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A Wolf In Cheap Clothing

Reviewed: 03/11/2009

Geez; even I don't insult Sun Woo Animation THAT badly!

So; here is the second of six straight episode rants in six days and this one is I do believe is the body switching episode along with the werewolf angle which shows that maybe having Rebecca being one isn't so fresh and exciting after all. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Kevin Hopps and Tad Stones. The story was edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Wang Films/Cuckoo's Nest Studios .

Annoying Moment #1: And we return to the first version of the opening sequence again.

We begin this one at the haunted mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After dark) as we pan down and zoom in as a wolf jumps over the prison gate of doom and hides in the bushes. I should note that the dark shading is pretty unique here as the dogs in the doghouses inside the gate wake up and start barking and blitzing the wolf; but one nasty lame roar forces them to run away like a bunch of scalded dogs. Oh wait... I got to admit; those chompers on that wolf are pretty nasty in a good way though. So we head to the burger joint as a police car is outside and I betcha it's Kirby and Muldoon trying to sneak in an early midnight snack. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as Kirby is eating a hamburger and Muldoon has his feet on the desk reading the newspaper about wolves. Kirby blows it off because we are not suppose to believe everything you read. If only Jymn Magon took that advice in his flip-flopping of TaleSpin canon over the years. Kirby sniffs the burger and then opens it to discover that there is no cheese on them burger. Take one guess who stole his cheese in that burger...Damn; I'm good as Monty is on the top of the car near the lights eating the swiss cheese while Gadget blows him off for eating too loud. Which is ironic since she's yelling too loud herself. I see Gadget has mastered the art of projection. Chip and Gadget are listening on the headphones while Dale is reading a comic book; just to be Dale. Monty apologizes for his chomping (yeah right?!) as Muldoon insists that some guy saw a hairy beast with huge fangs near here. Sounds like Goku in Golden Monkey Mode to me. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! KABOOM! UGH! Ummm...

I'm back and what is this halo on the top of my head?! Never mind; must continue the rant. Kirby gets flustered while blowing Muldoon off because the full moon brings out all the weirdos. Like four rodents and a blue bottle fly?! The animal version of the Village People?! We cut to Dale who is in SHOCK because he is reading a comic book about beasts and Dale panics because it's a werewolf. I betcha Chip bonks Dale on the head for that one....Damn; I'm on a roll today! Chip blows off the comic books and Dale bonks Chip on the head in response. That one they kept for the first opening and then had Dale repeat the action five times in rapid fire which is even funnier in hindsight. Chip and Dale have C&D argument #1780 and are ready to do some chipmunk wrestling for my amusement; but the police announcer on the PA ruins it. D'OH! Apparently Muldoon and Kirby are in either Lankershim and Cahuenga depending on what mood I was in when doing this rant as there was a wolf in a house and it robbed the residence. The police car speeds away as the Rangers do some wussy bumps in the process as Dale proves his point. I believe you Dale...sure I do....

So we logically go to the mansion of doom from earlier in the episode on a far sky shot as the police car is parked in the driveway cul-de-sac. We head inside as the butler from Three Men & A Booby is explaining to the cops Kirby and Muldoon inside the living room near the stairs. The Rangers listen from behind the stairs as the butler and the cops exchange notes on the situation. Kirby and Muldoon use their flashlight and head upstairs to play dog catcher as Kirby would say. The Rangers go up; but Dale stays frozen because he's afraid of the big bad werewolf. Kit: Come on Dale! Stop being such a baby! You tell him god of DTVA! Gadget returns and pushes Dale up while blowing him off. Since Kit isn't around until next year; Gadget will have to do and I approve of this goddess of DTVA. Muldoon and Kirby invoke the flashlight of doom as Mr. Hardcore's cartoon lighting stereotype is dying faster than PS2's lead over the Nintendo DS in hardware sales. And a kudos to Nintendo DS for surpassing the 100 million unit mark last week. Now all it needs is PS2's 200+ million unit sellers (83 on DS- a Nintendo personal best mark) and Sony loses the god of gaming status forevermore. Gadget keeps pushing Dale as Monty tells her to ease up. When the Aussie Stereotype is defending you; you know Gadget is pissed off at something.

