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Song Of The Night'N'Dale

Reviewed: 10/12/2008

Enter the Ranger Wing...

Yeah; I know that we have already seen about four episodes already with the Ranger Wing; but this is the official origin story of the Ranger Wing so there you go. Welcome to Disc 3 and this one should be great as there are five episodes on the disc that I'm looking forward to ranting on....and Mind Your Cheese And Q's because you just cannot have a disc without a Monty focused episode. Thankfully; this one sounds like a Dale focused least I hope it's a Dale focused episode. So let's rant on shall we....

This episode is written by Tad Stones. The story is edited by Bryce Malek and supervised by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Walt Disney Animation Japan once again.

Annoying Moment #1: They are using the awesome first opening sequence for this one. Let's hope it stays that way because I'm getting sick of writing this.

We begin this one with a far shot of the tree of Rescue Ranger headquarters as the birds are chirping and the stock music is a playing. So we head to the Ranger Dock as Gadget and Chip are putting the final touches on the Ranger Wing. Monty has a battery and proclaims that Gadget has gone too far this time. So it took making the Ranger Wing to go too far in Monty's view?! This is pretty nice compared to Gadget's usual sadist behavior. I think Monty's being a wuss myself. Monty of course is commenting on the props which allows him to swear in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (blinkin); and Chip blows him off because the Ranger Wing is perfectly safe. So Gadget swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Oh, darn..) because she has parts left over and that hair of hers needs a good washing after the Ranger Wing is completed. Way too many split ends there as Monty mocks the safety of the Ranger Wing. Gadget asks for power and Zipper does his ten seconds of work for the episode by touching the battery and he is fried blue bottle fly. HAHA! Chip thinks Zipper is fine (yeah sure) and then the door opens and here comes Dale wearing a viking/samurai helmet; the SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT and a yellow scarf which really demonstrates how much of a coward he is for not helping the Rangers. Then again; Dale helping the Rangers at anything would be like inviting death to a Rhinokey comedy fest. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

He even has the baton with him as he walks past the Rangers and the Rangers seem to be snickering at him. Well; Monty and Chip are anyway. Dale jumps into the pilot's chair of the Ranger Wing and of course Chip starts blowing him off with the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH. Gadget proclaims that Dale is piloting the Ranger Wing today because everyone should know how to pilot the Ranger Wing. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Dale even remembers to give Chip a raspberry on the rebound so you know Chip is screwed badly. Chip gets into the back seat (oh, the irony!!) as Gadget calls the controls simple which allows Chip to blow off Dale's mind as simple. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gruffi pose beckons to annoy me so Dale responds by calling Chip jealous because he doesn't have a yellow scarf and flips the scarf into Chip's kisser. Maybe it's because Chip isn't a coward like you are Dale. Have you ever thought about. Oh wait; this is DALE I'm talking about; never mind what I said. Monty wants to unbuckle and go to the camera store to get a camera which is codeword for “I don't want Dale driving the Ranger Wing! I want to get off!!” Man; I never thought Monty would make for a good politician. Sadly for him (but good for me); the Ranger Wing engines start up and the next thing you know; it's Rescue Rangers Away in a whole new sense of the word. Good animation from WD-Japan which shows why Disney dumped the TMS deal: TMS was getting too good for their britches as they say. Chip calls Dale crazy. NO?! REALLY CHIP?! Doesn't the Valkyrie style hat sort of give that one away?!

