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A Lean On The Property

Reviewed: 07/03/2010

More 9/11 Antics From Disney....

Oh my goodness; ANOTHER Monty focused episode? His stoned mother of the seas is returning? Who did Monty blow to get these focus episodes?! Apparently; this episode was black balled because it dealt with buildings falling and was too close to 9/11 for anyone's health (most so Disney's). Umm; there is a Toon Disney version of the episode so if it was black balled; it was reinstated after 9/11. Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce, David Weimers and Bruce Reid Schaefer. Sadly; I have no animation studio; nor a story editor; but the directors were Bob Zamboni and John Kimball. You'll just have to bear with me on this one; no pun intended.

We begin this one at the harbor as we see a big ass cruise ship and a small tugboat riding on the water and a bird nesting on a pier as we pan east towards a steel fence and zoom in to the bottom hole as Gadget enters with a bundle of pink flowers. Zipper follows as Chip carries nothing. In Nightflight's view; Chip would be holding the flowers according to the BS&P notes. Dale is carrying a basket filled with different kinds of cheese with a pink bow tied to it. So Dale has become the 1989 version of Kit now. Monty follows and of course it's clear KK/DW didn't get the memo on the psychology of Monty's cheese attack as he just goes berserk instead of waiting for the smell to overwhelm him. I wonder if they changed it due to the animation studios cutting corners? Something to think about. He basically rivals his previous record with 25 seconds (last seen in Le Purrfect Crime) as he runs in and stalks the cheese basket as Dale just doesn't have the two clicks in the making of a clue. He actually turns around and Monty tells Dale to look at the seagulls while swearing in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) which is a bad sign for the cheese. Dale of course foolishly turns around and Monty steals the cheese, duh. All of it too as Chip walks in and blows Dale off for being sea-gullible. HAHA!

Dale then blows off Monty for stealing the present for his mother while Monty acts like he doesn't have a care in the world. Well; I just knew that the writers would lapse him back into his sucking ways soon enough. I didn't expect them to take less than a minute to pull it off. Monty walks off because it's only his mother see and Chip gets pissed off because Camembert Kate is awesome. Awesomely stoned if you ask me. They broke the mold with her according to Chip. Hoppo would like to have a word with you about breaking molds. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm...I am so getting lots of mileage out of the Rhinokey rejected jokes here aren't I?! Everyone praises him; but Monty who calls her a pain in the outback. Wow; I thought he was going to say ass on that one outright. Dale asks which boat she is supposed to be on and Monty takes a letter from his chest (EWWWWW!) and reads it as apparently his nickname is Cheeser. HAHA! I'm starting to like Kate already and she hasn't even shown up yet. She's arriving on the TQ from the QT so sezs Monty. So she likes writing in coded riddles I see. And she tells him to clean up the room. Nice to see someone tease a tugboat coming into the harbor as the TQ; but Gadget walks around the bend and deduces that it must be the Tuna Queen. Of course as we see; it's merely a tuna fishing boat. Monty of course gets frightened because where there is tuna there are cats. I see Kate is a bit of a sadist which is A-OK with a cherry on top for me.

So we see the Rangers bailing as the cat run towards the boat. That allows for the sky shot of a yardarm as we finally see Camembert Kate in the flesh and I see that she has given up drugs and the raincoat in favor of a pink dress and captains gear with Rebecca's purse I think. She throws her bag right at Monty causing Monty to drop on his ass. HAHA! Monty tells her to stay put because the cats are coming, COMING I SAY~! Camembert Kate is voiced by the late Fran Ryan (passed away in 2000) who started as a chairlady in the live action Batman in 1966 along with a cameo in The Beverly Hillbillies in 1968. She then became Aggie Thompson in The Doris Day Show, Hannah Cobb in Gunsmoke and Doris Ziffel in Green Acres. Her first Disney appearance was Hog Wild in 1974 and this show is her only DTVA appearance. She has 134 credits to her resume and even appeared as a cameo in Rocky II and was Tillie Russel in The Wizard. The Commish in 1993 as Doris was her final credits. Kate no sells because she is not afraid of cats and she swings like Tarzan much to the horror of the Rangers. Much to my amusement as the cat miss her by a country mile as she lands onto the hook which the conviently placed net of tuna is placed.

