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Zipper Come Home

Reviewed: 07/17/2010

We Promise That Jymn Magon Won't Be Mean To You Ever Again!

Well; the final five episodes are upon us which are all the new episodes released during the Disney Afternoon run of the series. The first one actually gives us our second Zipper focused episode. I hope the writers have learned their lesson and made sure to make the Rangers seem useless because I shudder to think if they bury Zipper for another Monty super mouse binge. So; let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Dev Ross. Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended.

We begin this one on a DARK AND STORMY.....afternoon as blue thunderclaps as we pan south towards the ground. The announcer (who sounds like Stan Blather) is proclaiming that it's the 30th straight day of rain as various humans scatter with umbrellas and there is flash flooding. Wow; so that is one steady weak rain. We then cut to the ocean street as a basket of a mice family (An American Tail anyone? So we have moved from TMNT to Don Blunt now I see) minus papa as they go through a sewer vent into the sewer (so it's TMNT/Don Blunt double insult header this time) and outside a drainage system that would put Halifax Harbor to shame and drop from the pipe and hit the tire twice (ala Molly repeating her motion to jump out of the window in It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck). This leads to a shot of a blue beetle on a teacup (who looks like a bug version of Papa Smurf) addresses the beetles (voiced by the late Hamilton Camp). Which sounds more dirty than I had intended. The elder's staff top looks like a golden clover I should note as the SHADOW OF DOOM shows it and it's clearly a frog (I'm guessing it's Ribit ( claims it's a rabbit; but it clearly looks like a frog).

Everyone panics and scatters (Hamilton Camp, Corey Burton and Frank Welker of course) as the frog shadow appears behind Chief Beetlebreath. The chief sees it and scatters as the frog lashes a water beetle and eats it off-screen. The beetles are in shock as the frog blows off the bad snack and spits the water beetle out with a wussy bump. The frog (Frank Welker) orders them to bring him fly (in Broken English) or die and it's funny how he jumps back into the water and muffles the word die doing so. Yes; he clearly said die there. We then see the elder beetle hiding behind a magically teleported white cup pop from below. Elder proclaims that they must find a fly or they are doomed, doomed, doomed I SAY. Funny how they cannot say die; but the frog can. We get a pan shot of their houses and try telling me this isn't a rib on the Smurfs?! You know; this episode would have been a lot more effective if we didn't know this until much later and thus making them look like babyfaces instead of the tweeners they currently are now.

So we head to the rainy STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM as more thunderclaps ensue (white ones this time) and zoom in to the front door as the door is ajar and we see Gadget and Dale looking outside which is not really that smart of a move. The door closes as Chip appears and whines about doing nothing....AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING for the 30th straight day. Dale wonders if there is something to do and Gadget states that they did everything at least three times. In other words; there are only ten things to do inside the Rescue Ranger household. Talk about shallow. Chip pulls his hat down over his eyes as Monty yells to look out below and we hear metal clanging as the other Rangers realize that Monty is in the kitchen. They run to the door to the kitchen as Monty opens the door and slaps Zipper out (both wearing chef hats) because he was in the way. You just knew that it was the Aussie Stereotype's fault for the chaos when he's BLAMING Zipper for his own stupidity.

Zipper has the Gruffi pose on full blast and I don't blame him. We know who's fault it really is don't we? Dale wants to know what is cooking and Monty does the barrier on the door trick because it's a surprise see. Yeah; like cheddar-head cheese soup is a surprise with this fatso. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm....Dale is not amused as Chip wants a tiny peek and the door gets slammed shut. Everyone is in shock as Monty opens the door and asks if he wants Zipper to help and Zipper wants to big time. Monty then tells Zipper to guard the door from chipmunk snoopers (WHAT? Doesn't this make Zipper's justification to leave more unjustified or what?) and Zipper agrees to it as Monty slams the door again. Dale then whacks Zipper good and peeps into the keyhole causing Zipper to pull him back by his tail (or ass; same thing basically). Chip wants a peek because he's bored (and I don't blame him; it's Monty's fault that Zipper is turning so weak here); but is blocked by Zipper. Chip and Dale proclaim that they can get past him and Zipper shakes his head no way. Now you would think that they would grab Zipper and stuff him into a small jar would be the way to go; but they run stage left and do nothing. Gadget shrugs her shoulders and leaves. Why not just GRAB Zipper now? Then Zipper would be justified in leaving.

