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Prehysterical Pet

Reviewed: 03/12/2009

Just another day in the life of Dale....

Here is the third part of my six in six days rant week and of course it just so happens to be a “child keeps pet” angle I love so much. I mean Eleroo has done it, Molly & Kit has done it, Sunni & Cubbi have done it, I'm sure Webby has done it and I believe Gosalyn did it as well. So it's Dale's turn to try it out. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Mark Edens. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation is done by A-1 Productions in an encore appearance . I do not like where this episode is going....

We begin this one in outer space near Earth with the creepy space music as a purple comet falls to earth as we cut down to the desert near a crack in the earth as a bunch of researchers in Guy LaDouce outfits are grabbing a giant bone from a pulley. Apparently this is the thigh bone of the giant Smelliosaurus. A dinosaur who smells funny....Sounds like Barney to me. AHHAHAHAHAHA! The black mustache research has his magnifying glass as he wants to be careful because any noise will shatter the bone. And of course the comet of doom crashes into the earth with MAN-SIZED bumps which shatters the bone. The researcher blows them off for their stupidity as the seconds defend themselves by only picking a pocket full of natural gas. We then pan down southeast to see the crashed comet is really a pink egg spaceship and out comes a red dinosaur with purple scales. He happens to know how to pilot a spaceship, use the binoculars and a map of the galaxy which shows that The Land Before Time was going downhill faster than Don Blunt's career. Oh wait... The dinosaur bails stage right as the researcher suddenly notice that there is a pink dinosaur egg sitting RIGHT THERE and they steal it and put it into the truck as the researcher wants to write a 50 page report. Geez; talk about excessive padding to alienate your audience there pal. The red dinosaur is SHOCKED and APPALLED as the truck speeds off and the red dinosaur grabs onto the ropes in the back and hangs on for dear life. Talk about violating driving laws there pal. At least A-1 hasn't screwed up...yet....So we logically head to...

...a shot of Rescue Ranger headquarters as Dale is pulling on a blue leash on ground level and then gets sprung back into the flowers again. HAHA! Dale pulls on again as he heads into headquarters proclaiming that he has another pet because it followed him home and won't go away as Chip is SHOCKED and APPALLED by this. It happens to be a brown puppy with a golden medal indicating his license and therefore Dale cannot keep him. Wow; that puppy had some ride getting up that tree that's for sure. Chip protests this outrage of keeping pets Dale doesn't own; but the puppy licks him into the face to stop that one. Dale pleads to keep him because he likes Chipper and won't be of any trouble. Molly Cunningham being extra special good when Kit is babysitting. Gadget gleefully blows that off because Dale brought a frog that tried to eat Zipper. And fans accuse Jymn Magon of being mean to Zipper?! No wonder Warner Brothers mocked this show; they were TaleSpin fans all along. It all makes sense now..or maybe not. Monty of course does the Gruffi pose to annoy me.

Monty doesn't like pets because of the baby kitten using him as a scratching post. Now there is a public service message by Dale if I ever saw one. Dale defends himself because animals love him. Well; he is child in adult's body; so it makes perfect sense as Chip blows that off because of the goldfish that followed him home. Gadget points out that a pet is a big responsibility which is true; but so is taking care of children and taking care of childish adults. Dale pleads for mercy because he'll be responsible and make sure the puppy doesn't make a mess; and the puppy pounces on the bookshelves and basically entombs the Rangers in reading books. Well; so much for having a pet there Dale-sama. Dale pops up and proclaims almost never as Gadget sees the puppy messing around and then sees the tag on the blue collar which means Dale cannot keep him even if he was responsible as the puppy bounces Gadget away and Monty has to catch him allowing Chip to blow off Dale and order him to return the puppy to it's rightful owner. Well; Chip didn't have to be such a meanie about it if it was someone else's puppy. Dale admits defeat as the puppy licks him.

