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Seer No Evil

Reviewed: 08/25/2008

Because it could kill you right?

Here's something I don't get....Final Fantasy cannot say Priest; but Dragon Quest can. And Dragon Quest cannot say God (anymore; it's Goddess now); but Final Fantasy can. And SquareEnix publishes both series. Must be to eliminate customer confusion because that's the only excuse I can think of now. I know it doesn't have anything to do with this rant; but seeing Seer in the title reminds me of those book welding Cat Hood wearing Seer Humes from Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Anyhow; this is the “Is Chip going to die” episode and I really liked this one back then. So let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Julia Jane Roberts. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation was done by Wang Films and Cuckoo's Nest Studio which had been doing mostly Ducktales episodes soon after TMS and Disney ended their deal. Wang isn't as bad as Sun Woo though as Jolly Molly Christmas demonstrated although with studios not named Walt Disney Japan or France or TMS you just never know.

Interesting Moment #1: This episode uses the second opening sequence. This is getting really silly now.

We begin this one at the carnival which is helpfully shown as such with all that creepy stock carnival music playing in the background. It's also before HAPPY HOUR (Read: Before dark) which is never a good sign as we pan over to the roller coaster and see the Rangers enjoying themselves underneath the cars. Well; Dale is enjoying himself at least and Julia pays off Dale's love for the fair even though the joke was already paid off previous episode. Then again; foreshadowing is something the writers love to do anyway so there you go. The rodents are animated well; but the humans are stiff which kind of proves Peggy Charmon's point about kids not having human role models I guess. And now Dale is stammering as Gadget asks him if he's all right. That seems to be a cliché line for Gadget as the ride finally stops and the humans exit left as that female voice from Darkwing Duck returns to tell them to exit to the left. Sadly; it's not funny so the Rangers get off as Gadget touches her hair and wants the fair to straighten out the last curve so the ride can get real speed. Chip thinks fake speed is good enough for him and that should make Mr. Hardcore whine for several minutes at least. Dale gets out and sells being as dizzy as heck. I just love how Dale can be all tough and giddy when it comes to these rides and then he's basically walking dead afterward. It makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. Zipper tries to stop him; but Dale squashes him flat when he falls which shows who was REALLY mean to him. Monty walks in and the animators did a poor job here as he pops Zipper out of Dale who is flatter than a pancake. That makes three Rangers auditioning for Darkwing Duck now. I think Dale is the only male Ranger left and Gadget is hands off due to BS&P.

Monty sounds different in this one for some odd reason as he un pops Zipper and Dale now wants to go on again. Thankfully we go to the scene changer before that happens as we cut to the rodent carnival as the Rangers minus Dale walk around while Dale licks some pink cotton candy to amuse me. Dale eats it all in one slurp and then wants to go on some more rides which Chip blows off because his stomach cannot take it anymore. Spoiled sport. Monty then proclaims that he sees Cassie and I just want to puke. I do not want to face anymore of those pink Moloboros ever again; most so when six of them can charm you to death. Thankfully; it's really Cassandra who is a fortune telling gypsy moth. Isn't it funny that they say fortune teller here; but use Seer in the episode title?! BS&P is really weird. Monty runs to the side of the tent (helpfully labeled with a sign with the emotionless face attached to the sun) as Chip blows him off because no one can see into the future. Then explain Nintendo's disruption plan Chip?! You had to have a lot of foresight to predict THAT outcome. Monty defends her with another BS story which Chip gleefully mocks. Good for him; that Aussie stereotype's stories should always be taken with barrels of salt. Gadget takes him in which means round one in the dating debate goes to Chip. I said it before and I'll say it again: If Kit was seven years older; there would be no contest here. At least Gadget is playing this for fun and entertainment which is what real life Seers are saying about their skills.

