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Gorilla My Dreams

Reviewed: 07/10/2010

Please Take This Crap To Smokey Mountain!

Yes folks; that caption above does play an important part to the entire angle of this episode. This is of course the final episode in the entire series involving Fat Cat (the heel that I call Mr. Fat; see To The Rescue for the reference.) on television. Even funnier is that the episode pun has been used already in at least four other shows (Rock'N Wrestling, Captain Simian, CatDog and Donkey Kong Saturday Supercade). Needless to say; this is a case of “We watch DTVA to get away from Ruby-Spears; not be reminded of them” if I ever saw one. Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Julia Jane Roberts and Dev Ross (although seems to add Sindy McKay & Larry Swerdlove). Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended.

We begin this one with the zoomed in STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) and head inside to the chipmunk bedroom as Dale is reading a comic book with the mature lighting. Take one guess who's on bottom in the bunk bed sleeping here? Dale of course is crying. Reading a comic about an octopus? Riiiiiggggghhhhtttttt. He cries because his muffin has been turned into bread cubes. So the character he's role-playing is a post-roided wrestler?! Chip naturally wakes up and is least until Dale talks about the comic in which he blows him off. Dale blows him off because it's not a stupid comic book. Chip has a point there Dale. How can a comic book about octopii be smart? Inquiring minds would like to know. Chip yells at Dale to go to sleep and he's not talking about unleashing Cookie Monster Punk on him. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmmm... (Seven hours later) Okay; let's move on. Dale goes under the cover and invokes the flashlight and continues to annoy Chip to my amusement and his disdain. Chip grabs the covers and steals the comic book and stuffs it behind his pillow. THIEF! Chip means some moaning noises and gets on Dale's case again; but when he pulls the covers on; Dale is already asleep. HAHA! There's a screw you moment if I ever saw one as the remaining Rangers run in (in sleeping gear- and Gadget seems confused at 1:12 of the video) as Chip discovers that the moaning is not coming from Dale; but from outside. Gadget wants to check it out and that it's never too late for the Rescue Rangers as Chip changes gear and calls for Dale to join him. Dale blows him off because he's trying to get some sleep see. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! False equivalence much there Dale?!

So we head to the Gold Style Bar (I think) as we see the Ranger Rider of Doom hear more crying which sounds more and more contrived as the episode goes on. We see Dale being Dale as he wants to cheer him up with bad fake mustache and glasses. HA! So we head to the scene changer inside an office as we pan over to the filing cabinet as the Rangers watch on inside there to a prison brick wall to see a Professor (balding gray hair with white coat and black pants) lecturing a gorilla in a pink tutu in a cage sobbing. Well; it makes perfect sense for her to have a case of the tears. This is Koo-Koo (Some say Ku-Ku; but Koo-Koo makes more sense since it's Tad Stones trademark. See Koo-Koo Cola for the reference) and she is voiced by Pat Carroll and this is according to the USIMDB since it explains her better than I ever could:

She has played everything from chatterbox wives to wicked stepsisters on TV, and from Gertrude Stein to Shakespeare's Falstaff on stage. At age 80 plus, the plucky comedienne shows no signs of stopping any time soon. The riotous Pat Carroll was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1927, the daughter of Kathryn Angela Meagher and Maurice Clifton Carroll. Her family moved to Los Angeles when Pat was five, and there began performing in local stage productions. She graduated from Hollywood's Immaculate Heart High School, an all-girls Catholic school, then attended Immaculate College, also in Los Angeles, and Catholic University of America. Following her college graduation, she began performing comedy in nightclubs and gained early experience with appearances in resort areas. Her stage debut in 1947 with a role in "The Goose and the Gander" starring Gloria Swanson led to hundreds of stock roles. She made her off-Broadway debut in the play "Come What May" in 1950. Also a talented singer, she earned a Tony nomination for her Broadway work in the singing revue "Catch a Star" in 1955, and then enjoyed a number of brash showcases in such musicals as "On the Town," "Once Upon a Mattress" and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". It was, however, the "golden age" of TV that truly took advantage of Pat's adroit talents. An initial "second banana" regular on the variety programs "The Red Buttons Show" (1952) and "The Saturday Night Revue" (1953), she copped an Emmy award for her work on "Caesar's Hour" (1954) as Howard Morris' wife and earned fine reviews from her recurring role on the sitcom "The Danny Thomas Show" (1953) playing Bunny Halper, the pert and plucky wife of Danny Thomas' nightclub manager Charlie Halper (Sid Melton). Pat's down-to-earth demeanor, chummy disposition and hearty, infectious laugh made her a popular guest on all the major talkfests and a welcomed panelist on such game shows as "You Don't Say," "To Tell the Truth," "I've Got a Secret" and "Password".