So we head outside as Dale walks the dog in the park on ground level and here comes the blue truck as the red dino drops itself from the truck and takes some wussy bumps onto the cobble road. Huh? I thought there was no traffic in this park. The dinosaur alien dodges more cars and then we get a sloppy scene changer of doom with the dinosaur hiding behind a lamp post in the middle of the city. Okay; that was really sloppy logic there Mark. Still; this is an improvement from Mark Eden's usual writing in this series; so whatever. The light turns green and the dinosaur acts like a coward as the humans act like he doesn't exist and bowl him over in a wussy fashion. After Lad In The Lamp; I have seen much worse from A-1 than this. So red dino looks up and sees a bland toy store with a bunch of toys including a pink dinosaur doll that looks like Dino and I smell lawsuit from Hanna Barbera; if they were more strict about the use of their foley sounds in DTVA.

The red dinosaur runs up to the window and knocks on glass to get the attention as if he is a fellow dinosaur; but no dice. So the door opens as a human walks out and the red dinosaur runs in. However; the door slams shut on his tail and it is crushed. HEE HEE! Red Dino rubs on it to make the pain go away. He then notices the pink Dino wannabe on the window sill and runs to it complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. Dino also does the balance running ball spot to further amuse me somewhat. He then rolls flat and then bounces the ball and lands in the window still. He starts shaking the pink Dino's arm but the pink Dino no-sells DUH! The pink Dino deflates and a little baby in a carriage grabs it as the mother screams in a pissed off matter (CHILD ABUSE!) and red dino gets dropped on a skateboard and races out of the store into the traffic and then takes a decent bump into the metal vent leading to the sewer and takes a good bump onto the sidewalk. Okay; that was pretty dull if you ask me. Red dino then runs towards the grass near the sidewalk and thinks that he is safe. However; a freckled face boy wearing blue jeans, blue shirt and a blue baseball cap as a glass mayo and jar and proclaims that he has found a red lizard.

So we cut back to Dale and the puppy as he is trying to convince Ruffles that he is made for him; but Ruffles hears his name from a female girl and he runs towards her stage left as Dale get snagged by the leash and then takes a decent bump onto the ground. We then see Ruffles and a blond girl wearing a pink shirt, purple shorts and a purple hair band have a bonding moment together. Dale sulks on the grass proclaiming that it must be great to have a pet. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. We then see the red dinosaur bops Dale right in the back of the head good as the feckled blue boy of doom chases him because he needs him for his science project. Dale panics and then runs to the red dino and grabs him by the tail as they bail into the bushes missing the mayo jar by about six feet. Dale and Red Dino head into the bottom hole of a wooden tree as blue boy has them trapped as he inserts his hand into the small cave missing the lizard and Dale.

So Dale bails and returns with the BLUE SIXAPEDE OF DEATH who bites the boy right on his thumb and he screams...badly and oversells the injured thumb. Well; at least A-1 has it's working boots on today. The blue boy wails like a bad baby and then bails as Dale and red lizard walk out. Dale hugs him and considers him as a pet; but recoils because the Rangers would never let them keep him. Dale leaves the lizard to be; but the red lizard follows him anyway like ALL pets Dale meets. Dale tries to shoo him away as he admits that the lizard is cute. Man; too many bonks on the head can cause brain damage. I just needed the episode to prove it as Dale recovers and blows the lizard off to go home. Sadly; red lizard cannot read a map properly let alone lips and he follows Dale as Dale walks up the hill. Dale takes a quick glance and the red lizard hides on him to play more mind games. Dale proclaims that he'll never see him again.! Dale turns around and the red lizard appears right on front of him as Dale cowers like a goof. HAHA! Dale smiles like a goof and decides to bring him home after all. This should be fun if Mark and A-1 don't screw this one up....

