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Last Train To Cashville

Reviewed: 03/08/2009

Just sleepwalking through this rant....

Okay; here's an interesting question Kit hasn't answered yet: Can I sleepwalk through an entire episode and still be the best worker in it? Well; let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Julia Jane Roberts. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Wang Films/Cuckoo's Nest Studios .

Annoying Moment #1: And we return to the second version of the opening sequence again.

We begin this one we we go to the zoom out shot of a window inside Rescue Ranger Headquarters AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) as we pan left (and get the good old four watches hung on the wall spot in) as the Rangers are watching television as the announcer (who sounds like the host from Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous) who looks like a creep proclaiming that there will be another stirring adventure of Arc Welding in the Amazon. What is this; crossover fiction from the Discovery Channel?! Chip is asleep and Gadget looks near dead as well as Monty uses the tiny remote (which has only two buttons and a knob) to turn it off as Dale protests this outrage because he wants to watch The Late, Late, Late Show...with the original Mr. Fix It! Okay; I made up the last part as Dale gets the lamest shot in the face with the blue pillow this side of Darkwing Duck and starts shadow punching as he wants to MURDER the guy who threw that lame shot in. 1:1 odds that Chip woke up...I check the DVD...Damn; I'm good as Chip proclaims that it is time for bed because even MIRACLE WORKERS need their shut eye and Dale blows it off because he already did that last night. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Dale. Gadget steals the remote as the Rangers take turns in blowing off Dale's lack of sleep and his contempt for sleep. This is what happens when you watch too many religious shows: You truly believe that you are a god. Sadly; there is no television in TaleSpin; so what is Kit's excuse then? Of course they have to be up tomorrow since there are new cases to hunt out as the Rangers walk out and Dale swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (ah, nuts!). Considering that Dale is no help in hunting down cases; why bother having him sleep at night? Let him stay home and then bring him in the case so to minimize his wacky antics. If you want him supervised; have Monty join him and that will help prevent the blowing of your cover when the cheese attacks set in.

So we cut to Chip in his white bed. Chip tosses and bed...We cut to Dale watching television bed. Dale still looks bed. There are four late bed. Dale sleeps on the bed. It's bed. Okay; the joke is dead as Dale wakes up and then he looks around hiding around watching the other Rangers do Ranger stuff. Bad selling from Dale as he no sells the lack of sleep from the night before. And why is he hiding from them? It's not like he is selling the lack of sleep anyway. Logic break #1 for the episode. Gadget and Zipper walk into the kitchen as Monty is using the bottle cap frying pan to make cheese flaps a la bed. He flips the pancakes while proclaiming not to do it on a windy day....or in bed. Monty puts the plates down on the table and then cuts the cheese flaps into thinner pieces complete with butter. Okay; this pancake recipe is pretty decent. He pours syrup on the cakes as we cut to Dale finally selling the lack of sleep and bumping into the wall in wussy fashion. He climbs into bed making sure to bop Chip on the nose for good measure which would have been funnier had Molly Cunningham never existed. The smell of the pancakes wakes up Chip and he bounces out fresh as a daisy to prove the fact that having a good night sleep is good for the body. Too bad it exposes the lack of talent and work rate of crappy characters though as Chip calls Dale a rotten fur ball and then leaves for the flaps as Dale climbs out of the top of the bed in protest and takes a wussy bump off-screen on the floor. Enough of the wussy bumps off-screen guys.

So we logically head to police headquarters as we head inside the office as a weird looking police chief is asking a small boy wearing blue jeans, sneakers and a yellow shirt holding a part of a blue train if he had merely misplaced his own train set. We then cut over to the kitchen desk as the Rangers stand in front of the toaster while Dale slumps next to the coffee pitcher. Chip proclaims that this would be a case for them as Dale is sleeping like a sleepwalker now as Officer Kirby takes the coffee pitcher off the stove and I'm SHOCKED Dale hasn't even heated up yet as we have logic break #2 for the episode barely three minutes in. Dale drops into the coffee pitcher on the rebound as Davey explains that the thieves stole his train set because the train car that was broken was not stolen. Okay; that logic sort of makes sense. Dale flings out of the coffee pitcher and takes another wussy bump behind the toaster as the police chief goes to the toaster and toasts some bread proclaiming that they'll help find it; but it's a big city out there. Davey gives him a piece of paper with his address on it and the chief lays it on the table as the toaster goes off and it's GOOFY SLEEPWALKING CHIPMUNK ON FIRE~! HAHA! Sadly; that is logic break #3 for the episode because Dale wasn't even close to being inside the toaster. Something tells me that was a BS&P logic break. Dale lands with a good bump into the top of the lamp as we cut to Gadget with the paperclip fishing pole getting off golly #1 for the bed. She's upset because the police are heartless; but that's fine because that is what the Rescue Rangers are for as Dale continues to bump around on the cold unforgiving steel and lands just behind Dale to say Rescue Rangers away as a question mark not even four minutes into the episode.