Everyone goes in and then we cut to the gang climbing up onto the table. Dale cannot wait for her to tell her about his future as Chip isn't buying this one bit. I think that look when Gadget carries him inside by the arm says it all. Gadget is curious and Cassandra is well; you know. She asks for names as Monty calls her Cassie staring in awe because Cassie is behind the fortune telling crystal ball. Cassie recoil and flies up to reveal her true self as Chip blows her off because she's supposed to know these things. Does the phrase fortune overload hold ANY meaning to Chip? Gadget tells Chip to shhh while giving the weakest elbow I have ever seen and I suspect Rebecca Cunningham is going to scold her for that tomorrow. Cassie flies over and she's wearing a purple dress; red scarf as a hat, the ring earrings and a necklace with a triangle engraving in it. Which makes Una the better fortune teller on the basis that she wore a mystic cross necklace instead. I see Cassie, Monty and Zipper have met so the story Monty told isn't complete BS; just halfway. The Rescue Rangers sit down while Zipper blushes and I'm shocked that they haven't married yet. It makes perfect sense as Monty calls her as pretty as cheese. See; that's why I didn't accept the logic break in the previous episode: Monty sezs cheese here and doesn't go into a cheese attack. Cassie does know that they are hear for fortunes as Dale calls it ESP. Chip calls it an EZ Guess. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

Cassie sees a non-believer and Chip will believe it when he sees it. UH OH! I wouldn't say that in front of Cassie if I were you Chipper. Cassie claims she sees something and Monty goes all dramatic on us as Cassie turns on the light bulb on top of the ceiling and flies around like a moth on the roids. I knew she was cheating; but never with Larson and Gary. Oh; that was more disturbing then I had intended. Cassie claims Monty gets a pink coat which might improve Monty's fashion sense so Monty doesn't seem to like that one. Gadget is confused; but she gets the dark, tall stranger. That's a bad sign for her as someone will fly. Chip see through this one easily enough as Zipper which is a sign that he believes Cassie is a fraud; but I betcha it's Dale that Cassie points to. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good. And Chip...well Gadget asks on that and Cassie flies around the glowing light bulb of doom and it reveals doom beyond compare as Cassie goes into the ANICENT ROMAN FIT OF DEATH and falls right into Monty's arms appearing dead. And that stupid pun minus the “OF DEATH” part is what Monty claims. Mere mortals like me could never attempt anything like Disney trying to get someone over. Oh; and Cassie glows which shows that Wang Films is not immune to Sun Woo-itis as Monty calls this the JULIUS SEIZURE OF DOOM and that her vision is never wrong.

I just love how they obviously set this one up as the one that's never wrong when it's clear that it's always wrong since death is usually involved in the vision. And Cassie basically claims that Chip will fall in peril and get saved several times before getting squashed by a trunk of an elephant. I just love how they avoid direct death in this one while Bearly Alive made it clear from the start that Baloo was dying even though he was clearly not. This is Barely Alive; but what a twist. In Barely Alive; we knew Baloo wasn't going to die; but he put himself in a situation where he could kill himself. This is different and I think it's a bit better since we don't know if Cassie's crap shoot prediction are true or false. The gang is shocked of this; but Chip mocks the prediction in a predictable fashion and storms off wanting to go on the Jerk'N'Whirl. He does thank Cassie for the show though which is awfully nice of him. The Ranger run off except Monty who doesn't want it to be so; but Cassie says it's so while avoid the word die with a raspberry for the second time. This is so BS&P that it's not funny.

So we go into the fair AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as Chip blows off the whole thing. Why don't the Rangers simply go home NOW since that would kill off the prediction right from the start? Answer: Because Chip thinks that Cassie is terrorizing him by doing so. See; logic break lopped off right there before it actually HAPPENS. Chip kicks some popcorn as the Ranger walk off while Monty gets the WHITE SMELL OF DOOM and it's CHEESE ADDICTION TIME~! Well; it took four minutes longer than it usually does; I'll give them that much. And it's the pizza stand causing it as there are more pizzas than Monty can eat in his lifetime. And they call TaleSpin repetitive? Monty bounces up like a goof to the hot pizza and slurps it all in one shot. However; instead of walking to the edge and jumping down; he walks into the opposite direction into the cotton candy floss maker. Yeah; that wasn't contrived in the very least; no siree. The cotton candy maker makes cotton candy out of Monty and puts it on a stick and then on a stand. The Rangers climb up and Monty is okay. Gadget's are you all right is getting on my nerves; let someone else do it. Monty pops off the stick and Zipper eats it for fun.