In 1965, she co-starred on TV as one of the wicked stepsisters in the endearing Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Cinderella (1965) (TV), which starred Lesley Ann Warren as the princess-to-be. In later years she won recurring/regular roles on the last season of "Too Close for Comfort" (1980) [retitled in 1986 as "The Ted Knight Show"] and the Suzanne Somers' sitcom "She's the Sheriff" (1987). As a character actress, the cropped-blond comedienne never made much of a dent in film, which included supporting roles in With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) with Doris Day and The Brothers O'Toole (1973) with John Astin. In the late 1970s her career received a huge shot in the arm with the award-winning, one-woman show "Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein", which she also produced and won multiple theater awards, including the Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk trophies. A complete departure from her usual comedy antics, audiences saw a burgeoning dramatic actress in the making. Taking the show on the road for four years, she also won a Grammy for her recorded version of the performance in 1981. She then returned to Broadway after thirty years to appear in the play "Dancing in the End Zone" (1985). Pat surprised her fans by continuing vigorously in this vein. She began taking on Shakespearean roles and earning critical acclaim. For her interpretations of Sir John Falstaff in "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and the Nurse in "Romeo and Juliet" she won bookend Helen Hayes awards. A life member of The Actors Studio, other challenging stage roles over the years have included Volpone, Mother Courage (another Helen Hayes award), the Stage Manager in "Our Town" and the Chorus in a Broadway revival of "Electra". Still interested in tickling the funny bone on occasion, she has performed in a number of adaptations of the wacky musical comedy "Nunsense" playing the Reverend Mother.

If this weren't enough, she has extended herself into directing, helming a musical version of "Alice in Wonderland" for The Kennedy Center, as well as productions of "Private Lives and "The Supporting Cast". Since the late 1980s Pat has become a voice-over favorite on numerous animated programs -- notably for Disney as the sea witch Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989). She has three children (oldest son Sean and daughters Kerry and Tara) by late husband Lee Karsian, a one-time manager and talent agent. Tara Karsian is a character actress from stage, film and TV. Kerry Karsian' is a casting director. Pat has over 120 credits to her resume with Up Front as Italian Girl in 1951; Rescue Rangers is her DTVA debut (The Little Mermaid is her Disney debut as Ursula and she would type cast as such in The Little Mermaid: The Series, House of Mouse and any production featuring Ursula. She also appeared in the sequel of Little Mermaid as Morgana and a cameo in A Goofy Movie.); Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage is the most recent credit.

The Professor is voiced by Bernard Fox who started on Sixpenny Corner as Tom Norton in 1955. He appeared as Malcolm in Three Live Wires, The Andy Griffith Show and the Love of Mike. He has over 105 credits to his resume; including Colonel Crittendon in Hogan's Heroes, Doctor Bombay from Bewitched, and was in the movie Titanic and A Night To Remember. Rescue Rangers is his only DTVA appearance (The Rescuers Down Under is his Disney Animation debut). His most recent credits are Passions as Doctor Bombay and Dharma & Greg as Henry in 2001.

See; the doctor cannot find Koo-Koo's kitten as Dale pops up from the filing cabinet with his fake glasses on and looks for something in the pile of toys as the professor addresses the kitten as Boots. UH OH! I think I know where this one is going and you have to be a hardcore wrestling fan to figure it out. See; the professor is too into his work to care for Boots because he wants to prove that gorilla can be awesome in search and rescue mission. And that they can replace a kitten. What an asshole this professor is?! I know real animals aren't supposed to garner such sympathy; but this is the gorilla's FRIEND we are talking about here. Koo-Koo go cries some more. Gadget is sad over losing someone else's friend as Monty is concerned about losing Dale as Dale sneaks into the cell as the professor gives her a stern warning: He loses the research; she goes back to the jungle and loses everything besides Boots. The professor walks away as Koo-Koo continues to cry and she throws her temper and weight around because she want Boots. Yes; she speaks in broken English; what a surprise? She's basically a Russian gorilla.

