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When You Fish Upon A Star

Reviewed: 06/27/2010

When You Know What Monty's Are.......

So we continue on with Monty doing another When Mice Are Men episode only in another area. I will admit that episode was okay; but it was mostly due to Dale. Will this work enough again? Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Julia J. Roberts (Lewald). Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended. I'm not going to mention Julia here since she writes episodes for TaleSpin; and I got the prep work on her credits there.

We begin this one in the park with a northeast pan to headquarters as Monty is telling another BS story. Even more BS: It involves cats. We head inside the living room as the Rangers are sitting down on the sofa and Chip has the Gruffi pose on full blast just for fun. Even Chip is calling him out on the tall tale so we KNOW it's BS. Monty claims that it's real and six feet tall. I guess in mouse terms; that's a giant. By our standards; that's a human being. Chip hears a knock on the door and answers it to reveal a mouse in a pink shirt with a purple stripe that has a red nose and looks like Oscar Vandersnoot. He is asking for the Rangers; and Chip proclaims that they are. The mouse than decides to yell for help as Monty rolls up his sleeves and runs in complete with a ruler. Gadget grabs the ruler before any more damage can be done to this episode (YAY!) as the Oscar mouse claims that he's not in any danger; but his father is because some ship I cannot pronounce is sinking according to the coast guard.

Gadget decides to check this one out on short wave radio as the gang huddle up to the map. Monty proclaims that the coast guard can take care of the humans; but they will help the animals instead. Kid whines again about papa (damn; not this Jamie routine again) as Gadget runs back in with the ruler as she points to it off the coast of K-9 island. Everyone except Monty is SHOCKED and APPALLED as Dale wonders what K-9 Island is and the boy mouse explains that it's a place where dogs live and they have teeth like steak knives. Dale gasps in horror over that one. Monty then blows it all off. See; the dogs on the island are friendly and he even became a K-9 brother in the realm of the brotherhood. Can you smell the BS coming out of Monty; or do I have to spell it out for ye? Apparently; he saved the priestess from a swarm of wasp as the boy mouse and Gadget actually sells it. Dale isn't buying what Monty is selling as he has the Gruffi pose on full blast. Chip calls him out on the BS and I agree with him. Sometimes; he jerky attitude is justified and here's a prime example of it. Monty proclaims that it's true and he'll even go to the island to show the evidence that proves it. Chip decides to go along and it's Rescue Rangers away not even two minutes in as everyone runs out of the house. Yeap; this is almost a complete redo of the episode When Mice Were Men; only with a kid.

So we head to the docks as we pan east to see the Rangers loading up the makeshift sailboat that I'm certain Gadget invented herself. Partner cargo carrying spot occurs as Dale is not happy with the darkness coming since the waves look all the same to him even in broad daylight. Gadget then magically whips out her new invention (Again; how can these rodents hide those damn objects in this series?) as it's basically a aqua version of the gyro compass she used in Pie In The Sky (only it looks different). Oh boy; this IS turning into a redo episode as Dale handles the compass (not a smart move on Gadget nor Chip's part natch) as Gadget explains that it will find the Loosesidetium through electro-magnetic waves. It's full proof see as Chip gleefully asks the big question of the day: Is it Dale proof? Dale is not amused by that one. However; Dale is in between the boat and then the boat separates from the edge and Dale does the splits. I see Baloo stole that one for Mommy For A Day.

Anyhow; I betcha Dale loses the compass into the drink and thus steals the spot for WildCat to use with Molly on the wrench in Mommy For A Day too. I check the Youtube video....It doesn't happen as Dale falls into the drink. BOO! HISS! Chip grabs the compass on the rebound with a leap of faith. Chip gives the compass to Gadget as Dale cannot swim of course and Chip is forced to help him up. Gadget gives the compass to Monty and tells him to be careful with it. Monty assures that he knows what to do with it. So then we get the old Bugs Bunny short sequence where the boat sets sail and during that sequence we clearly see the compass floating on the lower left side of the boat. Okay; what the hell was that about? I'm guessing Monty threw it away; but what the hell was the point of doing that? Why would Monty WANT to throw it away if he's interested in proving that K-9 Island is safe? Of course; it's probably because he doesn't believe his BS story; then again, that would be a redo of When Mice Were Men too right?!

