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Reviewed: 09/21/2008

That sums up Chip & Dale well doesn't it?!

Yeah; I'm doing a rare back-to-back episode rant this week and this one should be fun. At least I hope it is. So let's rant on shall we?!

This episode is written by Julia Jane Roberts and the story is edited by Jymn Magon. The animation was done by Walt Disney Japan which is #12 for the series thus far.

Annoying Moment #1: They are using the sloppy second opening sequence for this one. So much for not having to write one of these moment things.

We begin this one with the outdoor shot of the fish eating place near the wharf and then we go in seeing a tank of water containing a giant clam snoring. Dale's snoring is heard as he is bored and wants to go home as we pan over to Chip sitting on the edge of the tank and Dale playing with the shells. He's complaining because Mr. Fat hasn't tried to steal that pearl yet. FINALLY; an episode with Fat Cat after nearly eight episodes without him! This is a glorious day! Chip wants to stay because Fat Cat would try to steal it anyway; at least until the restaurant manager gets here. Dale is still bored while bringing the funny by wearing a clam shell on his head; and then starts playing a joke on Chip's lack of footwear. Well; at least Dale can cope with boredom; and Chip isn't amused. Dale giggles like a school girl on a clam shell which allow Chip to play the old spider up the bare back joke which ALWAYS works on goofy guys like Dale. Chip laughs back and he gets him last. Yeah; this is the famous episode where Chip and Dale try to win the battle of one upping which is pretty much what they did in the comics; only difference was that they didn't make it so obvious that they did it in the classics. Personally; I like Dale to win this one since Chip's character hasn't been doing well since Seer No Evil. The whistle sounds from Gadget as we cut to her and Monty standing on the wine racks (second alcohol reference in DTVA) because company is coming and we see a white sheet covered cart rumble in and take wussy bumps into the freezer. Take one guess who is under the sheet....And I'm good as it's Mr. Fat (Cat) and his merry band of hit-furrys. Mepps and Mole are wearing bathing suits; while the rest have nets. Except for Mr. Fat who has nothing..AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING...because he is DA BOSS see.

The rope ladder go into position from the pearl tank and then Mepps and Mole climb up as Mr. Fat proclaims victory with the usual speech. We cut back to Chip and Dale in the clam shell as Chip calls for the Rangers to be steady. If he is expecting Dale to be steady then he's really needs to get that deduction meter fixed. We cut back to Mepps and Mole swimming inside the tank (EWWWW!) as Mole knocks on calm and then invokes the most devastating move in all of DTVA: THE COOCHIE-COOCHIE-COO OF PAIN which forces the calm to laugh and open it's mouth. Clam outsells Lemon. HAHA! Mole swipes the pearl and then the icky and yucky heels swim up with it. Chip blows his cover and tells Mr. Fat to hold it right there. Where Chip?! And why all the respect to Mr. Fat?! Why not call him Mr. Fat?! I hate it when the writers have a great joke RIGHT THERE and they don't take advantage of it. Apparently; Mr. Fat's pearl grabbing days are over. Ooookay Chip. Mr. Fat is SHOCKED AND APPALLED that those pesky Rescue Ranger figured out his MIMI JOKE PLAN. Chip calls this easy because pearls are his kind of target; Gadget proclaims that he bought diving equipment (HUH?! A cat buying from humans?! That's WHACK!!); Monty proclaiming that they were casing the joint and left footprint evidence and of course Dale does me proud by stating that he hasn't done anything crummy and evil for a while and was figured to be overdue to commit crime. I love fourth wall breaks that aren't meant to be fourth wall breaks.

And it's Rescue Rangers Away almost three minutes in as Dale plays with the Button Rope which hits Chip, Gadget uncorks the wine corks which nail the two lesser heels in the back of the head. Hint: They aren't wearing swim suits. Good bumping there guys. Gadget is still her confused self as Mr. Fat is ticked off and the urge to grab Gadget with his perverted dirty paws is rising. And Monty misses with the pine arrows as I see his aim needs to seek professional help. Monty then climbs onto the cart and is ready to aim Mr. Fat straight to Venus. Which rhymes with..I cannot say that on this rant...(I cannot believe YTV tried that joke with Sailor Moon promos; I just cannot believe them...) Sadly; Mr. Fat counters as the lesser heels cover him with the teacup! And they got Zipper to boot which is a bonus since no nose bopping will happen. The rat's name is Snout in case you are wondering as he grabs the saucer (with cup on top mind you) and it's Frisbee time!!