So we head back to the door as Zipper is guarding it with a toothpick in his hands pacing around. Then he hears some type of nuts as Chip uses Dale as a battering ram. Oy vey there guys as Zipper smartly opens the door and lets them run right past Monty and over the window forcing them to hang by branches in the pouring rain. HAHA! The most obvious thing to do here; and they WON'T go for it?! Zipper giggles as Chip concedes the first point to Zipper; but Piss Ant Monty grabs Zipper and throws him out for not respecting his privacy. Riiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhttttt! You're pissed off because you are an evil Aussie Stereotype; that's why. Zipper then gets inspired and we cut back as the door is completely barricaded with wood and there is clearly a string attached to the door which means that Zipper has set a trap to boot. We then see the string is attached to a makeshift plunger in which now Gadget is involved. For shame Gadget-love! For shame! Dale calls it awesome in about three different ways as Chip thinks this is a bit much. Gadget agrees with him; but it's effective. Now they have to get Zipper out of the way; so they do the old cherry bait on a fishing line which Zipper naturally bites on and gets caught. Gadget invokes the plunger and nothing happens.

Gadget gets off the first golly of the episode after almost four minutes of golly free action. Zipper unbites and flies off stage left and then the door explodes off-screen. Oooooooooooooooo...I told you Gadget was a sadist as everyone goes to the blown up door and it was enough for Zipper to smash right into the cheesecake Monty was making. Needless to say; I'm betting Monty blows him off like a piss ant and this causes Zipper to leave the Rangers again (because apparently; this is the only plot line the writers could write for him as a focus character). I check the Youtube video. Damn; I'm so good and the other Rangers rightfully blow him off for it. Now Zipper has the justification in the world to leave the Rangers now. Zipper is in tears as he leaves by the way. Monty claims that he didn't mean it. Yeah right; you heartless fatass?! Monty continues to indirectly pin the blame on Zipper because that makes a strong friendship. Gadget in roundabout terms basically proclaims that Monty is full of crap and Monty no sells because he thinks Zipper has forgotten. Yeap; he has officially retaken the lead in being the most disgusting babyface in the series. He's back in mid-season form.

So we go to the front door as Zipper walks out in tears. He flies away stage left and apparently has left the Rescue Rangers for the second time. So we head back to the living room as Monty enters with the cheese on a spoon calling out for Zipper as he gets to lick the spoon. Too late you heartless Aussie Stereotype; you drove him away from his friends because you wanted your useless privacy over a worthless surprise. Baloo would never stoop to this level; and even Drake Mallard would have pause over it at least. Monty looks around and under a plant as we head to a makeshift trash can pipe like bar place called the Barfly. You know it's 1990 when even Disney productions still allowed the alcohol context in bars. I know it's Barfly because it is written in banana yellow neon light. We then notice a bouncer in a purple shirt kick out a bug who hiccups. The bouncer proclaims (Frank Welker – Big Time's voice gives it away) that he just cannot hold his fruit. Like I'm buying that it isn't alcohol guys. Don't these BS&P guys know that apple cider can contain alcohol and that's probably what the bug was drinking? I shake my head in despair.

He walks back in as we see some of the patron insides eating an apple and apparently it's laced with alcohol judging by that last sequence. Every fly is listening to the depressing song being played by the Barfly Studio Band of Doom as we pan over to Zipper sulking and eating nothing which means he's the one who doesn't drink. Zipper wants a core (and he speaks English here) as the bartender throws an apple core to him and Zipper eats it whole. That is one acidic stomach to handle that one as Zipper demands another one so the bartender throws it into his face and Zipper falls off-screen on his ass. We then cut to the door as we see five Water Beetle Smurfs with badly drawn spears come in. The fat beetle proclaims that they are here to find a fly and everyone scatters and runs away. The water beetle Smurfs sulk in despair as one of the water beetles' tells them to have faith as they need a big fat fly fast. Lucky for them; Zipper is RIGHT THERE recovering from being knocked silly. This would have been more effective if the flies didn't fly away in the first place. Maybe they whisper yell to each other; but this is too obvious even for me. They surround Zipper as Zipper waves to them and then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and gets caught by the water beetles. Memo to Ross: We are not supposed to know they are heels until Zipper is fed to the frog. Too predictable and way too obvious.