So we logically go to a model train store setup (check the lack of difference of height with the Rangers and the rest of the scene) as Gadget calls this a setup while getting off golly #2 already. Monty goes over to the tracks and proclaims that the thief didn't leave any tracks which is ironic since it's clear that there are train tracks which is what Monty was pointing to. Gadget gets of golly #3 for the episode on that response. Chip actually finds a clue on the edge of the table which is a piece of animal fur nailed to the table. Gadget isn't sure if it is animal fur or what kind of animal it is; but she'll have to use SCIENCE to examine it. And I should note that PZ Meyers thinks furries are A-OK human beings which is very classy of him all things considered; so my opinion of PZ went up about three notches. Dale still oversells the lack of sleep and the Rangers are too into the work to notice. Dale then walks stage left and sees a basket filled with clothes about thirty feet away and then he leaps off the table and lands into the basket without incident or injury. Man; gravity sure took a holiday on that spot as Dale sleeps on the job which is actually slightly better than his work rate already.

So we cut to the Rangers looking into the microscope using the human chain ladder spot again Gadget concludes after looking at the dirt that it comes from a mole. OH MY GOD! Freddy Jones was right; the mole people DO EXIST! And this episode proves it! Or maybe it's Mr. Fat's henchmen Mole as the Rangers tumble onto each other after the shock. Naturally Monty is on bottom as Chip ponders why a mole would want to steal a train set. Answer: Mole likes fun stuff because he's a childish henchman or as Monty would say; it's his birthday. Chip wonders what all this snoring is about and they see Dale sleeping in the basket of clothes like a dad as Chip panics because in comes Davey's mother (well it is Davey's room so this is apporos.) telling Davey that it's time to clean house bed. She grabs the basket of clothes as Davey whines about finding his train set and mother assures that they will find it easily. Davey and mother leave as Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) because she is going to launder the lad. HEE HEE! I hope she bed.

So we logically go into the laundry room as Davey's mother opens the washing machine and throws the clothes and Dale into it and closes the door. She turns the knob to wash cycle as the Rangers run in a panic. The Rangers climb onto the machine as Chip proclaims that they need to stop the machine as Dale gets washed and cycled. HAHA! The Rangers struggle with the knob and the machine goes into the spin cycle which somehow makes Dale's situation even funnier. Dale spins around like he's the machine's bitch. More struggling as they repeat the spot and the cycle goes dry which is enough for the Rangers to use the string as they climb down and Gadget uses the string which opens the washing machine door easily. Man; Larson and Gary have bulked up that bed. The clothes come out and Dale drops down with a fuzzy beard. HAHA! Good bump off-screen on the floor from Dale there as we cut to around the bend as Chip completely blows off Dale for staying up bed. C&D argument #3453 follows and it's so funny when Dale is selling the lack of sleep because it makes Chip look like a total douchebag...even if he is ultimately in the right on the subject of sleep. And then the vacuum cleaner gets involved and Chip has to push Dale on the carpet as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE VACUUM EDITION~! Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Sean Desmond.