Monty and Zipper land into the clam water tank just as Mepps and Mole climb down with the pearl. HAHA! Monty struggles like Honker trying to stay away from Drake bullying him as the swimming heels drop the pearl and Mr. Fat gets it. Sadly; his hands get whipped with Chip's whip and the pearl goes sailing away. HOLY CRAP?! How thick is that rope?! And how did Chip control it so easily?! Chip repeats his line of nabbing days is over for Mr. Fat as he pulls the rope back on the cart. Dale wants some action and attempts to use the button bola and it ties Chip up. HAHA! Mr. Fat grabs him and spins him around telling him to suck seaweed. How sad is it for Mr. Fat that Drake Mallard would steal that for his catchphrase. I guess he needs to say suck gas instead and that would make Mr. Fat cool. Chip gets thrown into the clam water tank as Mr. Fat gets the pearl back. He gets onto the tray and calls them the Refuse Rangers as the heels cart him out while he laughs it up for the Rangers getting screwed by Dale.

Scene changer as Gadget and Dale help Chip, Zipper and Monty out while getting off Golly #1 for the episode. It looks like Mr. Fat got away this time...and since Gadget is off limit in the order of blame (because she's the female MIRACLE WORKER see); Dale will get the blame on this one despite doing a funny bola spot on Chip. I check the DVD....umm; no because their MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN worked perfectly as the Rangers laugh it up. So Dale did that on purpose?! That this was all a plan?! Then the door sound beckons and the Rangers bail except for Chip who lassos the ceiling lamp and knocks the real pearl back into the clam water tank which the calm takes back by swimming towards it and thanks the Rescue Rangers for their help. Poor old Mr. Fat; he just got buried on that spot. Oh well. Chip gives a thumbs up and then bails into the clam shell freezer as the manager waltzs in with a cart containing a water tank featuring a punk shark with his mouth tied up and then does a dog fetches meat spot in order to break the bonds and put the shark into the clam water tank. Gadget calls this Thunderama because no one can get near the pearl now. Which is a bad thing Gadget love?! He just made your task easier...The black haired, clean shaven manager is HAPPY (and speaking in funny French tones wearing all white) because everyone will get to see the pearl but cannot steal it. And just to annoy me further he violates DUB ANIME CONDUCT #12 (Thou shalt not rhyme; because it's COOL!) as I just realized that the shark is really a dog shark since he's wearing a collar. His laugh is terrible as he walks away and I must say that Rhinokey would be useful here if only to make him sound GOOD.

Chip declares this case closed and time to go home. So we get a small flying sequence in the air as the Ranger Wing arrives home while Dale proclaims that he got him last. Got him last on what Dale?! Really...I want to know what joke he played on Chip this time around. Chip blows him off for his stupid jokes as he and the Rangers unpack. Stupid joke?! From Dale?! Me not know how those two go together. Dale agrees to unpack; but he STILL GOT HIM LAST! HAHA! I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic. Chip proclaims that he can read his mind which Dale blows off because he cannot read his own mind. Now that is a funny freudain slip if I ever heard one. Chip asks Dale to pick a number between one and three. Dale thinks of a number as we all know that he's going to get screwed here. Chip picks two and of course Dale has to unpack the Ranger Wing. Chip give him the luggage and runs away; but not before saying: GOT YOU LAST! HAHA! Dale blows him off because that was a trick question. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And that was the point of the bet Dale: to trick you into doing something you don't like doing. Of course Dale; isn't done with tricking Chip yet as he throws the luggage down like a girl. I am so loving this even though it's a wee bit out of character for them to do it in such an obvious way.

