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A Chorus Crime

Reviewed: 07/25/2010

The Birth of Happy Feet And Insano Glenn!

The final episode featuring that whiny dork is upon us. Sadly; this is also the debut of Canina Le Furre who my first impressions are that she is basically the Rangers version of Hoppo/Sunni. Hopefully; I am proven wrong here. Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Doug Hutchingston. Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended. And no; there is still no progress with Doug's resume either. Other than Gummi Bears, Winnie The Pooh and Ducktales, these are Doug's only known credits.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset). And the title card is in scare quotes again and on the bottom. So we head inside the living room as Chip is ironing his suit and wearing a white shirt and bow tie. Okay; THAT is different. Chip calls for Gadget to arrive because the show starts in a half hour. In comes Gadget dressed up pretty much the same; minus the goggles and has a flower in her hair. Chip calls him out on the dress (sexist!) and Gadget wants to go with the overalls (tom boy!). Chip claims that the cinema is where you dress up like Dale is. So we cut to Dale looking like the goofiest clown in the land. Oh wait; that's pretty normal for him. My mistake. We then see Monty and Zipper slam the door open wearing matching tuxes. However; Monty and Zipper are dressed up because they are going to the docks to steal more cheese from Switzerland. Well; that is CONTINUITY from Le Purrfect Crime and not really in a good way. He wants some good Gouda cheese and tries to leave; but Chip grabs his arms and protests this outrage.

Monty unarms him and leaves promising to return after the show is over. So we head to the docks AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we see two sailors in blue suits (one with a mustache that looks like his mouth open, and one with a beard) checking their watches and watching on I guess. We then pan southeast to a bunch of rich snob mice and dirty slob mouse and fly. POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummm...Monty is not amused because the Gouda Bell always arrives with precision of the Swiss. Sadly for him we see a captain dressed in white with a gray beard (Jim Cummings) arrive to inform them that the Gouda Bell isn't arriving because it hit an iceberg. The fat sailor (The late Hamilton Camp) proclaims that it's the second ship to hit an iceberg in the last two weeks and this isn't even iceberg season. Monty sees this as a job for him because he wants his cheese see.

So we head to the streets and cut to sidewalk level as Chip and Dale are holding Gadget's arms and walking her forward. Well; I guess Foxglove and Dale broke up after all. Then Gadget acts horrible at the sign above the theater as Canina LaFur's act is closed due to a lack of dancing shoes. Can you smell the diva coming out of her; or do I have to spell it out for ye? Canina LaFur is voiced by Carol Channing who has done mostly Broadway musicals, and comedy sketches throughout her career. I'm not going to bother naming all the shows she has appeared as herself; as most of them explain themselves (she has 113 appearances total). She started on Tonight On Broadway in 1949 and her first movie was Paid In Full in 1950 as Mrs. Peters. She has about 24 credits to her acting resume which includes The Love Boat, Skidoo, All About People and a few cartoons like The Addams Family (1993 Edition) and Where's Waldo. Rescue Rangers is her only DTVA appearance and her most recent credits are The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars for acting and Broadway: Beyond The Golden Ages for her Broadway credit.

So we have Gadget asking what that means and Dale wants to do some “sole searching”. HAHA! Sadly for me Chip doesn't bonk Dale on the head for that one. Huh? He's no longer wearing the helmet anymore so your hand is perfectly safe. Unless you destroyed the nerves in that hand Chipper. We then head inside with some shots of the stage and then a close up of said stage as there is female howling and Dale takes it as a someone being murdered. Wow; someone said murder on DTVA and it's DALE of all rodents! Everyone run into the dressing room door (helpfully labeled with a star) as we enter to see a female pink poodle in a blue robe sitting in a chair doing some S-level melodramatic acting. I see Carol is making the most out of her appearance here despite getting an encore appearance in the very last episode I need to rant! The door opens and in pop the Rangers as they take wussy bumps onto the rugs. Canina turns around and sees them as fans. Well; they did come to see your shows; so she's accurate at least. Chip demands to know where the murder is. Remember when you could actually say that word on children's television with impunity?!