Both chipmunks get sucked in as the mother is still telling Davey what to do as Gadget yells that she will unplug the damn thing as she runs in and tries to unplug the thing from the socket; but no dice as Gadget gets sucked in while mother blows off Davey for leaving his baseball glove on the floor. Monty and Zipper try to hang on to the table leg; but they get bed. Mother blows off the room as dusty and then takes the vacuum cleaner bag and throws it down the chute which ends up inside the dumpster outside. I guess this is one unsound environmental apartment building. Good bumping there though as the bag pops and the rodents chatter and laugh. Monty blows off Zipper like a drunk thinking Zipper is Mr. Fat. Zipper shakes his head in protest as Gadget defends him because it's mole hair see. One problem with that logic: Mr. Fat has a mole named...ummm...Mole. Chip and the gang finally get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as they are in disbelief that Mr. Fat is involved as we cut over to a building under intense construction as we see Mole on the toy train seeing a train song so badly he could be William Hung's stunt double.

And he even has the Donald Duck train conductor look down for the special event; how cute! Mole then goes over the hill and get bumped off the train with a wussy bump as Wart and Mepps are on a flatbed as they run out complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. The henchmen grab the bricks of doom as this is the last load and they must hurry. Wart thinks that speed is bad because the bricks cannot run away from them and Mole states the obvious which earns a hat thrown in his face from Wart. It's just not funny unless it's thrown like a girl as we cut back to the dumpster as Dale ponders while sleepy as Gadget proclaims that if they find Mr. Fat; they'll find the train with him. NO?! REALLY?! Chip ponders why Mr. Fat wants the train and Monty blows him off because he would get a brain cramp. Dale's vision goes on the fritz as he sees the heels on the far side grabbing bricks and then falls off the bed. The bump is enough for Chip and the gang to figure out the obvious. The Rangers jump down and run after the heels as Gadget tells Dale to join them. Dale blows them off and sleeps on a steel pillar as it rises stage left.

So we see Monty and Chip climb onto sacks of cement and they use their feet to push the top of the pile and it lands right on top of the train tracks. Chip and Monty bail in opposite directions on the HB run away float spot (Eeek!) as we cut back to Dale sleeping on the steel pillar and then plopping onto another steel pillar as we cut back to the train as the henchmen drive the train towards their bed. Mepps panics as he sees the cement bag and then pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) which allows Mole to be a bump machine and take a wussy bump off of the cement bag. Sigh bed. Mole wants answers and in comes the Rescue Rangers minus Dale to blow them off. Mepps calls them little guys and everyone knows they are trouble; right Don Karnage?! Convington? Monty rolls up his sleeves because he wants some violence and death BABEE! Dale starts sleep walking on the steel pillar and does the zombie pose to amuse me as Monty lays down the law on Mole which Wart blows off as he clearly saw Dale up in the rafters. Mole is surprised as Gadget swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) as Dale continues his awesome sleep walking skills towards the edge. The distraction is enough for Mepps to remove the cement bag and the heels blow off the babyfaces and they bail on the train stage right. Monty wants to go after them; but Chip prevents that because Dale is in major bed. Gadget then gets off golly #4 for the episode nearly nine minutes in after six minutes of golly free action. She also points out that Dale is sleepwalking. NO?! REALLY?! I guess the zombie walk wasn't enough to convince her. At least her acting is better this time around as she wants Zipper to wake him up and Zipper salutes and flies up to do his ten seconds of work for the episode.

Monty then returns with a brick and puts it down as he declares that it will break Dale's fall which gets Gadget all pissed off. HAHA! Now that is funny as Monty defends himself because it's the softest thing he could find. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Now how am I suppose to mock the Aussie Stereotype now?! Dale continues to sleep walk towards the edge; but Zipper uses Larson and Gary roids to push the steel pillar 180 degrees and have Dale land on about six steel pipes in a triangle bunch. Zipper pants and then takes a SICK MAN-SIZED bump into the steel pillar with his head. OUCH! Zipper drops dead like a fly as we cut to ground level as Gadget blows off Monty because she doesn't want Dale to break his neck. I guess she hates sick bumps as Zipper splats hard into the brick and he doesn't have a neck. I don't think Zipper has a brain to kill himself as he is drunker than Dale after watching Happy Hours. AHHAHAHAHAHA! Dale continues to sleepwalk as the lift drops onto the building and that leads to the log rolling spot zombie style. Okay; this is getting overbooked here guys as the Rangers climb onto the makeshift elevator and Monty pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the elevator rises up to the top quickly which allows the Rangers to take wussy bumps on the head of the roof. Oh please; after Zipper's bump Wang?!