So we head into the seas AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Monty relates more of his BS stories. It is windy as we pan down to the sailboat as Monty ponders over the safe waterways and yet the Loosesidetium crashed anyway. Gadget goes over to the box and she cannot find the gyro compass, DUH! Gadget proclaims that they need to turn back as the boy mouse doesn't want to go back. Chip yells that it's supposed to be there as Monty climbs up and states that there is nothing to worry about because he basically admits that he dropped the compass into the ocean. Oh my dear god; and fans wonder why I hate the Aussie Stereotype so much?! There was no reason for him to do it whatsoever; none. Chip is not amused by that as Monty proclaims that they are going to do it the old fashion way; by the navigational stars. Dale wonders about this as Monty points to his right above to a cluster of stars and it looks like a circle of cheese with a slice cut from it. The boy mouse confuses it as a bowling ball and Monty gets the first too right of the episode three and a half minutes in. Monty calls it the Bowling Ballorais and damn; his BS words are getting on my nerves even more than usual. Monty then points to the next clusters which I am not going to bother figuring out because it shows in the sky a dead dog which the boy mouse gleefully points out. If this was 4Kids; it would become the Shadow Realm Dog. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Oh; and everyone finds the Loosesidetium sinking slower than the Titanic ever could.

We also see a coast guard boat in the distance and no people floating around; except for luggage. Then again; animating humans in that scene would be a bitch let me tell ya. The boy mouse is happy about this as Monty proclaims that he knows this area like the back of his paw. The boy mouse (addressed as Sonny) notices his father (who wears the same goofy glasses as Sonny) hanging onto a cork; and he's almost ready to drown. Chip has the pink balloon on retainer for moments like this and he blows into it. He ties it together and it's a pink balloon life preserver complete with rope. Chip drops it into the water as Poppa grabs it and Monty invokes the LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE onto the coast guard boat's hook. Sonny jumps into the water and swims over to his papa; thus outclassing Dale in the swimming department.

Papa and Sonny are grateful as Chip tells them that they will be searching for a cause to this problem. Papa warns them that they heed the legends of K-9 Island as they get towed away. Naturally; Monty blows them off because the only legend around here is him. Wow; he's even got the Drake Mallard full of himself bug today. I wonder if that is where Drake got it from; along with the Jim Cummings voice. The sailboat sails away stage right as Monty proclaims that he knows this area; but he cannot finish because something cracks off-screen and their sailboat is taking up water. Thank goodness Hacksaw isn't here; or there would be trouble in paradise if you know what I mean. Chip deduces that they struck a reef despite their boat hull being barely three inches below water. Dale calls it a bleach bottle before recoiling and telling everyone to abandon ship. Monty proclaims that they couldn't have sunk and for one I agree with him albeit for different reasons. Chip asks if he can swim and Monty cannon balls into the water as the sailboat sinks faster than the Loosesidtium.

Everyone swims to the ISLAND OF HELLHOUNDS and we cut to them on the shore crawling. So we are also repeating the angle from Chipwrecked Shipmunks as well. Is this the abridged series of bad Rescue Ranger episodes or what?! Chip is relieved that he's safe; but Monty howls at the moon assuring us that he's crazy. Dale gleefully answers that one for me as Monty claims that it's the secret K-9 handshake greeting. Or something like that. Anyhow; Monty claims that the dogs will be right here bowing down to their master. Dale wonders if they are really friendly as Monty's cap suddenly is wet on the close up shot of him as he squeezes the water from it. He also reassures us. I mean it's Monty. What can possibly go wrong?! Chip isn't so sure since it's way too quiet as Monty gathers some wood and he and Gadget make a fire with stones around it. Gadget kneels down as the fire starts burning (not her sex life; the real fire she created with two rocks rubbing together you sick freaks!) and she tells Monty that things change. Monty isn't buying it and he has the Gruffi pose. Oh boy; Monty is so full of himself today. Monty wants to find the dogs as Dale blows him off because the ship is sunk. Monty proclaims that the dogs will help them build a new one. Gadget agrees to let them go as long as she and Zipper start on one themselves. Monty calls this a bonzer idea as he and the chipmunk walk away stage left because Monty knows the island like the back of his paw. He also knows BS stories like the backs of both paws too.