The Ranger Wing does the fly into the house and out through windows bit and Monty eats sock which is fine; but I also wanted Chip to eat sock instead of grabbing a toothbrush. Chip of course wonder why he asked. I wonder that too Chip. Dale wants to throw THE SWITCH which Gadget proclaims is for switch to make the Ranger Wing into a helicopter. Something tells me something happened to the Ranger Plane before this episode because this thing is replacing the Ranger Plane big time. Dale throws THE SWITCH much to Chip and Monty's disdain and the Ranger Wing props go into helicopter formation. The Ranger Wing rises into the sky as Dale proclaims that he has never been this high. Oh man; that is one line you don't want taken out of context, right RVD?! Funny how they rise into the sky; but when Monty is talking it seems that the Ranger Wing is going down. Dale looks at the clouds that foreshadow Kit Cloudkicker's gimmick in a nutshell. Sadly; Michael Eisner thought Kit was ONLY a gimmicky sidekick when TaleSpin was approved and we all remember what happened after that which I'm sure Gadget cannot sleep at night. Gadget tells him to stay away because of dangerous updrafts; but of course Dale is an idiot so he can handle a little draft. Evidence #1 this is done by WD-Japan: The wind anime line in the scene.

The draft catches them because this is what this episode needs: More windbags. The Ranger Wing goes into a tailspin upwards (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- OH THE IRONY!!) and Dale loses all of his goofy gear that he was wearing. I'm sure that yellow scarf will never find a real home; right Molly Cunningham?! Monty wants to get off before he vomits which is a good excuse since if someone throws up for real than I will likely do the same 15 seconds afterward. And he covers his mouth (BONUS!!) as Dale is losing what little control he had in the first place. Gadget proclaims that they are caught in the jet stream which is the educational line of the episode and if you are a Weather Network (Weather Channel) watcher then you know all about this. Monty of course doesn't want anyone to ask as a jet flies past them and the jet stream dies on cue allowing the Ranger Wing to free fall into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHA!) and Gadget finally takes over pushing some red buttons in over to take over the Ranger Wing and does a simple hyperbole to slow down the Ranger Wing and allow it to fly normally. They just foreshadowed TaleSpin right there. Monty's has a headache which is probably made worse when Gadget explains the jet stream to everyone for the educational line of the episode for real. So now that logically leads to....

....high in the skies AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as Gadget gets off the first golly of the episode almost four minutes in. Monty then realizes that they are in the Himalayas and thus pays off Chip's joke about a cold stream of wind. Monty remembers also to swear in DUBBED AUSSIE STYLE (crikey) because the jet stream carried them halfway around the world which means Dale sets the Ranger Wing speed record by default. Everyone cheers on that one until the wind howls again and there is snow which proves only one thing: Cheering leads to premature attempted murder. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Monty complains about the jet stream as everyone shivers to sell that they are in a cold climate as Gadget proclaims that it's just a blizzard. JUST GADGET?! Yeah; sadist Gadget is back and better than ever. Dale then notices a bird flying and Chip believes that he's just seeing things now. However; Monty defends him as we look stage left and see a Tibetan/Chinese blue bird (check the gear he's wearing) struggling to fly and nearly freezing. Chip and Dale set up the plunger net and it fires catching the blue bird perfectly. Umm; isn't this a form of kidnapping guys?! Monty is thankful for the snag; but where to land. Gadget then realizes that that the storm is clearing up quickly which is Logic Break #1 for the episode; since real life weather doesn't clear up THAT easily to the point where there is zero snow on the ground; or the Ranger Wing is going too fast to be taken seriously. Either answer works and the Ranger Wing spirals down towards the temple.

So we logically head to a better shot of the Tibetan Temple and then a pan shot towards the ground where Chip and Gadget notices the hot springs are keeping the valley warm. Well; that only means the Ranger Wing is too fast to be taken seriously. Monty likes it because you don't have to bang it like a steam radiator. We see the bird shivering as he warms his feet in the steam water while covered by a brown blanket to keep warm. Zipper gives the blue bird some hot water and the bird drinks it and it turns him red. The bird speaks and while Disney Captions has it in proper English; it sounds really close to broken English. So it wasn't the accent that got Puffed Rangers redubbed and Lost Horizons barred. It was because the stereotypes were disgusting heels. It all makes sense now as Dale is SHOCKED. Chip proclaims that they are the Rescue Rangers and rescuing is their job. The red bird is Chirp Sing; the FORMER pet of Emperor Dim Sun. The Rangers wonder why Chirp Sing (Cute name by the way; almost Kit Cloudkicker like) was leaving the valley IN A BLIZZARD. Chirp admits that he has brought shame to his family because he has cursed the emperor and he has a sickness of the mind. Is he really seriously saying that Dim Sun has a mental illness?! If so then my opinion of Tad has gone down a notch if only because Chirp should know that mental illness is not his fault. However; before we can understand what he means; we hear a bunch of voices and Chirp uses his POINTY WING FINGER OF DOOM because here comes Emperor Dim Sun. I wonder why he's called Dim Sun?!