So we logically head to the Happy Tom Cat Food Company which is the ultimate hideout of Mr. Fat (Nice CONTINUITY from the pilot guys) as we head to Mr. Fat's desk (which is inside the steel cat mascot by the way) as Mole and Mepps take turns looking at the pearl in really silly ways. Mepps rolls it unintentionally and it bounces off the desk onto the floor (with only a four inch vertical) and it doesn't break anyway as Fat Cat grabs it doing the funny dive spot (funnier due to the four inch vertical). Wow; that was a bit of bad spot blowing from WD-Japan. Usually; it's Sun Woo blowing that kind of spot. Mr. Fat is angry as heck as Mepps excuse of the day is that he wants to look at how silly his face looked. Mr. Fat places the pearl back onto the pillow on his desk as he answers Mepps with a pretty fitting answer: Look in the damn mirror. Unless Mepps is a member of Mr. Hardcore than looking in a mirror would be impossible for them. Because it would make them look uglier than me see. He then gasps badly as he sees holes in his pearl; which turns out to be a white bowling ball. Now Mr. Fat is PISSED OFF; but screws up the scratch spot since he should have done it AFTER he realized he was duped; not BEFORE. Snout points out that the Rescue Rangers played a joke on Mr. Fat. NO?! REALLY?!

Mr. Fat decides to play this silly game as he demands to return to the shop to get the real pearl from the clam; but Mole doesn't want to go back because the guard shark is there by now and he can chew through concrete. NO?! REALLY?! Sadly; Snout gets into position as Mr. Fat proclaims them to get a Rescue Ranger and plays a little real bowling. It's a perfect strike right into the Hit-furries off-screen! HAHA! So we logically return to inside Rescue Ranger headquarters near the door as Chip brings in a can-opener (which he probably stole from Kit) to give to Gadget because she'll go nuts. She's already a nut Chip: A Sadist Nut. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...Anyway; Chip stops running as Dale enters as Mr. Swami; and tells Chip to Shhhh! Check out the purple cape (which Drake steals) and the swami hat dude! Dale is such a tool for my pleasure even more so than Professor Ninmul's tiny man...ERR..laser. I promised not to go there anymore. Unless Norton is really involved of course. Dale is trying to use his super mental powers which Chip gleefully blows off because Dale's mental powers are equal to Goofy's. Chip spins around to get past Dale in which Dale proclaims that he can move objects with his mind. Well he can move my mind to look good so I think Dale's got you there Chipper. Chip gleefully blows him off as Dale strides to prove his point. This should be good.

Dale asks if Chip wants a snack. Chip wants a walnut; but Dale insists that Chip have a banana. Chip disagrees; but he's right in position in front of the slide as a banana slides down it and nails Chip good and out of sight. Dale grabs the can opener and tells Chip to enjoy and..GOT YOU LAST!! HAHA! Okay; Dale didn't say that so I will in his place. Chip is trapped on the Wii Sofa (Even Disney was foreshadowing Wii at this point) with the banana as Dale runs away. Gadget and Monty come to Chip's rescue as they pull the banana off Chip's belly as Chip admits that Dale pulled a gag on him. NO?! REALLY?! And you can just tell that Gadget and Monty are playing along as they agree with Dale that he might have mystical powers; in which Gadget proclaims that there are some things science cannot explain. Of course if PZ Myers was watching; he would end it with the word yet. Chip is SHOCKED of all this because that means his deduction meter would be no match anymore. Okay; he doesn't say that; but it's implied. However; Gadget spots a wire growing out of it and Chip is ticked off and the urge to get Dale last is rising. His deduction meter is finally fixed..I think.

So we pan over to the next room as Dale still has the can opener giggling because he's really going to fool Chip now. He then fake talks proclaiming that he's going to take a nap now. We cut over to Chip who blows him off because he's onto Dale's funny jokes now. So Dale cuts the rope with the can opener and it drops a large pillow right onto the other Rangers into the other room. Dale enters the room proclaiming that he must have conjured up the pillow with his mind as Chip pops out...and...say it with me...GOT YOU LAST! HAHA! That's the spirit Dale! Dale laughs like a little girl and runs off stage right. Chip pops from the pillow (with a white feather in his fedora hat no less; which means Michael Eisner is still safe in the Phantom Zone along with Scott Hall and General Zod.) Chip pulls the pillow and he's PISSED as he asks the other Rangers (who are filled with feathers on the head from Zipper and Monty; and the mouth from Gadget which is a wee bit disturbing for me) if they want to help him GET DALE LAST!! All raise their hands on that one and they have a conference with the chipmunk whisper. Which is still better than Drake's whisper yell I should note. So we logically go to Chip and Dale's bedroom as Dale looks into the purple MIRROR OF VAINITY laughing his head off because he GOT CHIP LAST! That's what he thinks.