Zipper snaps Monty's pilot hat for no reason and then Dale gasps in horror because it's the pink fur coat. That was just too funny and I bet Chip bonks him on the head for that one. Sadly; it doesn't happen as Chip jumps off the edge and lands on the ground as the Rangers plead with Chip that this is a bad sign that Cassie is right on the money. Chip doesn't buy that bill of good as the carnival barker appears OUT OF NOWHERE on the pan shot and it's time for CARNIVAL GAMES ONLY FOR WII years before it was made and sold over two million units; plus pissing off Mr. Hardcore again who wanted it to not beat Metroid Prime 3. The gang goes over to the booth and Chip grabs some peas from the pea pod (This is evidence #222 why people who mocked Wii are full of crap) and wants to win a prize for Gadget. Gadget gets off Golly #2 and Dale butts in because he sees Chip hogging Gadget and he's behind in the dating race. Chip blows him off because he cannot hit the broad side of a barn and here comes a big thin monkey who completely bowls over the entire booth and Gadget is really mad for the first time in her life calling him a big ape. I thought Gadget was smarter than that and I smell a Pod Gadget coming our way just like a Pod Gosalyn from Twin Beaks.

The monkey climbs up a pole as Monty helps them out and realizes that it is a tall, dark stranger. Geez; that's pushing the limits there Monty since he's not dark enough to be a real heel; just a plain jerk. Gadget now believes in this nonsense and Chip blows it off. PZ Meyers would be proud of Chip; although he would like Chip to really call out Cassie on her predictions. Chip proclaims that he wants to go home and Monty thinks this is great because Chip cannot be squashed and Chip decides to stay on the rebound. I called that one easily enough. The monkey climbs on the flags as he sees the judge from Normie's Science Project who's got a pipe in his mouth which Disney would cut in their classics because that would be smoking see and we cannot have the kids doing that. It's BAD see. The blond haired kid is smiling (probably from Normie's Science Project too) and wants to play all of them as the dad gives the money to the kid and then they run off only to be stopped by the monkey. They turn around and see the dart booth while the evil carnival barker is doing his greasy promo that everyone wins at the dart booth. Remember that one for later as the kid and his dad walk towards the booth as the evil monkey steps onto the barker's shoulder which should instantly indicate who the heel is and what the Rescue Ranger's next mission is.

The kid gets three darts although the exchange shows it as if the barker is taking the darts away. First screw up for Wang Films in this series as the barker secretly throws THE SWTICH and the magnet flies up to the target from behind the booth as the boy would miss completely in any other universe; but still hits the target anyway. We cut to DA....HOLE (God bless Baby Plucky) as Monty is trying to convince Chip that Cassie is right. Chip blows it off and proclaims that he'll believe it when Dale starts flying. Dale enters with the tumble attached to his foot from the previous (nice CONTINUITY from the writers) and I betcha Dale starts flying when the magnet starts right on the cue just after Chip claims he believes it when Dale starts flying..I check the DVD... SPOOKY! Dale attaches himself to the magnet and Monty asks if that counts. No it doesn't you Aussie stereotype! Chip looks behind the curtain and sees a cheating going on as he blows off Monty. Gadget is wondering why the carnival barker would cheat to allow the customer to win. Chip thinks that he's got too many prizes; but the evil carnival barker has a special prize for the kid which is a teddy bear with a monkey's tail in it. Chip is surprised as it has one long tail despite the dialog saying that it has two. Logic break #1 for the episode and that's 3 for 4 for Cassie which isn't bad for a soothsayer. Michael Pacther's record is zero for the season as I noted earlier.

Chip doesn't care since one of them is a monkey tail and tries to storm off; but the Rangers grab him and throw him down. Why? Because he must go back to headquarters so Chip won't die see. Chip is really mad now because he doesn't buy into this soothsayer see despite batting .750 and batting .750 better than Sideshow Pii Wii is now. Monty calls Chip out for sneering at Cassie claiming that she's right EVERY TIME. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The two tails bear was only one so Cassie isn't ALWAYS right. Chip should blow him off for the obvious; but he'll go for the moral reason instead of the logical one. Dale does the cut throat sign (And they blamed the NFL for this?) proclaiming that he is going to die despite not saying it. Chip tries to calm him down because he's a Rescue Ranger and he never backs down to anything including a .750 batting average from Cassie's soothsaying. Chip storms off to find the kid as the Rangers are worried that they will be forced to rescue a Rescue Ranger. Ten minutes in and not one of them is saying the word die yet?! TaleSpin would be up to nine direct references by now.