So we head to the Loosesidtium which is in the exact same position as it was the last time we saw it as we pan west to see a rowboat with Mr. Fat and his heels rowing. Oh goody; Mr. Fat is back after Robocat. If he doesn't get his scummy paws on Gadget in this episode; I will be so disappointed. See; Mr. Fat is after the Moby Carp whatever the hell that is as Mepps, Mole and Wart are rowing on the sky shot. They row towards the ship and of course the rowers stop exactly when they bang with the ship which earns a blow off from Mr. Fat to Mepps. Mole takes the rock anchor and throws it at Mr. Fat's head forcing him to duck as the rock falls into the water; earning Mole as Mr. Fat's moron of the day. Geez; the employees seem to be pissed off at him for something I cannot put my finger on. So we see Wart and Mole (or Mepps) with the flamethrower as they cut a hole into the hull of the ship. It's Mepps and Mole as the circle metal falls down and they take MAN-SIZED bumps off of it. Even more so when Snout and Wart step on them. Wait a minute?! I didn't see Snout in the row boat rowing.

There were three heels plus Mr. Fat on the boat and then on the front shot; Snout was added. So we have our first written in teleport of the episode. Geez; this is putting the WildCat teleport into it's proper perspective; doesn't it?! The rodents enter inside as Mr. Fat cheers for victory and then catches himself because they are on the wrong ship as it's called the Lucitetnia. Okkkkkkaaayyyyy. Even worse; when the goons step on Mole and Mepps; the metal felt like a soft mattress. It's bad enough that we see this in Z-Grade live action; it's even worse when it's animated since they AREN'T real actors to begin with. Mr. Fat wanted the Raging Pawn as he admits that they were behind the sinking of the ship. The heels try to put everything back and some of the cargo still appears as if it is on Mr. Fat's ship. What the hell is wrong with the animators the last three episodes?! Mr. Fat orders them to stop because apparently he's not greedy and he's not particular see. Yeah; that only makes more sense in heel speak doesn't it?

So we cut back to the row boat rowing with the supplies and just to make things even worse logic wise; the Ranger Boat is floating again as if nothing had happened. WHAT THE HELL?! We clearly saw the boat sink below the surface completely earlier. I'm disgusted with the animators; I really am. Oh; and Mole and the heels notice it as the Rescue Rangers boat. Geez; that is not contrived in the very least, no siree Julia Jane Roberts. Mepps loves visitors as Mr. Fat bonks him on the head for good measure. Mr. Fat yells about things getting worse; so Mepps names off about seven things worse than the Rescue Rangers. HAHA! I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there as Mr. Fat yells at Mepps to shut the hell up or die 1/9 times. Mr. Fat orders the crew to row to get rid of the guest before they discover his plans as we see them row away stage southwest. So we logically cut to in the jungle at ground level as Monty and the chipmunks walk with Monty through the weeds as Monty introduces them to Basic K-9 Island BS 101. Strangely; Monty sounds a lot more pleasing when the animation goes south.

Monty goes through the weeds to introduce his chipmunk friends to the waterfall. The chipmunk open the weeds and Dale gleefully answers that one for me as we see that the waterfall is a raindrop trickle hill. HAHA! Monty proclaims that something screwy is going on around here. Yeah; it's your BS stories Monty; that's what is screwing with ya mind. Dale gleefully answers that one for me as Monty storms off in search of answers. So we cut back to the shore near the stone ring of fire. We pan west to Gadget and Zipper rebuilding a new makeshift boat and she puts the hammer down and states that it's handling well. Gadget goes to the front and wants the hammer from Zipper. Why not just keep the hammer and go over Gadget? Oh wait; it's so Zipper can get his ten seconds of work in. Zipper salutes and of course he has great difficulty with a small stone hammer. I see Disney has finally decided that steroids are not cool. That doesn't explain Larson & Gary using them on a hamburger in Beauty & The Beet. Gadget grabs the hammer from behind as she wants some leaves and vines leading to the back and forth sequence from Zipper. Unlike most times; this makes sense. Zipper is selling tiredness with every move. When he tries to get the vine; he is put into the mayo jar and the lid shuts on him; trapping him. I'm guessing by the orange hands that it's Mepps. The SHADOW OF DOOM overwhelms thee as Zipper wants to fight; but he screwed good.