So we head back to the family room as Monty the heartless bastard is still looking for Zipper and having zero luck. The Rangers are in the room (sans Zipper of course) as Dale proclaims that Zipper ran away. NO?! REALLY?! Monty is taken back by that as Dale and Chip force the point on him that Monty was a jackass and Zipper was only trying to help and finally Monty gets it about five minutes too late for me to care. Although to be fair; the other Rangers made it worse by blowing up the door in Zipper's face which caused the mess to happen. Monty goes to the door to search for Zipper alone; but Chip wants to help because they are at fault too. Monty no sells because it's all on him and Gadget asks where Zipper would go and Monty believes that he knows and walks out. Gadget looks out and loses the perm in her hair while getting off the second golly of the episode nearly seven minutes in after three minutes of golly free action. See; according to Gadget, Monty needs a life preserver. So we cut to Monty (with his cap off) looking around the Barfly as he squeezes through and squeezes his hat while swearing in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!). He notices that no one is here; but then notices Zipper's chef's hat and apple core (which he would never leave). Then we get an outside shot of the Barfly as Monty breaks through the pipe completely like some moron. Okay; he's super mouse; I freaking get it Miss Ross.

Monty slides in the mud (and gets none on him) as he looks around and notices fly footprints leading into the grass. Monty then proclaims that flies fly which is silly considering that Zipper can clearly walk when he was guarding the door at the beginning of the episode! Monty thinks this is trouble and decides to follow those tracks anyway. So we head into the air with thunderclaps as the Ranger Plane (Or Ranger Wing; I've stopped trying to keep it straight since the writers apparently cannot either) flies around and Dale calls this dangerous and even goggle wearing Gadget agrees with him. Chip calls this nonsense (What's this? A contest to see who's the bigger sadist in this episode?) as they fly down towards a faint shot of a church with a straight pole on top. Okay; let's cut back to Monty on the street near a sewer vent because apparently; we don't have enough of the Monty quota for this episode. Monty calls for Zipper and the big wave of doom nearly splashes him as Monty runs further into the street. Monty thanks his sense of balance and then the next big wave from the east (which makes more sense) engulfs Monty and Monty gets swept away into the sewer and that ends the segment eight and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we get a shot at a sky near a bog as the rain continues to pelt down with reckless abandon (well; scattered showers isn't unusual) as we pan down to the swamp edge as we see Monty trying to recover from his sewer misadventure. Monty realizes how a washing machine feels as he notices the tracks and follows them into the grass. So we go to the scene changer and see Monty pull some flaps of grass and sees the Smurf Beetle village and decides to play it safe. Monty hides behind a wired sardine can as we see the Smurf Beetles run stage left with fruit and cheese. Sadly; the cheese is smelling and the smell manages to find Monty and he sniffs it thus creating the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DEATH. However; Monty somehow restrains himself. Damn you Ross! Thankfully; the smell plays misdirection and gets under Monty's nose and it's the CHEESE ADDICTION OF DEATH again and this time Monty floats around a bit; then the smell dies and Monty takes a decent bump on his ass. HAHA! That is just the second funny spot and we are nine and a half minutes into this thing.

Monty rubs his eyes and then notices on a chair that Zipper is eating like a fat fly king. Zipper stuffs his face as Monty climbs up the stairs and grabs Zipper as they apparently are glad to see each other. WHAT THE HELL?! That makes no sense whatsoever considering what happened with the exploding door. Zipper kisses Monty on the nose and they embrace. You got to be freaking kidding me?! Monty takes out a cloth and blows his nose just to make the scene more absurd than it already is. Monty wants to make a meal for him and walks away; but Zipper then flies to the throne and blows him off. So he was playing dumb all along? Okay; HAHA! Zipper claps his hands and his Water Beetle Smurf servants all climb up with more grapes for Zipper to eat. Then the guards notice Monty and start using their spears to back Monty up. Nice to see Zipper showing some hate for the Aussie Stereotype; despite the obvious stupidity of it all. Monty proclaims that he is only here to take Zipper home and Zipper claps his hands. The water beetles walk stage right towards him as one of the beetle guard tells another to call Chief Beetlebreath (so it's an official name and not an insult). The beetle #2 sells and that ends the Youtube video at 10:26. I am not impressed by this episode considering how obvious the ending is. Even more so than Dances With Bigfoot.