Scene changer and we head to the apartment complex, then cut into the boy's bedroom which is filled with toys which indicates that the judge is stinking rich to be a teacher. Must be a scientist as we pan over to the Red Car Bed of Doom while the boy is sleeping. Monty climbs through the window and sees no elephants so Chip is safe for now. Until we pan over to the place where the kid keeps his stuffed animals and the two tailed bear (or fusion monkeybear of doom depending on your point or view) starts staggering and then dancing with the tiger. Monty is shocked and holds on to Chip as Chip is starting to have second thoughts on all it. Cassie is 4 for 5 now batting .800 which is super for a soothsayer. Poor Sideshow Pacther; getting completely outclassed by a cartoon moth. The bear drops to the floor with the empty CHEST OF DEMON; but the kid doesn't wake up and simply tosses and turns. The monkey pops from the bear (geez; what a shock that was?) and grabs the sack. He runs off into the family room as Monty tells the Rangers to keep their eyes peeled for a circle of light which is a pretty clever play on the Circle of Life (Get it? I don't think Chip will.) as Chip runs in and then hides behind the door as the Rescue Ranger see the monkey opening the picture door which leads to the wall safe. He cracks open the safe with the SMART EAR TO THE METAL DOOR which the safe opens and he steals all that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH.

And there are some jewels too to fully accent the rich elite. No wonder Normie had no chance in hell of winning the science fair; Marvin paid the judge off. I'm only kidding guys; Marvin couldn't even if he wanted to. Chip decides it's Rescue Rangers away and they run off to beat up a monkey. The Rangers attack the monkey; but the monkey stands his ground and grabs onto the CIRCLE OF LIGHT~! I pretty much called that spot easily enough. Zipper attempts to bop him on the nose; but the monkey swipes Zipper into the light switch and it turns on and it's the chandelier for real as Monty gasps in horror of the scene. Which means a circle of death for Chip... AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm....That was different. Chip flies off the monkey's tail and flies out of the window. Chip tries to grab the edge in Warner Brothers fashion; but misses and free fall as Dale grabs Chip's hat to tease a possible death to Chip. Chip free-falls to his doom as the segment ends 11 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; Chip free falls as Zipper zooms in for the save and Chip bounces off the side flag pole (good bump there) and then bounces up allowing Zipper to grab his coat and ease the falling rate. Then the Rescue Ranger zoom down with the makeshift air balloon (using an umbrella in an ironic twist) and the white glove gets lowered and grabs Chip and Zipper. (THAT'S RACIST! NO IT'S NOT!) Monty gets off the stupid pun twist of the episode and they land in a tree. The glove comes down safely and Chip, Dale and Gadget pop out. Chip thanks the Rescue Rangers for saving him; but Monty and the gang bring up Cassie again as she's 5 for 6 now. Chip blows it off because a horse is not involved as Monty pulls the umbrella down and the end reveals a horse head. Dale points out the obvious as Cassie is 6 for 7 now which is got to be beyond awesome now; and the one she got wrong she can blame the animators for. Chip isn't liking this as he finally concedes that Cassie is telling the truth and the next prediction is death which is avoided with another raspberry from Dale. We then cut back to the fair and the dart booth as Spinelli returns again with Officer Kirby as they question the evil carnival barker because all of the bears in a robbery attempt came from him.

The carnival barker kicks the monkey aside lest he blows his cover as Kirby is questioning him on the EVIL ONE not knowing about the break ins. Kirby sounds like Ed Gilbert for some odd reason as we pan up to the tent like roof to see Gadget snooping on the humans. The EVIL ONE blows it off because he's too busy giving away prizes like those teddy bears. Now; this is way too obvious and I bet the officers are REALLY STUPID and let the issue go anyway. And they do with the warning that they will look around. They leave as the barker does his promo and then talks to his monkey that it's time to leave as he stuffs the bear into with the monkey as they are leaving this joint. Gadget decides it's high time to talk the others as we cut back to Cassie's fortune telling tent as Monty pleads with Cassie that she has made a mistake. Cassie say what she saw after a bit of light bulb screwing spots from her Zipper which indicates that Chip is dead as a doornail. And of course; they use a raspberry again. I think this is becoming a running joke now instead of a BS&P thing. Chip repeats the spot and if I was a small rodent I would go to him to tell him not to DO THAT SORT OF THING. And I thought Zipper was with Gadget in the previous scene now that I think about it.