While Dale laughs it up; Zipper enters from the window and places a bug inside Dale's swami hat. Dale replaces his hat as Zipper apparently gets away (although we don't quite see it) and thinks he can fool Chip again. So we head to Gadget's lab as Zipper returns from the window inside (minor WD-Japan mistake; but I'll forgive them) and the Rangers gather around the radio bugger. Gadget declares that everything is set; so Chip grabs the red phone bugging tool and does his impression of being Dale's mind voice as Dale stops on a dime inside his room. Dale runs to the pencil and starts trying to defend himself. I sense Dale is about to get a really good screw job here. Chip proclaims himself as...wait for it...RAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And you thought Walla-Walla-Bing-Bang was an absurd name for a town. This episode is just getting better and better. Rama knows all and tells all as Dale throws the pencil down and calls it some sort of trick. Geez; Chip is so screwed if Dale is already ON TO HIM. However; Dale checks every place in his room. Umm; check your swami hat there Dale. I think you'll find what you are looking for. Sadly; Dale is too dumb and does not as Rama proclaims that Dale is a non-believer. As much as a non-believer as PZ Myers is of religion in general. Chip then pushes the red buzzer and Dale gets his ears buzzed good. Okay; this is not only a quality trick; this is really a quality form of torture. Not to me; but to Dale of course.

Dale bows to his new master (BWHAHAHAHAHA!) apologize like he's Rama's bitch (well; he actually is so there you go) as Rama proclaims that he knows what Dale did to Chip and offers to HELP him with the trick. Dale sells it like he's so giddy that you cannot help but laugh at him for it. Rama proclaims that Dale must do exactly what he said; and he means exactly. I like where this is going as we logically go back to Dale's room as Dale is wearing a diaper (Now you know Chip is just being plain mean to him now), blue flippers, a bad smiley sticker on his swami hat and is about to paint himself apparently as Dale asks why he must do this stuff. We then cut to outside where Chip is sitting on his lawn chair (a sponge no less) drinking some juice with a mint leaf. He still has the red phone bugging tool while looking on with the telescope. Rama states that if Dale does this and concentrates really hard he will become invisible. I know this is mean and Dale didn't do nearly as much damage on his jokes on Chip; but this is so funny and so over the top that only Dale would be fooled into doing it. Dale paints his face pink and looks into the MIRROR OF VAINITY while Chip looks into the telescope and tells him to keep concentrating as I wait with baited breath for Chip to say...GOT YOU LAST!! It doesn't happen as Dale runs out to test it while Chip laughs at Dale's expense.

Which allows for Chip to pack away his gear so Dale doesn't suspect a thing (pointless since Dale cannot suspect a thing anyway if his feet were lit on fire) allowing the HB sound and looping effects to take place. Sadly; this isn't a Sun Woo episode; so it's not a classic. Chip lies in his sponge lawn chair as Dale opens the door and bounces on in making sure that he gets off a raspberry on Chip. Chip goes into total no-sell mode because he's trying to...GOT HIM LAST see...Dale bounces around the lawn chair as Chip just plain no sells him; so Dale walks out thinking that he has him..The door slams shut and Chip simply laughs his head off. This is absolutely great. Chip calls Dale a dummy. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So we cut down to the park on ground level as Mole, Mepps and the heels arrive with enough stuff to capture a bunch of FAIRY GODPARENTS! They need to find a cage with a wheel; that usually works on chipmunks. Snout blows off Mole's suggestion on the Rangers being sneaky with disguises and suggests that they capture a chipmunk that doesn't look like a Rescue Ranger. And right on cue; Mole notices Dale (still looking like a total idiot; instead of the goofy idiot that he usually is) coming into the bushes. Snout calls him a punk pixie and the heels rush him as we cut back to inside Gadget's lab as Monty and Gadget are helping each other fuse a spoon and fork ends with a cigarette lighter.

