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Does Pavlov Ring A Bell?

Reviewed: 03/15/2009

Only In A Gummi Bear's Mind...

Well; we finally hit the final episode of Volume 2 with a downer of an episode in terms of quality and importance. So how does this volume end quality wise? Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Kevin Hopps. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Wang Films/Cuckoo's Nest Studios .

Annoying Moment #1: And we return to the first version of the opening sequence again.

We begin this one on the streets AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) and we go to the pan shot to the City Bank. We know this because it sezs City Bank in white letters posted on a blue sign attached to a building. That looks more like a bad hotel to me as the phone is ringing off the hook. We head inside which is mature lighting dark (Boy; I am having a field day debunking the Dibalo 3 whiners this series) and pan over to the desk as a security guard in police uniform with a flashlight and an albino face picks up the phone and answers it as the First Federal National City Bank. Hello?! False advertising much there pal?! No answer from the other side other than a high pitch whistling which causes the man's ears some pain. No bleeding of course because blood is a no-no on DTVA until Gargoyles. He slams the phone down and calls them jokers which is countered as the ALARM OF PAIN is beckoning. We know this because we see the school bell ring on the green wall. The officer wonders what this is and then the floor rumbles and out pops from the floor a giant mouse machine with Wii blue eyes. Geez; how many warning did Nintendo give before Wii was officially released. The security guard panics as he drops the flashlight and the blue Wii eyes stay on as we fade to black. Ooooookkkkkkkaaaayyyyy....

So we cut to Rescue Ranger Headquarters as there is clanking going on in the morning and we cut to Gadget on her blue hair comb ladder (Best use of a hair comb ever!) banging away on her new invention: The Ranger Skate Rocket of Sadism~! Everything sounds more awesome when you add the word sadism to it; more so when Gadget is the inventor. Monty is watching as Gadget proclaims that one little adjustment should have it working without any problems and naturally the cowardly Aussie Stereotype (and his trophy blue bottle fly) bail behind the child blocks. Because he is a man child see. HAHA! Gadget asks what is wrong with them and Monty calls it a reflex action. Geez; if she did that a million times, Monty would lose weight more than Hoppo when she's square dancing. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm....Gadget turns on her number one fan and a nut screws loose by itself. Is there some curse Gadget had when that happens?!

The fan pops loose and it misses Monty's head by two inches. HAHA! Oh well; better luck next time Gadget love as Monty grabs the number one fan and blows Gadget off. Gadget apologizes (yeah right?!) as Monty replaces the fan and that segues into Chip and Dale fighting to get in through the door first as C&D Argument #6543 beckons. Judging by the PICNIC BASKET OF YOGI'S and the pink daisy; I think there is either a date being considered or a picnic or both. They then hide their stuff and say hi to Gadget. Okay; it's a date; there is no doubt now. Chip goes over and gives the flower in a thimble to Gadget which Gadget accepts while Dale gets pissed over it...and then Gadget throws the flower out and nails the thimble to the prop to hold it. HAHA! That is so Wildcat-ish of you Gadget love as now Chip is seriously PISSED as Dale comes forward with the picnic basket because they can now go to the picnic. HAHA! Gadget proclaims that they all go on the picnic as the Rangers get on and Chip mocks Dale for his tiny little gaffe since Dale wanted just a date with only Gadget love. HAHA! And now Dale is PISSED. I wish Kit was older and here so we can end this debate once and for all....

So we get a ride in the sewers with the Ranger Skate Rocket as Dale and Gadget are in the backseat eating and drinking. Gadget thanks Dale for the wonderful idea and she gets the first golly of the episode nearly three minutes in. Dale is mixed on this since Monty keeps stealing sandwiches from him in the front seat driving. What a bad role model this Aussie Stereotype is?! Doesn't he know how dangerous it is to get distracted from driving? Even the Wuzzles aren't bad when it comes to that. Gadget is eating her grapes as Dale asks if Gadget wants some lemonade and Chip rudely butts into Dale's business. Hey suck wad; he asked Gadget, you wait your turn you bastard?! C&D Argument #6544 ensues as they fight over the lemonade and the thing falls onto the battery which means doom and gloom for the Rangers. Remember that this is all Chip's fault since Dale was asking Gadget if she wanted lemonade; not him. The battery shorts out and the ride stops without incident as Gadget then blows off Dale. Huh?! It's Chip's fault since he was the one who butted into Dale's business with the exchange of lemonade between him and you.