Chirp Sun flies up with the Rangers to the roof of the temple as we pan down to see four Tibetan monks (again; check the gear) walk across a stone path as they talk about cursed spirits and dragon. Dim Sun is the second shortest guy in the group and he blows his subjects off as foolish fish. Ooookay Dim; if you want to be that way...Dim Sun proclaims that the fiendish devils (shows how hostile people were to the video game industry was at this point when Nintendo wouldn't even allow demon) tore his bed in two and then sewn it up again when the subject proclaims that nothing really happened. Oh lord; this is the mental illness angle from Sweet & Sour Gruffi and I don't think we are going to have an encore since Sun Dim is merely there to suck instead of Gruffi where being an insane evil worker was pretty cool. Chirp Sing shows this as evidence of Dim Sun's not right in the head allowing Chip to mock Dale's mental state. Then why not use HIM for the angle instead since he's know...OVER?! Then the daughter shows up to blow off the servants for asking such annoying question and they are forced to bow at the Sister. Another generic monk; only female and slender. Su Lin goes to Dim Sun and calms him down because all the closets are nailed shut as Chirp Sing and proclaims that Su Lin cares about Dim very much; which to me is the telegraph signal for she's the heel of the episode. I'm calling it right now. Dim thanks her and leaves as Su Lin makes sure to him that NOTHING bad will happen to him.

The servants panic (panic as monks do which isn't much to begin with) because Dim Sun has affairs to attend to; but Su Lin proclaims that her brothers is in no condition to be deciding in such matters and should look into them later. Chirp Sing flies away because he wants to see his master again as we cut into his bedroom which looks rather bold for someone who is supposed to be so humble. Then again; religion has that hypocritical effect on me so I'll just forget about it and move on. Besides; I'm sure Al Khan would call Disney a menace to America and the psyche to bigots everywhere because 4Kids paints out anything children MIGHT read even in English and yet here's Disney displaying Chinese letters and symbols in clear view for all to see. We pan over to the window (sort of) as the Ranger jump in from the window still as Dale is like a kid in a candy store; like a bowl in the China shop; like Tommy Dreamer in a Weapons Match At The ECW Arena. You just know they all will be wrecking the joint if you catch my drift. HEE HEE! Chirp Sing calls these presents for Dim Sun from his sister as Monty points up to the present which is a metal version of a golden chirping bird that looks like Chirp Sing minus the clothing. I smell PLOT DEVICE OF DOOM coming a mile away as Chirp calls it his replacement which appalls Gadget. Chirp Sing proclaims that Su Lin thinks he was sent by evil spirits to drive the Emperor mad. Geez; doesn't that just give away the heel right in advance doesn't it?! So we cut to Dale stealing a spear and a samurai helmet because he is a warrior. See; making Dale the nutcase works better because we KNOW he can wreck a joint better than anyone else and thus give Dim Sun some creditability; as it is, this is just lame.