.So we head to inside Rescue Ranger Headquarters as Dale opens the door and looks around seeing no one in the living room. He declares that the coast is clear which is simply asking for trouble in a cartoon world. Dale and red lizard sneak in as Dale decides to hide him in his room. So we cut to an outside shot of headquarters at dawn and then into the hallway as Chip is outside Dale's door looking mad as usual because they have a mission to go to and Dale is goldbricking on him. Chip storms in and Dale sells a sickness angle as the red dinosaur is hiding underneath the covers which has to make him sick legit. Chip decides to leave and thinks he sees a lizard's leg; but it gets replaced by Dale's leg before he can blow it off. Chip questions his own health and closes the door as Dale stops the fake selling DUH! Dale now has all day to play with his new pet as we head into the living room (where else?) as Dale teaches Stupid Dog Trick #1 on the lizard: Roll over. Dale does some forward roll in a stiff fashion which makes him look like a chicken ball with fur. The red lizard does it backwards; but stiff enough for Dale's approval. Well; it doesn't take much to amuse him that's for sure. Dale does some more which are a lot looser and manages to roll into a MAN-SIZED bump off-screen into the desk for my amusement as the lizard grabs the pencil. Dale recovers and goes over to grab the stick from Stupid Dog Trick #2: Fetch. Dale throws the pencil a few feet forward and then runs forward with HB effects on and grabs it by his mouth and then returns.

Okay; Dale is starting to get a wee bit too goofy for my sanity so to speak. Dale tells him to try it so red lizard grabs the pencil and throws it at the door with a MAN-SIZED bump and Dale grabs it with his mouth and runs back, and then gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY since he was the one who fetched the pencil. HAHA! Dale then decides not to blow him off so he bails for the kitchen as we get the scene changer and see the red lizard watching television on the sofa while reading the newspaper. Irony you are such a fickle muse as Dale enters from the kitchen with celery, apples, grapes and watermelon slices. Sadly the pencil is conveniently placed right in front of Dale where he cannot see it and thus slips on it and falls to a wussy bump onto the floor. HAHA! 2:1 odds the red lizard slipped it there.1:1 odds Dale put it there on purpose. The apple rolls over to red lizard and he shows more manners than Harry and Binky combined. Dale realizes that he needs more food as red lizard throws the apple core away as Dale bails back into the kitchen and returns with a turnip and then panics in horror because red lizard has grown about two inches since we last saw him and there is a mess on the floor.

Dale then hears Chip's voice and starts cleaning up in rapid fire and then steals Dale's comic book for good measure from red lizard. Never take Dale's comic book; you know he cannot do work rate well without them. So the red lizard rolls up into a tight oval shape mass and Dale places the white cover on him to clean up the mess completely. Wow; if he showed that much under pressure, then he wouldn't be blown off so much by Chipper. The Rangers open the door and enter as Gadget wonder what went wrong with the Ranger Plane. Hmmm; I wonder if red lizard..Nahh; I'm sure that won't go anywhere as Chip notices Dale near the lizard shot sofa (HEE HEE!) and starts calling him out. Dale defends himself because he was sleeping on the sofa as Monty walks in with the ultra moronic green whites on eyes A-1 Animation likes to animate and lies onto the makeshift sofa for 40 winks. Zipper is tired and Dale is horrified and flustered. Monty cuddles as he complains that the sofa is lumpy. Nothing comes out of it as Dale does a nervous squeak. Gadget puts her goggles on the coat rack and talks about the Ranger Plane having problems. Since when did Gadget EVER put her goggles away like that?! Chip explains that the Ranger Plane flap was causing them to roll over. Dale covers Chip mouth because lawyers might hear them in a vast conspiracy and then he proclaims unintentionally to roll over as Dale is seriously (insert swear word here). The red lizard rolls over and creates a roll of cloth as Monty gets rolled over like a rolling pin. HAHA! The Rangers are SHOCKED as the white cloth blows Dale's cover as the red lizard appears in front of them. UH OH! I smell Chip meltdown commencing at six O'clock.

Gadget calls it a dinosaur as Dale calls it his pet lizard and Chip bonks him on the head it looks like the picture of a dinosaur in his comic book. Why did he do that for?! Dale got it right; Gadget was the one who called it a dinosaur. Shouldn't it be the other way around so it doesn't look like a terrible BS&P decision? Anyhow the Rangers call him a dinosaur anyway and Dale blows it off because it's too small. Good point there Dale as Gadget counters it as a baby dinosaur and they need to know where it came from. Dale pleads for them to allow him to keep it and Chip doesn't see the harm this time around as long as he is responsible for him. That shouldn't be too hard to make Chip look bad as Dale calls him Steggy. Oh man; they recycled that name for Steggy in Darkwing Duck too. The red lizard continues to eat an apple and watch television while reading a comic book as Dale sulks that he cannot teach him new trick and Chip ribs him for that one. Dale doesn't take that one well as Gadget points out the educational line of the episode and Monty scoffs at it because she thinks it fell from the sky as we cut over to Steggy watching a green version of him breathe fire and then the news flash blazes on screen complete with Stan Blather voice over. Oh great; just what this episode needs: More pointless blathering. He calls it a second rate monster movie which is the first witty thing Stan has said in this series.