So we return to Gadget wanting the vines from Zipper; but no response. Gadget gets the vine and thanks Zipper for overkill; but the BAG OF DOOM overwhelms Gadget OUT OF NOWHERE. I guess BS&P didn't want to see Gadget tied up; but that's pretty useless at this point since we have seen her tied up before on-screen. So we go to the scene changer as Monty is deeper into the jungle of the ISLAND OF HELLHOUNDS. Monty cannot find the campsites as Dale and Chip follow as Dale thinks they left to a tropical island. Chip gleefully reminds him that this IS a tropical island. Maybe they went to Walt Disney World to meet Pluto. Have you ever thought of that Chipper-boy?! More walking through the jungle as Monty admits that it's nothing like he remembers. Dale thought the bottomless pit was impressive; but Chip blows him off because it was only three inches and less bottom than Dale's stomach. HA! I think Chip is jealous about Dale's eating skills. Monty then claims that they named a mountain after him too as somehow he sounds better when he is full of himself than Drake is. We walk some more and Monty's heart sinks completely as the whole mountain he was discussing is an mole hill. HAHA! Now THAT is symbolic as Dale apologizes for crushing his mountain.

HAHA! If only you did it sooner Dale. Monty is crushed as Chip want to return to camp feeling somewhat bad for Monty. Monty doesn't understand anything as everyone exits stage left back to camp. We return and the whole shoreline is ransacked and the boat is destroyed. I thought the campsite was at the shoreline; but this look more like about 100 feet away from it. And the fireplace has disappeared; which actually kills off that logic break right there. Monty thinks it's a shipwreck; but Chip deduces that it looks like the one Gadget was building. The male rodents minus blue bottle fly call out for Gadget but no dice. So go into the jungle again as there are fireflies abound and we cut to ground level as Zipper is still in the mayo jar and Gadget in a bag bounces towards Zipper yelling for someone to let her out. Of course; Mr. Fat's claw comes in and cuts the ropes on top of the bag and she climbs out. She kneels down and notices Zipper squealing that Mr. Fat is here. Gadget turns around and we see Mr. Fat pulling on his porn star mustache and proclaims that his ship has finally come in. Then we see Mepps somehow teleport to Mr. Fat's position as he proclaims that the sink was sunk by him. HAHA! Mr. Fat blows him off as he wants to mix business with pleasure and getting rid of the Rescue Rangers will be his pleasure so to speak as Gadget's mouth is agape and that ends the segment 11 minutes in. This story is very solid; but the animation and logic are still as wonky as the last episode.

After the commercial break; we return to the destroyed ship area as the Rangers look around the area but there is no dice to be had. Dale walks around aimlessly and trips on a rock and lands in a gopher hole on his ass. HAHA! Chip notices that Dale has found something and Dale is confused as hell as usual. Dale jumps out as Monty inspects the hole and proclaims that they are up against a cat of course. Geez; what a shock that was?! This could have worked better if we didn't see Mr. Fat and the gang rowing to start with. Monty then catches himself and goes nut because it's the evil Timbucktoo Cat of Death. Geez; I think Mr. Fat would be insulted by that one. Monty pushes on some wooden something as he deduces that the monster cat is the reason for them leaving as Chip pulls him away and calls him out on his BS stories again. He pulls him away as Monty insists that his BS stories are true. Chip blows him off because they need to find Gadget and so they will follow the tracks so to speak.

So they exit stage left as we return to Gadget and Zipper stuck in an oil lamp which is as good as a death trap you are going to get. No bondage involved in this one however as Gadget deduces that the cargo is from the stolen ship. NO?! REALLY?! We zoom out to see Mr. Fat pushing some boxes out of the way as he calls his minions rejects from a science lab. Okkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyy. He puts the verbal beat down on his goons for wrecking the wrong ship because he went to great lengths to get the Moby Carp since he is only worthy of eating it. Gadget blows her off with psychobabble which earns a blow off and a shake of the lamp by Mr. Fat. Did Gadget just get the Cadpig Syndrome or am I just hearing things?! Mr. Fat proclaims that he is preparing for the rest of the Rangers because they would never abandon her so to speak. However; Mepps comes in and proclaims that the Raging Pawn is coming. Wait; they are deep in the jungle and Mepps was with them the whole time. What the hell is with this absurd teleporting in these episodes? Mr. Fat tells everyone to get ready as we see that he's using fireflies to light up the night sky as they do lighting up a circle in the sky. Mr. Fat calls this an excellent time to go fishing so to speak.