Zipper is PISSED OFF (Why? Dale's acting was awesome BABEE!) so he pushes a lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the robot samurai warrior conks Dale right on his head and it drops Dale on his ass. HAHA! Dale removes samurai helmet and gets giddy. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. Dale runs with spear which is a dangerous thing mark my words ; and we get Dale VS. Robot Samurai. That would make a good episode actually for Robot Chicken. Gadget gets off Golly #2 for the episode at the eight minute mark as she is amazed by Su Lin's talent for mechanical things which Chirp Sing makes note of. More Dale VS. Samurai Robot as Dale pierces through the midsection of the robot and eats grease right in the kisser. HAHA! I await for Chip to laugh this one off and blow off Dale starting now. Not yet; as Robot #2 runs in from behind and smashes Dale so hard that he flies and takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the gong. HEE HEE! Nothing warms my heart to see Dale act like an idiot for my sick, perverted pleasure. Monty of course calls it an impression. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments as Gadget lowers the class level proclaiming that Dale only hit his head. Hey; that's Chip's line you sadist! Gadget wipes the oil off Dale's face as Chip does the Gruffi pose and proclaims that he should be serious for once. BWHAHAHAHAHA! When it comes to Dale; serious equals crappy character. Let Kit be the serious one; he's way over when THAT happens.

Dale then proclaims that Chip doesn't know how to have fun anymore. Since when did Chip even know the meaning of the word fun?! To him; fun equals work. Chip and Dale get into an argument as Dale proclaims that Chip has no imagination. With Dale saying that; can you blame Chip for not having one?! If Molly and WildCat were saying that; then Chip is screwed otherwise; Dale should zip that lip of his lest he wants to get bonked on the head again. Chip answers that he knows the difference between reality and fantasy. BWHAHAHAHAHA! That is just too funny and that takes psychological projection to a new level of silliness. Sadly; Dim Sun has to ruin everything by asking if the dragons have run and hide from him so we cut over to the doors and it opens as the puppet pops from it doing such a bad puppet trick that Quackerjack would hang his head in shame over. Seriously; if that is all Dim Sun has then this is not funny and I can just see the psychologists up in arms over this as we speak even though it is far too late for them to do anything about it. Chip calls Dim Sun crazier than Dale and Dale takes exception to it which makes me love Dale even more. Dim Sun goes to the blocked off closet (is this some joke about gays that I'm not going to like or something?) and blows the evil spirits off to not touch his sweaters as Dale reconsiders his mental state. I guess those evil spirits are giant moths given by Rhinokey. AHHAHAHAHAHA!

Chirp Sing flies towards his master; but Sun Dim tries to MURDER him by flapping his arms; but Chirp Sing does a hover spot which is pretty impressive and Sun Dim realizes that it's his little nightingale. Sing lands on his hand and Dim Sun is HAPPY to see him. Chirp Sing chirps for him and then here comes Su Lin with the wooden stick and SUFFERING as she wants to MURDER him since he is the evil spirit from hell. Sun Dim gets in front of her to stop her from killing Sing who flies away telling the Rangers that he cannot stay in the room lest he gets MURDERED again and the Rangers say that they'll watch over Dim Sun. Dim Sun goes towards his bed whining because he has lost contact with Chirp Sing. It's clear Su Lin is the villain in this episode because she's the only one with a motive to get rid of Chirp Sing. Why? I don't know; but I'll let the episode continue. Su Lin puts Dim Sun in his bed telling him that the bird is cursed and that her machine chirping device is better than that evil Chirp Sing. Dim Sun tries to explain that Chirp Sing isn't responsible; but the bird chirping machine is turned on as Su Lin gives Dim Sun the sleeping kiss and Dim Sun goes to sleep as Su Lin leaves. So we cut to later on in the night which is AFTER HAPPY HOUR of course; as Dim Sun is fast asleep in the bed and the Rangers sit near the bird chirping machine as it is past midnight. Chip thinks that no dragons are going to strike as Gadget takes a look underneath the hood so to speak and she's amazed by all the clockwork used in the present. I guess Dim Sun has two bird chirping devices; otherwise it's Logic Break #2 for the episode. Gadget thinks that Su Lin's workshop could bear some fruit as Chip and Gadget bail for the workshop allowing Chip to mock Dale again.