Dale is so giddy because Canina is awesome to him. Funny how he cannot stand dramatic opera; but has no problems with dog theater. Methinks Chip has something to do with this as Canina blows him off for being annoying. HA! Speak for yourself there madam. Canina has been in everything a Hollywood dog would be in including a dog food commercial. I wonder if she actually EATS the food she endorses? Inquiring minds would love to know. Chip asks about why her show was canceled and Canina explains with the usual melodrama that she would supposed to dance a number called Hello Doggie; but she cannot dance without her dance shoes which her producer bought from a shoe factory (a red high heel shoe by the way which she helpfully shows). Apparently; dancing barefoot is barred from theater. I have heard of idiot story; but idiot plot devices? Well; stay tuned because the train wreck is going to get even more gruesome.

Chip proclaims that they will find their shoes for her and Canina proclaims that if they do they'll be her fans forevermore. Then we see Zipper fly in panting. We also see Monty run in swearing in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (huh?) as he informs the Rangers on the sinking of cheese ships and Chip tells him that they already have a case involving Canina's tap shoes. Monty of course blows it off with with knee slapping laughter. I agree because the tap shoe thing is an idiot useless plot. Again; Canina should just tap dance without the footwear. Unless she has problems that require her to use the shoes to dance properly and that she can barely walk. Dale has a good laugh as Canina isn't amused. Gadget then explains that icebergs are natural and there's nothing they can do. Except that it isn't iceberg season yet as Canina calls herself awesome. Monty proclaims that he is solving this cheese crime on his own and Chip blows him off for it. So Monty leaves without any further incident and Chip proclaims that he'll be back because nothing can break them up forever. Ooookkkkayyyyy.

So we head back to the docks as we see some boxes loaded onto an ocean liner and then cut to the dock level to see Monty (in regular gear) with a sack of sailor stuff with Zipper as he has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN. Oh boy! See; they are going to go on a ship to Europe and observe the iceberg situation. Zipper asks which boat to take and Monty claims that he knows on instinct which is par for the course with Monty around. So that leads to them somehow getting on the boxes loading up (which still has the same boxes as before) and they get loaded up on the ocean liner. Bad form there guys. Monty sezs this one will do fine as well. So we head to the shoe factory as the good Rangers enter inside. Gadget has her green box to insure us that no Gadget Tricks of Doom occur. Damn; that was Gadget's best magic trick too. Dale has the magnifying glass ready just to either burn Chip's tail; or play a prank on Chip. Considering that there is no sunlight; I'm guessing the later.

Canina is also here wearing all black because she wants to help. Why do I get the feeling that she isn't needed nor wanted in this episode? Although this makes her better than Hoppo and Mrs. Crackshell combined and puts her around Sunni's level. Gadget wants her to dust for fingerprints and Canina blows it off because she's a star. Okay; I take it back, she's Hoppo after losing weight. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Dale looks for clues (doing the big eye spot of course) and goes behind a shelf and then return to being concerned. Jeepers Dale; can you at least shake to sell the fear better. Dale asks if Monty will return in the last two minutes and Chip blows him off. Dale proclaims that he's needed as he runs away because the dog shows up (Hamilton Camp). In a shocking twist; it's the NOT the stock guard dog we see in most DTVA shows! The rodents run; but Canina uses the worst seduction routine in history; and the dog responds with a whirlwind spot on her. And Canina turns around and is PISSED. I'm glad she thinks the same way I do when it comes to that spot as no one screws with Canina LaFur. The dog stops running and addresses her sounding like a better Scooby Doo than Frank Welker. In fact; he would be a perfect Scooby Dumb too. Too bad Hamilton Camp has passed away six years ago. They do a really silly fan routine until Chip and the gang come back asking about the tap shoes and he has little of note other than that he heard someone wanting to go to Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle (?sp). That plays into another big logic break that happens later on actually. Chip decides that this is where they go next....