So we logically cut to inside the jungle further as the male Rangers minus Zipper run around with more running sound effects that don't sound like they came from HB. We then see the Ranger watching from the cliff as they see the sky shot of Mr. Fat's base of defense with no one in sight. The MIMI JOKE ZONE has them spliting up as the chipmunk follow the tracks into the camp while Monty goes to the back door and rescues Zipper and Gadget. Ah; I see Monty has gotten over his stupidity and is now going to play regular mouse instead of super mouse for a change. Did the writers finally decide to take my advice for a change? Probably not and it's too late for Monty's heat anyway. So each team gets a watch face to use as we go to the scene changer as Chip and Dale are already at the camp behind the wooden boxes as there is only one minute to go starting at 3:34 approx of the Youtube video. Chip hopes Monty doesn't screw this one up. Geez; I wonder if he will succeed? So we cut back to the jungle with Monty and the watch says one minute to go; but he uses the fake star cluster and some navigational psychobabble (which sounds funnier than when Gadget does it) to indicate that he has six minutes to go. One problem; the plan was equal to five minutes. What a freaking idiot this Aussie Stereotype fellow is? In other words; he's Drake's teacher. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm.... He throws the watch face away as he confuses the cluster with eight minutes to go. Now any reasonable person would admit by now that this is not working; but Monty trusts the stars see. Too bad they buried him good.

So we cut back to the chipmunk near the camp as they set their complex trap considering of a catapult made of coconuts, rocks, branches, and what appears to be a yellow golf ball which Chip is shooting with a bow & arrow. So the timer goes down to zero on the watch near the tree roots and it's Rescue Rangers sort of away 14 and a half minutes in. Chip swings like Tarzan while Dale catapults himself. HAHA! Dale misses the rope of course; but it doesn't matter as they both make it to Gadget and Zipper still trapped in the oil lamp. Chip calls for Zipper and of course they are about six feet away from them (idiot!) as he then calls for Monty but no response. Now why not just free Gadget and get the hell out of there to find Monty. Why? Because we have to make Monty look like Super Mouse silly and have the Rangers captured by Mr. Fat. After countless episodes; we would think that we would take the hint of the writers intentions. We cut back to Monty looking around hearing voices that might as well be in his head causing him to go nuts. Monty blows them off for being too early as Monty finally gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as he finally runs in west thinking he's too late. Geez; you THINK?! We cut back to the camp as Dale and Chip pull the oil lamp down with Gadget and Zipper inside. The chipmunk wonder where Monty is as Dale blows him off for being such an idiot. Gadget pleads for them to get the hell out of there without her because it's a tra...Too late; they pull hard and the net pops from the ground capturing the chipmunks. Well; at least they killed the logic, but it still shows that they are building Monty into Super Mouse again. I hope Monty gets captured too since that would make more sense and dampen that image somewhat.

Mr. Fat walks in as the Rangers are hanging around as Mr. Fat notices that Monty is still missing. We then see Monty running in on another angle; and the wooden cage gets dropped on him and the minions surround him to prevent him from escaping. WAHOO! I got my wish after all. Julia is smart! Julia is smart! SMRT! I mean SMART! Mepps proclaims that they got him. Thanks for the warning Mepps. Now we go to the Wuzzle scene changer (how cheap is the animation now that they are resorting to Wuzzle scene changers?) as the wooden cage with the Rangers in it is near a cliff (I think) as Mr. Fat is in glee with Mepps and Mole. The Rangers are also tied up (chipmunks to chipmunks, mice to mice and fly) as Mr. Fat has a date with the Raging Pawn. Monty demands answers to this outrage and Mr. Fat no sells. YAY! A villain who doesn't reveal anything.