Naturally they pin the blame on the other and I'm on Dale's side of thing as we see Chipmunk Wrestling Entertainment for probably the last time in my rants...until the Youtube rants of course. Now that's the spirit you bloody chipmunks; MURDER each other to hell! Zipper gets buried by Chip's fedora hat just to show how important Zipper really is to this series as Monty asks if friendship is truly grand. In this case...yes. So we get a shot of an area which looks like the wrong part of town and then to street level as Chip and Dale are pulling the Ranger Skate Rocket in the front as Monty and Zipper blow off the chipmunks for being such pissants and breaking his back. If that is the case; then good for Gadget to show equal sadism to all even if Dale and Zipper don't deserve it and Gadget is a shrinking violet female. Gadget proclaims that they are at the hardware store and she runs down to the junkpile in front of the locked store to find something to fix the short battery. She then pulls on a wire which so happened to be Sparky's tail and Sparky the Mouse (no relation to Megavolt, DUH!) jumps up like he has a super ball in his ass down into the cardboard box. HAHA!

Out comes Sparky the Mouse and man he looks like a drug addict with those eyes there. Chip and Dale instantly butt in front of Gadget and start demanding answers. Now I would understand this from the “he might be someone who could sexually assault Gadget” context; but the chipmunk context is “You are stealing my date” so screw them; they are jealous bastards! Sparky reveals his name as Sparky and Monty comes in relating a BS story about meeting an electric eel named Sparky at one time. Sparky and Monty shake hands and Monty gets FRIED with the YELLOW DALEK BEAM OF DEATH. HAHA! I see Sparky is the inventor of electric joy buzzers. I wonder if he and Megavolt exchanged notes. Or better yet; Sparky and Martin Torque for use in the Auto Aviator. Apparently; he has problems with static since he works on shock therapy. Okay; that was pretty disturbing there sir. Gadget is charmed stiff about this guy because he works in a science lab see as she gets off golly #2 for the episode four and a half minutes in. Sparky is as confused as Gadget is and Monty blows him off as having a short circuit between the ears. Sparky has voltage buildup in his fingers see. Chip and Dale pull Gadget away just to show how Baloo should do it to Kit in Stormy Weather as Sparky asks about their transportation problems and Gadget explains the battery short. Sparky then jumps onto the battery and licks his fingers and then invokes the shock treatment touch and the number one fan starts up again as his hairs gets fizzled. HAHA! Sparky calls this a perk of being a lab rat and not combing his hair as Gadget laughs her ass off. Man; that laugh sounds a bit more natural than what Tress usually does.

So we head back to Ranger headquarters as Sparky has decided to visit the Rangers much to the disdain of the other Male Rangers. Now this is all Chip's fault. Remember that one folks! Gadget invited him because it's nice to talk to someone who understands her. Okay; that is a wee bit too Kit Cloudkicker like for my liking there Gadget love. Sparky is giddy as Gadget runs stage right to reveal her latest invention: the Automatic Plunge-O-Popper prototype which is a cross bow wagon device that shoots plungers. Because nothing says rodent warfare quite like the plunger. The number one counter against yellow canary eating black/white pussy cats recommended by 9 of 10 Tweety birds, bulldogs and rifle touting grannies everywhere. She then proclaims that it will work without any problems and the Rangers bail behind the children blocks again like a bunch of man children. HAHA! Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) because she said the forbidden FCC phrase of the day....apparently.

Gadget fires the plunger and it bounces off the walls for a while while managing to not stick to the wall and then Sparky gets a direct hit right in the kisser. HAHA! Now you can say #1 method of preventing drug, alcohol, tobacco and food abuse. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...Sparky pops the plunger off his face and then adjusts a hook on the thing proclaiming that it will go twice as far and they fire another plunger as the Rangers pop up and then take the plunger right into the midsection and bounce back with a sick bump into the back wall and a shelf drops dumping metal nuts and bolts on them. OUCH! Kit stole that one for Plunder and Lightning Part One and it's even sicker than this version. Probably because I cannot take a plunger seriously compared to a 80 pound 12 year old kid. Gadget proclaims that he is smart as golly #3 beckons six minutes in. HAHA! He's smart and a sadist. He's the male Gadget. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