Dale gives off the second raspberry of the episode and proclaims that he'll show Chip that he can take things seriously. That's like Rhinokey trying to crack a good joke not involving Hoppo's weight. AHHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...Monty blows off the feather duster (His words, not mine) as Dale goes up to the bird chirp machine and he knocks on metal. The bird opens it's mouth (Logic Break #3 since Dale magically is on the bird despite us not seeing him climb it) and spews the green sleeping gaswhich puts Dale to sleep and Monty to oversell it before going to sleep himself. Oh wait; Dale bumps like a madman and drops right in front of Sun Dim making sure to bump his head so Dim Sun awakes. All males go drunk to the gills and man this episode has gone completely insane now. Dim Sun calls Dale an elf and since elves are nicer than dragons and warriors as the bed completely spins around into the air. Okay; now this episode is becoming Darkwing Duckish that it is no longer amusing. Sun Dim thinks he's going to throw up and Dale agrees with him as the bed spins down and takes a MAN-SIZED bump onto the floor. OUCH! That has got to hurt. Dim Sun thinks he's growing now as we get the room to shrink; but Dale opens his eyes and he is no longer drunk so the room is the same. Sadly; Dim Sun is still drunk and he pleads for no more tricks and then his bed posts turn into monsters with swords (Did Libby Hinson drink the same stuff Tad is drinking now? And why did it WORK BETTER with her?) as Dim Sun and Dale scream for help to end the segment 12 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the bedpost warriors pull the covers from the bed and shred them while still somehow keeping Sun Dim from getting cut into meat. Dale bails off the bed screaming for Monty; but Monty is still too drunk to do anything I bet. Lucky for him; Dale is smart enough to climb up and wake Monty who stops acting drunk as it's time to save Dim Sun. Or something like that. Sadly; Monty bangs his head on the metal branch and gets knocked out again. You know you are screwed when THAT happens. Dale gasps in horror and bails in mid-air (AGAIN! Cut it out WD-Japan) as the sword cuts the shelf in half. Sadly; Monty doesn't get cut out as a result as the bedpost warriors have their swords drawn ready to MURDER Dim Sun with the saw blade swords (man; this is like Balooest of Bluebloods right now only slightly more offensive) as Dim Sun cracks a terrible promo and is forced to bail. Dale and Dim Sun run away fast as we cut to inside Su Lin's workshop as there is a golden statue of Dim Sun with a blue screen of death on his tummy which is a pretty silly joke on him. Gadget, Zipper and Chip go to the cubby hole and notice a bunch of gears which are in every size and she's giddy because she won't have to modify anything and there is also a left-shafted comp wrench while getting off Golly #3 for the episode.

Gadget steps back and pushes the red button by mistake (which with her you have to tread lightly with the word mistake) and the golden claw which Chip was examining grabs him. Gadget is SHOCKED and APPALLED by this as she steps back and pushes the white button which tightens the grip even more on Chip. HAHA! I love sadist Gadget even when she's not playing the role on purpose here. Gadget runs to pull Chip from the golden claw but no dice as Zipper arrives with the oil can; but Gadget refuses because she's not thirsty. Zipper isn't amused by this as he squeaks and Gadget gets the idea as she grabs the oil can and sprays oil right into Chip's face. HAHA! Sadly; Dale isn't around to blow him off. Chip isn't amused by this; so Gadget pulls harder on the golden claw and it releases Chip...and gets destroyed of course. Gadget is rethinking her thought of Su Lin's inventions being mere toys. Chip goes over to the Dim Sun Statue which invokes Logic Break #4 for the episode since the belly was originally Wii-blue and now it's gold like the statue. WD-Japan must have sniffed the green drunk gas for this one as Chip leans back and falls into the panel door which allows a computer to be brought up. Gadget gets off Golly #4 for the episode at the 14 minute mark as she sees a computer in a Tibetan Temple?! Methinks this proves Su Lin is a heel; as Gadget plays with it for a second and it shows some modern building covering a map of the whole valley. I think you can guess Su Lin's motives now as Chirp Sing pecks on the window and Zipper opens it to allow Chirp Sing in.