Stan is at the counter with a brown suit this time and large white cue cards as the news flash screen pans to the right. See the scientists at the City Museum of Natural History found a dramatic discovery as we see the mustache professor from the beginning of the episode in a white coat and red bow tie (which doesn't take pictures and thus renders him a total dork instead of a total geek.) shows off the pink egg spaceship to the audience. Steggy squeals on cue and then runs like the wind stage left destroying the front entrance really good as the Rangers call him to stop. Steggy keeps running stage left as Zipper follows him as Steggy destroys some signs in his path and this leads to him getting stuck on a road filled with hot tar that was put down by the tar truck machine whizzed by him. Zipper panics as the Rangers notice a cement truck backing up to pour cement on Steggy and that ends the segment 10 and a half minutes in. Not bad so far....

After the commercial break; we see the truck with cement on it's back backing up towards Steggy as the Rangers are SHOCKED and APPALLED to see this. Monty runs in to save him; but he gets stuck and bellyflops into the tar to make him more sticky. About damn time Mark Edens realized that Monty sucks like crap. The dramatic dumping of cement as the Rangers panic and Chip sees the workman with his toolbox of wrenches and the chipmunk plus sadist grab onto the wrench and goes to the banana yellow fire hydrant which shows that this city has zero taste in city decency. Gadget and Chip twist the wrench while Dale jumps on it and it sprays enough water to push Monty and Steggy into the brick wall with a wussy bump. Never mind that the cement was already about six inches on them before the water made contact. I just knew A-1 would screw up sooner or later. The cement truck drives away without a care in the world as the other Rangers run to see if they are all right. How about seeing if I'm all right? I think I'm suffering from A-1 Whiplash. AHHAHAHAHAHA! And then the steam roller kicks in and I'm thinking Kit is driving that one because he hates Monty as much as I do now. The Rangers are completely silly in ignoring the rumbling of the area; so Steggy has to reveal that he can actually TALK and do the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH.

The Rangers get it at least and they all bail as Dale puts Chip on bottom again. HAHA! And then the Rangers get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as he explains how he knows how to speak perfect English by reading a few of Dale's comic books. See; make the joke and pay it off. You think he was doing it just to be pointless? He even said Zowie for good measure as we cut to the park on a dirt road as the Rangers and Steggy walk on the path and exchange notes. See; Steggy is a red dinosaur from a galaxy far, far away. Quit with the Star Wars references; those are for TaleSpin to steal. That of course leads to the flashback as we see a background of outer space and some shooting stars as he relates this goofy story. Let's just say that it's the dinosaur version of the Flintstones and leave it at that minus the violence. See; the dinosaurs went to their planet millions of years ago because they had enough stuff for them; but communication with them ceased and so the space program they had failed. However; Steggy agreed to go in alone and flew into the air from his pink egg spaceship with the last of their food and crash landed here as we return to the reality (sort of). Steggy explains that the Museum stole his spaceship which is shaped like a pink egg and Dale can only say Zowie in response. Two mind truly think alike as Chip gets squashed on cue when Steggy walks towards the tree. HAHA!