I like that as Mr. Fat is going to feed the Rangers to his pet lobster as Monty assures the Rangers that the lobsters are friendly little pups. I mean; what can possibly go wrong? Mr. Fat then knocks the cage into the abyss below and that breaks the cage allowing the Rangers to move; but the ropes still keep them tied. I see the ropes are roided for this event too. Monty then relates another BS story about teaching a lobster how to fetch his slippers. Geez; how obviously fake is that story as Monty gasps in horror. If you cannot guess the demeanor of the lobster here; you have no business reading this rant. Monty decides that he'll fetch his own slippers as the lobster stalks the Rangers with his claws and that ends the segment sixteen and a half minutes in. Well; the logic is at least been tamed since the first act and we have an average episode thus far. I hope the lobster torments Monty first; then maybe he won't suck anymore.

After the commercial break; we continue on with the lobster stalking the Rangers on the FPS shot and the backass shot as the Ranger scream for help. Geez; that's pointless considering that the dogs are the only ones on the island and they are solid gone or dead depending on your poison. Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) as Chip yells at everyone to roll to the right; but the motions are so bad that all it does is cut the ropes and Gadget and Zipper scatter away. Apparently; that's enough to cause the ropes on the chipmunks to magically disappear as they run stage left. Sadly; Monty trips on the conveniently placed stick and falls flat on his face. YES! YES! PINCH THAT AUSSIE STEREOTYPE GOOD! The lobster misses him of course as Monty dodges and grabs the stick claiming that he has a plan to free them good. Chip claims that they have no time left as Dale runs in with the smallest stone he can handle and calls it a butter sauce. HAHA! The lobster counters by crushing the stone forcing Chip and Dale to bail stage left. HAHA! I guess he was afraid to use it after all. We then see the Ranger climb onto Monty's back in a rodent ladder chain on top of slits (to symbolize the type of nonsense Monty spews with each BS story) as they steady themselves against the hill allowing Gadget, Chip and Dale to climb up.

Zipper decides to get his ten seconds of work in by punching the lobster in the eyes. Oh my goodness; those beer guys stole their eye punching lobster spot from this episode. Do alcohol companies have no shame? Short answer: yes; they have no shame whatsoever. The lobster counters with his tail to fling Zipper away stage left and then we get the old chop the wood circle spot that never seems to die in cartoons. Monty requires some help as the Rangers invokes the vine out of nowhere (sigh) and Monty climbs up easily and does a belly flop for his troubles. Monty thanks Zipper as Chip doesn't want to waste time and stop Mr. Fat from wrecking the Raging Pawn. Monty thinks it's useless because they don't know how Mr. Fat is wrecking them. Gadget states that she knows because Mr. Fat is using fireflies to confuse the ship with bad navigational stars which Monty gleefully blows off because the stars can always be trusted. Here's the obvious problem with this: Don't most modern ships use the SAME type of compass Gadget uses earlier in 1989?! Gadget gleefully points out that the stars are moving wrong and that they are using fireflies. Dale wonders why boats were crashing and Monty deduces that it's the coral reefs surrounding the island and that they really are on Firefly Island. Okay; so Monty's BS stories are suddenly becoming plausible. And it still doesn't explain how the Ranger Boat sank. Monty has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN (oh boy) and it involves doing the fine art of not being seen and it involves using Zipper as Zipper gulps in disdain. Something tells me this has something to do with the upcoming episode “Zipper Come Home”.

Anyhow we go to the scene changer as the Rangers all put lipstick and makeup powder on Zipper while coughing on the dust as I expected them to. Monty proclaims that if this doesn't do it then nothing will as we see Zipper turned into a girl complete with seduce jazz. Oh lord; this is why Monty should never be called upon when it comes to a plan. Gadget finally gets the first golly of the episode after 18 and a half minutes of golly free action. Dale calls him beautiful and Zipper counters by trying to punch his lights out. HAHA! Gadget takes out the battery as Monty tells Zipper to save the fighting for the fireflies. Monty gives him the battery and tells him to zap the leader of the tribe. Zipper puts the battery into his bra (!!!) and then flies off stage right. We then cut back to Mr. Fat near the shoreline in the rowboat with the rest of the heels as soon he will have the Moby Carp in his procession. Mr. Fat kisses his hands as we cut to the sky with the fireflies in the skies as Mole cuts a wish promo and wants a basketball. HAHA! The ocean liner floats in as Mr. Fat blows him off because he should be wishing for some brains. So we cut to the skies with a closeup of the fireflies and they are red shirts. Oh my goodness; they look like the corrupted version of the same guys from Darkwing Duck.