Kate calls for dinner and bites the net allowing the tuna to fall. The cats bail just as Monty comes in and get squashed and entombed in a tuna tomb. HAHA! Kate drops down the hook as the cat are on the tuna and Kate goes Song of the South on us with that greeting. She wonder where Cheeser is and they say that he's gone fishing. HAHA! Kate takes the flowers from Gadget and empties the flowers from them; jumps up to the oil barrel of laugh and uses it as a MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS to make dog sounds to scare the cats away as they bail in different directions. I think Kate has taught Gadget a think or three about recycling. HAHA! Gadget finally sezs golly two and a half minutes in after about two or three episodes of golly free action. Kate relate a plausible story about handling 80 grates; or something like that as Monty wants to claw the cat's eyes out. Kate pulls Monty by his tail and blows him off for being like his drunk hick father and rushing in. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. See what happens when you don't write Monty like Super Mouse? Kate then blows off Monty's weight and wants Monty to kiss her. HAHA! Monty's hat almost comes off and he's offended by that. Monty doesn't wanna so Kate blows him off for being so lame. HAHA! Monty decides to get it over with; but Kate pushes his aside and blows him off because he needs to take a bath first due to the tuna stinking him up like his uncle. HAHA! I'm not going to bother quoting his name; the funny is the fact that he stinks like tuna so any name will suffice. I am so loving his Kate fellow; I think whomever wrote Kate at the finish of Parental Discrestion Retired was stoned for some reason.

So we go to the scene changer as we go to an alleyway as Snout, Mepps and Mole are carrying Mr. Fat who is eating whole fish while laying down on a red board. HAHA! Man; Mr. Fat's mustache seems to be growing on the fat side shot as he throws the fish bones away as he calls life grand just to annoy the henchmen as they sell reluctantly. Then we see that damn dog (who appears in more DTVA shows than most of the main characters who are trying to get the show over) being walked by a man dressed in a blue shirt as he sees him and runs stage left away from his owner. He's Killer according to the man; and apparently Mr. Fat is about two blocks away when he runs despite leaving about 10 seconds flat after seeing him. Bad logic there dudes made even worse when a female walking a female poodle named Fifi (Really?!) loses her pup as she runs stage left as well with Killer. Huh? Does that make any sense? Probably if they showed her seeing Mr. Fat which we don't. Bad form there guys.

That of course leads to the heels getting the point and the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE BASH THE TRASH CAN EDITION commences around the bend to waste time. They of course run into a wooden gate and head inside to the dog pound of course and I swear to god that it looks like I'm watching a Looney Tunes episode. Can we expect Tweety and Sylvester to show up now?! Again Ranger fans: Why are you so suddenly surprised when Slappy makes fun of your show?! DTVA was making fun of theirs. That leads to them breaking through the wooden gate (natch) and the Scooby Doo Chase Sequence MUST CONTINUE! Okay; what is the point of this; other than to waste time? We then see the heel run into the street as the chase stops and we pan west to see the dogs sniffing at a tree. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?! The heels continue to run as Mr. Fat rants on his hatred of dogs as we see the heels get WARNERED~! In other words; they fall through a manhole cover which is way too small to fit; into the sewer with a splash. Ummm; whatever and good going for killing the groove this episode was getting into thus far.

