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Since Debbie Madden's website (Whom I gave the translations for her site years ago) is officially down the memory hole; I'm putting the TaleSpin Translations back onto my website. Special Thanks to Denis & Sergey Borisov for the Russian translations (and the voice talents) and Matthias Barfknecht for the German translations. Also a thanks to INDUCKS for additional translations. If there are any translations missed from the list below or like to add the translations of other characters from the TaleSpin series; please e-mail me at:

31st Update: 04/11/2022- Kit Cloudkicker's last name in Ducktales 2017 is updated. Looping is updated with Belgium and Switzerland.

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International TaleSpin Voices


English, Italian, Dutch: TaleSpin [To Spin A Tale]
TV List: Tale Spin
Sweden: Luftens Hjältar (Heroes Of The Sky)
Danish: Luftens Helte (Air Heroes)
German: Käptn Balu und seine tollkuehne Crew [Captain Baloo and His Reckless Crew]
French (Canadian, Belgium, Switzerland): Looping
French (France), Polish : Super Baloo
Spanish: Los Aventureros Del Aire [The Adventures of The Air]
Finland: Pilipalipilotit [TaleSpin]
Brazil/Portuguese: Esquadrilha Parafuso [:Aventureiros Do Ar]
Lithuanian: Pilotas Balu (Pilot Baloo)
Russian: Чудеса на вирайах [Wonders of Whirled]
Ukrainian: Чудеса на Виражах [Miracles on Expressions]
Bulgaria/Serbian: Капитан Балу [Kapitan Balu (Captain Balu)]
Israel: Olam Scharchar [Spinning World]
Turkey: Afacan Ile Babacan [Babacan With Afacan]
Hungary: Balu kapitány kalandjai (Captain Balu's Adventures)
Japanese (Romanization): テールスピン (Tērusupin)
Greek: Κάπταιν Μπαλού [Captain Ballu]
Misspelling: Tailspin; Tail Spin; TailSpin or Talespin

Baloo Bear

English, French (Canadain), Sweden, Spanish, Italy, Danish, Denmark, Finland, Norway: Baloo
Polish: Super Baloo
French (France): Super Balu
German, Brazil, Portuguese, Lithuanian: Balu
Dutch: Baloe
Japan (Romanization): バルー 熊 (Barū for Baloo, Kuma for Bear)
Russia/Serbian/Ukrainian/Bulgarian: Балу (Balu [Ball])
Greek: Μπαλού (Ballo)
Simplified Chinese: 宝路 (Baolu)

Kit Cloudkicker

English: Kit Cloudkicker
French: Kit Casse-Cou [Casse-Cou translates into Daredevil or Breakneck]
Sweden/Norway: Ville Virvel, [Ville Vortex]
Danish: Kim Luftskipper [Kim Airskipper]
Spanish: Kit Nubarron [Kit Stormcloud]
Spanish (Ducktales 2017): Kit Pateanubes [Kit Cloudkicker (Kit Cloudblower)]
German: Kit Wolkenflitzer [Kit Cloudabout/Clouds Runabout]
Russian/Bulgrian: Кит Ветрогон [Kit/Keith Vetrogan]
Brazil: Kiko Chutanuvens [Kiko Kicksclouds]
Dutch: Kit Blitskikker [Kit Flakyfrog]
India: Kit Cloudwalla
Polish: Kit Chmurolap [Kit Cloudscape]
Finland: Kai Kaakkuri [Probably Red-Throated Diver]
Greek: Θράσος [Audacity, Nerve, Presuming, Cheek, Recklessness, Effrontery etc.]
Japan (Romanization): クラウドキッカー, キット (Kuraudokikkā, Kitto [Kit Cloudkicker])

Molly & Rebecca Cunningham

English, French, Spanish, Italy: Molly & Rebecca Cunningham (Molly Elizabeth applies to English, Molly's alternate name in French is Chipette)
German/Sweden: Molly & Rebecka Cunningham
Danish:: Molly Elisabeth & Rebekka Clausen
Brazil: Betty & Rebeca Cunningham
Dutch: Rebecca en Molly Honingham (Honey)
Finland: Rebekka/Molli Elisabet Kankimäki
India: Ritika & Dolly Mahalingam
Polish: Rebeka & Molly Inkaso
Greek: Ευγενία / Μόλυ (Kindness/Molly)
Russia: Ребекка/ Молли Каннингем (Rebekka/Molly Kanningem)
Japan: (Romanization): カニンガム レベッカ/ モリー (Kaningamu, Rebekka/Mori [Rebecca & Molly Cunningham])

Don Karnage

English, Sweden, Brazil, French (Canadian), Polish: Don Karnage
German: Don Kanaille
French (France): Don Carnage
Dutch: Don Ravage
India: Don Karnaash
Finland: Rosvo-Rudolf
Greek: Δον Μακελάρης (Don Makeláris)
Russian: Дон Карнаж (Don Carnage)
Japan: (Romanization): ドン カーネージ (Don Kānēji)
Misspelling: Don Carnage (If outside of France and Russia)
Mispronounced: forgetting to "Roll de R!!"