The other Rangers run in as Koo-Koo notices them right away and wants answers. My answer: Stop wearing a tutu. Chip introduces the Rangers and Gadget offers to help Boots. Koo-Koo pleads for them to find him as Chip asks when she saw him last time. Koo-Koo claims it was this morning as Chip blows off Dale for bouncing a ball right on Chip's pinhead. HAHA! Oh; you don't diss the Indiana Jones hat there Dalester. Dale apologizes as Koo-Koo suddenly gets inspired for some odd reason as the Rangers leave. Well; all except Dale whom Koo-Koo grabs and declares him as his new friend. HAHA! Dale tries to explain that he needs to help her find Boots; but Koo-Koo bursts into tears. Geez; this Koo-Koo gal is annoying me to death. Chip realizes that she cannot be left alone so Dale gets the honor of being tormented by the broken English gorilla. Damn; I wanted MONTY to be the playmate; so then I won't have to see Monty play Supermouse throughout this episode.

So we go to the scene changer as we see Monty jump out of the window as the Rangers Minus Dale wonder where to start first. Everyone drops down the pipe as Chip mentions Cat Alley. UH OH! Monty agrees with him and then catches himself. HAHA! I hope they split up and force Monty to go to Cat Alley. I would kill to see Monty squirm; I really would. Zipper flies down and we head to the cat alley of doom (so Monty thinks as we cut to a trash can as we see the Ranger Rider of Doom ride around looking for clues and I hope it includes ways to make Monty cry like a little baby. Sadly; Monty's cousin isn't around to bite his foot; so they will have to improvise. Or maybe not. Monty panics because Gadget was rubbing it in his own mind. HAHA! So we see Chip notice Mepps grabbing stuff from a trash can. He wants something good for older tastes as he throws away a fish bone and an old boot and brings out the slightly eaten chicken leg. Now what self-respecting human being throws out a chicken leg only slightly eaten? Seriously; why would they?

Mepps walks out with his food as the Rangers deduce that it must be for a kitten and they all follow Mepps. Monty of course stammers because it's nice to get out of Cat Alley. Dammit! An orange cat claw almost gets Monty but he runs away with bug eyes. So we head to the Happy Cat Food Factory and to the obviously lit office of Mr. Fat (for probably the last time on television for rant purposes) as we go to the roof window (or the solar window according to the Fridge Logic) as we see the Ranger act like peeping rodents as we hear Mr. Fat pacing around and basically spelling out the ransom note that Mole is writing and Wart is holding a big black book for no reason that I can figure out. Of course we see Boot bound and gagged on the floor next to Wart. See; if Koo-Koo wants Boots back; then she must do what Mr. Fat says to the letter, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Okay folks; I see where this is going and this episode actually became a template of sorts for Smokey Mountain Wrestling to steal. The angle was that the late Chris Candido and his manager Sunny (under a different name in SMW; but it's the same lady) kidnapped Boo Bradley's kitten which was also named Boots. Boo had to do what Chris and Sunny said; or they would kill Boots. Unlike this episode; it didn't end well for Boo nor Boots as Boot was stomped on basically creating the killing kittens meme right there. What's funny is that wrestling for years has been trying to shed it's cartoon image and yet the idea got over because of the cartoony nature of the business.

Monty rolls up his sleeves and realizes the creep who kidnapped Boots and Gadget realizes that Boots is morons. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....Chip has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN and wants Monty to monkey-udle. WHAT THE HELL IS CHIP TALKING ABOUT?! We then cut to see Mepps (who arrived from the elevator in the previous scene; so no logic break there) taunting Boots with the chicken leg. He wants to MURDER Boots (Oh lord) as Mr. Fat grabs the chicken leg and demands Mepps to feed him; not kill him. See; he needs the kitten to get the ape to corporate and then we hear growling as Mole thinks it's Koo-Koo. HAHA! If only Mole; if only. Mr. Fat panics because it should still be in the cage as we see Monty growling and the other Rangers using a fist machine to pound on the door. Man; does Gadget build fast stuff; or does she teleport it with the Gadget Trick of Doom like she always does?!