Scene changer leads to the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM (four and a half minutes in) as Kate has the photograph book as she is showing Monty through his tender years which includes Monty as a baby looking naked and crawling. Man; Monty looks slightly improved in that position too. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Gadget calls him cute. HAHA! Drunk with cuteness eh Gadget love? Dale wonders what happened as Monty walks through the door and he is SHOCKED AND APPALLED. Kate turns the page to child Monty getting his foot bitten by her female cousin. HAHA! She does a better STFU than John Cena does. Monty covers his eyes in shame and I'm so loving this. Kate gleefully blows Monty off as Gadget giggles basically taking Kate's side of things. I approve of course. Monty shoves his friends aside and wants Kate to put the album away. Kate tells him to play fair or go to his room. I see who has been making Monty look like an ass after all and it isn't Kate.

Monty blows her off because he's too old for those things. I have to take Kate's side on this one considering the amount of suck Monty has caused in this series in general. Kate counters and slaps Monty right in the ass! HOLY CRAP! And that was a good shot too as Monty sulks and walks away to his room. HAHA! Considering how powerful she is; why not have HER be the fourth Rescue Ranger? She is still an Aussie Stereotype; she has the BS stories and the power and yet she's a million times more likable than Monty ever was and it balances out the male/female group in general. Kate gets back to the album and talks about Monty with Aunt Mozza before he left home. Geez; I wonder why? Probably the same reason Cheddar-head Charlie left too: Kate is monster over and the monster is overwhelming them. Kate even ponders the question herself so at least she's somewhat self aware. Another scene changer shows the Rangers sitting down (sans Monty of course; probably still having time out) as Kate tells her BS stories about some mouse going the wrong way and the Rangers all cheer as we zoom into the door as Monty wants in. Kate agrees to it as long as he behaves as Monty promises. I expect this to last about thirty seconds flat starting at 5:27.

Monty offers a tour to the city and Kate likes that as Monty guides her to the door telling her all the sights and then he shoves her out of the front door and slams the door in her face. Wow; and with 16 seconds to spare too. What a heartless bastard this Monty fellow is?! Monty leans on the door as Kate simply knocks on the door and Monty foolishly answers it. Like Kate is going to leave after that one Monty?! And naturally Kate is PISSED. Join the club wench; I know exactly how you feel too! Kate grabs Monty by the ear and calls him out for poor manners as the Rangers watch on in disbelief as Monty protests that he doesn't want to go. Geez; you think Monty was nursing some sort of personal grudge against her because I cannot see why Kate is so awful. Really; I don't. Monty naturally loses as Kate pulls him out of the house by his ear. HAHA! I only have one thing to say to Rebecca: BE JEALOUS!

We go to another scene changer to the Mr. Tom cat food factory (complete with evil steel cat on top of course) as we zoom in towards a room with a soapbox podium and about thirty cats with sweaters and tunics in various color schemes. One of them decided to dress up like Charlie Brown today I see. We go to the near shot as apparently; some of the denizens change species from all cats to moles. Huh?! The spotlight falls and Mr. Fat takes the podium to address the crowd. He calls them moles which is weird; but considering the episode itself, it actually makes sense. I just wish that they mixed it in with cats since it's CATS that have the issue with the dogs of course. Mr. Fat claims that there is a common evil among them and one of the mole patrons claims that it's frogs. HAHA! Mr. Fat blows him off because it's dogs. Really; I didn't think that frogs would be an evil to stomp out too. After all; Kermit does leech off Mr. Fat's heat quite a bit. See dogs bury bones in their holes and they are dirty as the crowd of moles agree with him. They are merciless and after some confusion from the crowd; Mr. Fat blames it all on humans and wants to get rid of them so the dogs will leave with them. Geez; Mr. Fat is sounding like a certain unspeakable lawyer here. Who? I cannot say it; it's unspeakable.

Mole steps forward and asks what can they do. Mr. Fat counters with that question: What do mole people do? Okay; he said moles; but these moles are anthros so Mole People does make sense here. Mole of course gets it wrong and Mr. Fat blows him off because most moles dig holes. Mr. Fat wants the moles to dig the foundations of building and make them tip which will make the humans flee with their dogs. Mr. Fat is in the terrorist business now. No wonder this episode was black balled after 9/11. Well; for a while anyway. Everyone “digs” the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN as Mr. Fat swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (dog gone dogs) while rubbing on his shrinking porn mustache. He will rule the city and laughs badly of course.