Chip and Dale blow Sparky off as they jump onto the machine and load up a plunger off the slingshot to show the MANLY way of doing it. This is too funny not to mock as Chip and Dale pull the sling back and that allows them and the plunger to slingshot right into the wall with a sicker MAN-SIZED bump. HOLY CRAP?! This is getting too violent for my tastes and they aren't even using guns here. The top shelf bounces a metal box of nuts and bolts and the Rangers get rained on. HAHA! Dale then makes me laugh at him as he takes the plunger right on the ass. HAHA! Gadget taps her foot in disgust and goes for the broom as she walks stage left while Sparky looks at her like a pervert. I can see why it's so funny when the fans did scans of that scene on Acorn Cafe taken out of context of course. Monty and Zipper then hear whistling and it's the tea kettle as he forgot to turn it off and walks out as the tea kettle causes Sparky to have a seizure right on cue. Man; and people thought the mute mouse angle was offensive and this episode wasn't edited. Sparky walks like a zombie and snaps two wires which spark like crazy.

Chip and Dale run in to stop him; but they bail as Sparky takes the wires and uses them to completely destroy the television set. Sparky is completely insane; there's no other way to explain it as Sparky's seizure has apparently ended in a cloud of smoke. Gadget comes back in with a leaf broom and blows off the chipmunks for showing off. Chip and Dale naturally blame Sparky for doing it on purpose. Okay; I agree with Sparky with doing it but he has SEIZURES so he didn't mean to do it and Chip and Dale are just a bunch of jealous bastards who want Gadget for a date. Sparky cannot explain his actions because he doesn't remember, DUH! He had a SEIZURE; how is he supposed to know. Gadget hands Chip the broom and then walks away with Sparky as she blows them off for making the mess. I was hoping she would whack Chip in the face with it; but no dice. I guess she isn't in a sadism mood today. The Rangers are SHOCKED and APPALLED by this as Gadget wants to see his lab...So that logically leads to....

..the same apartment from The Luck Stops Here as we go into the apartment building which has doubled into a science lab. Now this landlord has a pretty freedom policy here that cannot be too healthy for him as we see Gadget and Sparky on the desk. Gadget is in awe over this lab because it has wonderful stuff. Gadget goes into her science complex speaking as Eisner is pushing the panic button to stop himself from hyper-ventilating like a gamer/developer after seeing the UK Change4Life Campaign. I didn't talk about it because I would be projecting myself knowing that I am over 450 pounds and have pain in my legs and back. So; yeah I cannot express any comments on it and not look stupid other than I think it's a fair campaign myself. Nice to see Nintendo at least talking to the people behind the effort rather than responding in the “holier than thou” nature the rest of the industry is. And where was the outrage when Nintendo was attacked by the publisher of Game Over back in the 1990's? Because somehow the industry is good while only Nintendo is the evil one? That is why I just cannot take these industry games seriously anymore.

Gadget is so giddy and she would like to stay here forever as we see Chip and Dale behind a car battery. Umm; weren't these two supposed to be cleaning a MESS or something?! Dale gasps in horror because he thinks Gadget is quitting the Rescue Rangers again. See what I mean by the fact that it's not edgy. Now joining a cult was edgy stuff..Joining a terrorist group and then turning on them is edgy stuff by children's television standards. Sparky explains that it all belong to a professor who is a real genius as he plays a piano key which turns on a green light and a trap door appears with a block of Swiss cheese. If there was any time when Monty should be here; this would be it but he's not. Sparky gives the block of cheese to Gadget as he presses on the key and gets shocked again. Man; this shock treatment has selective memory and I would call this logic break #1 for the episode; but it's too funny so I'll forgive them for it. Sparky cools off his tail with his own body fluids (EWWWW!) as Gadget thinks he is great while getting off golly #4 for the episode eight minutes in. Chip and Dale are not amused as Buzz the Exercise Hamster pops up from the breadbox to ask Sparky to play it again. We know he exercises since he is wearing red exercise gear. Gadget wants to shake hands; but Sparky warns her about Buzz being shocked more or less so Gadget declines the shocking handshake of doom. Buzz goes over to the tube as he asks for motivators and Sparky gets confused as this guy is the mouse version of the Absent Minded Professor. Now all we need is for him to make the mouse version of Flubber and we have all the bases covered. Although his shock treatment comes close. And no; I'm not stooping to the Pikachu jokes for this rant. Just because Sparky is a mouse and is remotely close to yellow doesn't mean the joke works. Get over it and move on as I am doing right now....