Mr. Fat and the heels all run to the window as Mr. Fat plans evacuation MF; which stands for me first. Sounds pretty logical to me as Chip squeezes through the door with Zipper and they try to untie Boots as Chip tells him that they are friends of Koo-Koo's. We resume to the window with the heel trying to push Mr. Fat out of the window. That is pretty pointless since Mr. Fat can clearly fit through the eye. Showoff! Mr. Fat turns around and finally gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and he wants them stopped as Chip, Zipper and Boots run away stage left. The henchmen follow making sure to drop Mr. Fat with a MAN-SIZED bump on his ass. HEE HEE! Zipper goes to the lock and turns the key which opens the door easily and all the babyfaces bail. Monty pulls on a string which collapses a shelf of conveniently placed cans of tuna and they bop the heels with weak shots. Sigh. Mr. Fat blows them off and wants to cut them off at the lab as Mepps sells it without question; remembering that he is the bump machine par excellence and gets bopped with a can of tuna good on his pinhead. HAHA!

So we head to a sidewalk as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE NOBODY'S FOLLOWING ME EDITION~! Boot sounds like Gadget trying to be a kid I should note which shows that The Overlords of The UFO guys don't have a monopoly on such fakeness. Monty talks about nothing of note that I care about as Boot runs into the street and a truck horn honks. Luckly; the truck misses Boots by a mile as the Rangers panic and follow him (in that order) and notice Boots taking a flower and sniffing it. UH OH! Didn't anyone learn from the Mighty Mouse incident a while back?! See; Koo-Koo loves flowers as Gadget explains that she loves Boots more and Boots is happy and walks back across the street. The Rangers follow as Monty blows Boots off for being a cat who looks cute. Oh sod off you Aussie Stereotype! We then cut to another sidewalk in the city as we see Mr. Fat recycling the spot from his office eye window; only this time it's a brick wall.

They struggle and get up as Mr. Fat blows off the Rangers for screwing up his plans, natch. He orders the heels to follow and the heels bowl him over of course on top of the brick wall. The heels then grab Mr. Fat and carry him stage right. Okay that doesn't make sense as we cut back to the sidewalk as we see Boot hide inside the PAPERBAG OF SHAME on Monty. HAHA! Monty calls him out on it because they don't have time to play games; so Boots claims that he hasn't played a game in years so he plays seek and go hide on Monty. HAHA! Boots' voice is terrible; I'm sorry, but I have heard better out of Tress as a boy than this. Chip has time though and wants to play Simon Sezs. Monty then commits the DUMBASS MISTAKE OF THE DAY as he calls Chip Zipper. Explain THAT one kids?! Boots is giddy for that game too so Chip proclaims that Simon says to head back to the lab and Boots sells and runs away stage right. HAHA! Reason #211 why the Aussie Stereotype needs to retire.

Monty praises him as we cut back to the prison lab (at 7:47) as Dale is driving a red toy car and asks Koo-Koo if she is ready to play. Koo-Koo flicks the car on go and it crashes into some toys and Dale flies right into a bowl filled with red yarn. Everyone giggles on cue as Dale pops out of the yarn tied up in yarn as Koo-Koo's fun is about to end as the heels casually walk in as Mr. Fat proclaims that no one screws with his genius as Mepps grabs a sack and sacks Dale in yarn which Koo-Koo goes dumbass and thinks it's Boots again. How stupid do you have to be to make such an obvious logic break there? Mr. Fat has big plans for her and if she doesn't do exactly what he said; then he unleashes the claw of death and it's a painful goodbye as Koo-Koo goes gasp in horror. That ends the segment eight and a half minutes in. Now here's an example of where Post-Production should have stepped in and fix some of the dialog problems in this. It's been a fine episode thus far; but the acting is not so good in this one and seems to be the talents running through the motions.