So we go to another scene changer to the museum (from Many Love Is a Splintered Thing) as we cut to the steps to see the Rangers and Kate (not with plus eight) jumping down those steps as Kate is having a good time. Monty leans on the stone railing with the Gruffi pose on full blast as Kate wants to see some more sights for fun. Dale wants to see the Leaning Tower as Chip blows him off because the tower is in Pisa, Italy. Dale then points out the obvious as we see that one of the buildings in the background is leaning. Monty swears in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey!) as a police car rides in as this is a job for the Rescue Rangers. However; Chip stops Monty from running away because the police have it handled. Monty points out on a flag pole that there are some red birds in their nest and they need help. Kate wants to step in to help; but Monty stops her and he wants Kate to stay the hell out of this. Kate is not happy about that one because this isn't kids stuff (You damn right it's not) and orders Monty to step aside and see how a real professional Aussie Stereotype does it. Monty is pissed off as he gets in front of her and blows her off because he's doing it since he's the Rescue Ranger. The crappiest Rescue Ranger in history. Sucks more than his father too. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm....

Monty runs off as Kate gleefully calls him too big for his britches before wearing them. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So we cut back to the nest on a pole with red birds as Monty balances on the flag pole telling them to come over here. Monty's sliding sucks so badly that he slips and is forced to hang onto the flag pole with his hands. HAHA! Maybe someone needs to save Monty from himself. Now who would be perfect for that job? Hmmmm.... The red birds then just say SCREW YOU AUSSIE STEREOTYPE in bird speak and fly away in opposite directions. HAHA! Monty is not happy with these turn of events (Kate: Oh sod off Cheeser! I'm the better Aussie Stereotype than you are.) and loses his grip and freefalls. Ummm; yeah. Everyone on the ground is horrified (except for me of course) as Monty freefalls and screams which ends the segment eight and a half minutes in. Could this be the best Monty episode ever? Stay tuned because it's in a zone now.....

After the commercial break; we then see Monty free fall from another angle as Kate jumps into action and grabs the white cloth from the conveniently placed trench coat man making a phone call to someone on a payphone. She jumps down and the Rangers all run in and do the fire rescue spot with it as Monty bounces off the cloth and someone squashes Dale right on the pavement even though he was nowhere near Monty to do that kind of damage to the sidewalk. Okay; that logic was too whacky even for Warner Brothers to handle. Again; why are Rangers surprised when WB makes fun of their show?! Monty bounces and splashes into a bucket of water over a drain tap next to a brick wall. Got that folks?! Everyone runs to the bucket as Gadget praises Kate for a job well done as Monty pops from the water carnage looking like he drank too much whine with his cheese. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Monty spits water and thanks her allowing Kate to gleefully blow her off. And I agree with her on that one too. In the realm of being pointless; that one takes the cake.

Monty jumps down as he claims that it's not his fault and Gadget agrees with him (huh? On what exactly Gadget love?) because something made that building lean and then they notice another building leaning on the other side of the street as we see it push to the right. Nice dust effects there animators. So we go to another scene changer as we head to Ed's TV. I know this because it said so in blue letters above the window. We then zoom in to see the Rangers watching television from the window sill as a working television shows a guy in a blue coat sounding like Peter Cullen explaining the news with the worst drawing of the lower United States I have ever seen. Look; I know America isn't all that great, but at least have the decency to draw a better map than that guys. He says nothing of note that we didn't know from what we saw earlier except that natural causes are ruled out. Geez; doesn't that give away...Oh wait; Mr. Fat revealed this plan earlier, never mind. Kate gets giddy and wonder if this is a job for the Rescue Rangers. Monty wants the experts to handle this. Why? Because Kate is stealing his heat see. Kate jumps down and wants to get involved of course.