After the Youtube break; we see Zipper clapping his hands and two tall water beetles fan Zipper with leaves. Monty then realizes the treatment that Zipper is getting isn't at home and Zipper basically tells him that he is not coming home and it's goodbye. Monty sulks and walks away. Can you really blame Zipper for leaving after the stupidity the Rangers caused him (Gadget blowing down the door and Monty being a jackass?)? Monty apologizes for yelling at him; but Zipper waves goodbye to him as he's not buying what the Aussie Stereotype is selling. Good for him sezs I! Monty sulks and walks away stage left as Zipper then suddenly takes off his gear (except for the shirt) and proclaims that it's all just a joke. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?! What is Ross thinking?! Seriously; what the hell was Dev Ross thinking?! Zipper tries to leave; but Elder Beetlebreath grabs his shirt and proclaims that he is going to be an offering to their god (and yes he said god here for real. That's the first one of the episode and #22 for this series alone.) Ribit the Frog. Zipper tries to yell to Monty; but gets his mouth stuffed with a grape as the beetles eat.

Now this is where we should have realized that Zipper was screwed stiff instead of basically giving it away within two minutes of the beginning of the episode. The water beetle with spears all cheer for death as they want Zipper fat so they can feed him to Ribit of course. So we head to the sky as we see the Ranger Plane flying over the swamp and apparently there is a basket with the mouse family from the beginning of the episode. Why are we wasting time with this crap?! It makes no sense in the context of the episode and it's clear that they are wasting time now since they already gotten to the point with Zipper being fatten up for the offering. The Ranger Plane drops the basket on the solid ground and the mouse family climbs out and thanks them. The Rangers wave back as the Ranger Plane flies around looking for Monty. However; Gadget calculates that the rain will start flowing again and Dale proclaims that they will never find them. Gadget then notices a campfire over some island leaves and deduces that it's Monty as she flies towards them. Chip asks how she knew and Gadget claims it speaks with an Aussie accent. I'm guessing no self respecting camper ever tried that tactic again.

So we go to the scene changer of doom we go to the leaf camp campfire as the rain pelts down and Monty tells the gang that Zipper isn't coming back to them. Chip doesn't think this makes sense as Gadget wants Monty to try again because they are best pals see. Monty isn't buying it; but he suggests that the other Rangers talk to him because he cannot wipe the heartless bastard off his chest. Okay; I made that part up. Chip proclaims that they will as the Rangers get into the Ranger Plane and race away without Monty. HAHA! Monty blows himself off because he's marooned again. And I hope he stays there too. So we go to the scene changer and to the rocks as we see Gadget, Chip and Dale hiding behind it of course. They notice the throne area as Elder Beetlebreath proclaims that it's time for the offering to be given to their god (reference #2 for the episode, #23 for the series) and to bring in Zipper who is being beetle handled by the beetles. I can just hear Hoppo now: Stop being such a baby Zipper. At least you aren't going to be burning in a volcano named Mount Sue Me Wuz.

Chip realizes that Zipper is in trouble and they run to the pile of tires and shove one of them off the pile. The tire rolls and the beetles scatter as only one gets squashed (I think) as we cut to the shot of the throne as Beetlebreath is fuming while Zipper is tied to a stake (Huh?) and the Ranger grab the stake and bail stage left. One problem; we still have eight minutes left in the episode and they must be caught. Why? So Monty can become Supermouse silly. They all get into the Ranger Plane with Zipper untied and the Ranger Plane flies away. Dale taunts them just to be Dale; but the spears go flying and one of them destroys a prop (Told you this would happen) and the beetles are forced to invoke the mattress of feathers to save their blue bottle offering. Feather fly into the screen as the Rangers breathe a sigh of relief which lasts about three seconds as the beetles surround them.