Muldoon and Kirby go to the bend of the house and out springs the wolf with the goodies who jumps out the window as Kirby and Muldoon call that the biggest dog they had ever seen. So they go back and pick up the stray diamond on the floor and then leave. The Rangers all walk onto the window with Gadget pushing Dale the entire time. They get onto the window sill as the wolf left a piece of fur on the sill for Chip to discover. Dale finally gets giddy over the real werewolf and Chip blows him off because there are no such things as werewolves. But in real life; there are no such things are talking flies, chipmunks and mice either. So there as the howling forced Dale behind Chip and they both get scared. So we return to Gadget's lab inside Ranger headquarters as Gadget is looking through the microscope of the wolves' hair and Chip is keeping it steady demanding that Dale get in there so he can gloat when he is proven right. Gadget blows Dale off for reading his horror comics as she looks at the hair and concludes that it is just an ordinary wolf; but not a werewolf and thus Chip is correct. At least Dale can take solace in knowing that he was more accurate than Kirby and Muldoon put together which shows just how stupid police officers are in DTVA.

Monty questions this because why would a wolf want to steal jewels. Chip does admit that Monty has a point of contention to the theory as he wants to see the wolves at the zoo tomorrow. So we cut to Dale trying to get in; but the flower power keeps screwing him and thus Dale flies backwards taking a sick bump on his back on the floor with a lot of plant life flying around. See; Dale has a solution to this werewolf problem which is to use....wait for it...Wolfsbane. HAHA! You know it's fake because Open Office doesn't see wolfsbane as a real word to begin with. I betcha Chip bonks Dale on the head for that one. I check the DVD...Monty sneezes and smells stinky because I am so damn good today. Dale takes a good bump off the shot too as Chip blows him off because it only works in comic books see. C&D Argument #1781 ensues briefly as Wang Films really screws up since there isn't supposed to be a window in the background. Sigh...

So we logically head to the zoo from An Elephant Never Suspects which uses the EXACT SAME FOOTAGE from the beginning of that episode! We head to the wolves cage as the Ranger Plane is parked outside as the Rangers talk to the wolves wife about the fur and the female wolf feels bad about his husband being a thief. Harry is snoring in the cave as Disney Caption seems to be adding lines this time around just to annoy me. Chip wonders how Harry got over the fence and she doesn't know other than he leaves at night and returns as if nothing had happened. She got concerned now because she reveal a ripped green trench coat which Dale offers as evidence that Harry is a werewolf. The female wolf doesn't know if her husband knows because even he doesn't remember and he sleeps all day. Man this female's wolf's acting is contrived as Chip proclaims that mystery solving is their forte. Geez; that puts you only one step above Scooby Doo now. The extra step is for much better animation. Dale wants to solve this mystery; but wants to wait after the full moon to solve it while doing the anime cheek grabbing spot.

So we logically stay at the wolf's cage AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as we pan over to see the Rangers near the bon fire playing cards while doing their stake out. Zipper then shows Monty a ten of clubs to give the unfair advantage (BOO! HISS!) as I want to squash that cheating bug. At least let Gadget cheat since she's more over than Monty anyway. Chip likes this because they'll see who is screwing Harry as Dale is still with his wolfsbane and wants to do this after the full moon. Gadget blows him off wondering why he would believe in those horror comics. Gadget is about to say that there is no such thing and then Harry howls as he changes into a werewolf humanoid (DUH!) complete with the purple lighting of gays. And apparently he's NAKED AS A JAYBIRD (and he's a HUMAN too; sort of) since we don't see from the hips down. Harry Werewolf runs away from the Rangers and climbs over the fence and somehow Wang Films manages not to animate from his hips down to his upper legs perfectly while keeping the rest well animated. How about that?! And in SHOCK of all SHOCKS...the Rangers no-sell the fact that he is NAKED AS A JAYBIRD! Dale reads the riot act on Chip because Gadget is untouchable see.