Sing is concerned about Gadget and Chip not watching Dim Sun; but Chip proudly tells Sing that Dale and Monty are watching the Emperor which right on cue allows Dim Sun and Dale to run into Su Lin's workshop screaming like girls. HAHA! I'm glad now that Tad is going all chaos for this episode and not focusing on Dim Sun's mental state because it makes for better entertainment this way. Gadget and Chip run after Dale and Dale grabs onto Chip's leather jacket screaming because there were guys with swords and all that stuff which I will safely bet that Chip blows him off and bonks him on the head for. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good. Chip proclaims that Dale is not making any sense and wants Monty; but Dale realizes that he's still in the bedroom so it's saving time as Dale runs back to the bedroom door and sneaks quietly with those droopy eyes which make him look so tired that he clearly hasn't gotten any sleep in the last four or five hours. Dale walks back to the gang proclaims to get ready to run for cover if the sword guys get frisky and of course Monty opens the door allowing Dale to jump up like a scalded dog with a super ball up his ass. Dale lands on Monty and looks inside to discover the whole place is cleaned up as if nothing had happened. Dale acts all insane on the gang and Monty gets floored when Dale demands answers from him. Goody! They are going to make Dale look completely insane after all. This episode is just getting awesome now.

Monty no sells because he and Dim Sun were gone by the time he wakes up. Chip tries to reason with him to calm down talking nicely which really makes things worse as Dale jumps on Monty's belly like he's completely insane. Yeap; this is mental illness in a nutshell. Dale thinks that Chip thinks that he's crazy and Chip denies it; so Dale admits that he is crazy and then recoils as Dim Sun's voices beckons again and the babyfaces all hide in the vases as Dim Sun and his servants arrive packing heat no less as Dim Sun continues to plead that he saw something despite everything is like nothing happened at all. At least now we know what that green gas is which is like my fanfics which I called Locoweed. Su Lin arrives proclaiming that the nightmare has caused suffering to Dim Sun in which Dim Sun denies because he was awake during the whole thing. Su Lin tells Dim Sun to see the royal physician and he'll mix a potion to allow him to sleep. 2:1 odds that it's a death potion as Dim Sun walks away. Once he is out of earshot; Su Lin announces to the servants that Su Lin will replace him as emperor since Dim Sun can no longer perform his duties. Chirp Sing shed tears legit while Su Lin sheds crocodile tears as she gets an evil grin on her face while her back is turned to complete the heel turn that I saw about seven minutes into the episode. Chirp Sing flies onto a vase and blames himself for the whole mess of cursing Dim Sun and Dale as well. Dale isn't buying that bill of good as he looks for the Rangers to defend him; but they just look at him concerned believing that he has a mental illness and Dale asks if he is crazy to end the segment 17 minutes in....

After the commercial break; we see Dale lying in Dim Sun's bed with an ice pack on his head, a thermometer in his mouth and Zipper checking his pulse. Chip then starts blaming himself for this mess because Gadget is untouchable and Monty's already been blamed for being crazy himself. Dale blows off Chip because he's not crazy see; and Chip does the poor Dale stuff. Dale still doesn't buy it and Gadget actually defends Dale (FINALLY!) as she notices the same oil on the statues as the ones used by Su Lin. Gadget deduces that they can move as Monty does recall some green stuff coming out of the bird chirping machine as Zipper flies into the bird's mouth and he gets stoned. He drops into Monty's hands and then kisses him in a really sick spot. Ewwww! You don't know what germs Zipper might be carrying around. Chip implies that the emperor was drugged and therefore he and Dale are not insane. Chirp Sing is cleared of all wrongdoing even though it was clear even he couldn't have done it from the start. The babyfaces all bail once again as we hear Su Lin comes in with Dim Sun and he climbs into bed and gets the kiss of death on the forehead from Su Lin. Awww; isn't that sweet?! A heel kissing the babyface to it's doom as she leaves with the bird chirping machine (despite not seeing Monty hiding behind it) and the babyfaces all realize that she's behind all this. So we cut into Su Lin's workshop as she has the cell phone (which is like Paul E. Dangerously's phone which indicates that she is doing a business deal with him) while uncorking the vial of green insanity poison. She is knocking down the palace and the entire area to build a lot of buildings for people to live in and once the deal is done she's going bikini wearing down in Monte Carlo.