The Rangers run off (after we do a flip-flop on the elevator spot) as Dale finally sleep walks off the edge as the Rangers bump into each other on the edge and that sends Chip into free fall because we need another comedy free falling spot. Gadget gets off golly #5 for the episode ten minutes in as we cut to Dale and Chip free falling. Chip is normal, Dale is sleepwalking in the same position defying gravity and the laws of physics all in one go. Dale lands on the plank and sleepwalks stage right and Chip gets bounced off the wooden plank just to amuse me and continues to free fall. HEE HEE! Gadget and Monty go back into the elevator and go about halfway before letting Dale in as he proclaims that he wants to go bed. I think Dale is just acting now as they make it to ground level and Gadget turns on the conveniently placed cement mixer and it pours a mole hill of cement and Chip splashes into it. Monty grabs Chip instantly as Gadget goes to the conveniently placed plastic water jug of doom and uses the magically appearing nail to pop the jar open and spray water all over Chip to wash off the cement before it hardens and kills him. Chip is SHOCKED and APPALLED as Dale sleepwalks in and gets sprayed with water as a result which wakes him up for good. Dale then gets all serious on us and wants to solve this case and Chip is mad and the urge to bonk Dale on the head is rising; but Monty stops him because Dale is up to speed now. Besides; the train tracks give them an easy trail as Gadget goes to the pieces of metal and tries to pull them out but lands on her ass in the process. HEE HEE! Gadget admits that this might take a bit longer as the segment ends 11 minutes in..

After the commercial break; we head to Gidget's Pet Shop of Doom AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as an old lady dressed in pink and purple walks out of the pet store and locks it up for the night. We head inside as the animals are locked in their cages...well; except for Mepps who walks in and shoves the dog cage away. There is no one here but these animals which is true unless you count Mepps as a anthro. The dogs bark away and do nothing else as Mepps and Wart appear with the train tracks to waste some more time. The dogs keep barking as Mr. Fat arrives with his golf ball staff to tap on the glass and blow off the dogs for their excessive yapping. He yells for them to shut up and the dogs cover in fear. They look like young Scooby Doo clones by the way as Mr. Fat admits that he won't set foot in a pet store; unless it was next door to the bank and he reveals behind the white curtain the return of Blind Mouse digging through the walls. See; Mr. Fat has a brilliant plan as Mole arrives and bops the steel tracks into Mr. Fat's stomach and then mole MURDERS his foot in a wussy fashion which Mr. Fat sells with the grab foot spot anyway.

That looked like weak sauce to me as Mr. Fat makes up for it by bonking Mole again and again on the head and those shots were pussy sauce. Since Mr. Fat is a cat that is pretty fitting actually as we head into the makeshift mine shaft as the Rangers are rolling down the tracks with their makeshift mine car. Dale is still selling the sleepwalking routine as Chip is getting more pissed off by the second. He is just upset because Dale is putting WORKRATE into his sleepwalking routine. Chip bounces Dale on his ass and then bonks him on the head with the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to wake him up and then Dale takes a nasty sick bump right on his jaw with it. HAHA! Chip is not amused; but he's nothing without so he can kiss my rear end. Zipper points out the light at the end of the tunnel as Gadget gets off golly #6 for the episode 12 and a half minutes in after two and a half minutes of golly free action. Man; no wonder people think Gadget was annoying when she said that. You know that the number of golly's in an episode is related to the downgrade the quality of an episode gets. Monty wonders what it is as the Rangers minus Dale hop off and go to the cave entrance as now they have another problem which is Dale's sleepwalking as Monty gets off the first too right of the episode and the first in a long time. Chip orders Zipper to keep an eye on Dale while they deal with Mr. Fat. Zipper salutes and goes over to a drunk Dale as he yanks on Dale's eyelids to amuse me. I'm SHOCKED those eyes are not blood shot yet. Or maybe Wang Films cannot animate those properly; who knows. The other Rangers run into the store as Dale snores on his feet because he needs to catch the train. Indeed.