After the commercial break; we cut to an open vent as Zipper flies in first along with the rest of the babyfaces. Gadget tells Monty to speed it up because he needs to see the happy reunion because it's a perk of this job. Ooooookkkkkaaay; that is a little too vainglorious to be putting on Gadget love guys. Boot sniffs around as he proclaims that Koo-Koo is gone. We see the bars clearly bent as Chip accuses Dale of trying to steal Chip's heat and solve the case himself. If only Chip; if only. Then he can teach you a lesson for imposing the NO WORKRATE FOR DALE clause in these episodes. So we have a scene changer and head to the candy factory. I know this because there are candy cane column trim on most of the windows, doors and smokestack. We head inside the dark factory as Koo-Koo guess it....whine and cry like a contrived baby. Mr. Fat then shocks me to no end as he offers Koo-Koo a box of valentine chocolates. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! Koo-Koo no sells and Mr. Fat blows off Koo-Koo's weight and eats the box himself using his claw to pick them up. That's not heelish; that's Hoppo after getting blown off by Bumble Swasher. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

We then cut to a makeshift table with candlelight as the henchmen are enjoying suckers (How fitting for them?) as Mole talks about the Rescue Rangers being outsmarted (Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt) and Mr. Fat pats him on the head for actually being smart for once. Wart asks about the gorilla and wants to MURDER the kitty known as Kitty Yarn Dale. Mepps pleads please and Mr. Fat steals it back and no sells of course. See; Boots is his trump card to force Koo-Koo to obey him and of course the henchmen don't get it because Mr. Fat is the genius and they are not of course. He wants Koo-Koo to steal diamonds for him; along with with the EDUCATIONAL PUN OF THE DAY (carrots are good for the eyes; more so 40 carrots. Ummm; no Mr. Fat). Mr. Fat drops the yarn on the ground and it completely untangles to reveal Dale. HAHA! Mr. Fat is downright PISSED as this ends the Youtube video at 10:15.

After the Youtube break; the heels are SHOCKED and Mr. Fat is APPALLED (in that order) because it's a Rescue Ranger they kidnapped and not Boots. Well; since Mepps is the bump machine and the one who sacked Dale; I betcha he gets the punishment. I check the Youtube video.....Nope; Mr. Fat whines and cries like Christian Cage. Well; if he hasn't turned Koo-Koo into the worst animal seller in history before this; he sure as hell has done it now. Dale gleefully points out the obvious for me and oh god Corey Burton; not you too!! Mr. Fat grabs Dale and threatens to MURDER him with the claws of death; but Koo-Koo runs in and pleads for mercy. Mr. Fat sees this as profits and walks over and dabs Dale onto the conviently place map on the wall containing jewelry stores marked with X's. He wants Koo-Koo to rob them blind or Dale dies and becoming a skin for Mr. Fat of course. Koo-Koo sees she has no choice and walks stage left as Dale pleads for her not to do it. No dice from Koo-Koo as she is out the door already. We go to the scene changer in town near a hotel sign as Gadget gets off the first golly of the episode after almost 11 and a half minutes of golly free action.

We cut down to see Boots doing the horse routine on the Ranger Rider of Doom as Gadget proclaims that they checked every possible place and there still is nothing to find. Monty is concerned for Dale and Chip thinks that is a bunch of crap like a cocky little scamp. And then we see the police car chugging down the road at great neck speed on the next shot and then turns around on a dime and does a whirlwind spot on the rider. What is the point of this; other than to waste time?! The rider goes down the hill to fetch a pail of Diamond Nuts as it literally heads for the wall of a jewerly store. Everyone panics; but Monty turns into Supermouse and stops the skate before it even makes contact. So Monty is the BS&P enforcer of this episode?! I should have guessed.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and Boots voice goes into bigger hell than it already does. Did Tress somehow contract Sindy McKay syndrome or something?! And it's DUMBASS AUSSIE STEREOTYPE ON FIRE~! Monty cools his heel in the conveniently placed water puddle in front of him and breathes his sigh of relief. We then hear Officer Muldoon as the babyfaces get off and we cut to Kirby and Muldoon exchanging notes with the jewelry store man (wears mostly gray, red balding hair and looks somewhat similar in style to the professor (Bernard Fox); and Kirby ribs Muldoon on the store owners sanity. I would check Kirby's soberity at this point as a radio announcer tells everyone to hear all this. There's another robbery in progress in another jewelry store being done by a gorilla as Kirby and Muldoon saddle in their police officer's car while the babyfaces latch onto the back bumper and the cat speeds away. Scene changer of doom and we get a shot of a broken window as the police car parks right in front of the store. The right door opens and out comes Kirby with the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS which is red in color. He wants Koo-Koo to raise her paws up as the babyfaces all run in.