Dale pleads for mercy because Chip is his best friend but Cassie cannot help him as Gadget pops in to inform his that the carnival barker is Quigley which is great because I can stop using that stupid pun. The evil monkey pun stays though because I cannot spell his name right. Oh; and he's trying to get away. Chip wants to leave to stop them; but Monty stops him because of the prediction. Chip then goes back to his no selling ways because the police can do all the work while he gets the glory. Chip runs off as the Rangers put on their horror faces. We then cut to the trailer which indicate that he is white trash so to speak. The Rangers hide underneath the trailer as we cut to inside as the heels unstuff the teddy bears. Now that is really heelish if you are a TaleSpin fan since it always seems that Tad Stones likes to mock that series for some reason. Why I still do not know. Quigley is using them to hide the loot from the police see as they throw stuffing around and we then cut over to the Rangers appearing on the book shelf wearing white beards. Gadget deducts that the loot is somewhere else as the heels leave the trailer and head to the fun house which so happens to have a model elephant wearing a pink dress and hat carrying an umbrella and balancing on a yellow ball. I smell a swerve coming stage left as Chip is behind the ticket booth. The heels go into the fun house as Chip points out the obvious with the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH. He wants to nab these losers himself; but Gadget blows him off for being careless. Chip blows it off because he's a Rescue Ranger and then he walks forward and sees the twist coming and gasps to end the segment 15 and a half minutes in....

After the commercial break; everyone gulps as Chip wants to go in; but Monty grabs him and tells him basically to wait. Chip doesn't want to; but the gang tells him that they'll create a trail of loot for the police to find and Zipper will guard him. Chip decides to sit this one out because the foolish Ranger friends care about him as Zipper steps on his hat and salutes someone. Who; I don't know. The remaining Rescue Rangers run into the funhouse as Chip does his Rescue Rangers Away with half a heart. The Rangers Minus Chip run in and it's the WHACKY HOUSE OF MIRRORS~! Monty swear in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (fidgetin) as Gadget tells him that it's only an image distorted by the glass as Dale mocks Gadget from behind her back like a goof. And then they scream and run for no reason into the tunnel which is silly because the gang never stops. Gadget and Dale end up stopping before the staircase; but Monty steps on it and it's the slide of doom change as Monty takes a MAN-SIZED bump off-screen. Gadget calls it suspicious and then breaks the fourth wall right on camera. Monty goes dizzy and blows off Gadget because she called it a fun house and then gets knocked out for real. Hey; it's fun because you're getting screwed you Aussie Stereotype.

Scene changer leads to the maze as Dale can hear them over the maze and runs. Monty doesn't like this and he's right as Dale steps on the spring title and he gets popped! HAHA! He nails the giant ass ape puppet right in the mid section and I sense Kit is taking notes about being awesome as we speak. The giant puppet ape flies and they bump right into the skeleton puppet and it shatters into pieces. Dale lands on the vent as the pieces fall and then the skull traps him inside and it's more bouncing from the skull as the animators make a slight CONTINUITY ERROR as the they were before the vent even when Dale was on the vent to begin with. Gadget and Monty walk backwards and Monty steps on the light panel and the vent blows wind because that is what this episode needs: More windbags. Seriously; it does since Drake and Fenton aren't around to provide such and Monty cannot break wind to save his life. Dale's skull flies into the air and he sees the heel stuffing that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH into the teddy bears as Gadget tells Monty that he stepped on a trigger. Monty apologizes and steps off like an idiot allowing Dale to free fall and take a MAN-SIZED bump onto the vent off-screen. Cassie got the same prediction right on two different moments. She is truly a genius; she should predict the next generation of consoles. She cannot be any worse than Michael Pahcter. Yeah; I'm spelling his name wrong on purpose so shoot me.