So we go to another scene changer into the sky in the Ranger Plane this time as Gadget is driving and Kate is the literal backseat driver. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Huh? No pop in the kisser from Kate? That's pretty sloppy. BONK! OUCH! Ummm...Thank you Chipper. You are a life saver. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....Monty is sitting in front of her just to make sure Kate sees that Monty is doing no more funny business for the rest of the episode. I don't think that is even possible with him. Kate blows Cheeser off and tells him to buckle his seat belt as Monty sells and uses a rope to buckle himself in. Dale naturally calls Monty Cheeser just to rub more salt into the wound. HAHA! Monty blows him off for calling him that name. UH OH! I think Monty has snapped as Chip calls him out on his behavior and Monty counters because he hates being treated like a kid. Well; stop acting like one you Aussie Stereotype. It's people like you that make kids like Kit and Cubbi even more awesome than they already are on their own.

Chip gleefully answers that for me as Monty get the first too right of the episode ten minutes in and Monty hopes that this will prove that he's an adult. We fly over some more as Chip notices more leaning building and the Cat Food Factory where Mr. Fat is. Geez; this is just too obvious to call out isn't it Chipper?! Gadget points out the obvious and Monty calls Mr. Fat crooked. Not as crooked as Monty's bad cheese attacks. AHHAHAHAHAHA! They spiral down as Monty tells Kate that this will prove himself as a Ranger as Kate gleefully answers that one for me just to annoy Monty again. HAHA! So we cut to the golden metal cat as we pan south to the front of a pink catallic hood as Mepps has a pop gun and is pacing and guarding the place while whining in lockstep. Oh; goody, they didn't forget that he exists after all. The Ranger Plane lands on or near the battery and that ends the Youtube video at 10:38.

After the Youtube break; we continue now with the Ranger Plane behind the battery as the Rangers hop out and watch Mepps whine and guard of course. Dale whisper yells on how to get past Mr. Fat and Monty offers to have Zipper distract Mepps while they enter. Kate calls on the one tiny flaw of that plan: How do they get out? HAHA! Monty proclaims that they will handle it once the bridge is crossed. Kate doesn't like troubled water so they will go through the air conditioning system to get in and out of. HAHA! Monty has the Gruffi pose on full blast because his idea is better see. Sorry Mr. Jack; but Kate has the better “plus eight” plan than you do. Get over it and let her win you Aussie Stereotype. Monty goes all jerkass on us; but Kate calmly stands her ground. Don't you just love it when the female comes up with the coolest plans and responses to other plans. She is turning Monty into an asshole; although that isn't hard considering the character she is dealing with here. She threatens to force Monty to go home too. If I were her; I'd tell him to retire too. Then the Ranger world would be a much better place.

Monty feels bad as Zipper tries to console him. Man; that air conditioning system turned into navy blue during that sequence didn't it. So we head back to the zoom in golden cat statue as Mr. Fat is in his office talking to Mole (with a hard hat on) and his depressed mole friend in tow. Mole whines about digging faster because they need sleep because they have been working for days which is funny considering that everything has been taking place the same day. Mr. Fat gleefully blows him off for me since they can sleep after the humans and dogs are gone. He then shows off the white blueprints as he points to a place of no consequence (since the map is bare natch) and wants the digging accelerated as he yells in their face to force the point. Mole rolls the map up and runs out with his friend calling Mr. Fat a crabby catty of course. They run to the elevator and go down the elevator with a bing and a closed door. We then pan northwest to the air vent as we head inside to see the Rangers & Kate Plus Six looking on. Chip points out the obvious as Dale has no clue how to find the moles. Gadget has a plan in mind and tells everyone to follow her as everyone runs from the vent into the darkness. Ooookkkkayyy.