Gadget gets off Golly #5 for the episode as she realizes that she's selling off the land for that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! Monty proclaims that it will be hard to prove it though since the servants still believe Dim Sun is insane and Chirp Sing is an evil spirit curse. However; Dale has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN: Get her to confess anyway. Chip calls this plan crazy. Dale calls himself crazy as a fox. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic Dale. Sarcasm intended. So we cut to somewhere in a gold room as Gadget sprays golden paint on Chirp Sing and the chipmunks who look like complete tools in those samurai outfits and the gold paint makes it even more so. If you don't know what the finish is you have no business reading this rant. Monty proclaims that the bed is set; but the wall cannot move. Dale doesn't care because the plan is all set anyway. So we cut to inside Su Lin's room as she has gone to bed sleeping and holding all her maps and such which shows how REALLY STUPID she is. Talk about not being bright since it would have served her better if she still hid the obvious somewhere where no one can find it. So we cut to the golden dragon statue as Dale rides shogun while the dragon gets gassed with the green gas. The bed rises to the top (and the pole is gold plated to boot!). Su Lin doesn't suspect a Chip arrives with the spray bottle and Zipper sprays the contents right into Su Lin's face. Su Lin coughs and wakes up quickly as Golden Chirp Sing (which apparently makes him cursed despite being considered cursed in the eyes of Su Lin. Still it makes him look badass though.) flies in front of her and pecks her right in the face.

Chirp Sing does a funny face as Su Lin thinks it's her bird chirp machine bird that is officially cursed. Man; that stuff works like a charm since the machine bird is NAKED AS A JAYBIRD to begin with. It's not a logic break though due to the damn drugs of course. Su Lin tries to grab the cursed golden bird; but she dumps herself over the bed and takes a decent bump onto the floor. The bed comes down as Su Lin gets back into it which is a big mistake with Dale around riding shogun with the golden dragbon and pulls on the horns which rises the bed up and it's the old squish spot from the pilot episode. I'm sorry; but the Idol Rich trick the heel finish is much better than this one since Spigot was mucho over than this loser heel. Although it's nice for the female heel to take nasty bumps against the ceiling though which is something Too Disney would likely cut due to the Females must not be harmed in any context clause. Unless it's Rebecca punching Muffy in the face of course since that is female on female violence. That's still allowed. Su Lin recovers (but is still drunk) as she sees a samurai warrior (Chip I bet) walking on the shelf in front of a painted mirror. Su Lin protests this outrage because she made them as the wall shows up to cover her because it's Male on Female Violence commencing as Dale invokes the spear right in Su Lin's ass. It's off-screen despite the fact that it's clear that he is going for the ass. Su Lin jumps up like she has a super ball up her ass and takes two MAN-SIZED bumps into the ceiling and the bed. Well; at least she's bumping like a maniac; I'll give her that much.