Chip walks in proclaims that he has Dale walking in the park looking like a total fool (which isn't hard at all) as Gadget goes over to tell Chip that she thinks the joke is pretty much over and that Chip truly GOT HIM LAST!! In fact; Chip agrees that he was going to end the joke; but the transmitter is breaking up. Gadget points out that Dale has moved out the range and all of a suddenly; the joke is no longer funny as we cut back to Dale in front of a parking bench wanting to talk to Rama as his voice is still heard; but the radio is breaking up. So Gadget increases the radio inducer a bit. However; as we cut back to Dale it is too late as he is caught with the butterfly net by Snout. The heels carry him off as Dale manages to yell out to the Rangers on the radio that Mr. Fat has got him which is helpfully pointed out as such by Mole. And now Chip's joke isn't funny anymore as Chip yells into the transmitter to end the segment almost 12 minutes in. Well; I guess that ends the funny stuff of this episode....

After the commercial break; we return to the radio room where Gadget cannot do anymore to help Chip since Dale has moved out of range and Chip gets all flustered as he slams his fist on the console. Monty blows him off for making Gadget look bad and Chip recoils as he realizes that his joke just might become fatal. So we cut back to the heel carrying Dale who is trapped in the cage as Dale protests this outrage. Naturally; the heels no sell when you would the dumb heels to sell. Nice little quirk in the character design by the way. Now remember that this is all Chip's fault. Remember that guys! He wants Rama Lama but there is no dice; so he's forced to play trickery as he demands them to let him go or he'll unleash his mystical powers on them. Mepps tells him to pipe down; but Dale insists that he has mystical powers. Even dumb heels are going to buy something from a guy who paints his face pink and wears a diaper to boot. He proclaims that he can read their minds and tells them to pick a number between one and three. I betcha they pick two and of course that's what Wart does pick and the heels are SHOCKED. Yeap; they are dumber than Dale; what a surprise?! Except for Mepps of all dumb heels as he wasn't even close and the heel walk away with Dale in tow. Okay; that was funny as we cut back to inside Rescue Ranger headquarters as Monty is packing the bag as Gadget takes responsibility for not boosting the power of the amplifier on the radio; but since Gadget is considered untouchable, Chip proclaims that it's all his fault. Nice to see him taking the blame for something (gives mean look at Kit; but gets a mean look back from Ted) .

Monty packs the bags still saying it wasn't Chip's fault because it was DALE who wanted to GOT HIM LAST! After all; he didn't know Mr. Fat's thugs were going to capture him which allows Gadget to do a funny end around proclaiming that Chip tricked him into that position while acting all nice and stuff. Too funny as Chip bonks himself on the head which is the first time I have seen him do it to himself. Even Monty starts ganging up on him as Chip admits that he'll have to save Dale himself; but even his friends won't let him do that so what are we waiting for?! Apparently; the audience as Gadget and Monty break the fourth wall right on camera. Chip thinks it's him of course just to act a little dumb. So we head to the golden cat statue above Happy Tom's Cat Food Factory as we cut inside to Fat Cat's office as he looks outside the cat eye windows. He wags the tail as the elevator doors open and in come the henchmen with Diaper Dale in a cage. Mr. Fat then goes into a really funny sequence where he proclaims that they are back with an excuse of how they didn't capture a Rescue Ranger and they failed badly. Mepps whines because they actually SUCEEDED in capturing one. Mr. Fat turns around and opens the cage as he is SHOCKED...badly as the sight of a Rescue Ranger...IN DIAPERS! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Chip's little joke just keeps going.

Mole is amazed that Mr. Fat can read minds like Diaper Dale. Yeah; these heels are so dumb. Mr. Fat grabs Dale and blows off Dale's fashion sense. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Mr. Fat. Dale kicks like a girl and demands Mr. Fat put him down or it's mystical powers time for him. I wouldn't use the phrase “put me down” when you are an animal there if you catch my drift there Dale. The henchmen tell him to be careful and Mr. Fat blows them off as fake because they don't have a mind see. Don't you just love how Mr. Fat can see through an obvious facade? Mr. Fat then plops Diaper Dale into a fish bowl and demands some rope and things so that he doesn't escape. Mr. Fat then does the PERVERTED PEEP OF DOOM on Diaper Dale because he doesn't want to lose him now do we...?! Dale can only shake his head as we head back to the place AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) as the crickets are chirping. That spot just doesn't work anymore without Drake Mallard being full of himself in some way. We head to the top of the golden cat as the Rangers arrive on the roof looking down at a top window (Now there's something you don't see everyday; a window on top of a mascot.). Chip is SHOCKED and APPALLED as we pan down to see Dale on Mr. Fat's desk locked up in the fishbowl with board, chains, nails and duct tape. What?! No rope to tie up Dale...That's a pretty sloppy logic break there guys.