Chip no sells that and wants to stop that werewolf as he runs off. So we logically lead to the Ranger Plane in the night sky as we pan over to the clothing store from Fake Me To Your Leader as the Rangers fly down and go inside to see it being broken in. We know this because the windows are smashed up. Chip doesn't see anything and Dale calls it a good sign and tries to escape; but Chip grabs him before Dale can get over and away from him. Spoiled sport! We hear some more howling and then cut to see Harry in full clothes with a green coat, pants and brown shoes with no socks. Well; at least the guy has some decent fashion sense even as an animal. Dale is scared as Monty calls the being a wolfwere because he has never seen a wolf turn into a man before. I never seen Monty turn into a MIRACLE WORKER before; so it's probably just another one of his BS stories. I'm sure he see this ALL the time and faints away afterward. The Rangers climb onto the coat rack while Harry admires himself in the mirror and then he speaks with Rob Paulsen's voice wanting some pest control. Gadget demands answers to this and Harry proclaims that he wants some decent threads. Gadget blows it off because he cannot have clothes because he's an animal see. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Psychological projection much there Gadget love?! That's twice for you in this episode alone. Harry then calls himself a party animal. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments as Harry howls and Chip pleads for him not to go out in public. A little too late for that one Chipper since he ALREADY was outside NAKED AS A JAYBIRD! Harry then steals Dale's wolfsbane and pins it on his shirt for his boutoniere. Which Open-Office doesn't see as a real word either. Harry walks out as Dale finally admits that it doesn't work in the comics after all. Well; if you believe Monty; then Dale is all right since it's a wolfwere and not a werewolf see according to Monty's logic and therefore the comics are safe and sound from libel lawsuits.

So we logically go inside a formal dining area as we cut to the table with champagne on ice as Gadget is covering her eyes in a terrible fashion because watching Harry eat fried chicken legs with his hands is somehow worse than Dale's table manners. I agree; Dale doesn't slobber as much as this guy..ERRR..I mean wolfwere. The formal guests shriek on cue (including a cameo from the trashed fruit lady from Battle of the Bulge) as Monty points out how he's wolfing it down since it is so natural of him. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gadget smiles on cue as Chip steps on the chicken leg and orders Harry to go home right away; but Harry no sells and picks up the chicken leg which allows Chip to fall into the gravy of death. HAHA! Gadget defends Chip's honor; but Harry grabs Chip and throws them into the ice bucket of wine which allows them to chill out. Neat spot; bad Wang Films spot blowing though. We get Hanna Barbera teeth chattering sound effect to boot as we get the scene changer and head to the state house as there is snarling as a thin man in a white undershirt robe (see Kit Cloudkicker From Here to Machinery) running away as the wolf goes through the window shattering it with more jewels on it's back as it jumps the fence and causes Kirby's squad car to twirl around the road. Since we have two wolves and one of them is currently changed into a man; I think we have a body switching episode with whiny dork commencing here.

Muldoon sees it and Kirby turns the police car around and goes after it as we go outside of the resturant as the bouncer of doom opens the door and throws Harry out on his ass for lack of MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! Man; Harry got lucky. Scrooge McDuck and his gang of mallards had to wash dishes for weeks in Ducktales in order to paid off their bills from the restaurant. Harry protests this outrage because he gave free passes to the zoo. I would say that is a good bribing skill myself as Chip pulls on Harry's pantleg like Molly Cunningham on speed. We get bad surfing music as Harry jumps into a red car and Gadget protests this outrage because Harry is committing Grand Theft Auto and he cannot do that unless the product is rated M for Mature see. Oh wait....And the Rangers fly and bump in wussy fashion all over the place on the dashboard as Harry backs into a car and crushing the front of it off-screen and then Harry drives away like a maniac. Man; he drives better than the average Wuzzle in the land of Wuz. And he's driving in traffic no less causing no damage himself to the cars. That's three projections from Gadget; albeit understandable in this case. Harry howls at the moon having a wonderful time of it all...