So we head back to the launchpad of Rescue Ranger Headquarters as Gadget does some final adjustments to the Ranger Plane by adjusting the blue cap on the engine while Chip and Monty deal with the flapping wings. Dale is happy that they are friends now because they can play together; however, Steggy admits that his Stupid Pet Tricks are too simple for him and Dale takes offense to that with the Gruffi pose. Huh?! You dare criticize the great and powerful Dale?! Methinks this dinosaur needs to Put Out The Darkwing. AHHAHAHAHA! Gadget proclaims that the Ranger Plane is ready as she twirls the cap on and Dale pouts back towards them as Steggy asks where he can sit and the Rangers aren't too happy with that response. So we cut to the sky as the Ranger Plane is using a pulley to pull Steggy forward. However; Steggy is just TOO FAT as he proclaims that he was full grown already on his planet and the Rangers are SHOCKED at that response as the Ranger Plane slowly dives down; crashes into the window of the top of the Museum of Natural History (how convient of them eh?!) and crashes into the pot filled with the CATCUS JACKS OF DOOM.

Steggy then takes one needle right in the ass (HAHA!) and then lands into the arms of the security guard who screams like a little girl and they both bail in opposite directions. That proves that Cactus Jack was sleazy as Vinnie Mac would say. Steggy runs stage left into the dinosaur area as we cut back to the Rangers popping out of the sleaze so to speak (with Gadget apologizing for it naturally) and Zipper pulling needles out of Monty's ass. I just knew Monty got his strength from Larson and Gary as Dale wonders where Steggy is. The Rangers bail on cue as two police officers and the professor arrive with the LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERWHERE as they go into the area to capture the escaped lizard. The Rangers come up as A-1 Animation makes Monty's hand human colored just to piss me off. They wonder where Steggy is. Ummm...if the professor is running into the dinosaur exhibit than that would be the first place I would look for him you Aussie Stereotype.

So we cut into the dinosaur area as Steggy is observing the bone structure of the dinosaurs and he yells Zowie as he realizes that this brothers in arms are dead and skinned. What a sad way to go huh?! The Rangers finally run in and warn him to get out of there. See when they got on Earth; they got bigger and their brains shrink so they turned dumb which is proven as Steggy is now about 10 feet tall and Gadget had to point out the exact word to him....and then he forgets again. HEE HEE! Gadget whisper yells to the Rangers that the brain is getting smaller and then Steggy does the Gadget promo only in dumb fashion. Well at least the psychology works well so Mark isn't being too stupid here..yet. Chip tells Dale to stay with Steggy and allow them to find the spaceship as they bail stage right. Steggy then even forgets Dale's name and Dale does the Gruffi pose. Man; what a disgrace to the mentally ill is this Dale fellow as we cut to inside the BC area on the far shot as we see the two officers and Doctor Piltdown exchanging notes. Ummm; weren't they ALREADY inside the dinosaur area? Logic break #2 for the episode and a big break at that. I just knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The pan shot has Piltdown yelling at them that if this was a joke then the police officer will be seeing a children's tour duty forevermore as the officers plead for mercy. Ungrateful hardcore gamer.....

Piltdown goes into his lab and shuts the door as the officers breath a sigh of relief with the white hanky. We then pan over left as we head into the dinosaur lab as we see Steggy and get logic break #3 for the episode since Piltdown should have SEEN the lizard by now. Okay; he's only about six feet tall on the far shot as Steggy does the roll over spot for Dale and Dale swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) because he only knows the tricks he taught him earlier. I'm beginning to think this is a message episode about humans dumbing down other beings now that I have had time to think about it. Steggy hands Dale a pencil with his mouth and Dale decides to do some fetching while sulking over the fact that Steggy felt this was too simple for him. Foolishly Dale throws it over under the bone mammoth demonstration and tells Steggy to fetch. Steggy sells like a dog on acid and Dale pleads for him not to obey; but Steggy no sells and destroys the mammoth structure by ramming into it on the slide to the pencil. You just knew Dale would somehow screw this up as the officers hear the noise (duh) and Steggy pops up. I guess they were in the lab after all. Make up your mind A-1! Dale pulls on the tail to try to get Steggy to leave; but Steggy no sells and the officers loop the lassos around Steggy's neck. Dale takes a wussy bump onto the ground (sigh) as the officers drag Steggy away who has grown about six times it's normal size in two minutes. Swell logic break there A-1 as the officer proclaim that Doctor Piltdown will love this as Dale is horrified to end the segment 17 and a half minutes in. A-1 and Mark are ruining a perfectly good little pet episode.....