English: WildCat
French: Turbo
German: WildKatz
Spanish: Gato Willy
Danish: VildKat
Sweden: VildKatt
Dutch: Wildkat
Russian: Баламут (Balamut [Troublemaker])
Brazil: Damiao [Damian]
Israel: Chatul Pereh
Finland: Villikatti (Villikissa as an alternative translation)
Italy: Valvola
India: Bantaar (Punter)
Polish: Ciapata
Greek: Φευγάτος (Gone, Fled)
Japan: (Romanization): 山猫 (Yamaneko)
Misspelling: Wildcat

Louie L'Amour

English, Finnish, French, German, Danish, Norway, Sweden: Louie (In German sometimes known as Louis)
Russian: Луи (Louis, Louie, Lewie)
Dutch: Loewie
Italy: Luigi
Polish: Louies
Brazil/Portuguese: Lu
Greek: Λούι or Λούη (Louis, Louie)
Japan: (Romanization): ルイ (Rui )
Misconception: King Louie (Or ルイ王 (Rui-ō) in Japanese)

Mad Dog

English, German: Mad Dog
French: Truffe (Nose)
Danish: Hotdog
Finnish: Hullu Koira (Crazy Dog [Alternate: Hulluhurtta - Crazy Hangover])
Brazil/Portuguese: Bob
Spanish: Perro Rabioso (Rapid Dog)
Russian: Бешеный Пёс (Besheniy Pios (Crazy Dog))
Greek: Λυσσάρης (Lyssáris [Lissaris])
Japan: (Romanization): 狂犬 (Kyoken)


English: Dumptruck
German: Schrotthaufen (Scrap Heap)
French: Naseau (Nostril)
Brazil: Jamanta
Sweden: Trucken (The Truck)
Danish: Beton (Concrete)
Finnish: Katujyrä (Street Drum)
Greek: Κουτουλιάς (Koutouliás (Headbutt))
Japan: (Romanization): ダンプトラック (Danputorakku)


English, Danish: Gibber
Greek: Αρλούμπας (Arloúmpas [Arluba])
Japanese (Romanization): ギバー (Gibā)


English: Ratchet
Danish: Gnaver (Rodent)
Japanese (Romanization): ラチェット (Rachetto)


English: Hacksaw
Danish: Stålsav
Japanese (Romanization): 弓のこ (Yuminoko)

Princess Lotta L'Amour

English: Princess Lotta L'Amour
Spanish: Princesa Lolalinda
Japan: (Romanization): ロッタ・ラモール王女 (Rotta ramōru ōjo)
Misspelling: Princess Lotta Lamour, Princess Lotta Lamore

Colonel Spigot

English: Colonel Spigot
French: Colonel Porchon
Dutch: Kolonel Spagaat
Spanish: Coronel Spigot
German: Oberst Kuebel (Colonel Kuebel)
Russian: Polkovnik Spigot
Brazil: Cel. Espiga (Colonel Spike)
Polish: Pulkownik Szpunt (Colonel Szpunt [Tap])
Danish: Oberst Ivano Lynild (Colonel Ivano Lynild [Colonel Ivano Lightning])
Japan: (Romanization): 大佐栓 (Taisa sen)


English, Sweden, Brazil: Thembria
German: Turebenien
Japan: (Romanization): テムブリア (Temuburia)

Sargent Dunder

English/Dutch: Sergent Dunder
German: Feldwebel Dumpfbacke (Sergeant Dumpfbacke (almost Dull Bake))
Spanish: Sargento Dunder
Russian: Sergunt Dunders
Brazil: Sargento Lento (Sergeant Slow)
Polish: Sierżant Dunder
Japan: (Romanization): ダンダー軍曹 (Dandā gunsō)

Oscar Vandersnoot

English: Oscar Vandersnoot
German: Oskar von Schnabel
Japan: (Romanization) オスカー・ファン・デル・スノー (Osukā fan Deru sunō)

Higher For Hire

English: Higher For Hire
Sweden: Far och Flyg (Go & Fly)
French (Canadian): Loue Pilote
French (France): Loop-de-Loop
Brazil: Me Chame para Voar
Russian: Zaplati i leti [Pay and Fly]
Dutch: Vlieg Uw vrachtje [Fly Your Goods]
German: Hoher und Hoher
Japan: (Romanization): より高い雇用 (Yori takai koyō)


English: SeaDuck
Spanish: El Ganso
French: Zingalo
Sweden: Vildand (Wild Duck)
Brazil: Marveco
Russian: Nyrok [Pochard]
Dutch: Zee-Eend
German: Seegans
Polish: Kaczucha
Japan: (Romanization): シーダック (Shīdakku)

Shere Khan

English, Danish, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Dutch, Polish: Shere Khan or Mr. Khan
German: Shir Khan
French: Shere Kan
Brazil: Jângal Khan (Jhangal Khan)
Russian/Serbian: Шер-Хан (Sher Khan in Russian, Sher-Ha in Serbian)
Greek: Σηρ Χαν/
Σερ Χαν (Sir Khan/Sir Han)
Japan: (Romanization): シェレ・カーン (Shere kān)

Air Pirates

English: Air Pirates
German: Luftpiraten
Polish: Powietrzni Piraci
Japan: (Romanization): エアパイレーツ (Eapairetsu)

Cape Suzette

English: Cape Suzette
French: Crete Suzette
Sweden: Kap Suzette
Polish: Port-Monet
Japan: (Romanization): ケープスゼット (Kēpusuzetto)

Iron Vulture

English: Iron Vulture
Sweden: Stalgame (Steel Vulture)
German: Eisenger
Japan: (Romanization): 鉄ハゲタカ (Tetsu hagetaka)

High Marshall

English: High Marshall
Spanish: Sr. Comadrejon
German: Hoechstmarschall
Russian: Verhovniy Marshall
Brazil: Alto Marechal
Japan: (Romanization): ハイマーシャル (Haimāsharu)

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