So we logically go to the wolf carrying jewels running away on a rural highway as Muldoon and Kirby chase after him. Wow; the cops are actually not looking like the Keystone Cops this episode. Sadly; the wolf drops down into a dirt road and then the police car spins around 360 in the middle of a crosswalk and then drives up a hill and behind a tree. That made NO sense at all. Sure; it was a neat spot and all; but it was pointless as we return to Harry driving better than all the Wuzzles combined and with no hands to boot. I am loving this episode as a truck is headed straight for Harry and his GTA car. Harry turns right and breaks through a fence and crashes down as the wolf goes near a trench coat hanging on a tree; but the car speeds by and the wolf is forced to bail as his treasure dislodges and the golden necklace attaches around Harry's neck. Gadget and the Ranger notice the wolf and it quickly gets the thunderclap to reveal Norton Ninuml (in his underwear no less despite having nothing to wear to start. Must be the underwear roids he uses to conceal the underwear while in wolf form) which I predicted about five minutes ago. Monty panics as we see Harry get the thunder clap and he turns into a wolf again and he starts losing control of the car which leads to Kirby and Muldoon's squad car coming in from the right side and we get the fade to black FCC CAR CRASH OF DEATH (complete with crash sound) to end the segment nearly 11 minutes in. Even with the cut to black shot; that was going to be nasty. I can see why BS&P did it the way they did it.

After the commercial break; we cut to the tree as we head to morning with Kirby and Muldoon's seat up a tree as the GTA car and police car are totally destroyed of course. Kirby still has the wheel just to make the incident even more goofy. Harry the wolf kicks the door through and then we scene change back to Chip blowing off Harry and Harry apologizing for not buckling up. Okay; that was really sloppy Wang. Harry runs away from the car as Chip helps Gadget from the car seat. Gadget asks if anyone is okay while getting off the first golly of the episode after nearly 11 and a half minutes of golly free action. Monty is all right as he is stuck in a tree with the blow horn up his ass. What does this car owner think he's driving?! A bicycle?! Monty un pops his ass off the blow horn and goes all Molly Cunningham on us as Zipper goes all Kit on us and drops dead right into Monty's hands with Monty comes down. Now that was a pretty neat spot as Dale and the gang deduce that something is fishy about them wolves turning into men and vice versa.

Sadly; Harry is dumb enough to run away right in front of Kirby and Muldoon that he gets tied up by the mouth and then gets stuffed into a pound truck as a female officer (probably from To The Rescue) shutting the cage door double time and padlocking it as she asks why a wolf would come into the city. Kirby and Muldoon proclaim that it is for the finer things in life. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Kirby and Muldoon think that someone trained him to rob homes as Dale has sympathy for the werewolf which is no worse than the devil I guess. Gadget realizes that they'll take him to the animal shelter which is where Plato was almost put down in To The Rescue (in a nice sub-tile piece of CONTINUITY by the writers). Chip tells the mice and Zipper to go after Harry and bring him back to the zoo; while the chipmunks deal with Were Dork as Dale rubs it into Chip and Chip isn't exactly amused. Well; good, at least the Aussie Stereotype won't be involved to ruin this one...I hope.

So we logically go to the unusual field with a weird house near a cliff as we pan over to a tree and see Chip with the magnifying glass checking for clues while Dale checks for counters against a werewolf and finding garlic is for against vampire. Chip proclaims that the tracks (that don't exist according to the background artwork for logic break #1 for the episode) lead to Norton's lab (so that why the house looks like a dork?) and Dale blows it off because he cannot help cure a werewolf. He's only good with Frankenstein monsters see. Careful Disney; Konami had to change the name to The Creature to avoid lawsuits now. So we head inside onto a table of chemistry stuff as Chip and Dale pop through an open window and climb down with the spool of thread. We get the old mirror distort spots from the beakers; but no jokes come out of it as we cut over to a central table (check the weird machine and chemical stuff) as Norton the whiny dork returns for real 13 minutes in and starts with the lame crackle of doom. Dale states the obvious and they both decide to come close to see what he is up to as Norton is sitting around with his stolen treasure as if this were a real video game. And gamers wonder why dorks like them are considered heels?! Anyhow; Norton reveals his secret invention: the WATCH OF META-MANHOOD-SIZER!