So we cut to an outside shot of the block with the pet store being next to a bank. Word of advice to future contractors: Always make a bank at least 500 yards away from ANY building. We cut to inside the pet store (check the leashes) as Mr. Fat is rocking in his rocking chair while the henchmen gather the gold bricks and put them on the flatbed car; DUH! Then the top vent opens and down comes a rope and the Rangers. Umm; check your internal logic there guys: There is no way a train could be tracked UP there. There is logic break #4 for the episode at 13 and a half minutes after about ten minutes of logic breaking free action. They land on top of the steel cage which will likely be where they are kept by the end of this segment. Chip points out the obvious as Mr. Fat eats on anchovies because he is a heel and heels like food we hate see. Oh; I see what they are doing: Mepps and Mole spray yellow paint on the bricks and then they replace the real gold bricks with fake ones in the bank using the train. Very clever there guys as Mole sprays Mepps with the yellow paint can of spray because Mole cannot be the bump machine all the time now can't he? Mepps grabs the spray can in protest as Mole apologizes and sprays more paint on himself. HAHA!

Mole blows it off because he's the bump machine see. Do I sense jealously in the ranks here as Mr. Fat reveals the plan to us even though I clearly got it about thirty seconds before it happened. Chip is SHOCKED and APPALLED at this and they have to put a stop to it as Monty wonders how to do it. Meanwhile; back at the mine car; we see Dale yawning and sleeping as the routine is apparently catching since Zipper starts yawning his head off in response. He nearly drops dead as a result but recovers slightly and finally Wang Films animates bloodshot eyes. Man; talk about making Dale's act look slightly weak there guys. Zipper finally drops dead onto the mine car and that's enough for Dale to sleepwalk like a drunk again into the pet store. Again; he enters directly through the hole like the Rangers did in the previous scene with Dale; but they somehow ended up on top of a vent. Memo to Wang Films: Hire a CONTINUITY MAN! Otherwise; you might turn into Chuck Tately. Dale sleepwalks past Mr. Fat and doing a much better job of not being seen in his drunk state. I told you lack of sleep improves the work rate. The snakes sees an easy prey; but forgets the glass cage and bumps into it like a bird smashing against a window that I noticed a few times in my life. Dale makes it to a bunch of cages and bumps into them with a sick bump and then takes another sick bump into a doggie bowl of water. Man; Dale has his working boots on today even by his high standards. The Rangers fall and they end up being in a bird cage, DUH! I called that one easily enough which indicates that this episode isn't so high in quality control that is for sure.

The henchmen deny that they had anything to do with the cages crashing down (Honesty? From a heel? WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?!) as Mepps hides behind Mole while Mr. Fat un-pops a cage from his head. Somehow that is one symbolic moment he DOESN'T want to see. Mr. Fat blows off the denial and orders them to pick up the mess as Mole grabs the cage with the Rangers in it. Mr Fat cleans his hair and then is SHOCKED and APPALLED because he sees Mole holding the cage with the Rescue Rangers in it. He orders Mole to drop it and then nails him on top of the head which Mole no-sells. What is with the bad selling on sick shots here today? Mole drops the cage as he is confused as I am as Mr. Fat is loving this as he grabs the cage and declares the Rangers minus Dale & Zipper pet food which ends the segment sixteen minutes in. This is fun; but the mistakes are so glaring and it's dropping the fun element down a notch.

After the commercial break; Mr. Fat continues to enjoy seeing the rodents squirm inside the cage as we cut to Zipper waking up hearing Mr. Fat yelling. Man; Zipper truly is a light sleeper as he flies in and sees the horror of Mr. Fat shaking the cage while Dale pops up from the dog bowl and has woken up again. Dale wonders how the Rangers got into this mess as Mr. Fat laughs badly..and since Chip isn't around to bonk Dale on the head; Zipper does it for Katie Dodd fashion. HAHA! Dale cannot believe that he did this? I can and it was awesome of you. Now go redeem yourself like a good little babyface there Dale. We cut to Mepps and Mole putting the fake bricks onto the flatbed car as Mr. Fat has a leash and has tied the Rangers with it. Damn; I knew those leashes would be used in this episode somehow. Mr. Fat proclaims his evil genius which is a wee bit contrived for a plausible villain now isn't it?! Mepps pulls on the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the train chugs into the bank with the bad bricks and it will soon come in with the good bricks or gold bricks in this case. The train chugs into the bank as Blind Mouse and Wart load on the gold bricks while Mole whines about being tired and such earning a shut up by Wart.