Dale is sulking as Monty proclaims that he's in there tighter than a pickle in a glue pot. Okay; now Monty is creeping me out here. Chip wants to get him out somehow so he rushes to the Ranger Wing and grabs the spool of string from the backseat (how ironic since that's where Dale usually parks his butt there) and returns. Chip ties his body with the rope as he announces his plan to get down their and haul him up. However; Monty points out that he'll need more than merely string and Chip really gets mean and blows him off. WHAT THE HELL IS CHIP'S PROBLEM TODAY?! Gadget tries to explain to him that they need to work together to stop Mr. Fat and save Dale; but they need to at least set the reel; but Chip drops down from the open window anyway cracking a nut joke. Now he's got Insano Nuts on the brain. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Umm... and Chip's mean streak comes back to bite him on the ass as he is all tangled up in the string. HAHA! I just love it when Gadget's being the sane one here. They pull him up as Chip is sulking like a maniac because it's hopeless since he cannot save Dale by himself properly. Chip is so stubborn; I hope someone doesn't copy that trait..(Remembers Kit Cloudkicker and Rebecca Cunningham) Oh never mind. It's still a good thing though since Mr. Fat and his henchmen return as Mr. Fat declares that he's taking Dale to force him against his will to get the pearl back.

The Rangers on topside do not like the sound of this one as it gets worse since Dale will be the bait for the guard shark while the henchmen swim in and grab the real pearl on the distraction. The Rangers are SHOCKED and APPALLED at these proceedings. Now that sounds like a sound plan to me which at least makes Mr. Fat look pretty evil; even more so since it's Diaper Dale we are talking about. Chip sulks as he regrets ever playing that stupid joke...for about three seconds as he bails since that joke could still work out anyway. Mr. Fat declares that the restaurant should be closing by now since HAPPY HOUR is officially over at this point as the henchmen grab the fishbowl and bail. Mr. Fat thinks the shark will like his chipmunk cutlet's rare. So we head to the fish eating place outside as various people far and wide line up; only to be turned away by the manager because he is closing up shop for the night. Why is so many humans interested in seeing a worthless pearl?! Must be the materialism jealousy bug striking again as the humans walk away and Mr. Fat gets close to the front of the restaurant. The manager proclaims that this has done wonders for his business. No crap there Sherlock as he walks back in and Mr. Fat follows him thinking that it will do wonders for his as well. So the heels enter with Dale tied up and carried by Wart and Snout as we cut to inside the dining area where we get a shot of the Clam and Pearl being protected by the Guard Shark.

The manager walks in as Mr. Fat and the heel hide under a table. The manager gets real giddy as he looks at the pearl because his business has basically gone through the roof like Nintendo Wii and DS doing a omega whammy on Sony and Microsoft. He kisses the glass of the tank and the guard shark gets PISSED OFF and bumps the tank which allows the manager to take a seat on the ground. HAHA! Finally; someone is PISSED OFF at his stupid speaking. It's things like this that make me like the phony accents in Dragon Quest IV DS even more since Mr. Hardcore is SO PISSED OFF at them. The manager begs for mercy despite not even coming close to being attacked and then bails towards the staff room. That allows Mr. Fat and his henchmen to come from underneath the table as Mole is scared of that guard shark. But Mr. Fat isn't worried because Diaper Dale is tied up and ready to be eaten by said shark. So he orders everyone into position as the entertainment is about to start and the heels bail. We go to the far shot again as Mr. Fat introduces us to the world famous Mother Of Pearl Seafood Restaurant which is quite a fitting name for such a nothing restaurant. We get some piano music as Mr. Fat continues to break the fourth wall for my amusement.