Dale is all right of course and he points out that they are on the other side of the wall. Monty thinks that this is hopeless since they are in a maze; but Gadget takes a bone and claims that they can travel by air. I can just sense my fanboyism taking over on that symbolic moment so let's move on to the scene changer as Quigley continues stuffing that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH into the Teddy Bears and then calls the police dumber than door knobs. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. The evil monkey climbs to the skull entrance way which looks way too close to Castle Grey-skull for my money. The top of the skull contains the CHEST OF DEMONS which contains the money and jewel that were stolen from the judge from Normie's Science Project I bet. We then cut back to the air vent as the Rescue Rangers Minus Chip create a see saw of bones and Monty throws Dale up and down comes down on the bone which throws the skull right onto the light trigger and the Rangers float up into the sky. They land right into the CHEST OF DEMON which changes from gold and jewels to the money. Bad CONTINUITY ERRROR there guys as Dale pops up and wants to get this stuff to the police ; but the evil monkey grabs Dale and Gadget. Who does this dirty monkey think he is; Mr. Fat?!

Monty runs on money and gets nowhere as Dale gasps in horror and waves to the camera in a bit Professor Buzz would steal in Bullethead Baloo. Monty tries to escape; but the tail swipe whacks him into the sack as Quigley is shocked to find rodents in his loot remembering to swear in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (What the hay?!) as we cut back behind the ticket booth as Chip paces around and then he is shocked because the police are about to leave as Officer Spinelli is bringing chili dogs to the police car which Kirby blows off because he doesn't want a mess. Since when was Spinelli being treated lower than a police officer?! Methinks this was BS&P sezs I. Chip cannot wait any long and must bust in because he's a Rescue Ranger. Zipper pleads for him not to go; but Chip the wind which is a westerly wind as he bumps into the funhouse's door with a good bump and the model elephant's trunk doesn't fall to squash him. Minus the logic break; Cassie is finally wrong for the first time and Chip is HAPPY of these events. I'm betting that it's the CHEST OF DEMONS that squashes him now because PLOT TWIST SELL VIEWERS see. Zipper is happy as well as Chip goes inside and we cut to the evil monkey playing around with the critters as Monty is magically attached to the monkey's tail. So why did Quigley look inside the bag for one. Logic break #2 for the episode as Quigley orders the monkey to quit playing with them. I agree; they could give the monkey rabies.

He throws the Rangers into the CHEST OF DEMONS and nails the lid shut. The heels drag their teddy bear loot away as Dale proclaims that they are getting away. NO?! REALLY?! Monty looks for a way out and here comes Chip out of the Castle Greyskull Model entrance and stands right in position for the CHEST OF DEMONS to MURDER him for real. See; I call that one a mile away, because SSV. It's always worked for Vince Russo. Chip does tease a bit to make it interesting as Gadget inside has a plan to tip the CHEST OF DEMON over to pop the lock in the trunk. UH OH! That doesn't sound good as Chip refuses to wait and walks forward just in time to be next to a tiny mouse hole in the board (which will make the prediction false on it's ear I bet) and the Rescue Idiots run and bounce off the wall of the trunk and Monty just realizes the problem right on cue. It falls down with a large bang and the heels turn around and proclaim that the rodent is dead while again avoiding the word die with a cut throat raspberry. Yeah; it's a running gag; not a BS&P decision after all. Zipper is SHOCKED AND HORRIFIED as he goes to the lock and unlocks it. The trunk opens and out pops the Rescue Rangers.

Monty asks for Zipper and Zipper squeaks as he pulls Chip's hat from the trunk to sell it that he is dead. I'm not buying this for one second because that small tiny mouse hole in the board gives away the finish well in advance. On the other hand; it prevents the Peter Griffin logic break spot so I forgive them for killing the suspense for the audience. Still; a good swerve nevertheless as the Rangers realize that Cassie meant elephant and then trunk as Gadget sobs in Monty's embrace. I can forgive the Rangers for crying here since they didn't see the obvious but it's like Barely Alive because the audience simply cannot relate to this. We know Chip isn't dead and it's not because of BS&P. Dale sheds tears a bit which is a sweet moment but Chip's voice ruins it as Monty pushes the trunk away and the mouse hole is right there and Chip pops up from it. HAHA! I called that one easily enough. Chip predicts that he'll never go to a fortune teller again. Personally; he shouldn't go to Michael Pachter either; but both predictions will likely come true. Dale is so happy that he bowls him over like a goof thanking him for not dying on him. Chip is ready to bonk him on the head; but he recoils and hugs him. Now there's a surprise as Monty lies about knowing it all the time which is no surprise because he's a lying Aussie Stereotype.