Man; and all he really needs is a wrist watch so he can perform time management better than I do. Norton kisses his meta-manhood-sizer (EWWWW!) and a diamond drops from it. Norton chases after it because if it escapes he'll be howling mad. MWHAHAHAHAHA! And you thought Drake Mallard had no life? Well; he didn't before Gosalyn came into the picture; although after Gos, it isn't all that much all things considered. Norton chases the diamond into the vent on the next table and tries to grab it; but get bitten on the hand off-screen by a rabid hound of Tasmanian Devil. Okay; you can spot the obvious Bugs Bunny reference there a mile away, can you?! Norton is pissed off so he goes to his remote control box which is painted Gamecube blue and pushes the yellow button. And you thought the Jonas Brothers were so gay? The cage opens and the Devil Dog From Hell is unleashed (Norton gets devil reference #1 for the episode). Dale questions Norton's sanity. I question his soberness to boot and Norton pushes a second button which turns the dog into a bunny dog. So Norton's secret weapon is....DUM...DUM..DUM...the Wuzzle Making Machine~! So he's now the Bunuppy. AHHAHAHAHA! ZAP! Huh? No effect...Hmmm; this halo is still over my head. Is that bad?

Norton blows Bunuppy off and then misses the kick on the bunny's ass as Bunuppy runs away like a scalded Bunpuppy and hides in his cage as the bars slam shut. So that's why the white bunny was in the another cage opposite of the dog! It all makes sense now. Chip and Dale realize the obvious and then tiptoe towards the rabbit cage which is just plain stupid considering the psychology of this episode in general. Chip and Dale open the cage to take the meta-manhood-sizer; but the bunny is now the Rabitog. AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! HEE HEE! Went right through me without any pain. Is that bad?! Chip and Dale get out and Dale does a really good MAN-SIZED squish with the cage door on his back to boot. HEE HEE! Chip and Dale back up to the Bunuppy as he asks for them to change him back as Chip grabs the meta-manhood-sizer and pushes the yellow button in the center and they both change into their normal forms.

Chip and Dale get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as the dog and bunny give Chip and Dale the watches. Chip and Dale try to escape; but Norton notices them right away as he is filling his semonds into the sack. Okay; that was more disturbing than I had intended. Norton gets ticked off and it's human auto racing time as that leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE META-MANHOOD-SIZER EDITION~! Norton loses as he takes a MAN-SIZED bump with his manhood right into the wooden table. OUCH! That should kill what little sex life Norton has left. The chase continues; but Norton slips on the polished wooden planks (HUH?!) as the chipmunks go around the bend and Norton takes a MAN-SIZED bump right into the wooden drawers. That brings new meaning to the phrase: Keep it in the pants man. AHHAHAHAHA! ZAP! Went through me again without pain...Something's not right here. Am I paralyzed?! Norton pops from his drawers (EWWWW!) and proclaims he's too clumsy to catch a chipmunk. I think he's too dorky to catch one; but whatever. Norton then decides to use his natural villains as he pushes on the yellow button of his meta-manhood-sizer. That logically leads to.....

.Inside the pound as we pan over to Harry's cage as Zipper does his ten seconds of work for the episode by destroying the padlock on the cage. Harry opens the cage and tries to leave; but the THUNDER OF GAYS turns him into the wolfwere; DUH! And of course; he has no pants on and this time; it's clearly obvious he has none as Monty points out exactly what I have been saying earlier in the episode. The female officer comes in with the dog and she is SHOCKED and HORRIFED at the child corrupting nakedness of Harry. Harry runs over (and Wang Films manages to animate the scene without showing us his manhood which is pointless since he's a wolfwere and isn't going to be anatomically correct anyway. Just don't draw the penis in guys; that's how they did it in Blue Submarine 6 the American dub version. I believe we get a brief shot of Harry's butt when he grabs the dog to protect his manhood from the fragile eyes of children and he runs out of the police station. So there you go; proof that Fairly Oddparents did NOT start the tradition of naked human beings. And Harry's more realistic than Timmy Turner EVER was. So we return to Norton's lab as Dale hides behind a bucket with the meta-manhood-sizer in tow as he wonders where Norton went and Chip doesn't care because he wants to get out of here. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Chipper. Chip and Dale run towards the spool of thread and the open window; going over the plank. However; WereDork stops them at the pass and snaps the thread. The chipmunks back away as WereDork stalks them back against the plank and shows his fangs (and they are dorky) to end the segment sixteen and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; the chipmunks run down the boxes as WereDork destroys all and blows them off for thinking that he is only a whiny dork. Nope; you're no longer a whiny dork; you are now a WereDork which is slightly better than a whiny dork. WereDork searches and notices the Rangers in an image on a beaker fulled with purple liquid which may or may not be the color for the thunderclap. WereDork is not fooled as he pounces from behind and knocks the Rangers down on the floor next to a wooden cupboard of stuff which I'm sure will be the next to be used as a bump. I check the DVD...Damn; I'm good as Chip kicks the cupboard and a beaker of blue liquid drops and WereDork gets beaker stuffed. HAHA! See what happens when you use your tiny were-manhood for no good? The chipmunks bail stage right as Norton spends some time uncorking his blue beaker and does an off-screen MAN-SIZED bump right into another desk which gets destroyed of course. I am so loving this episode as Norton recovers and the meta-manhood-sizer is smashed. Oh noes! That means his future has been smashed as well.