So we go to the next scene changer onto the ground near a park as Monty is pushing a skate with Gadget on it and Zipper in front. Gadget is using a heart monitor to check the ground as the other Rangers walk behind Monty. Gadget tells Monty to stop because she hears digging as they stop and we pan south to the soil as we see Mole and his friend digging a rather large mole hole. HA! Chip and Dale put their ear to the ground as Dale asks how they can be stopped. Monty suggests flooding them out and Kate calls that a bad idea and Monty blows her off on that one. Kate claims that she has a better one which is funny considering that all she had to do was just explain why Monty's is bad (It would cause more structural damage to the city; that's why it's bad). Monty calls her out for treating him like a child on everything.

Kate gets the Gruffi pose on full blast and calls his bluff on it. Monty accepts the dare on defeating the moles and runs to the fire hydrant. He then does the old fridge logic Gadget trick (pulling out an item out of nowhere; a wrench in case you didn't notice) and twists the knob on the fire hydrant causing a flood which engulfs the Rangers & Kate Plus Five as they are forced to grab onto the rock with a human chain ladder spot as Monty rolls on a pop can claiming his plan is working. The water whirlpools into DA....HOLE (SLURP!) and washes away Mole and his depressed friend; but the water who already breaks DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) and causes damage and chaos throughout the city. HAHA! See; Kate was right about Monty's plan after all. Memo to Monty: It's time to retire. Kate gleefully blows Monty off who is hiding behind a crack of earth and Monty proclaims that he has none as now Kate wants to try out her idea.

So we go to the next scene changer as we pan south into the tunnel which is wet as the Rangers & Kate Plus Six run like mad and then stop as Kate is the leader of the pack. She tells them to be quiet as we peek into the cavern to see Mole (with hardhat and blueprints) with seven moles informing them that Mr. Fat wants no breaks so it's back to work for the moles. The mole people bicker; but otherwise walk away back to work. Mole rolls up the blueprints as we pan west to see Kate practice the fine art of not being seen and doing a decent job of it. She steals the plans from behind Mole's back and comes back as she magically takes out a pencil and starts screwing around with the blueprints. Dale wonders what she is doing and Kate calls it a change in plans as she sneaks in and places the plans in Mole's arm and then everyone scatters off stage left. Mole doesn't suspect a thing as he reads the blueprints and panics. He orders the mole to reverse field and we see the BUGS BUNNY SPOT OUT OF CONTROL IN REVERSE~!

We cut to DA...HOLE (SLURP!) as the Rangers all climb out and Kate is happy as he wants to go to the casino for a few fireworks of her own. So we change scenes to Mr. Fat's Happy Cat Food Factory of Doom as we head to inside Mr. Fat's office as he is watching on his fire truck red television set with the same announcer (no relation to Stan Blabber in any way) proclaims that half of the city has been evacuated. And there is no cause for the disaster as Mr. Fat pulls on his porn mustache and turns the television set off. He laughs badly of course as he will soon be King Fat instead of merely Mayor Fat. Still self insulting all the same Mr. Fat. We pan over to the vent as the Rangers watch from the vent. Okay; here's a stupid move by Kate: Why would you watch from the vent right in the middle of the earthquake zone you just created?! We then go outside to see the BUGS BUNNY SPOT OUT OF CONTROL bulldoze right straight at the cat factory and then Mr. Fat's office begins to rumble and shake. And then my question is answered as the vent opens when it leans and everyone hangs onto the vent and Kate drops on her ass onto the steel ground right in front of Mr. Fat. Oh man; her plan worked out so well and she had to resort to being stupid on such a pointless mocking. Mr. Fat finally gets his perverted paws on Maxine as Mr. Fat calls her and that ends the segment nearly 15 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head outside as there is more rumbling at the cat food factory as we zoom in and cut back to the office as Mr. Fat hangs on to Kate again as Kate is giddy over this. I don't think being so giddy over being captured is that good, unless you are Louise L'Amour. Kate ribs Mr. Flab (HAHA!) as Mr. Fat blows her off as Kate has the Gruffi pose on full blast. Mr. Fat calls her out because he can live in any building once the city is his as Kate gets off the standard “Rangers are going to get you” blast; which Mr. Fat counters by bringing out the iron cage from the desk and squeezes her into the cage with some effort. Mr. Fat claims that she is his trump card and the cage is only a temporary place before he eats her more or less. We cut back to behind the vent as the Rangers proclaims that Kate needs to be saved. Chip tells everyone to follow his lead as we go to the scene changer and see the Rescue Rangers all swing like Tarzan and act like Tarzan. WHAT THE HELL?!