So we head to morning on a highway with a truck carrying Circus Animals. Uh huh. So we head inside as we see a lot of caged monkey. Sadly; Canina is not one of them. POW! OUCH! Ummm.... Anyhow; she complains about the travel arrangement as ghastly. Not as ghastly as Hoppo's weight. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm..Oh man; this is like shooting fish in a barrel; both ways. Chip complains to Dale about the arrangements and Dale responds that Canina doesn't fit in the Ranger Plane (why take her if she's useless to begin with?) and Monty's the expert. Dale takes it well as this is only going to last a couple of days. By the way; Canina was referring to the late actress Gypsy Rose Lee in that and I'm going to bother posting tribute for voices that didn't do this show anyway. So we head to the ice country as the ocean liner has docked and the platform is out for Monty and Zipper (wearing a blue/white scarf natch) as Monty breathes in the cold air. EWWWWWWWW! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! I can just hear the cold air now. We then see the rodent fly come down and Zipper is SHOCKED and APPALLED because they are not in Europe. How could we tell? The coat wearing humans are unpacking raw fish. Ummmm; yeah that's how you tell right?! Bad, bad form there guys. Monty claims that it doesn't exactly look like Europe as Zipper gets pissed off and tries to fly off stage left. Monty grabs him and admits that it isn't Europe; but is the best accident in history. It must be compared to the Aussie Stereotype himself. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Monty shows him the icebergs in the sea as they are in the Arctic Circle. So they are in Greenland which is.....part of Europe. Idiot writers didn't do their research and it becomes even more glaring later on actually.

Or maybe not as Zipper continues to shiver and we get another scene changer into the icy wasteland as we see a snowmobile being rode by a member of the RCMP. I know this because he's wearing the trademark red suit, hat and pants (voiced by Hamilton Camp too). We cut to the riding snowmobile as we see Zipper and Monty sitting near the brake pedals which has to be the most dangerous place to sit there during a snowmobile ride. They cuddle as we cut to a camp where there are fenced penguins. Yes; penguins! Who can only live in the South Pole; not North Pole. I'm all for suspending disbelief; but this is supposed to be a version of the real world and like Mister T before it; you are going to get slap down much harder than if the world was made up. The snowmobile stops and the Mountie jumps off and goes to the tent as Monty wonder if this guy in the tent knows anything. And of course; he comes out with a fur coat and it's Professor Norton Ninmul. Oh goody! And since this is his last appearance on television; I'm going to lay the dick jokes on hard and fast as I see fit.

Norton is conducting a study using penguins (all by Hamilton Camp of course) and the Mountie wants those permits. Norton claims that the permit haven't arrived yet for inspection. He is expecting the postal man to arrive in quarter past April. We cut to Zipper and Monty on boxes as Monty watches Monty while Zipper bugs him of course. Monty turns around and Zipper shows him a box of tap dance shoes which were clearly from Canina's wardrobe. Monty blows him off because it's impossible since they are thousands of miles away. The Mountie (sounding more like Fenton Crackshell) lets Norton off but he's watching him and goes back to his snowmobile and drives away. Norton cuts a lame ice promo and opens his hood as Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) because it's Norton. NO?! REALLY?! As if the whiny voice didn't give him away? Monty calls him the most demented criminal in the western hemisphere. So the criminal from the eastern hemisphere is worse right? The Mountie is out of sight; so Norton brings out his thin slender manhood and does some whipping with it as the penguins scream off-screen. Norton laughs badly of course and the cracking of the manhood is so violent that the screaming is off-screen as we cut to Monty and Zipper watching on in horror. Monty hates going at it alone as we get a shot of Norton laughing with his manhood as the segment ends nine minutes in. You know this story is interesting despite the bad breaks in logic; but Canina's involvement is not giving her a good impression in my view.

After the commercial break; we see the logic go wonky again as Monty and Zipper are on snow level hiding behind the boxes. Monty wants answers as we see with some blind shooting as Norton forces the tap shoes onto the feet of penguin. Seriously; that is what he does. That leads to him cracking the manhood on the penguins on-screen (kind of makes the BS&P'ing look pointless doesn't it) as Norton has to live and time is money and money is life. After all; Norton's only real sex life has to do with beastilty. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm... Monty watches on as he proclaims that Norton has completely flipped his coin. HAHA! When MONTY is being apporos; you know that is trouble. So we go to the scene changer as Monty and Zipper hide behind some ice as Norton brings out his boom box, his manhood and lines up the penguins. Oh goody; it's the Dorky Ogansim Dance~! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm....