After the commercial break; we see the officers struggling with Steggy as Dale bails stage left to go get help while the officers tie the rope against the column to stop Steggy. Good luck fools; you are going to need it. The round faced officer bails stage right to get Doctor Piltdown as the rod shaped officer stands guard. Steggy tries to break free; but the ropes are too strong..or too smart depending on what mood I was in when doing this rant. Steggy then sees a fake purple dinosaur exhibit and struggles to eat the leaves in the scene. Okay; this guy is now a bit smarter which contradicts the psychology that they were shooting for. We then cut to in front of Doctor Piltdown's office as Gadget asks the pondering question of where would she be if she was a spaceship. Answer: Buzz's backpack. AHHAHAHAHA! Okay; that was too lame to be funny. I have NOTHING to work with here guys. Monty gives a straight answer and they bail to the plant pot as Doctor Piltdown enters his office giddying on what he wants to see inside that pink egg. Umm; wasn't he ALREADY in his lab earlier?! Logic break #4 for the episode as this episode is just dying before my eyes.

Zipper checks the window and sees on a table the pink egg being hammered and chiseled by Piltdown. He panics squeaks (what a shock?!) but the egg is save by the PA office voice demanding that he come to the dinosaur exhibit at once. Piltdown blows them off and exits the office as he slams the door squashing Zipper good. Again; is there any wonder why Rescue Ranger fans get MOCKED by WB when they decry Magon for being mean to Zipper?! The Rangers enter in kind as the two bald scientists fiddle with the computer like a bunch of geeks as the Rangers get onto the top of the table with the egg on the pan over. Monty wonders how to get inside as I wait to see if the cheese addiction is used since you just know that spot is going to be used to blow covers at some point. It doesn't happen as Monty yells which causes the scientists to take a glance but that goes nowhere as Chip covers his mouth. Man;those guys are tone deaf if they didn't hear THAT one. Monty knocks on egg and then kicks the egg which opens the egg and it makes a lot of noise which the scientists don't hear. Yeap; they are tone deaf. The Ranger enter inside and it's your typical UFO which means it looks like a goofy jet plane control panel. The light sparkle as Gadget is giddy to fly this thing so she pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the eggs closes the hatch and starts up which causes the scientists to finally sell and we have the Great Easter Egg Chase Of Doom~! HAHA!

We cut to outside the lab as Dale arrives and cannot find the spaceship; so he decides to ignore the lab and save Steggy on his own because he's his responsibility see. And Disney Caption is irresponsible since they used find instead of save. I pray for those who cannot hear well at all. We cut back to Piltdown and the cops as he is proclaiming that if this is true then he can write another research paper. Somehow this guy is merely misguided and not evil at all which makes having him have no heat at all. Dale runs back and is SHOCKED and APPALLED to see Steggy eating all of the leaves in front of them. The officer (round head of course) proclaims that it is bigger than before. Well of course it is; A-1 is animating it you dumbass. Dale climbs onto Steggy's back as Steggy burps and tries to get him to remember the tricks he taught him. Steggy sells the freeze as Dale unloops the rope from his neck and ties it to the fake purple dinosaur. I say those officers are headed to a one way trip to family tour training as Piltdown and the officers walk into the rope and proclaim that a Stegosaurus brain is the size of a walnut. Which is approx the size of the average police officer's brain in DTVA. Shows a lot in common doesn't it?! And of course Piltdown blows them off for roping a fake plastic model; DUH! He knocks on the purple dino's head to prove his point. Sadly; the red dinosaur is next to it and the doctor is smart enough to knock on his head. As in; REALLY STUPID as Steggy growls in response and that causes Piltdown to bail like a scalded dog.

Piltdown gets behind the officers (who he must be considering giving them a raise at this point) and the officers uncork the pistols on Steggy. Dale orders Steggy to roll over and Steggy sells which leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE DINO ROLL EDITION~! We then cut to inside the lab as the scientists chase after the pink egg spaceship while Chip and Monty hang on for dear life while Gadget sits there pressing buttons no selling the thrill ride. HAHA! The scientists outsmart Gadget (WHAT?!) and grab the egg together on the rebound as we see Dale and Steggy arrive at the lab just as the scientists shake the egg on the table much to the horror of Dale. Dale tells Steggy to go up as the scientists are SHOCKED at rodents and food packets. Steggy storms in and roars loudly as the scientists run out of the room like scalded dogs as the egg flies into the air and if it squashes Monty; I am so Happy with care. Monty foolishly stays to catch the egg and he gets the 1989 DTVA Darwinism Award of the Year. HAHA! The Rangers remove the egg as Monty is flatter than Alexander the Grape, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!