Everyone drops to the ground and notices that Mr. Fat is gone. Geez; that is a really stupid logic break if there ever was one because we never saw Mr. Fat leave the office beforehand. And this episode was going in such a fine groove too. Gadget tells everyone to start searching for clues. Am I watching a Scooby Doo episode; or am I seeing things again? Everyone scatter as we see the chipmunks on the desk and they find nothing.....AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING~! We then cut to Monty and Zipper on a blue candy cane edge noticing a map with a red dot on it around the bottom right portion of the map. Apparently; Mr. Fat is invading the Empire Crate Building. Geez; Mr. Fat is thinking way too small here as Chip proclaims that they have no time to lose. I suddenly lost my confidence in them after that Tarzan spot if you ask me.

So we head to the Empire Crate Building and pan up as it looks like a copycat of the Empire State Building. Now why not just call that since this show more or less takes place in the real world? It wouldn't make the logic any more wonky than it already is. We then head inside to the top of the look off as Mr. Fat is with Snout (or as I call him Blind Mouse) as he wants to crumble the highest building and take out some buildings on it's wake. On the far shot; we see Kate tied up and gagged against the pillar. Funny how they made her into a liberated female; only to render her into a stereotypical female in the span of about a minute. Mr. Fat puts the hook on her and Mepps and Snout rise her up as Mr. Fat's plan to MURDER the Rangers is to let them rescue her and then bring the building down with them in it. She is risen to the top of the flag pole as we get a zoom out shot of the building with her hanging around helpless. We pan down to the street as the earthquakes continue and the fissures show all around and they manage to stop the Rangers in their tracks. So mighty that Monty swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE instead of his usual DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE.

Dale gleefully corrects him as the rumbles continue and we do a pan shot of the building from another angle. Chip hopes that they are not too late as we see the humans fleeing the building on another shot. See; this makes a lot more sense than the JELLO FRUITQUAKE~! We get another glorified shot of Kate bound and gagged against the flagpole as she manages to spit the tape out of her mouth and the flagpole leans about five feet down. She decides to do something: scream for help. Geez; I just knew that the writers had to turn Monty into Super Mouse at some point. Monty hears Kate's screams and proclaims that he has to do something. Monty tells the Rangers to go below and stop the moles while he goes for Kate. The Ranger jump into the fissure below as Monty goes to a pigeon and asks if it carries mice. Well; it should since they are rats with wings basically. The Rangers try to walk; but Mr. Fat, Mepps and Snout grab them. Oh; and Mr. Fat gets his perverted paws on Gadget too. This is a special day! Mr. Fat is so happy as Chip does the ultra lame “You won't get away with this” speech. Mr. Fat proclaims that he will because the Rangers will be forced to help him see as he takes Chip and Gadget and squeezes through DA...HOLE (SLURP!) and into the caverns as he drops the Rangers right in front of them and informing the workers that they have more help. Then he orders them back to work of course.