He whips the manhood on the penguins as the tap dance music plays and the penguins tap dance and squeal in pain. Like I said; the train wreck just got more gruesome. Norton blows off Buzzly Bearkly who I suspect is a expert tap dancer because that is the only way I can explain Norton's sadistic behavior at this point. This goes on for a long time as Monty then notices the ice cracking at the seams and calls for Zipper to run. Ummm; you mean fly you Aussie Stereotype. That allows the iceberg to break completely and now Monty is hanging onto the edge by a thread. To the penguins; tap dance on Monty's fingers now. Even your torture is nothing compared to his. POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... More ice cracking into the sea and that power of suggestion allows Monty to freefall and slam into the icy drink. Aw; good enough for me I guess. We get a jump cut to the floating iceberg as Monty climbs up onto the iceberg and spits out some water for fun. Zipper climbs onto his left shoulder. Monty shivers like mad as Norton shoots a radio from his tiny manhood and it lands onto the iceberg making beeping sounds and flashing green. Monty points out the obvious for me as the winds begin to howl and that ends the Youtube video at 10:39.

After the Youtube break; we see Monty on top of the iceberg as the winds howl and he shivers. The iceberg moves out to sea as Monty tells Zipper to save himself because someone needs to find help and he needs the Rangers now. Zipper embraces him and tells him not to worry and then flies off stage right to get help. Monty stammers as we see the iceberg floating away from the camera. So we cut to inside an ice cave (!!!) as Norton climbs into his submarine and closes the porthole cover. He climbs to the front seat and gets all giddy about something. He probably wants to ejaculate his missiles if you know what I mean. AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm...Norton pushes his buttons as he proclaims that the iceberg should arrive at the shipping lanes anytime now. So we go into the icy wasteland as Canina is riding Gadget while Chip and Dale carry her luggage on a sled. I think she is now one step below Hoppo on the diva scale now which is downright scary. Chip and Dale complain that it's enough luggage of course as we see a badly animated polar bear running straight to the camera on the jump cut. Everyone panics and the Rangers exit stage right as the polar bear chases them and Canina actually pulls the luggage sled herself. Okay; you are a demanding diva; we freaking get it LaFur!

The polar bear crashes into a snowbank and then pops from the carnage and goes after Canina who continues to bitch like mad. And Rebecca gets all the heat somehow?! Canina gets the point and that leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE ICE POODLE EDITION~! Oh the irony indeed! They run into the conveintly placed ice cave and the polar bear takes a good bump into DA....HOLE! We get some paw swiping to waste time as the other Rangers want Monty so bad that they scream for help. Sadly; Monty is floating on an iceberg; but Zipper hears the cries though. He flies into the cave and everyone is relieved that Zipper is fine. Zipper tells them Monty is in trouble and there is more swiping at the Rangers as Zipper finally does his ten seconds of work in the episode by flying down and making the polar bear dizzy. I see BS&P is in full effect in this episode. The polar bear punches himself in the nose and drops on his ass. Zipper then flies into his head via the ears and the polar bear runs around with a splitting headache. Don't mind the obvious hole in logic; let's move on. Zipper flies out of the head and leaves as the polar bear is confused as hell.

So we go to another scene changer as the Rangers are out of the cave as Zipper exchanges notes on the situation. Wait a second? Why didn't the polar bear just chase Zipper back to the ice cave?! Damn; this story is fine; but the logic is out of alignment even by this series recently lowered standards. I'm somehow ranting on a Darkwing Duck-equse episode. Canina complains about it because she has her problem and she's really getting into Hoppo's well hung lady routine. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Chip then proclaims that Monty is her biggest fan and Canina decides that it's different and tells Hoppo to blow off. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....So we go to another scene changer to an igloo village (WHAT?!) as Canina and Gadget are in a kayak as the chipmunks and fly push it into the icy water. Everyone gets on the kayak and Zipper tries to push it; but no dice. So Canina whines and kicks the water with her feet to paddle the kayak. Ummm; doesn't that render the whole dance shoe crap worthless now?! And if it was about creating a conflict between Chip and Monty; then it was a failure like Creep In The Deep was and is just as contrived as such.