So Gadget giggles as Sparky goes over to the spotlight panel and pushes the red button and Buzz has a seizure as the red light is on. Then Sparky presses the yellow button and Buzz gets into position to run and then Sparky presses the green button and Buzz runs complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. No wonder snobs hated DTVA; they were cribbing Hanna Barbera's style. Buzz runs through the tube with reckless abandon; crushing through the brick wall (!!!) as Gadget said the same thing I was going to say on that response. Sparky proclaims to never get in the way of a motivated guinea pig. Okay there Sparky; that's a wee bit too much information for my liking. More running through the tubes; but he takes a wrong turn and gets SHOCKED some more so he's forced to rebound away. Gadget wonders what happened and Sparky states the obvious while we get more electric puns out of it. It shows you why acting is SO important when you are dealing with a children's show and lame puns. It makes them sound better than they really are. He pushes up and breaks the box and starting eating a bowl of puffs as Gadget proclaims that Buzz wasn't even thinking. Sparky calls it beautiful because the professor proclaims that thinking is a waste of time. Man; that sounds so much like an creationist.

Chip and Dale mock him for that as Buzz comes out of the tube as he apparently has his seizure stopped. Sparky is still as absent minded as ever as the chipmunks blow that off and then they get grabbed by the Aussie Stereotype and his trophy fly. HOW DARE HE?! Monty takes them away because he hates them being jealous (HEAT LEACHER!!); but cannot see the test tube in front of him and trips on it with his feet. Serves him right for trying to drag this episode down as Zipper gets pin balled right into the back of Gadget-mama. Gadget notices him as Zipper squeaks which leads to some glass shattering and ends up with Monty and the chipmunks inside the test tube as Monty blames them for this. Yeah right?! It's your fault Monty for stepping in on them being peeping toms just because you couldn't get over on your own and now you are jealous that you are leaching off their heat trying to make it your own. Gadget and the gang of seizure rodents demand answers on this outrage and the chipmunks want to run the maze so they can show Gadget up. Monty is flustered on that one (BOO HOO to you Aussie Stereotype) as even Sparky thinks this is a bad idea.

They run into the maze and get SHOCKED and APPALLED in pain as foot grabbing and ass grabbing spots ensure for my amusement. HAHA! These males are too funny to watch. And they don't need to get a seizure to get motivated if you catch my drift. Gadget wants the fun to stop before someone actually dies for my pleasure (Oh well; cannot blame her for caring I guess); and Sparky agrees. Sadly; the professor never taught him how to do that. HAHA! The male rodent stop for a respite as we get some gross shots of Monty wiggling his toes as he blows the chipmunks off for trying to impress Gadget. Then the door opens and the chipmunks go to the edge of the test tube glass as Sparky and Buzz bail to their cage...Gadget is confused for about three seconds as she sees the real professor of this outfit as it's....wait for it... the evil scientist Norton Ninmul; DUH! Norton laughs badly as he walks around because he wants to take a trip to the bank to study money matters. Wow; that just taints Sean Malstrom's reputation doesn't it Mr. Hardcore? Norton walks over to the maze as the only thing that matters is MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! Gadget panics because he'll see the male rodents. NO?! REALLY?! Dale tries to bail stage left; but the shock treatment prevents that. Chip proclaims that they'll never find the way out as Monty proclaims that they will be basted and fried as Norton walks closer to them to end the segment 11 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Norton proclaims that he outdid himself with his bank robberies. Seriously; this whiny dork is really low on the dignity scale if he think robbing banks is so cool as a heel. He goes over to the table which is covered with a white cloth as Monty is still rubbing his foot. He wants to get out; but Chip and Dale wonders how without getting zapped. I don't get that logic; they went through the maze and got zapped a million times already. You would think that they would be used to it by now. I guess that they are total wusses after all as we cut to Gadget running to Sparky's cage calling this terrible. No crap Sherlady as Zipper opens the cage for his ten seconds of work in the episode and Gadget drags Sparky out and over to the piano organ. She wants a piece of cheese as Sparky plays the organ and gets the Swiss cheese which Norton blows off; but the white cloth screws him from doing anything else. Gadget places the cheese in front of the maze and Zipper fans his wings on the smell as it goes into the maze. I think you know what happens next. Ai, Yi, Ai; what terrible acting from the Aussie Stereotype?! Monty grabs the chipmunks and they race in rapid fire as Norton goes over and thinks that there is a short circuit. They finally makes it as Monty uses the cheese with one hand and he and the chipmunk worry about blowing their feet out. GOOFY JEALOUS MALE RODENTS ON FIRE!