Zipper gleefully blows that one off for me. Chip and Gadget hugs which means round two goes to Chip as well and it's the gang version of Rescue Rangers Away for real as we cut to the stage of Hawaii (check the palm tree in the background) as the heels drag away that MONEY, MONEY YEAH YEAH! Quigley wants to be out of the county by morning which shows how dumb he is. He should be out of the country by morning; the police simply won't stop...Oh wait; it's DTVA never mind what I said. This should be short and painless as Quigley gets MURDERED by the giant ape puppet and takes some really sick bumps on it. HOLY CRAP; that was nasty as Quigley even sells it as such. Good for him as Quigley recovers while the Rangers laugh because they threw...THE SWITCH....The heels try to escape on the trick staircase but it turns into the slide again and sadly they take wussy bumps and get caught into the teddy bears containing that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! That sets up the spring platform (helpfully triggered with a shot of Gadget doing it) and they get popped and they land onto the air vent. I betcha the final bump is they get shot out of the air vent and tear threw the roof right in front of the police. I check the DVD....

Not quite as the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH shoots out (Chip does the final triggering and thus redeems himself) of the roof of the fun house as it is morning and the officers notice it and drive towards the fun house. We then cut to Officer Kirby taking an arrested Quigley and his evil monkey to the police car and he is going to jail for cheating and robbery using teddy bear and thus the police strike a blow for TaleSpin lovers everywhere. The Rescue Ranger sit down right next to the balancing elephant in a symbolic irony moment not have a care if the thing drops on Chip at all since Cassie a fraud see. Even though she got only one prediction wrong and the second one was due to the animators lack of logic. Monty predicts that they won't be seeing those two losers for a while; which translates into never at all. Chip knows that the Rescue Rangers will be together for a long time. Gadget asks if Cassie said that and Chip blows it off because he doesn't need a crystal ball to see that. Gadget hugs Chip as Dale must be so jealous off screen. Oh well; there's always next episode as they almost kiss on camera but the circle fade to black finishes Disc One at 21:06. Not as good as I remember due to the silly mistakes by Wang Film and the sad attempt at pathos at the end; but it worked out really well still and better than Barely Alive actually due to the interesting swerve at the end. **** ¼ (85%).


Well; we end Disc One with another really good episode which I liked before. I actually felt that the twist to the Barely Alive plot in that we didn't know if Chip was going to die or not until the very end instead of knowing right from the start that Baloo was not going to die; but Baloo screwed himself into dying on himself. Sadly; the predictions angle was marred by a small mistake with the two tails part; but it was beyond solid enough until the end. Wang Films deserves blame for much of the mistakes; although the spot blowing was pretty small here. They are better than Sun Woo; but not better than the in house television studios. I also liked how they made Chip be conflicted between believing Cassie and believing his cynicism. I also liked the swerve where they teased the model elephant at the fun house to squash Chip; but then change it to the trunk of jewels and money to squash Chip in pretty dramatic fashion and then have the Rescue Rangers inside to blame since they tipped the trunk onto Chip.

Sadly; they couldn't do a Peter Griffin logic break and so the animator created a small hole beside Chip right where the trunk would land which gave away the fact that Chip was going to live and thus making the pathos really silly to the audience despite making perfect sense to the context to the episode. I really cannot fault the writers here; it was simply unavoidable. Gadget was pretty good and they reeled in Monty's screwiness quite a bit. Cassie was pretty good though and I like how she set up the whole angle beautifully. She's a pretty good fortune teller; being wrong only once and even getting Dale flying right twice (second time was unspoken) and it was pretty funny. Sadly; the heels were pretty much the run of the mill robbers using a monkey as a partner; but that was secondary to the whole plot so it didn't matter. Overall; this was a really good episode although the spot blowing and better heels would be made it better. That concludes Disc One with four thumbs up, three thumbs in the middle and one thumbs down. So.......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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