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Since Debbie Madden's website (Whom I gave the translation for her site years ago) is officially down the memory hole; I'm putting the TaleSpin Translations back onto my website. Special Thanks to Denis & Sergey Borisov for the Russian translations (and the voice talents) and Matthias Barfknecht for the German translations. If there are any translations missed from the list below or like to add the translations of other characters from the TaleSpin series; please e-mail me at:

25th Update: 05/19/2014- Reformatted Entire Page.

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International TaleSpin Voices


English, Dutch: TaleSpin [To Spin A Tale]
TV List: Tale Spin
Sweden: Luften Hjaltar
Danish: Luftens Helte
German: Kaept'n Balu und seine tollkuehne Crew[Captain Baloo and His Reckless Crew]
French (Canadian): Looping
French (France), Polish : Super Baloo
Spanish: Los Aventureros Del Aire [The Adventures of The Air]
Finland: Pilipalipilotit
Brazil: Esquadrilha Parafuso
Russian: Chudesa na virajah [Miracles on Turns]
Russian (Alternative): Vozdushnye Bayki [Airspace Fairy-Tales]
Israel: Olam Scharchar [Spinning World]
Turkey: Afacan Ile Babacan
Japan (Romanization): Genji Monogatari Supin
Misspelling: Tailspin; Tail Spin (Teru Supin according to Japanese Romanization); TailSpin or Talespin


English, French (Canadain), Sweden, Spanish, Italy, Danish, Denmark, Finland, Norway: Baloo
Polish: Super Baloo
French (France): Super Balu
German, Brazil: Balu
Finland: Karhu Baloo
Dutch: Baloe
Japan (Romanization): Barubea (Baru for Baloo, Bea for Bear)

Kit Cloudkicker

English: Kit Cloudkicker
French: Kit Casse-Cou
Sweden: Ville Virvel, [Will Whirl]
Danish: Kim Luftskipper
Spanish: Kit Nubarron
German: Kit Wolkenflitzer
Russian: Kit Vetrogon
Brazil: Kiko Chutanuvens
Dutch: Kit Blitskikker
India: Kit Cloudwalla
Polish: Kit Chmurolap [Pistolet]
Finland: Kai Kaakkuri
Japan (Romanization): Kitto Kuraudokikka

Molly & Rebecca Cunningham

English, French, Spanish, Denmark, Italy: Molly & Rebecca Cunningham
German: Molly & Rebecka Cunningham
Sweden: Mollija & Rebeka Kaningema
Danish: : Molly & Rebecca Clausen
Brazil: Betty & Rebecca Cunningham
Dutch: Rebecca en Molly Honingham (Honey)
Finland: Rebekka/Molli Kankimaki
India: Ritika & Dolly Mahalingam
Polish: Rebeka & Molly Inkaso
Japan: (Romanization): Rebekka to Mori Kaninguhamu

Don Karnage

English, Sweden, Brazil, French (Canadian), Polish: Don Karnage
German: Don Kanaille
French (France): Don Carnage
Dutch: Don Ravage
India: Don Karnaash
Finland: Rosvo-Rudolf
Japan: (Romanization): Don Karunejihato (Karnage doesn't translate well)
Misspelling: Don Carnage (If elsewhere)
Mispronounced: forgetting to "Roll de R!!"


English: Charles WildCat
French: Turbo
German: WildKatz
Spanish: Gato Willy
Sweden, Danish: VildKatt
Russian: Balamut
Brazil: Damiao
Israel: Chatul Pereh
Finland: Villikissa
Italy: Valvola
India: Bantaar (Punter)
Polish: Ciapata
Japan: (Romanization): Yamaneko
Misspelling: Wildcat


English, German, Norway, Sweden, Brazil: Louie Lamount
Russian: Lu'i
Dutch: Lowietje
Italy: Luigi
Polish: Louies
Japan: (Romanization): Rui (Lamount doesn't translate)
Misconception: King Louie (Or Kingurui in Japanese Romanization)

Mad Dog

English, Brazil, German: Mad Dog
French: Truffe
Spanish: Perro Rabioso
Russian: Besheniy Pios
Japan: (Romanization): Kyoken


English: Dumptruck
German: Schrotthaufen
French: Naseau, Nazo
Brazil: Jamanta
Sweden: Trucken (The Truck)
Japan: (Romanization): Danputorakku

Princess Lotta L'Amour

English: Princess Lotta L'Amour
Spanish: Princesa Lolalinda
Japan: (Romanization): Purinsesu Rotta L'ama
Misspelling: Princess Lotta Lamour (ramuru), Princess Lotta Lamore (ramoa)

Colonel Spigot

English: Colonel Spigot
French: Colonel Porchon
Dutch: Kolonel Spagaat
Spanish: Coronel Spigot
German: Oberst Kuebel
Russian: Polkovnik Spigot
Brazil: Coronel Spiga
Polish: Pulkownik Szpunt
Japan: (Romanization): Taisa Supigotto


English, Sweden, Brazil: Thembria/Dembria
German: Turebenien
Japan: (Romanization): Sorerano Buria (Zembria is Zemuno Buria/Dembria is demubria)

Sargent Dunder

English: Sergent Dunder
German: Feldwebel Dumpfbacke
Spanish: Sargento Dunder
Russian: Sergunt Dunders
Brazil: Sargento Lento
Japan: (Romanization): Gunso Danda

Oscar Vandersnoot

English: Oscar Vandersnoot
German: Oskar von Schnabel
Japan: (Romanization) Osuka Bandasunuto

Higher For Hire

English: Higher For Hire
Sweden: Far och Flyg (Go & Fly)
French (Canadian): Loue Pilote
French (France): Loop-de-Loop
Brazil: Me Chame para Voar
Russian: Zaplati i leti [Pay and Fly]
Dutch: Vlieg Uw vrachtje [Fly Your Goods]
German: Hoher und Hoher
Japan: (Romanization): Koyo-hitsuile wa koto


English: SeaDuck
Spanish: El Ganso
French: Zingalo
Sweden: Vildand (Wild Duck)
Brazil: Marveco
Russian: Nyrok [Pochard]
Dutch: Zee-Eend
German: Seegans
Polish: Kaczucha
Japan: (Romanization): Umigamo

Shere Khan

English, Denmark, Danish, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Dutch, Polish: Shere Khan or Mr. Khan
German: Shir Khan
French: Shere Kan
Brazil: Senhor Khan
Japan: (Romanization): Shea Kan

Air Pirates

English: Air Pirates
German: Luftpiraten
Polish: Powietrzni Piraci
Japan: (Romanization): Eapairetsu

Cape Suzette

English: Cape Suzette
French: Crete Suzette
Sweden: Kap Suzette
Polish: Port-Monet
Japan: (Romanization): Kepusuzetto

Iron Vulture

English: Iron Vulture
Sweden: Stalgame (Steel Vulture)
German: Eisenger
Japan: (Romanization): Airon'vu~arucha

High Marshall

English: High Marshall
Spanish: Sr. Comadrejon
German: Hoechstmarschall
Russian: Verhovniy Marshall
Brazil: Alto Marechal
Japan: (Romanization): Ko Mashara

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