Oh wait; he doesn't have a life; so he doesn't have much of a future to begin with, my mistake. WereDork proclaims that if he cannot replace it; he'll be a wolf forevermore. Actually; being a weredork is actually an improvement so he can kiss my butt for all I care. Dale whistles and mocks WereDork with his meta-manhood-sizer and the chase is on as Dale mocks him in front of the cage and Chip is on the remote control panel and he pushes the yellow button which opens the cell and WereDork slides in unsafe right into the grasp of the Devil Puppy From Hell. HAHA! The cage closes as Dale bails stage left and WereDork smashes through the bars easily thus rendering the previous spot pointless. It's still funny though so I'll live. Norton and the Devil dog have a chase which destroys the lab of course as the chipmunks climb out for logic break #2 since they only had ONE spool of thread and it was snapped completely. And this episode was near flawless too....The chipmunks walk onto the roof as Chip uncorks a paper and turns it into a paper airplane. Well; at least that one makes sense compared to the other object Gadget pulls out of thin air. The chipmunk jump onto the airplane and the airplane glides away from the lab stage right. So that logically leads back to....

.The Wolf's den as we cut to inside with Harry and Harriet (the female wolf DUH!) exchanging notes while Harry dresses into full clothes. The Rangers exchange notes on the situation as Gadget examines the meta-manhood-sizer as Monty comments on Norton's hair choices while swearing in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE! Gadget deduces that both must be wearing the meta-manhood-sizer (the one Harry is wearing is behind his right ear for your information) and then they must break the one Harry uses to keep Harry as a wolf. Problem is Norton's meta-manhood-sizer is smashed up; so Gadget deduces that they use the spare one they have and put it on Norton. Dale wonders how they can find WereDork and we cut to outside the zoo entrance as WereDork hides behind the bushes as the humans walk out of the zoo. WereDork is PISSED off and wants to turn the Rangers into were-slugs. Okay; that would be a cruel way to die in more ways than one. We cut back to Gadget resetting the electronics on the meta-manhood-sizer and calls it simple. Well; I guess that means she switched the button to tiny manhood status. AHHAHAHAHA! ZAP! Okay; this is getting silly now...Why is this halo still on my head?! Oh; hello Kit. You got seven Dragon Balls?! So that means I'm....UGGGHHHHHHHHH! (Thirty minutes later....) Okay; I'm alive again. I just hope I don't die again; because I'll be in this state for another year afterward.