So we head back to the offering throne as Zipper is back tied to a stake while the Rangers are in a cage tied to some type of rope. Dale and Chip are not amused as Gadget sees the water rising and swim fins are going to be needed. Chip thinks that Monty will save them from this peril and sadly I wish that wasn't the case. Thankfully for me; Monty is back at the campfire walking around realizing that they haven't come back yet. So he does a cannon ball into the water and starts swimming because he cannot afford to lose any more friends. Funny since he really has none now. So we go back to the scene changer to the throne of Chief Beetlebreath as he addresses the watermelon, watermelon noise water beetles with spears. Zipper continues to struggle against the stake as Gadget and the Rangers are partly submerged in the cage. Gadget basically uses her psychobabble to state the obvious as the chipmunks blow her off. Gadget then notices that Monty is torpedoing towards the cage with reckless abandon.

Gadget gets off golly #3 for the episode nearly 15 minutes in after eight minutes of golly free action. Monty tries to pull open the bars; but no dice as Gadget goes over my head some more and Chip shuts her up. Seriously; that is what does; covering her mouth and everything. Nightflight's world: BS&P nightmare for Disney. Chip orders Monty to save Zipper from being Ribit's next meal and Monty finally realizes what is really going on and runs in as the Rangers call for him to come back soon because Monty couldn't pull the bars enough to open the cage. So we return to the stage as the beetle cheer for death from their frog god Ribit. Beetlebreath is standing on top of a dead toaster I should point out as we pan over to Monty hiding behind the grass. Monty wants answers to this mumbo-jumbo as we see a long sequence of Ribit the Toad rise from the water who has a large lower lip. Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) as Zipper shudders in fear and Ribit crackles like a toad which ends the segment nearly 16 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Ribit approaching Zipper as the beetles all bail like the Smurf cowards that they are. Zipper struggles like an idiot as usual as Ribit; ummm, ribbits. Monty rolls his sleeves and storms in because he just has to turn into Super Mouse now. Although here; it isn't a bad idea. Too bad Monty is too unlikable for me at this point to save the episode. Ribit jumps and apparently he squashes Monty; but with no bump present; I doubt it. Ribit demands his fly and Beetlebreath shows him Zipper. Ribit comes over to size it up; and he's unimpressed as Beetlebreath insists that it is the best they can do. We cut back to Monty as he proclaims that he wants a big fly and then bails. I think we know where this is going as we cut back to Ribit sizing up Zipper again. Zipper gulps in fear as Ribit is about to invoke his tongue when suddenly we hear the worst buzzing sounds (sounds like the ringing phone in Monster A-Go-Go) as we cut to Monty dressed up like a stupid fly. Baxter Stockman is more believable than Monty ever was even as a fly man.

Naturally Ribit falls for it and the water beetle Smurf all blitz Monty and we get the FCC FRIENDLY DUSTCLOUD OF DOOM which in DTVA usually indicates the heels winning. Unless it's TaleSpin then it can indicate the babyface comeback. Needless to say Monty loses as he's carried stage left as Beetlebreath takes Zipper and kicks his ass straight to the moon. No, not really; but you get the picture here. Zipper takes some wussy bumps onto the ground as he flies up and notices Monty is dead mouse meat. As stupid as Monty's plan is; I like it if only because I'm a sadist and a slime bag. Zipper flies over to Monty and Monty turns into a piss ant again as Zipper doesn't want to leave; but Monty blows him off because it's all his fault see. Zipper; let him go and win the Darwin Award for 1989. He made his bed; let him lie in it! Zipper tries to defend Monty from Ribit; but Beetlebreath grabs him and tells him that he's free. Zipper claims to him that Monty is not a fly and Monty no sells and Ribit and Beetlebreath don't buy what Zipper is selling. It's nice to see all three idiots can agree on something for a change.