He pulls on his whiskers as the guard shark swims around looking mean and nasty DUH! He cannot hit Mr. Fat since the glass protects him from himself; so the show goes on as Mepps is playing Marionette with Diaper Dale while Snout shines a flashlight on Dale which signals the final bow Dale will take in his career to make Chip look bad for my pleasure. Dale no sells and protests this outrage; but spins around and gets tangled. Mr. Fat grabs Dale and blows him off as we cut to Mr. Fat with Marionette Diaper Dale in tow as Mepps and Mole are on the edge of the tank in their swim gear (Nice CONTINUITY there guys) as he tells the heels to get ready to grab the pearl because it's show time as he puts Dale in front of the guard shark as he's ready to bite Dale. Dale panics as the segment ends right there a little more than eighteen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the heels watching on as Diaper Dale gets stringed out by Mr. Fat who sings badly while the shark swims around with baited breath. Why not paint him red like blood; that will make the shark sell. And thank goodness for that spear on the mermaid being in the position that it is in because that is dangerously close to a mermaid being topless on a DTVA show. The shark bites and misses as Mr. Fat tells him that Rover will get his snack soon enough. I wouldn't screw with a guard shark who acts like a dog if I were you Mr. Fat. Dale is in panic mode here as Mr. Fat demands that they get into the tank. However; Mepps no sells because the shark is STILL IN THE DAMN TANK. Mr. Fat blows them off because he'll take care of it which Dale ponder who will take care of him. And then the bug finally works as Chip is in a cubby hole with the transmitter admitting to Dale that he's the Rama Lama and that he GOT HIM LAST...which backfired on him of course. Dale doesn't like Chip's joke as Mr. Fat blows him off because he's talking to himself. Man; Mr. Fat is so fragile maybe I should just....Okay; I won't unless Norton is around of course as Mr. Fat lowers Dale towards the tank and the guard shark still misses him. He's no Plato that's for sure.

Chip claims that he played a rotten joke on him and they will get him out of there as the Rangers get into various positions around the restaurant. Mole tries to test the water with his foot and he doesn't like it as Mr. Fat wants them to hurry up because he wants that pearl see. Mole proclaims that he suffers from a fear of heights and bites. Geez; you're screwed when THAT happens. And I mean Mole; not Mr. Fat if you get what I'm trying to get here. Chip tells Dale to tell Mr. Fat that he has mystical powers and Dale decides to sell and proclaims that Mr. Fat better let him go because he has mystical powers. Mr. Fat doesn't sell naturally because he's the SMART villain see. Just like Don Karnage who is smart (and funny) but the dumb henchmen screw it up. Dale doesn't know how to respond to that; so Chip tells him that he'll unleash a storm of silverware. Mr. Fat lowers Dale towards the water as Dale issues his threat in such a lame matter that it is funny and of course Mr. Fat no sells that. So Monty jumps onto the silver plate which is set up as a seesaw and the silverware flies and nails Mr. Fat in such a weak way that Lance Storm would see that and say: Damn; that is some weak silverware storm there. Naturally; the henchmen oversell the spot like the idiots that they are. Mr. Fat is angry as the henchmen are scared stiff as Dale blows him off because he's got magical powers see.

Mole pleads for Mr. Fat to let him go ; but Mr. Fat lowers Dale again and no sells because he's the monster heel and a puny parlor trick won't work on him. So Chip goes to plan B and Dale asks Mr. Fat if he believes in flying saucers and of course Mr. Fat doesn't believe in them. And I'm SHOCKED that Mr. Fat said E.T right on camera. I guess the term is public domain after all as Mr. Fat laughs it up badly. And of course he gets MURDERED with them (and sells them properly) as Gadget is running on saucers. HAHA! Great spot there as the henchmen actually sell less than Mr. Fat does. That is enough for Mr. Fat to put Dale on his feet because he officially believes that Dale has super powers. Well; it had to happen sooner or later, but it would have been better if he waited one more round before giving up. He's still a million times better than Crock though. Mr. Fat falls back and slips off the edge of the tank and grabs the mermaid spear (and she REALLY is topless; but her arms cover the breasts fully so there's nothing to see at all and it goes too quick to even notice without the pause button) and does a pretty good spear impale spot on the floor. The floor gets impaled; not Mr. Fat. Mepps then blows him off because Mr. Fat told HIM that only idiots believed in that stuff and Mr. Fat tells him to shut up. Dale then does some arm magic waving as he demands the heels to bow to him and Mr. Fat (with the trident which he could have used to skewer Dale right now) kneels and begs for mercy along with the heels. Hey; Mr. Fat you have a spear in your hand. USE IT NOW DAMMIT!!

