Drake in Quack of Ages; as Gadget is on the belt on her back tied up as Francis gives her one more chance to be his moll. She of course blows it off and I knew it was coming 15 seconds before I typed it. Gadget tries to get up; but the goons push her back down onto the belt as Francis goes to the control panel and pushes both the red button and pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) which has to be a first in DTVA history to do both of these functions AT THE SAME TIME!

Gadget goes down the belt (I think) as the drain pipe opens from below and out pops Monty who sees cheese and goes to it like a kid going to a candy store that gives away free candy with no limits to boot. Chip and Dale climb out next and hear Gadget scream as the heels finally see the cheese chiselers coming back to screw them. Sugar Ray tells Francis that they'll make them into cream cheese which Arnold chimes in that they will simply beat them up. Assault is assault so Arnold at least is more honest than Sugar Ray. The henchmen run towards the chipmunks as Dale panics and wonders what to do. So we see to the right a couple of GOLDEN NEEDLES OF SOFTS (Bad Final Fantasy pun alert!) pressed into a knitting cushion. Geez; how obvious can you get?! Might as well have it say “Conveniently Placed Gold Needle Swords” labeled on a wall above it in lame Dave The Barbarian Style while we are at it. And you just know the writers are doing this because they want Monty to save Gadget in this one as a finish. Chip and Dale use needles as swords while the heels use real gold sword because babyface must never use real weapons because they are bad see. Get caught with a real weapon; get your scene cut right Rebecca Cunningham?!

We get a shot of Gadget kicking around tied up on the belt screaming for help as we cut into the cheese vault with Monty trying to eat some cheese before the screams are within earshot of him. Monty tries to fight it and his selling of it is so bad that he might as well no sell the moral paradox and simply save Gadget now. That would be more believable. His eye winking in one frame just ticks me off for some reason as Gadget continues to scream for help. Monty finally puts down the cheese and runs out of the cheese vault to save Gadget as we return to the thrilling saga of Gadget going down the belt to the cheese slicer in which Sun Woo screws up because she's barely moved about seven inches since the beginning of the trip. If this were real life; she would already be cheese sliced. I do like the Mini Moll joke in there as Monty blitzes towards Francis. Smooth move there Gadget; ruining the element of surprise for him as he pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and pushes the button for goodness knows what reason before going after Monty. We cut to the RODENTS WITH POINTY OBJECTS sequence which is as funny as Men With Brooms only more goofy. Since that is too awesome for the rookie writers to handle we head back to tied up Gadget whom Monty arrives to untie her. However; Francis gets up from behind and invokes the BRIE 86 CHEESE SMELL OF DEATH on him. Wow; this might actually be a good finish to an otherwise bad episode.

Monty goes bonkers and walks away from Gadget as Francis walks with him while Gadget protests this outrage. Monty somehow snaps out of it and is fighting like a weak little girl as Francis just rubs it in because it's Brie 86. Gadget tells Monty to snap out of it but Monty no sells because it's Brie 86. Don't you just hate it when THAT happens?! You have to save your friend and the next thing you know; the villain uses your addiction to put you in such a compromising position. Gadget proclaims that he's his only hope since Kit won't be around anywhere for at least another six months or so. Monty fights for a bit as Gadget is finally coming close to the cheese slicer and finally Monty wins by shoving the cheese right into Francis's mouth and pushes him down. Works for me I guess. Francis steps back too far and crashes with an on-screen MAN-SIZED bump into his hill of gold. Gadget screams so loudly that she's echoing way too much for my ears to take; but Monty grabs her from the belt and set her on her feet. Monty unties her and they do an embrace. Not as suspenseful as I thought; but I have seen worse. We continue with the sword fight as Gadget declares that they are in trouble. I think the sunburn is frying her brain a bit since Chip and Dale seem to be holding their own to me. Monty has an idea and grabs the gold pocket watch from the ground in front of him. DAMMIT! I knew that two faced watch would be involved in the finish somehow.

Monty swings the watch like a hammer and throws it which sails through everything including slicing the straw pipes open unleashing about a million mini moll gallons of milk as the chain and watch knocks out the sword swinging heels out on the rebound. Good bump there though as the Rangers cheer for victory. The milk flood begins as we get shots of the mice with the cheese who are back wearing clothes again. The flood continues on as Francis struggles in the milk because he cannot swim. His swimming is better than mine so I think he's being sneaky here. The trap door opens outside (which seemly has changed into something really silly) as the milk sprays out of the hole and the Real Dirty Rats get drowned under as we cut to a shot of Monty and the mice riding on boats of cheese on the milk river. Okay; this is getting to be overkill and as I said before; I watched this show not to be reminded of DARKWING...DUCK! It ends with the Real Dirty Rats getting flushed down the drain in a sewer drain in a dose of irony as Gadget blows them off for good.

So we go a bit upstream (I think) as we see the Rescue Gangstas on a milk carton watching over the mice (who are back in their underwear again. Sigh Sun Woo) get their cheese back on the river. Chip wraps up this case as Monty declares himself a changed mouse. Considering that his cheese addiction was the best thing going for him; I'd say it is for the worse. He then quotes the title of the episode in his speech just to complete the cycle of stereotypical DTVA....and of course he wants to do it tomorrow as he goes bonkers for cheese again. And all is right with the world again. Monty jumps down and swims towards a piece of cheese as Gadget proclaims that he's earned his cheese. And then there is a sudden cut in the music as we cut back to the other Rangers saying too right. Was that an edit Disney made before the DVD was released; or is this a Toon Disney episode inserted into the DVD? I really don't care because this episode is over at 21:04. The cut is about ten seconds in length so something in there was something so offensive even Disney is cutting it for DVD release. It really doesn't matter because this episode is the worst of the series bar none and I don't think anything can bottom it so to speak. Rookie writers and Sun Woo animation do not mix! 1/2* (10%).


I was dreading ranting this episode and it didn't fail to suck badly. In fact; I'm not even going to list why this episode sucked badly because the entire rant does that for me. I'm just going to state the only good things in this episode: Gadget clobbering Francis with a gold coin; the mall jokes and Dale trying to be a serious gangster in a goofy outfit. That is it actually. This episode is one that ticks me off the most because you have rookie writers writing an episode animated by Sun Woo about a subject that is difficult to pull off without making it look offensive and having to do it with a character that has failed to get over no matter how many times the writers try to put him over with more experienced writers. The closest thing we have seen to getting Monty over is Weather Or Not and that episode was good because it actually got Norton Ninmul over albeit with the dick jokes; and not Monty. I'm just glad it is over more than anything after nearly nine hours and 12 pages of work. So next up is Out of Scale and Dirty Rotten Diaper to finish. So......

Thumbs way down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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