Except for Boots who runs away in search of the diamond ring. We head inside the dark room as Koo-Koo raids the jewelry display as the Rangers all run in to stop her from committing the crime. Koo-Koo explains that Mr. Fat has Dale and everyone is SHOCKED AND APPALLED. Chip blames himself for making Dale a sitting duck (Huh? Sure; his plan led to that happening; but Chip didn't know Mr. Fat would stoop to that low.) and tells the babyfaces to get Koo-Koo and Boots back to the lab as Chip goes after Dale because he's his kind of nut. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gadget then notices that Boots is playing and getting off the second golly of the episode after just 90 seconds of golly free action. Monty tells Koo-Koo to stay so they can get Boots back; but Koo-Koo runs out to find him right into the line of the police officers. D'OH! Methinks even the Brooklyn Gorilla could out think Koo-Koo Gorilla. POW! OUCH! Ummmm...Muldoon puts the spotlight on her and it's the pistols set to profits for the officers. Kirby orders her to drop the loot; or kiss her bananas goodbye. Ummm; she has no bananas Kirby and doesn't LIKE bananas to my knowledge. So what is the point of Koo-Koo whining again as we cut to her and that ends the segment 14 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we cut to a far shot of Koo-Koo with the loot as she puts it down and Kirby orders Muldoon to get the sleeping dart as Muldoon goes to his car as we see the mice pull Boots with them. They notice Muldoon with the big ass dart gun (What? They couldn't afford a pistol dart gun? That's whack!) as they run in realizing that Koo-Koo might be in dead cold sleep in a moment. Kirby cuts a You Cannot Do That On Television (and these days; It seems apporos for these old cartoons) promo and the execution is stopped as Chip apparently came back (Huh?) as Kirby notices that he messed with the sirens and blows him off as Chip escapes. WHAT?! Doesn't that kind of kill the whole concept of humans and furries NOT mixing here; as per the premise (minus Norton of course)?! And shouldn't it be BOOTS screwing with the equipment since that is the kitten's character of being so playful. I do not get that sequence at all; not a bit. Chip joins everyone in the alleyway as he admits that he didn't know where to rescue Dale from. Why not ask Koo-Koo BEFOREHAND?! Oh lord; this episode is going downhill fast. Gadget at least decides to follow Koo-Koo as it's the only hope of rescuing Dale. So we return with Dale chained to a deposit lock box on a conveyer belt. Okay; I think Mr. Fat is really overdoing it with the death traps here.

We pan west to see the henchmen pace in a circle doing nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING as Mr. Fat uses his only real fan to fan himself. Mepps and Wart want to play bury the chipmunk because Koo-Koo isn't coming back and Mr. Fat wants patience. She'll come back and indeed the door opens and she does in the flesh and bad pink tutu. Mr. Fat wants Koo-Koo to dish out the diamonds and of course Koo-Koo has none to give. Mr. Fat calls it easy come, easy go as the henchmen seems squismish. HUH?! Why isn't Koo-Koo the one selling since she has the problem with losing Dale? Mr. Fat of course doesn't care about the diamonds anymore as he unveils his real plan: To rob Mrs. Clutchcoin blind as he shows a poster about some unveiling Mrs. Clutchcoin is doing for a hopelessly big ass diamond. Okay; this is pretty idiotic. If I were Mr. Fat; I would murder Dale now; or at least do it behind Koo-Koo's back. It's clear Koo-Koo cannot rob a place if her life depended on it; so cut your losses and move on. Mr. Fat throws the poster away and speaks some French just to confuse me and Koo-Koo even more. Mr. Fat wants Koo-Koo to steal the diamond and Koo-Koo refuses outright because stealing is wrong see. Ah; but according to BS&P; so is actual murder on DTVA and Mr. Fat is going out anyway so he has no problem testing the censors this time around. Okay; we see Dale wrapped up and gagged with stickers on a hook above a steaming hot pot of melted chocolate. WHAT THE HELL? I thought he was on the conveyer belt on top of a lock box? MAKE UP YOUR MIND ON THE DEATH TRAP GUYS! The henchmen are giddy for death; but I betcha Koo-Koo accepts her fate and walks out to steal Clutchcoin's diamond. I check the Youtube video....