So we continue on as the fog rolls in and Gadget is worried about Monty freezing to death. Well; after Canina's performance, I'm wanting Monty back in some form too as we cut back to the beeping green light iceberg as we close up and Monty is shivering like a timid bunny rabbit in the freezing cold. It even include the Hanna Barbara teeth chattering sound effect for good measure as Monty stops selling because we just have to make him Super Mouse somehow as he swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!). Then we see the ocean liner (the same one from the harbor) as Monty panics. He then climbs up to the radio stick and opens the control panel noting that Gadget could easily figure this one out and decides to stick his hands into the mix; but gets fried good as he drops down like a fly. We then cut to the kayak paddling by Canina as Gadget and company notice the ocean liner doing a MAN-SIZED bump into the iceberg and it causes Monty to fly right into the storage area of the boat hull and then we cut to the boat starting to sink right on cue and that ends the segment right there 14 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we return with the ship rising it's front and then starting to sink as Zipper panics because Monty is on the iceberg. Chip tells Zipper to find him as we cut to inside the hull as the sailors all run away stage left towards the lifeboats (I think) as we cut down to some coils of rope as we see Monty pop up and recovering. Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) and needs to escape; but the SMELL OF DEATH arrives to screw him and here comes the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DOOM~! He floats over to the cheese which is actually Swiss Cheese from the beginning of the episode. Heh; how fitting?! Monty thinks he's going to heaven; but the icy waves come in to send him to hell. If only that would REALLY happen. Monty grabs the wheel of cheese as Zipper flies in and then they gets engulfed by the waves. We then return outside near the ocean liner with the kayak as Gadget deduces that when the ship sinks; they go into the undertow with them. Chip calls for Canina to paddle; but Canina complains about her legs being killed as we get the whirlpool effect (WHAT?) as the sink continues it's sinking ways. Canina dog paddles like mad and manages to get to the safer waters while panting like a maniac.

Well; now she's three steps above Hoppo on the diva scale. Zipper flies in and since I don't see Monty here; I assume that he drowned. Considering the improvement of Canina; we have our fifth Rescue Ranger for life. The entire human crew is saved on kayaks; but one hell of a mouse is dead. Yeah; Dale is was one hell of a mouse; or in reality, the MOUSE FROM HELL. More evidence points to the theory as we see Monty on a cheese raft wanting to hitchhike. Sorry; but I have no sympathy for Monty; so the pathos simply fail badly before they can be any good. Canina dog paddles towards the wheel and Monty jumps onto the kayak as now everyone exchanges notes on the situation and of course Dale knows absolutely nothing....AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING. Man; what a dreadful time to NOT understand what the hell Zipper was saying. Gadget finally gets it though (Huh?) as Canina dog paddles away with the kayak stage left. So we pan down to the sunken ship below to find Norton's submarine using the JAWS OF HALF LIFE to poke into the bowels of the ship and he finds nothing but cheese. Norton whines like the dork that he is and grabs a safe to open it and it contains nothing but apples and food rations. Norton gets all whiny because he wants gold, jewels and even Saint Bernard Dresses. Ooooooohhhhh....Doing a dog on human orgy there sir?! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm... He proclaims that he'll do it using the biggest iceberg known to mankind..