Su Lin takes a rock to the head for good luck as the chipmunks savior this one on the bed. Su Lin recovers and grabs her rifle from the pillow (HOLY CRAP?! I smell Toon Disney cut coming) and aims it at point blank range. I actually like drugged Su Lin better than heelish Su Lin. Not saying much; but still. The chipmunk bail and she misses by a mile as we cut to Dim Sun being carried up to the sky with a leather belt as Monty and Gadget are in the Ranger Wing. Monty tells Chirp Sing to start as he covers up Dim Sun with the covers as Su Lin runs right into Dim Sun's room and sees the window filled with fish which I bet is a fish tank placed in front of the window. See; I've watched too many DTVA episodes not to notice that spot. Su Lin runs away (and of course they just had to do the Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot to annoy me) and runs right into Dim Sun's room for real (sorry about that) and now the bed is upside down. She grabs onto the lamp and then climbs onto the bed right onto Dim Sun. She thinks it's a doll and knocks on his head which wakes Dim Sun up. Dim Sun greets her and she flies right into the bucket of water and even the covers cover her. Okay; that was pretty cute. Su Lin screams like a banshee (and a lame scream at that) and she runs away but bumps right into the servants in a lame bump; although the runaway water pot was a nice touch.

Sun Dim unbelts himself and takes a decent bump onto the floor as his minds starts playing tricks again. The servants help him up as they see the tricks too. The babyfaces bail as Su Lin hugs a servants and thanks the gods that it's only a trick which is much better than her own tricks. UH OH! I think she's...BUSTED!! Su Lin actually confess and then she recoils as she realizes that she's BUSTED!! Dim Sun is not impressed as the ministers are ordered to take her away and they grab Su Lin and take her away as Dim Sun cries finding out that her own sister was so greedy as Su Lin calls this all a joke. Tell that to the royal doctor there Su Lin. Maybe he can undrug you and make you not suck to boot. Chirp Sing is HAPPY as he flies down and perches on Dim Sun's hand and they have a bonding moment which sezs: I knew you weren't cursed all along. How nice as we cut to the window with the Ranger Wing as Chip calls Dale's plan great and apologizes for calling Dale crazy. Gadget calls herself crazy (Okay; that's pushing it Gadget love) and hugs Dale as the Ranger Wing flies away as Dim Sun and Chirp Sing share a dance. The Ranger Wing flies towards the moon to end the episode at 21:15. Despite Su Lin sucking the meat missile with gusto and all the logic breaks and WD-Japan mistakes; and the obvious finish; I still like it because Dale was crazy and Chirp Sing was pretty good overall. I'll call this one *** ½ (70%) because heck; I feel generous. It's still disappointing though considering all the buildup for the Ranger Wing.


Well; the origin episode of the Ranger Wing was a pretty middling episode overall as it was basically a template for the Idol Rich and it featured the usual silly spot I saw in Crock Around the Clock and hated already. Dim Sun wasn't all that impressive; but I did get glimpses that he had sympathy for Chirp Sing; but Su Lin kept getting in the way. Su Lin as a heel sucked because she was basically nothing but a greasy heel who uses drugs to drug people into having a mental illness; and I basically called her the heel the moment she appeared because she was the only one who was attacking Chirp Sing. Still; seeing Su Lin on drugs was impressive since she can be awfully nasty herself. I actually came out liking Chirp Sing with the cool name and the nice nightingale look and clothing; plus had the Kit Cloudkicker trait of blaming himself for everything even though it was clear from the moment we saw Dim Sun that he was cursed at all. Dale was awesome as usual which is becoming a trend for him as he is outwitting Chip in the over department and since we all know he's crazy; seeing him drugged to the gill in crazy made this episode a lot more enjoyable than it deserved to be and I thank Tad Stones for using the drug angle instead of the mental illness angle here. Gadget is Gadget; Zipper is Zipper; Chip is Chip and it's refreshing to see him being nice to Dale when he is in danger of being crazy enough to kill. A few logic breaks and one coloring mistake from WD-Japan and it was an okay episode. However; I still came out feeling cheated: The first six minutes was awesome with Dale flying the Ranger Wing and the buildup was excellent in spite of not giving a real reason for why Gadget built it in the first place; and then it went downhill from there until Dale brought the crazy and made it respectable. This is not one of Tad Stones' better efforts. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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