Mole cannot tell the difference as Zipper watches on and then flies back in as Mr. Fat carries the Rangers on while we see a rope in the distance near a glass cage on a shelf. Oh man; stop with that logic guys! Dale climbs up and tries to stay wake as a fish looks on in disbelief. Sadly; Dale is too sleepy and slides down hanging onto the side of the glass tank as Zipper flies up towards Dale. Zipper gets flustered as Dale is drunk to the gill; so Zipper kicks Dale's ass right into the water tank in response. Dale wakes up for real and pops out of the water tank as we cut back to Mr. Fat with the Rangers On A Leash~! Mr. Fat hears train sounds beckoning which indicates that the Rangers will be tied to the train tracks as the Golden Express (as said by Mr. Fat) arrives. Who does Mr. Fat think he is; Snidely Whiplash?! Damn; I'm so good as Mr. Fat calls this an heavenly sight as he walk overs to the train controls. The train comes through completely as the henchmen watch on with glee as Dale hides behind a cardboard box and is in horror as Chip calls Mr. Fat a bully. Only a bully Chip? He's a gangster drug lord guy; and you call him a mere bully? Talk about Chip losing his creditability on the spot there as Gadget demands that they let them go and Mr. Fat agrees with her as he turns the knob and stops the train. Huh?! Why do that?! Answer: So he can lose in this episode silly. The trains stops about one inches from Gadget's body and Mr. Fat grabs the leash again. Goodbye heat after THAT one as he decides to invoke the snake in the cage routine because somehow a train isn't sadistic enough.

Dale runs in finally with a plan as he grabs the train tracks from the front of the train and throws them onto Zipper as the logic is screwed all to hell. Umm; the henchmen were standing IN FRONT of the cave which they could easily SEE Dale. Logic break #5 for the episode and it's ANOTHER Chuck Tately special. We cut back to Mr. Fat as he opens the wooden door on the cage and throws the Rangers inside. Nice bump on the butts there as the snake stalks them and Monty wants some good idea. Here's one: Die Aussie Stereotype. But leave Gadget and Chip alone. We need them for their date later on..and Gadget's too thin to eat anyway. Mr. Fat calls on the henchmen to join in for the torture and the henchmen run in to watch from behind the glass. Again; check the damn internal logic there guys and that's #6 for the episode as the distraction allows Dale to set the train tracks from behind them. The snake is now about a foot away from eating the Rangers as Mole doesn't like nature shows apparently.

That makes two of us as Dale slumps over to the train and is sleepy again. So Zipper bails and returns splashing a thimble of water over Dale's face. Dale wakes up thanking Zipper for the refresh and set the final train track in place. Dale gets into the Golden Express and orders Zipper to turn the knob on the controls and Zipper sells it. The train chugs down the train tracks and the dogs instantly blow their cover by barking like a bunch of lame Scooby Doos. Mr. Fat looks to his left and wants those beasts to shut up and then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLARITY as Dale chugs down the track and then steals Mole's train hat. HAHA! You just knew Dale would get under Mole's skin at some point as he tugs on the whistle rope while Zipper digs coal into the furnace to get some more ten seconds of work in. The heels are SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order) of this occurrence as the henchmen scatter like scalded dogs and Mr. Fat is left on the tracks for logic break #7 for the episode since he was NO WHERE NEAR the tracks at the time until that scene. This is so stupid; it's the REVENGE OF THE WUZZLES as Mr. Fat crashes into the train, DUH! Bye bye heat; after that contrived spot as the henchmen follow.