So WereDork busts in through the entrance and the rumble causes the second meta-manhood-sizer to roll out of the cave and into the lake where the crocodile is from Kiwi's Big Adventure. So Chip and Dale decide to take the spare one and attach it to Norton's hind leg which of course Wang Films screws up CONTINUITY wise since when Norton switches the meta-manhood-sizer; it's on the front right leg. That's logic break #3 for the episode and a bad one at that. Weredork of course turns into....Gatorwolf. Oh swell; he's Scott Hall II now and need to be thrust back into the Phantom Zone with Michael Eisner and General Zod. Harry wonders who changed instead of him and naturally it's the crocodile who is now Wolfendile. This is turning into the Realism Wuzzles show. No wonder PZ Meyers hates creationist; this show gives them way too many talking points to be healthy. Gatorwolf whines like a dork (what a shock?!) and then the thunderclap beckons and now Norton bypasses the fusion of the Wuzzles to become the first Wuzzle in history to be fused with three different animals at once. He's now...ummm...OstroCropune! I'm not going to bother playing a joke on the other fusion; this finish is hurting my head. Norton bails whining as Harry doesn't know what to think of all this. Chip realizes that they need the other meta-manhood-sizer; so they deploy Zipper to the rescue as he hasn't done his ten seconds of work enough today. Zipper salutes and bail.... we cut to outside the zoo as the humans all scream and bail like scalded dogs. I guess the zoo was still open after all and everyone was going for their supper. The police car arrives and Muldoon and Kirby climb out as Muldoon whines about monsters at the zoo. Kirby blows it off because it cannot be any weirder than a wolf burglar. I beg to differ there Kirby as we cut to inside as the meta-manhood-sizer bounces down onto the ground as an elephant grabs it with his trunk and Norton whines on cue as the THUNDER OF GAYS makes history as we have four animals fused together. This is Kenny Blankenship's wet dream episode (fanfic wise for those who didn't read my MXC fanfic scripts) as we have the Elecropuntro! Zipper grabs the meta-manhood-sizer before any damage can be done and flies away from Norton. Norton tries to bail; but the net of doom snags him and he's now at the mercy of the cops. Muldoon asks Kirby if this is weird enough for him and Kirby proclaims that the Twilight Zone door has been opened. I think it is the Phantom Zone myself as we cut to the Rangers with Were Harry as Gadget and Chip are thankful that Norton is gone. However; they have a problem as all of the animals have their bodies switched, DUH! Yeah; they have a serious problem with body switching and logic. Okay; it made sense up to a point; but there are like eight to 12 additional animals with bodies switched that we didn't see. So we cut to the gorilla and the giraffe as they switch their bodies together to normal.

Gorilla gives Gadget the meta-manhood-sizer as there is only one animal left to switch and that is Harry as Harry wears it and he switches back into a wolf which I presume switches Norton back into a human since he has one of the meta-manhood sizer's on his leg. So no logic is broken there as Harry gets to keep the blue shirt on the change. Harry and Harriet exchange pleasure thoughts as Chip offers proof that there was no such things as werewolves and it was only Norton playing god like a dork would. Okay; not exactly said like that; but implied. Dale proclaims that he swears off reading about werewolf stories. However; vampires and swamp monsters are still fair game as he gets the swamp monsters comic. HAHA! See; he's learning how to ween himself off stuff like this properly. However; Chip wants him to quit reading horror comics cold turkey and grabs it in order to bash Dale with the comic books. HAHA! Great selling from Dale as Chip chases him away like the party pooper that he is as the episode ends at 21:10. The best Ninmul episode in the series thus far thanks to the fact that Chip and Dale gave him the chemistry the whiny dork so needed badly. A few logic breaks marred the episode; but I enjoyed it as one of the best body switching episodes ever. I guess the Wagnus body switching spot from Gadget is in another episode. **** ½ (90%).


Well; it's about time the writers figured out how to get Norton Ninuml really over: Don't use Monty to get him over. I really loved this episode as this was the best performance from Norton since it played right into his heelish dork image of being a freak in a literal fashion. It's nice to know that he can laugh at himself; even if it was on a non-verbal cue level. Harriet wasn't much; but I did like Harry as he was a decent party animal who actually drives better than Rhinokey. Not by much mind you; but still better than he does. Chip and Dale played their roles in an awesome fashion as usual. Gadget was okay; but she sounded a bit bitchy at times, more so during the first half with Harry when he was a wolfwere. The finish was awfully silly and the fusion got out of hand; but that was due to Wang Films screwing up the animation to the point of causing continuity errors. Thankfully; there were only three logic breaks; but the last two could have easily given this a perfect episode which would have really helped this series at this point. So; this was an excellent recovery episode from the worse Dale episode ever which so happened to be a Dale focused episode sort of. So next up is another Dale episode which is Prehysterical Pet. I have mixed emotions on this one as it is a Dale focused episode and it involves a pet which I like; but it is written by Mike Edens and A-1 is animating. Not a good combination. So......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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