Damn; I'm good as we cut to a solar window and see the Rangers and Boots near it as Monty points out the obvious. Chip wants to cure his sweet tooth (Mr. Fat's, not Monty's of course) as we head inside again with Dale hanging around gagged and Mepps has his fondue fork out because this is a special day indeed. Ah; he even bought a cheese yellow cat bib for the special day too. Wart licks his chops as does Mole as we see Boots on a shelf taunting the heels. Mepps wants to turn him into Kitty Kibble as Mepps completely outclasses everyone in the acting department in this episode. Boots does a terrible raspberry just because he's so jealous of Mepps' acting and it's a trap as Gadget invokes the gumdrop slingshot (with a candy slingshot natch) and the heels bail despite the gumdrops seemly not even touching them; nor causing any damage whatsoever. Bad form there animators. That leads to seeing a shot of the taffy machine and naturally Mole does his spot of turning the machine on and being giddy. It's so sad that this is officially Mole's last episode because he's been such a giggle machine for me doing these rants.

Wart grabs him and runs which doesn't allow Mole to screw up. BOO! HISS! So we cut to Monty with a candy cane playing golf with a banana yellow jawbreaker. Monty and Gedo: Separated at birth. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! And apparently; the jawbreaker gains about four feet in size as it tumbles the heel and the spot is screwed up completely. WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT JAWBREAKER?! The same material that caused Fenton's binoculars to grow in Super Ducktales? Methinks Wang Films is animating this episode. Dale gets his gag off and tells the Rangers to get him; but we see Mr. Fat on top of the hook as he cuts the sticker and Dale free falls only to be rescued by Chip swinging like Tarzan. We then jump cut to Mole with red gumballs (or jawbreakers; it's hard to tell) and chomps on the licorice stick and that causes the chipmunk to freef all and take a MAN-SIZED bump into the wrapped caramel candy pieces. Both chipmunks see stars and the mice on Boots grab the chipmunks and bail stage right. That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE LAST STAND FOR MR. FAT EDITION~! Mr. Fat gets bowled over again of course as we go to the back FPS shot with cardboard backgrounds all around. Zipper then reverses field; flies over the heels and goes over to the taffy machine. You just knew that would get involved somehow. Zipper uses the rope and ties up the heel legs; and then we jump cut to Mr. Fat getting bowled over by the heels. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?! I smell Toon Disney edit here; but I cannot tell why. Anyone from Acorn Cafe care to comment? We see the babyfaces going out the open window (how convenient eh?) as Dale tells everyone to follow him which is just asking for death yes siree.

So we head to the hotel of doom and zoom in to some hotel windows as we see various rich snobs with bad haircuts on the pan shot as Lady Clutchcoin enters with the diamond and my god; it's the SAME device they used in The Status Seekers to carry the diamond. A gray haired lady wearing enough gold to make Fort Knox go loco on her asking about Mr. Clutchcoin's status. Lady CC (and she has a dollar sign hairdo which is just too funny not to mock) states that he been writing the check for three weeks. Translation: She's asked for a divorce. So we cut to outside the hotel with Koo-Koo as she climbs up on the hotel. Sure; why not? Why not dead ringer Kong while we are at it. Before we continue on we see Harvey (another bad haircut, trench coat wearing guy without shoes on) cleaning up the room of something and sees Koo-Koo climbing as his wife blows him off. We then climb some more to see a mother tucking Johnny (mother is blond haired with a pink dress; while Johnny is wearing a purple shirt with hair over his left eye; a clear sign of lazy eye.) in assuring him that there is no such thing as King Kong. Learn from Gimmick: Never trust anyone who says: There is no such thing as x.

They both see it as the lady screams and joins Johnny in the bed and covers herself with the sheets. Okay; that was a wee bit too disturbing there guys. We then cut back to ground level to see the Rangers and Boots running in as Dale wonders where to find Koo-Koo. I got two words for ya: Look up! Chip wonders and realizes that the only way to get to the top is to go up to the elevator. So we logically go to the lobby way as we see an elevator operator in red with blind cut black hair is going up. The babyfaces get on and the elevator closes and then we hear bad screaming as we cut to the needle going right like a speedometer as the elevator door opens and the babyfaces all walk out as the humans all squeeze to the top portion of the elevator. Ummm; whatever guys. Monty blows them off because they haven't seen a mouse before. NO?! REALLY?! The elevator closes as we head to the top of the roof with the babyfaces walking They go to the edge of the roof as Dale has an idea that if they see Boots and Dale; Koo-Koo will stop and the chipmunks slap skin. Man; they are going to feel so dirty after this episode is over. Boot looks down on Koo-Koo climbing up the building yelling to Koo-Koo; but Gadget points out that it's no good and they need to find a way to make Koo-Koo listen. Monty gets off the first too right of the episode 18 and a half minutes in as we cut to the sky shot to see three police cars in a circle stopping at the front of the hotel. Gadget ponders it some more and has a plan; but this one is risky as per the innocent sadist's contract. She then goes into complete psychobabble that I cannot get as Monty does the Gruffi pose and blows her off.