We then see Zipper fly in have some problems with the hair and comes in and does the worst seduction routine I have ever witnessed. Geez; that squeaky sound just doesn't work and sadly the fireflies are forced to sell. Red Shirt #1 tries to kiss her/him; so Zipper counters with the battery right in the kisser which kills his light bulb and he free falls out of sight. Three more fireflies come up and whistle like a bunch of sexist bigots. Why does this not surprise me?! Zipper is forced to bail stage left as we cut to a sailor who I swear to god looks like Popeye's non-roided nephew in the wheelhouse sailing the ocean liner. Oh man; this makes the lack of research by the writers look even MORE obvious. He sees the fireflies flying away and he basically follows them which means the ship turns on a dime like in a Mister T episode (and since this is supposed to take place in the real world like Mister T; I say that's a bad logic break). We return to Mr. Fat who is SHOCKED and APPALLED by these bad logic breaks. No; not really. Mepps points out the obvious for me as Mr. Fat doesn't give a damn about the flies (what a shock?) and has a screwdriver in his hands as he wants the Moby Carp. So we see the heels row stage right as Mr. Fat wants to follow that ship.

So we head back to the jungle as the Rangers are hiding and we jump cut to Zipper losing his hair doo and blowing his cover. The red shirt flies notice it and they follow Zipper which is not smart at all as we see the Rangers invoke the vine pipe whoopie cushion (take one guess who stomps on the whoopie cushion.) and the bugs get sprayed easily with water as they fall dead as flies. We then cut back to Mr. Fat and his heel rowing the rowboat and I swear that the rowboat is near land with that background. We see Mepps whining about something and Mr. Fat doesn't want to hear about it. So then the boat crackles and Mr. Fat wants answers and Mepps tells him he doesn't want to hear it. So we stooped to THAT low just for THAT joke Julia?! Oy vey! We then cut to a makeshift pop stick boat (where did she find those?) as Monty has a small net along with Dale and Chip.

Yeah; I know that Chip isn't seen on the boat; but I'm not taking any chances on him teleporting to the boat on the next shot. Dale is rowing of course. Oh; there's Chip being blocked by Monty's body. Monty loves his catch of the day which is catfish as he throws the net over the heels and that ends that scene. Well; at least Monty did more work than he did in When Mice Were Men that's for sure. We then cut to the rowboat as we get the 101 tour of K-9 Island for real. Oh looky; there's the waterfall and the mountain Monty was talking about. It still looks like a hill; but whatever. Monty does the dog whistle again and the HOUNDS OF HELL howl within a one mile radius. Monty wants them to meet the natives and exchange gifts as Dale gets giddy over the presents as Monty has a present of them gift wrapped as we pan west to the heels tied to the white raft as Mepps whines and Mr. Fat doesn't want to hear about it either as the episode ends there at 21:15. Despite the faulty logic; I was impressed by this episode mainly because of Mr. Fat's presence and for once the writers wrote Monty correctly. Too little, too late; but I'm grateful for the effort though.*** ¾ (75%).


Well; I don't know why the animators are being so loosey-goosey with the logic (more teleporting) and I'm still not buying the ship wrecking due to fireflies (because they should have compasses like Gadget's) and the boy mouse being an idiot for not noticing that it wasn't K-9 Island. Still; outside that, I really did like this episode because the writers finally realized that Monty shouldn't be acting like Super Mouse. When I saw Monty being captured; it brought a smile to my face and it helped Monty's characters. Now if they had done that earlier; they would have gotten Monty over and likable. Mr. Fat and his heels were on their best behavior and for some perverted reason; I think female Zipper is awesome if only because it sets up Zipper Come Home nicely. I wasn't amused by the finish as it was basically Fat Cat being an idiot and it didn't help Monty redeem himself better. Overall; this episode was very good and could have benefited from no teleporting and stupid logic. Next up for the Rangers is Rest Home Rangers which is the return of the whiny dork and another Monty focused episode, sort of. So......

Thumbs in the middle pointing up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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