Monty eats the cheese as Zipper fans his feet which somehow isn't all that disturbing actually. Sparky calls this impressive since that's real action without thinking. Of course Sparky doesn't think; otherwise he would clear away from the whiny dork with the tiny manhood laser. See; I can make dick jokes like the ADM. The chipmunk protests Sparky acting like a heel as Sparky denies that Norton is a heel because he's not involved in an evil scheme. Sparky proclaims that Norton is a real genius. If that means being evil, whiny and having lasers look like bad phallic symbols; then I agree with him. The Rangers then bail stage right onto the blue device as Norton grabs the cages of Sparky and Buzz and walk back to the secret device under the white cloth. We cut back to the male rodents as they give eye contact violence to Gadget. Why?! She didn't know Sparky was working for Norton at all and she's sure he has a perfectly good reason to work with him. Dale does the Gruffi pose and blows them off as rats. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

We then cut to Norton lifting the veil off his brand new invention....wait for it....the GIANT GUINEA PIG MECH OF DOOM. Ah; I see Norton was building model animal Gundams in his spare time. Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (blimey) as he doesn't want to meet this guinea pig in a dark alley or even a sunny alley. What a coward this Aussie Stereotype is?! Norton grabs Buzz from his cage and then pops the head open to drop him in as Norton reveals that he uses the brains of rodents to act as robots to steal that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH from banks using the GUNDAM GUINEA PIG OF DOOM~! Buzz is on a small conveyer belt inside the CPU of the machine and the brain scrambler device helmet is place on his head. Norton then invokes the manhood remote control and the buzzing sound forces Buzz into a seizure and he starts running like a hamster without a wheel. The Rangers are SHOCKED and APPALLED as Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (Crikey!). Norton grabs Sparky's cage and leads him towards the piano as Norton wants to blow off those who blew off his genius. That sounds so hardcore that it isn't funny anymore as Chip orders Gadget to check out the robot with Buzz inside. Gadget no sells because she's too concerned with Sparky's well being as Dale blows him off again for causing trouble. Chip grabs his arm and forces him down the tube since Chip wants to take care of Sparky and Gadget isn't all that thrilled to hear it. So we logically lead back to....

.the City Bank BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (Read: Sunset) as Norton sneaks into the bank with his caged rat Sparky as we cut to a sky shot of humans doing their banking much like we always do our banking. Minus the prison like glass windows in front of the teller desks. Other than that; it's like real life. We cut to inside an office as the alarm clock rings on a desk and the bank manager (wearing a blue trench coat and red tie) with a gray mustache and bald calls for closing time. Man; I would not want to be the guys standing in line. I mean that is so disrespecting of your customers there pal. Everyone leaves stage left cursing under their breath as Norton stays and laughs badly. Somehow; that is not a good idea to blow your cover like that you whiny dork. He pushes the cage away from the wall so it can not been seen as he's here to make one small deposit and then he and the remaining customers leave the bank outside without further incident. We cut back to the lab as Gadget is checking the robot and Monty is checking DA...HOLE (God bless Baby Plucky). Gadget notices Buzz by looking into the eye holes while getting off golly #5 for the episode 15 minutes in after seven minutes of golly free action. Man; I'm going to miss that pun until I start the Youtube episode rants once the DVD rants of Ducktales and Quack Pack are finished.

Monty sniffs the floor as he calls the robot tin britches ready to spread through the sewer system. Okay; that a wee bit disgusting there mate. Gadget then realizes that the sewers is the maze and that Buzz is programmed to run through without thinking. So they need to deprogram him and Monty calls this no problem and then covers his mouth because he projected himself. HAHA! By the way; there is a more read between the lines concept for Kit Cloudkicker staying at Higher For Hire: Kit was programmed by his life experiences that trusting adults was a fatal mistake in a world of terrorists, criminals, and heartless/soulless adults. Being with his new family by heart is a way to deprogram him from that and reprogram him to trust his own instincts of opening up and trusting adults in critical situations because there are people out there who can be trusted and who really give a damn. I always love DTVA foreshadowing because while we do recycle ideas; the old shows did the foreshadowing a lot and the end result was usually better episodes than the previous template; thus making the shows last a lot longer. Compare that to today; where it often leads to worse episode quality as a result because there is a stopping point to how far you can go before the episode quality goes into a hyperbole.