Piltdown voice yells from behind them as Dale proclaims that he is being chased as Steggy starts eating the packet of food left in the spaceship as Dale blows him off for excess eating. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Psychological Projection much there Dale...Oh wait; that doesn't make me look good since I...Yeah; it's not psychological projection at all, no siree. Pay no attention to the ranter behind the curtain. Gadget deduces that he misses food from his own planet which of course causes Steggy to shrink back to about Dale's size in an orange glow. And to think; an Inkara only needed water to grow and a sunbath to shrink. Steggy realizes what makes him smaller and smarter. Sadly; it also puts him at a disadvantage as he is on the floor now instead of the table where he should be. So we cut back to the hallway to the lab as the SCIENCE GOOFS WITH BAD ATTITUDES~ (I cannot say that with a straight face) walk in with clubs, butterfly nets and a rifle. What is this; a mental illness assault of something?! And of course everyone except Piltdown ducks as Piltdown runs stage right as the pink egg chases him for the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE EGGXITING EDITION~! Please shoot me now! The doctor runs into the storage room and crashes with the lamest bumps this side of DARKWING...DUCK into the SHANE DOUGLAS MOP OF DOOM because he got trumped by RIC FLAIR BROOMSTICK OF DOOM.

Go figure as the pink egg spaceship flies through the hole in the top of the window (nice CONTINUITY from A-1 for a change) and flies all the way towards the park. What a dull finish that was as we head to the tree branch near Rescue Ranger Headquarters AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as Steggy walks into his flying pink egg proclaiming that he has to get moving before rush hour takes over. In space?! Dale sulks on all this as Steggy tells Dale that his family will be happy to see him again with all this information. He teases an offer to have Dale live with him on his own planet; but then walks in and casually tells him that he's not allowed to have any pets! SCORE! See; make the joke and pay it off. The pink spaceship flies into the air and out of sight as Dale gets the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS for his trouble. HAHA! Well Dale; you walked right into that one so you have no one but yourself to blame for that. The other Rangers laugh their asses off at Dale's expense as Dale blows Steggy off because he cannot handle responsibility. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Now that is projection if I ever saw it without question this time. That ends the episode at 21:06. Okay start, okay middle, bad finish, awesome ending. Not the worst pet owning episode by any means (so far it's Bulls of a Feather that is the worst); but the logic breaks were very glaring. At least A-1 kept their screw ups in somewhat check. ** ¾ (55%).


Well I thought this was going to be a disaster due to the combined suck power of Mark Edens and A-1 Animation; but Dale as usual saved it with his take on the pet angle. The episode overall was okay and solid enough as I had no real beef with Steggy; but he was no bullfinch nor was the Inkara Henry. He just felt like a dinosaur who has the smarts of a human. Piltdown was really nothing other than a bland scientist gimmick with a weird voice. The rest of the Rangers pretty much did their usual stuff and the usual logic breaks for the combination of A-1/Mark Edens team were there; but not as many, although the confusion inside the museum in the second and third act was really glaring and annoying. However; the whole pets not allowed angle was fully paid off as Steggy basically was Dale's pet until the end and then he reversed it on him at the end when he left the planet causing Dale to get pissed which was really funny. I think Dale knows his role now. Too bad the escape was really dull as dishwasher and was mostly scientists get chased by a pink egg which is just to silly to take seriously. Overall; an okay episode bogged down by continuity errors and a dull escape. So I have gone through 2/3's of the disc and I have three episodes left to rant on for this volume. One Mr. Fat episode, one Norton episode and one surreal episode with Gadget involved. This might be the best three episodes I have done to end a series thus far in DTVA. Always a good sign in my opinion. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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