So we do a scene changer and return to the penguin barn as the penguins squeal and pant heavily. Norton cracks the manhood on them and forces them out because it's something special today. So we head to a far shot of Norton near an iceberg with about 200 penguins surrounding it and then we pan east to see the Rangers have just spotted him. So we get the whole sequence of tap dancing again as Norton shoves the radio away and somehow that turns the radio on. Some of the pieces fall forcing the penguins on the right side to dodge as the iceberg separates in slow motion and Nortons laughs about creating a super iceberg that will sink a dozen ships and their cargo. Norton runs off stage left as Gadget calls Norton out on his evil. However; Canina runs in on a sliding penguin and blows it off for stealing her dance shoes. Well; she's dropped a step from the diva ladder on that one. Chip looks around and then he has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN in mind as he asks Gadget to split the iceberg in the middle and she has to figure out where exactly to split it. Gadget proclaims that she can try (certainly not from the Yoda School of learning she is) as Chip wants her to split it with another iceberg. Huh?! So we go to the scene changer of doom as the Rangers are exchanging notes with the penguins on the situation. And Chip points to a steep mountain top as the penguins laugh that one out of the building. One of the penguins claims that his feet are killing him as Monty storms off stage right and Dale turns around and yells hungry bear and we don't even see a fake polar bear; and yet the power of imagination forces the penguins to run off stage right. You know the animators don't give a damn when they won't even try to nail a spot like that.

So we go to another scene changer as the penguins surround the ice area panting as Chip proclaims that they need help and the penguins finally decide to agree as Gadget is using her black pen and paper to figure out the exact location to strike and she's got it. She wants the penguins to stay in step; but the penguins whine about lack of music as Chip even concedes that he didn't think his plan all the way through. So we cut back to the TINY MANHOOD SUBMARINE as Norton nears it with the JAWS OF HALF LIFE. So we cut back to the penguins dancing in horrible fashion as the super iceberg is nearby and they are going to screw up big time here. Canina has had enough of this suckiness and tells the penguins to follow her lead as she tap dances (and thus renders the whole point of canceling her show pointless from the start. DIVA!) and the penguins do a much better job this time around. And of course the piano is playing on cue as Monty yells at Canina to speed it up. Oh sod off you Aussie Stereotype. So that leads to ice breaking, penguins fleeing and the iceberg turns over and drops right on top of the super iceberg causing Norton to be SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order). Norton sounds like a fat chick wanting sex wants to squash her on that look. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm....T

he iceberg in turn squashes the TINY MANHOOD SUBMARINE and Norton floats to the surface flopping like sperm going to eggs and failing. HAHA! Norton whines like a dork of course. Chip proclaims that they did it at last and she thanks Canina as the penguins all clap for her. Canina becomes humble as she was only doing her part which almost turns her into a non-diva. Almost. Canina thanks the Rangers and ask if they are interested in show business....So we head to the theater as the show has indeed gone on. We head inside as we get a cut shot of the sign which now features Canina and the Penguins and then on stage as Canina and the Penguins do their tap dance number Hello Doggie. And it's not too terrible as the penguins are wearing orange top hats for no real reason I can think of. So we cut to the seat with the Rangers in their formal gear (and Dale still wearing that goofy suit and bow tie of his) as they wrap up this case. Monty calls her having more comebacks than a boomerang which is funny considering that she has only had two comebacks tops. And the next one is the last rant I'm doing on Tuesday. Chip is just glad that they came back and they work as a team again. Chip doesn't want to break up again as Dale screws up the exchange of nuts to Gadget and that leads to C&D Argument #8879. Gadget just looks stunned to end the episode at 21:14. Wonky logic aside; a pretty good episode and Canina was actually pretty decent. I'm guessing the writers didn't want to step on Hoppo's toes ever again. And a great outing of mockery for Norton's final appearance too. *** ½ (70%).


Well; Norton's final appearance ends with a really good one in spite of the bad research and bad editing spots out of the wazoo. Canina wasn't half bad at all; I actually liked her. Sure; she is still a diva; but a balanced diva with some class. The whole Monty/Chip forking wasn't so effective though as there was no heat and I still have zero sympathy for Monty whatsoever. Norton's plan was really funny even though it flies in the face of the world this show is supposed to be. In other words; an above average episode with little stupidity from Monty and Dale doing little to bring it up more. So last up is the final television episode of Rescue Rangers as Canina returns to battle a drunken hunter and a female rival who wants her to die. The episode title: They Shoot Dogs; Don't They? Ummmm; yeah.... So......

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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