So we return to outside a phone booth AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) and then return to the bank without any context whatsoever. Logic break #1 for the episode as we cut to floor level with Chip and Dale going through the vent as they think Sparky is here. They hear the phone ring and then we pan over to a telephone blinking yellow lights as the answering machine is on with the usual message we always do and then the beep sound as we cut back to the phone booth on the pan shot with Norton inside. Okay; the logic break is popped out of the episode as Norton calls this banking by phone. I wondered why people were so frightened by this way and the Internet?! Yeah; go figure, it's always the evil whiny dork that ruins the fun for everybody. He then takes out the his tiny blowing manhood and blows into the phone. GROSS! And people thought the golden phallic symbol on a Little Mermaid poster was Satanic?! Shows you how many people actually studied Disney doesn't it?! Chip and Dale cover their ears inside and Dale notices Sparky walking on the floor like he has a seizure. Again; why didn't this episode get black balled and the mute character in Piped Piper Power Play did? The chipmunks run towards him as we cut back to the lab as Gadget climbs into the brain of the GUNIEA PIG GUNDAM OF DEATH as Monty tells her to be careful. Oh sod off you Aussie Stereotype.!

I'll be glad to end this series because Monty has surpassed Drake Mallard on my annoyance list. Drake is much funner to mock than this loser. Gadget proclaims that Buzz will not move since he is controlled by the robot as long as the alarm doesn't sound. And of course we see the alarms beckoning and Buzz runs like mad on the conveyer belt. Monty and Zipper gets forced into the brain and the GUNIEA PIG GUNDAM OF DEATH jumps down DA...HOLE and into the sewers as we cut back to the top of the filing cabinet as Sparky is in front of the opened alarm bell encased in a frame with glass as a door as the chipmunks climb up wondering why he turned on the alarm. Take one guess my friend...Chip realizes that Norton is controlling him and Chip goes to the alarm wires and pulls them out which they spark and then Chip foolishly gives the wires to Sparky. Okay; that was pretty contrived guys. Chip and Dale are forced back as Sparky has the shock wires with evil zombie eyes as the segment ends seventeen minutes in. Why Chip even GAVE the wires to Sparky is beyond me since it was only making things worse.....

After the commercial break; we have Chip and Dale near the edge as Sparky is going loco with the sparkle wires of course. Chip tries to explain to him that Gadget likes him but no dice as they cannot stop him while he is programmed. And then Chip grabs something from Dale and it's a picture of Gadget and Dale takes offense to it. HAHA! Chip shows the picture of Gadget and Sparky relents managing to have the wires snag his ankles and he gets the ultimate shock treatment allowing him to do some sick bumps onto the filing cabinet with his face. Sparky is out cold as Chip tries to revive him; but no dice. So we go to the thrilling GUINEA PIG GUNDAM OF DEATH race through the sewers Doom style. HAHA! And before Doom was even made too! Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (Crikey again?!) as we go to the side angle as Gadget doesn't know where it is headed; but it is Norton who programmed Buzz as Gadget gets off golly #6 for the episode nearly eighteen minutes in. We head into the brain as Monty goes over and pulls the wire from the helmet and Buzz sells..for about three seconds as he continues to no sell and run. Then they are all unsteady as we cut the robot pop up from the sewers via an open manhole cover and tip toeing through the street in front of traffic. Gadget proclaims that Monty reprogrammed Buzz. NO?! REALLY?!

It tiptoes and then climbs a green skyscraper with ease with shows just how screwy the logic is getting right now as the humans panic on the ground. Buzz gets to the top and Monty and Gadget sway as Gadget proclaims that Buzz might hurt someone as Monty swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE. Why bother since oh my god is allowed in a DTVA cartoon. I've heard it twice already. Gadget goes over and replaces the two wires in the back of Buzz's helmet. Ummm; check your internal logic there guys: Monty only pulled one wire out and it was in the front. Logic break #1 for the episode right there without question and a bad CONTINUITY ERROR at that. Buzz resumes running normally and the robot runs down defying gravity as it goes and hops back into the sewers which causes the old Hanna Barbera pop up and run spot from the sewer workers (check the blue uniforms) to run in opposite directions. We watch these shows to get away from HB; not be reminded of them...