We then cut back to the flag pole as Kate struggles some more and the building leans some more to boot. She does manage to get her arms free as she blows off Monty for being slow. Monty lands the bird and grabs the rope as Kate orders him to rescue the Rangers which would actually make sense and allow Kate to save Monty again. Monty won't bite of course and rants on her as they argue like a bunch of fatass mice. POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm.... See; it's enough to make Monty run away from home as Kate calls him out because she thought he wanted to see the world instead. Monty calls her out some more as Kate feels a lot more confident now that Monty can do the job and decides to let Monty rescue her. Monty pulls on the rope and catches her by dropping on his ass and use his belly as a mattress. HAHA! Monty carries her to the pigeon (Okay; that wasn't needed Monty.). So we cut back to inside the caverns as the moles are digging dirt again; only like a mine.

Wait a second?! Didn't the moles have Bugs Bunny powers earlier?! So what is the point of this; other than to make the Rangers look bad?! We pan over to the Rangers digging (probably their graves) as Chip decides to play reverse psychology on them. So we get a very long sequence of the moles and the Rangers playing with each others minds which ends with the moles slowly realizing that Mr. Fat is a slave driver and the moles will merely be slaves to Mr. Fat instead of being slaves to the city. The depressed mole realizes that Mr. Fat never said anything about being king and wants to confront Mr. Fat as we pan east to see the Rangers giggling of course. We now cut to the park of doom as we see Mr. Fat being carried like a king by Mepps and Snout. Then the ground rumbles underneath and it swallows up Mr. Fat and Mepps. Snout gets pushed off-screen and apparently gets swallowed up into another hole on the left pan as the Rangers climb out. We get an off-screen beat down of Mr. Fat by the moles (I think) and WHAT THE HELL?! So Kate and Monty aren't going to redeem themselves?! WHAT?! That's the finish?! The same I saw in Shell Shocked?! Well; goodbye best Monty episode ever; it has been fun though. The pigeon flies down with Kate and Monty as they watch the fireworks as Kate is happy that he's a Rescue Ranger now and not a lab rat as Monty admits that he is not cut out for Secret of Nimh work. I cannot argue with you on that one Monty.

So we go to the docks BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) near the Tuna Queen as Kate is saying her goodbyes to the Rangers. Kate hopes that the next one will be exciting. I'm hoping it doesn't end like this one though as Monty finally gives Kate one of the worst kisses I have ever witnessed. On second thought; he was better off when he hated to give her a kiss. She hears the blow horn and climbs onto the lobster trap as she has to go now. Kate gets her bag from Monty and Kate calls him by his real name as Monty has no problems with being called Cheeser. The lobster trap rises up into the Tuna Queen and everyone waves goodbye and don't forget to write. We cut back to the Rangers as Chip is happy about Monty having a mother like Kate and Monty agrees with her as we go to the far shot as the Rangers wave goodbye and the Tuna Queen sails away to end the episode at 21:15. Great episode; but man they screwed up the finish big time here. At least the animation wasn't doing the screwing here. Even if Monty became Super Mouse; I would have accepted it more than what we ultimately got as a finish. The ending was better though and the right book decision. **** ½ (90%).


What's this?! Two excellent Monty episodes in a row? How could that be?! Well; it's simple; Kate simply rocks and her actions alone eliminated Monty's Super Mouse routine long enough for me to like Monty being in the compromising situations that he was in. And Kate was in the right for most of it until she got too careless and got herself caught; but really the writers had to give Monty a bone in order to not make him totally useless. Still; the finish was terrible as Kate and Monty never got to rescue the Rangers and make the turn on Fat Cat by the moles more convincing. The Rangers did it without Monty's help and it weakened Kate a little bit. There were a few logic breaks; but at least I can take moles digging holes more seriously as an earthquake device than the JELLO FRUITQUAKE~! In other words; this was the better redo episode. Overall; I liked this episode and the writers made Kate look really good after she was introduced as a stoned lady in Parent Discretion Retired. Next up is The Pied Piper Power Play as we get another episode that got into trouble with the censors; but it isn't due to violence or scary scenes. Can you believe it was due to copyright? So......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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