We then cut to inside the hotel room as the onlookers go ga-ga over Lady Clutchcoin's big ass diamond. Now why hasn't Lady Googoo Gaga stolen this device yet for a music video?! It's just dying to be used somehow. She hears the racket and foolishly goes over to the window and put the big ass diamond on the window sill. Oh; that isn't contrived in the very least no siree. She blows them off and the diamond drops; forcing CC over the window as everyone below gasps in horror as Kirby calls for a ladder STAT. I need a Contrived Bashing Bat STAT too! CC hangs on from the window above the hotel window she was on (Huh? Does THAT make any sense?) as the professor (who seems to have gained glasses since I last saw him) calling for Koo-Koo to get down this instant. We then see on the roof top Gadget getting Dale and Boots on paper airplanes (Yeap; she's finally back in mid-season form) as they get pushed off and the airplanes spiral down towards Koo-Koo; but she merely swipes them away. Yeap; this is turning into a Kong parody now as we cut to Mr. Fat (WHAT THE HELL?!) standing in the window. How did he get into the hotel? He then throws Mepps out of the window and Mepps manages to knock Boots and Dale off their airplanes. Okay; that is a neat heel thing to do; but still....

Koo-Koo grabs onto Boots and Dale and puts them on the window sill as Mepps hangs on Koo-Koo's back of course. Dale wants Koo-Koo to come home; but Koo-Koo isn't done as she climbs up and if you cannot guess what happens next; you have no business reading this rant. The Rangers think that she is stealing the diamond; but the crowd cheers because they know better as Koo-Koo grabs Lady CC and climbs up to the roof to safety. The professor calls this a good show. I doubt that very much kind sir. Lady CC mumbles and then faints dead away making sure to take a MAN-SIZED bump with her face on the big ass diamond for good measure. The elevator opens and in comes the professor and his white coat camera crew as he thanks Koo-Koo for saving his ass and for some cheap photo ops. We cut back to Mr. Fat hiding behind the radiator (huh? Does THAT make any sense?) and blows off Koo-Koo and orders his henchmen to steal it for him as they all run in (except for Mepps, natch) as the chipmunks notice Mr. Fat coming in. So they go in front of Mrs. Clutchcoin and taunt her causing her to panic and swing the diamond around like a maniac. Of course; she misses Mr. Fat by a mile; but the power of suggestion causes the heels to oversell (complete with bad impact stars) and free fall over the roof top. Phhhffttt...whatever guys. Mepps is somehow on the window sill as they fall (Oh I give up; the logic is so whack in this episode) and dives with them because he is afraid of height. Hypocritical much there Mepps?! They get bounced off the canvas roof as the Rangers make it to ground level as Chip proclaims that the criminals are cleaned up. Dale corrects him because they are trashed. Cue bad chipmunk laugh as we see the heels in the trash can literally. One fly taunts them as the Rangers laugh on the circle fade out to end the episode at 21:15. Wow; this episode started off well enough; but the acting got more terrible in the middle of it and the logic got even worse as it ended. ** ½ (50%).


Well; an otherwise middling episode almost turned terrible. It's an okay parody on Kong; but the acting was terrible (mostly in Koo-Koo and Boots); and it was Mr. Fat and the heels who kept this episode kicking and screaming along with Dale. I didn't get the point of Mr. Fat coming back other then to bury Mr. Fat for good. The logic over the third act was whacked out as the fight in the candy factory seemed edited badly and the end bump missed by a mile and yet the hell oversold it. Other than that; the story was solid enough and Dale was game along with Gadget with little crap from Monty so I ended up with an average episode. Next up though might be a downer as Francis Capone return with The S.S. Drainpipe which was written by the same people who wrote Mind Your Cheese & Q's. It's also the final pre-Disney Afternoon episode for the series. So......

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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