And then Dale gets too cocky on the edge of the tank and slips and falls down taking a wussy bump on the floor which is enough for the swami hat to fall along with the bug device. UH OH! The Rescue Rangers are so BUSTED! Dale tries to bail; but Mr. Fat grabs him by the cape and swings him into the tank which washes off the pink paint on his face and Dale is now at the mercy of the guard shark. Dale sinks to the bottom and is forced to run away from the guard shark. Monty wants to help save Dale; but Chip wants him to stop Mr. Fat because Chip shall save Dale from his own bad joke. Mr. Fat blows off the henchmen and wants them to get the pearl; but Zipper cut the rope off some spiky fish and they drop on the heel heads. Well; mostly on the goons' heads anyway. We then cut back to the thrilling sequence of Dale getting chased by a guard shark and the shark destroys a perfectly innocent castle while missing Dale by inches. More castle bashing as Dale is inside as Chip tells him to hang on. He's being hanging on for the last five minutes Chipper; there's no need to repeat that statement again. Chip climbs up the dragon's neck as Monty goes to the clam and springs the clams which pounds onto the heels. Monty claims that they are going to be shell shocked which is the title for the next episode rant actually. Foreshadowing episodes in other episodes; got to love it! Snout gets shell planted (HAHA!) and walks around blind as a bat. Kind of like Microsoft's career as a whole eh?! Chip climbs onto the Neptune statue as the castle gets fully destroyed and Dale is exposed and about to die from the WRAITH OF THE GUARD SHARK (who seems to be getting more over than the manager is; thank goodness) .

How Dale is able to keep holding his breath for that long; I'll never know as Chip snaps the rope on the Neptune statue and it flies right into the clam tank shattering the glass; which allows for the wave to commence which washes the heels and the guard shark out of the restaurant and out to the harbor. At least until Shell Shocked as we cut back with the shattered clam tank as the whole thing is completely destroyed. Chip panics in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (oh my gosh) as Dale is nowhere to be found. He might have washed out to sea with the heels. Have you ever thought of that you heartless bastard?! We then get a cut shot of Dale's purple cape as Gadget proclaims that maybe Dale is dead and Chip closes his eyes in horror and is ready to cry because it's all his fault due to his stupid joke. And since Disney won't allow main characters to die until Garogyles/Lion King; all I can say is...GOT YOU LAST ...because Dale speaks and he's inside the Clam Shell with the Pearl. HAHA! Chip and the gang jump in to embrace Dale. Dale then finally remembers to say to Chip...GOT YOU LAST!! The chipmunks laugh as the episode ends at 21:13. This was the worst episode I have ever reviewed as nothing clicked at all. Nothing at all....GOT YOU LAST! HAHA! The streak of no thumbs up episodes ends at five. **** ½ (90%).


Now this was the awesome episode I needed to be reminded of how DTVA ruled during the day. Dale was so game to make me laugh at him and with him when he was outsmarting the Rangers and then taking it like a dumb chipmunk with Chip outsmarting him. Sure; Chip's joke was mean, but Dale is so game to play with it to the hilt that I couldn't help but laugh at him. The plot was completely secondary to the chaos as Mr. Fat returns and looks good until he was weaken a little bit when he gave up a little too easy to the Ranger tricks. Still; the finish was completely apporos as Dale gets the last laugh on Chip by teasing his own death only to be inside the clam to outsmart Chip legit at the end. This was such a fun episode to rant on and watch; so don't expect a real art piece in this one. The manager sucked and the guard shark was only okay; but the joke was so long lasting and there were few screw ups from the writing side and the animation side. I was real pleased with this and it was badly needed after nearly going through ¾ of this disc of middling to below average episodes. Next up is Shell Shocked which is another Mr. Fat episode. Somehow; I don't think it will be as great as this one. So; for the first time in Disc 2; I can say....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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