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What Productions Did The People Of TaleSpin Work On?

23rd Update: 10/18/2014- Live Action Productions Officially Finished.

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So far; after doing all this research, I was staring in awe on just how much our talents on TaleSpin have done in the Entertainment Industry in general. Not to mention that many of the talents did productions outside the US. Several animators from Walt Disney Animation Japan worked on several famous Japanese anime productions. There are four Canadian artists (three storyboard artists and one production manager) who have worked at Nelvana Studios in Canada creating Canadian shows who worked on TaleSpin (and then there is Walt Disney Animation France, London, Lapiz Azul and a few others to consider). The multi-talented TaleSpin team has pulled off many different productions that appeal to all groups of entertainment fans and this list shows them all. Think of it as playing Six Degrees of Rupert Murdoch; only with credits. I created this list as a way to show all the work that the TaleSpin team did without wasting a lot of space. It would be nice to do this as part of the TaleSpin Voice Talent Tribute/TaleSpin Crew Talent Tribute; however, the tributes would waste way too much space with the amount of productions repeating each other. So I decided to just create a list where I would only have to type the new production once and only once in alphabetical order; along with sample credits of each show. Each production is placed in a certain group of production according to the type of program it is. This list covers only confirmed credits; this doesn't cover artists who have claimed to be creating TaleSpin.

This webpage is designed to show a complete list of productions that the TaleSpin has worked on in one form or another. Think of this as a list of the connections that our voice talents and producers were a part of. This section covers the following:

Live Action Productions (!-L)
Live Action Productions (M-Z)

Disney Animation Productions
Non-Disney Animation Productions (!-L)
Non-Disney Animation Productions (M-Z)
Video Game Productions
Other Stuff

Total Number of Productions: 8727+

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