So we cut back to on the filing cabinet as Sparky wakes up as he wonders what he is doing here and the chipmunks get on his case. Sparky wonders if there is a robbery and Chip doesn't know because they are alone. Oh man; this is so out of whack as the floor rumbles and up pops the GUINEA PIG GUNDAM OF DEATH as it sniffs the floor and the top of the head opens to reveal Monty, Gadget and Zipper waving hello to the chipmunks. The robot heads to the vault and starts chewing on the metal to open the door as Monty wants to short circuit it; but Gadget refuses to take that risk again as the Rangers get in trouble. Sparky wants answers to all this as Gadget explains to him that they were being used to rob banks and Norton is a crook. Sparky is SHOCKED and APPALLED by this use of science for evil. NO?! REALLY?! Sparky tries to run off to MURDER that robot; but Gadget pulls on his tail to stop it. Why? Because this is Rescue Ranger work see and the chipmunks can handle it. Chip and Dale are SHOCKED that Gadget thinks highly of them and they get giddy. Dirty little womanizers they are indeed.

The chipmunks run to the desk and grab the alarm clock and then return to behind the GUINEA PIG GUNDAM OF DEATH and set the alarm which rings and Buzz no sells as Gadget gets off golly #7 for the episode 20 minutes in. The robot turns around on a dice (HA!) and the chipmunks bail for the thrilling SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE GUINEA PIG ALARM CLOCK GUNDAM EDITION~! Chip and Dale throw the alarm clock at each other (sigh) as Monty opens the vent and the babyface run into the sewer with Buzz and the robot following behind them as Zipper shuts the door on the robot and the robot is forced to stop. We then go through the next vent door into the sewers as Sparky points out the obvious as the robot breaks through the wall (Double HA!) and then the babyfaces bail again for the round two of the SDCSTGPACGE~! You know what I'm talking about here; I'm sure...We cut to the phone booth as Norton has exited and checking his watch because it's time for him to reap the rewards; but then he sees the babyfaces and Chip grabs the alarm clock from Dale and throws it into Norton's hands as they bail. Well; it was nice knowing you Norton Ninmul. NOT! The alarm clock drops into his pocket which goes to show you that good hygiene is a good thing to have. And so the GUINEA PIG GUNDAM OF DOOM chases Norton away as Sparky calls Buzz one motivated guinea pig. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

So we cut back to Rescue Ranger Headquarters and then a shot at the front door with Buzz and Sparky. I guess the cops arrested Norton and Buzz got out safely. Sparky knocks on the door as Gadget answers it and she's happy as I expected her to be. Sparky explains how Buzz got here which is always nice for the writers to do. Buzz and Sparky are here to say goodbye because they are going to MIT BABEE! Now that is what I call moving on up so to speak. Dale asks when they are going to leave and Chip arrives to bonk him on the head for one last time...until the Youtube videos of course. Sparky feels bad; but understands why they don't like him anymore. He wondered why they didn't leave him at the bank and Chip admits that they were jealous at first since they wanted to date Gadget; but they understood that Gadget likes them better than the chipmunks.

Somehow I think Eisner is trying to put a sock into the sexual tension of this before someone complains methinks. Gadget holds her face and asks Chip no to be silly as she gets off golly #8 for the episode as she hugs them because nothing can replace those two. Except maybe Bob Iger and his team of personality removers. The two chipmunks look like two twin perverts in a pod as Dale proclaims no one can replace him; so Chip of course takes offense to that and it's C&D Argument #6545 as we get some more shots of headquarters and then zoom out to the far shot to end the episode, disc three and volume one of this DVD at 21:16. Really kick ass episode until the end and then it got a little bit choppy with the logic breaks and contriveness. Still; another excellent performance from Gadget and even Sparky was pretty cool. At least Norton now is getting the better end of the deal heel wise while Mr. Fat is getting the raw deal with Monty. I believe Danny Gans is Sparky judging from the credits. **** ½ (95%).