So we return to the snake using his body as a slide to slide the Rangers down towards his mouth and then he bites through the dog collar to free the Rangers which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. That is too obvious even for me. Gadget thinks that they are safe as the snake proves otherwise for about five seconds as Monty rolls up his sleeves and marches in to get gobbled up first. At least; that is what I hope as Mr. Fat rides shotgun on train and crashes into a pile of dog food for logic break #8 for the episode (how did Dale set the tracks down without upsetting the pile of dog food?); and Zipper opens the cage for the dogs to strike. I just knew they pay off the “Mr. Fat blows off dogs” spot somehow as they chase after the heels. Gadget and Chip escape the cage as Monty and the snake fight it out and after about six tries; Monty ties up the snake good. Like there was any other result to consider? Surely you jest mate as the snake whimpers like a little girl. Monty escapes with the Rangers as Dale and Mr. Fat exchange pleasure thoughts and Mr. Fat misses Dale by a mile as Dale runs off the train and then bails to avoid the heels and young Scooby Doos. Okay; it's time to mercy kill this episode; the mistakes are just too great to get this episode past average now. Mole does do me proud by running on the hamster wheel to amuse me as Dale returns to the Rangers.

Chip asks where the tracks lead and Dale doesn't know. Zipper does as we see that it's the train ski jump commencing as Mr. Fat yells for mercy but gets none as they go through the glass window shattering it into pieces and then they take some decent bumps right onto the sidewalk outside with the train set completely destroyed and the gold bricks scattered about. The heels run through the open window to escape via the train track jump and not one did they touch the broken glass. How about that?! The Scooby Doo reject club stops on a dime as they realize how dumb they really are that even Scooby Dumb looks like WildCat. The sirens wail on cue as Mr. Fat recovers and panics because the police have arrived and Mr. Fat gets squashed in a wussy fashion by the stampeding heels. Mr. Fat calls them cowards and then struggles to his feet and bails stage right. As I said; goodbye heat after this episode as we cut back into the pet store as the Scooby Doo rejects and Rangers laugh it up inside. Chip wonders how that plan worked so well and Dale admits that he saw it on the Late, Late, Late Show. SCORE! See; no matter how sleepy you get, you can learn something important when you watch the Late, Late, Late, Late Show.

So we return to the police station in the morning as we cut to inside the police chiefs office as the chief of police hands Davey his train back safe and sound. Davey swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) and asks them where they found it. The police chief responds by saying that he wouldn't believe it if he told him. Well; I do son and I wish the writers would put more thought into it next time around. Kirby and Muldoon are stacking gold bricks into an iron safe as we pan up to the ceiling fan as Dale ponders telling him what happened and asks for the gang's approval and he turns around and the remaining rodents are asleep like babies. HEE HEE! Zoom in shot to Monty and we end the episode at 21:09. Well; this was a fun episode, but the Chuck Tately logic was killing it. At least Mr. Fat can now take solace in that it was bad logic and not bad writing that killed his heat. At least Dale was his smooth self in this episode. Call this one *** (60%).


I actually like this episode as Dale is always a good choice to use for a sleepwalking angle since he watches too much television and stays up late too many times. Sometimes; it looks exactly like me, but that is my dreams of course. I won't go into detail because it gets too weird even by my standards. Sadly; the execution was way off at times with wussy shots that were supposed to be good; no selling from Dale on the lack of sleep at times, Dale selling like a drunk, and out of nowhere logic breaks. What exactly was Wang Films thinking when they animated the Mr. Far crashes into train spot; I don't know. The logic was way off and at times the logic breaks were Chuck Tately-ish. Even Chuck Tately with his obvious logic breaks in TaleSpin didn't break logic this often in a single episode. Not only did the breaks ruin Mr. Fat's heat; the toaster spot looked like a BS&P decision to prevent kids from getting the idea of having someone inside the toaster other than bread. Other than that; this was a solid episode and for once Monty looked like he was over; albeit in a pretty sadistic spot (the brick to break fall spot). Dale naturally was his smooth self as usual and the story itself was fine. I just don't like it when they break logic like that to the point where no one looks good and it ruined Mr. Fat's creditability as a heel right there.

So we have only six episodes left on Disc 3 and half of them are the ones I'm interested in with the Dale episode in keeping a pet (just to see if he can channel Molly, Sunni, Eleroo, Kit and Cubbi all in one go), Robocat with Gadget making a robot friendly and of course the big one with the Heaven's Gate angle. The other three look wacky enough; but don't look like anything special. Next up is the Case of the Cola Cult and this is the big one. If it's a ***** episode; then the series is better than Darkwing Duck. If not; then I will be shilling Drake Mallard for life. So Gadget is under a lot of pressure here...Please don't screw this up Gadget love; my reputation is at stake here!

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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