So we head back to the cage (Now why doesn't Zipper just go over there and free them?) as the chipmunk splash water on top of the perch while Gadget sulks saying the fourth golly of the episode nearly 18 minutes in after another three minutes of golly free action. Chip is worried about Monty and Zipper; but thinks they will come back. Dale hopes so because they are as doomed as this episode's quality; let me tell ye. So we return to the stake as Ribit uses the tongue to lash onto the stake as Zipper panics. Zipper then steals one of the feathers from Beetlebreath and then invokes the most devastating move in all of DTVA; the COOCI-COOCI-COO OF DOOM~! And it's right on the nose of Ribit too and he sneezes causing a lot of wind and his tongue to lash onto itself. Yeah; that is what this episode needs: More windbags. Monty bails with the wooden stake down the throne and Ribit is pissed. I cannot blame him; he is being buried by Supermouse at this point. That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE WOODEN STAKE EDITION~! Then Monty stops being normal and Supermouse rears it's ugly head as he invokes the stake right into Ribit's mouth. Monty proclaims that he took it like a real sport. Sure he did you Aussie Stereotype.

Ribit spits it out and it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE RIBIT EDITION~! Monty and Zipper go inbetween the metal steps and Ribit takes some lumps off of the metal for fun and has had too many sugar lumps when he drops on his face. Ribit recovers and heads to the moat as Monty jumps onto an old throwaway car. Monty and Zipper then hide behind the motor engine as Ribit hops onto the car and looks around. Ribit tries to tongue lash; but he keeps hitting (and missing) the same spot each other. Monty and Zipper bail and shove the hood of the car onto his tongue. Like I said; Super Mouse and Roided Fly are back in action. Monty does the cat got your tongue promo and it is lame. Monty and Zipper laugh and then bail stage right towards the brick wall near a pumping station (huh?) as Monty realizes that it's trouble and he wants to fight to the finish. Because you have to keep up your rep as Super Mouse huh? Zipper no sells because he has a better idea and Monty goes along with it. Zipper points to the pipe and red wheel and Monty calls Zipper a genius. When that happens; and your IQ hits eight you sell.

Ribit comes in from the left side because he hasn't been buried enough in this episode and he looks left to see Monty and Zipper on the orange pipe trying to fake a blister on his foot. And it sucks worse than his cheese soups. I'm sorry guys; I just want this episode to end and end now. Ribit comes over and licks his chops. Sadly; he is conveniently in the right place for Zipper and Monty to push the red wheel and pump water (or sewage) in his kisser. I check the Youtube video.....Not quite as Monty stops his awful selling and wraps the tongue around the pipe to further bury Ribit and Ribit drinks more water than he could probably hold. Ribit turns into a water balloon and bounces away with water coming from the mouth. Monty and Zipper slap skin as we cut back to the cage as the other Ranger's heads are barely above water and the cage top is near their heads.

Thankfully for them; the water drops down to ground level and washes away as Gadget continues her usual analysis. Who does she think she is, Michael Pachter?! Dale cheers that they are saved as the water beetles all come to the cage and unlock it as Chip calls them party poopers. The Rangers are forced to walk with them and they hear cheering as Chip asks what is going on. Beetle #1 informs them that Ribit is dead and the village is saved and therefore they are having a party for the Rangers; thus turning babyface. So in other words; the first scene actually meant something. Too bad the episode still sucks as the water beetle introduce the new green ones; Monty and Zipper sitting on the throne eating to their hearts content. The Rangers are relieved as Monty stands up and proclaims that nothing comes between a boy and his fly. EWWWWWWWW! Zipper kisses Monty on the cheek and that mercifully ends the episode at 21:13. All my good graces with Monty in a few episodes is completely washed away in this one. * (20%).


Well; the first Disney Afternoon episode is in the back for Rescue Rangers and this one sucked badly. While the Zipper leaving the Rangers thing was justified; they basically made the Water Beetles heels until Ribit was defeated instead of making them similar to what I saw in Lost Horizons where Wan Lo and company were friendly and then turned heel (only to turn babyface in the end in this case). That took the subtly right out of the episode. And to make matters worse; Zipper had second thoughts instantly before the real storyline took over. So Zipper's leaving was just an act and it made Zipper's justification seem weak. Then we spend the rest of the episode making Monty look like Supermouse and doing a terrible job of it to boot. And the whole Mouse Family scene was just there to pad the running time as clear as day since it played no part in the actual episode. Ribit was nothing and the Water Beetles including Beetlebreath weren't much either. If there was one positive; Dale was Dale and the animation was all right. Otherwise; this episode sucks. Next up is the infamous Puffed Rangers episode and on a historic context level; I look forward to it at least. So......

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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