Well; the final DVD released episode of Rescue Rangers is in the books (nine straight episodes in nine days to boot!) and it ends on a really high note with another really good Gadget focus episode. While the episode wasn't important in the grand scheme of things; it was still a fun romp with Gadget trying to relate to Sparky who was like Gadget in the ways of innocent sadism and absent mindedness; but more dangerous with electricity. I didn't find the subplot of Chip and Dale being jealous with Gadget all that compelling since Sparky was hardly a bad person; just misguided since he really didn't have anyone to relate too as a babyface other than Gadget; and the one who he could relate to was a heel in Norton. Norton was all right and Monty didn't suck all that much. I still cannot get over Dale being a jerk in this episode which felt out of place here and in Robocat; and maybe that's why I felt Kit was a lot more over because he didn't act like a jerk even when it appeared that he did. Buzz was all right; and I did like the shocking maze of doom along with the exercise guinea pig robot gundam who robs banks. However; the climax up until the ending fell a little bit flat and a bit contrived so I felt that I went away happy; but not completely fulfilled. Overall; it's an excellent episode to end on and Drake Mallard is screwed since he'll be mocked forevermore. HEE HEE!

So that officially ends Volume 1 of the Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers set and pretty much the series until I start ranting the 14 remaining episodes left on Youtube assuming Disney doesn't start claiming copyright violations using WMG as an excuse like I see nowadays. This disc set recovered quite nicely from the terrible disc 2 that I had to endure; but still, I cannot help feeling a bit cheated over the amount of hype from the fans on this series. Tad Stones is a great producer for DTVA; but it's clear that it takes about half of the series for him to get into a groove and while his ideas were so awesome that it got people into the series; it also creates the problem of aging a lot less gracefully later on when all the problems are exposed and time determines it's fate. It's also clear to me that Monterey Jack is a cancer to this series as he is nothing more than a glorified stereotypical gimmick that cannot get over as a decent character. If he wasn't an Aussie and was a black person; then Disney would be in major deep crap over it and nearly did so in Battle of the Bulge.

Also; I can see that Gadget was the awesome character I felt she would be; but she really didn't have the presence Kit had where Kit looked awesome in nearly every scene even when he was doing nothing. When Gadget was the focus; she was awesome beyond belief as the previous three episodes I ranted on when she was the focal character demonstrated; but in non-focus episode; she sometimes was persona non-grata. I don't blame anyone but the writers who seriously believed that it was their mission to get Monty over as a super mouse and it hurt everyone. Zipper and Chip barely got any time for focus characters in solo efforts and Chip tended to be there as a foil for Dale's antics who was actually the best character in this series. I don't blame the writers for overusing him more than Fat Cat. And Fat Cat's laying low was less due to overexposure and more towards Monty being overexposed more than anything else. Norton Ninmul has finally got the heat he needed thanks to the fact that he becomes a good foil to excellent characters rather than Monty. Again; you can see why I hate Monty so much.

Finally; I saw some pretty shrill acting from the main actresses which made some key scenes sound very wooden and unconvincing. I'm begging that they never do business with Sindy McKay ever again after the sub par acting she has done over this series that I have ranted. Overall; this disc has five thumbs up, one thumbs down and three in the middle. The entire two DVD sets total has 22 thumbs up, 17 thumbs in the middle and 12 thumbs down which actually makes it WORSE than the first two volumes of Darkwing Duck which has three more episodes in them. Of course Darkwing Duck got renewed and actually got worse as time went on. Plus with several episode being DUD and worse; I think that swing it as a draw between the two. Of course; I still have 37 episodes of Darkwing Duck left so who knows....

Now in all fairness; there are still 14 episodes left in the series and two of them are Monty focused episode including a redo plot line with Monty's parents again (this time his mother called A Lean On the Property). There is of course Puffed Rangers and The Pied Piper Power Play which have been reanimated and cut due to the former having Asian Stereotypes and the later due to a comic mouse who is mute. I don't get the later one since you could easily black ball Pavlov for the seizure like angle played here out of context. There are also two episode featuring female poodle bitch Canina LaFur which includes an angle involving shooting dogs. Seriously. A couple of Zipper focused episodes which play under the “We need Zipper” story arc. And then there is the other big episode everyone in the fandom likes: Good Times, Bat Times with the debut of Foxglove. I'm interested in seeing that one since I have heard conflicting horror stories on what happened in that episode and why some fans think Disney is trying to cut her from canon. Bring on Ducktales and Quack Pack!! The beginning and the end of DTVA as we know it. How fitting that it was cartoon ducks that got the DTVA MONSTER over for good and that it was cartoon ducks that ended it bringing in the FCC and New Disney eras which also brought in the backlash and Youtube hate you see nowadays. Stay tuned to the Rant Shack because Quack Pack is next for three episode and that is going to be one bumpy ride. So......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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