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Citizen Khan Re-Rant

Reviewed: 12/04/2010

Certainly No Where Near As Good As A Parody.

Original Airdate: 12/03/1990 (Syndication), Episode #41 (TaleSpin DVD Volume 2, Disc 2)

Well; if there was any episode I couldn't really stand in the 1990 episodes; this one would be it. I remember not liking the first five minutes of this and then it got a lot better once WildCat turned into fake Shere Khan. I also believe that this is the DTVA debut for Kath Soucie and a number of storyboard artists as well. So let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Eric Lewald. The story is edited by the late Bruce Talkington. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation.

We begin this one in the wild west (the CACTUS JACKS OF DOOM gives it away) as the SeaDuck rides around dropping fruit onto those poor innocent CATCUS JACKS OF DOOM. Kit is actually speaking about the desert and worrying about breaking down. Inside the SeaDuck we hear Baloo state that this is why they brought WildCat along...and since Baloo and Kit are inside the SeaDuck you can take one guess as to who is throwing fruit around. Baloo puts the Redneck Autopilot on the SeaDuck and checks to the back where we see WildCat throwing the REJECTED NAMES OF OBJECTS OF DOOM fruit (Kamquats) out of the tailsection of the SeaDuck. Baloo stops him from doing and protests this outrage. WildCat responds with something that only makes sense in his own mind. Apparently; the fruit is rotten and Baloo explains why they took the shortcut. However; Kit picks up a fruit and it squashes in his paws. That is one rotten piece of fruit...and it smells as Kit shed a tear to sell the fact that it smells worse than THE ULTIMATE SHORT JOKE'S aftershave.

Baloo and Kit return to the SeaDuck cockpit as the deal is apparently going to turn sour as the sirens beckons and two weird looking airplanes (which look more like steel bulls flying) which puts those short wings of CT-37's to shame in absurdness. The one on the SeaDuck's left calls for Baloo to pull over (Frank Welker) with the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS and Baloo refuses because there are no police here and DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) don't apply in the wild west as the SeaDuck flies away. That's a no-no Baloo (resisting arrest) as Wendell (Okay; I gave the name away but I can't tell what furry he is so there you go. He is voiced by Frank Welker) puts the megaphone away and brings out the slingshots (complete with twirl spot) and the explosion stones. I'll explain that later as a pig furry tells him to let him have it. The get ups show that they are indeed police officers and therefore Baloo should have followed DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!). Wendell shoots the explosion stone and it kills the left engine of the SeaDuck dead. Baloo is forced to land and play cowboys and Indians in Kit and Baloo's own words not mine. I thought Indians were forbidden on children's television too.

....and cue the next scene as we head to the WILD WEST PEOPLE'S COURT~. Normally; I would go over scenes in detail but I won't in this case because this is the scene that really bothered me. It's not even funny; it's awful. Where's Judge Judy when you need her? Okay; that's ten years away, but still.....Seeing Kit in leg irons might have been ballsy by the writers; but it's overkill for this episode. The trail ends in ten seconds flat as the prisoners are found guilty as Gomer annoys me with the toothpick spot. Clementine tries to explain to Gomer that this is only Khan's property (Nice try Clementine but this is stupid and you know it) and Gomer tries to beat around the bush before finally no-selling because he runs the mine. Baloo protests this outrage and attacks Wendell by shaking him. That's also a no-no Pop-A-Bear. Apparently; a telephone is broken too but I lost track because of this horrible scene. Please go to the next scene guys; this is not the THEMBRIAN PEOPLE'S COURT OF BLEAK DISPAIR. It's not funny Gomer; get over it. Thankfully; Gomer ends it by threathening the babyfaces with the STONE OF EXPLOSIONS. That was probably the only thing that was good about that scene as it ends at 3:04. Thank goodness for small favors....

While I am at it here; Shrieff Gorman is voiced by the late David Doyle (passed away in 1997). According to the USIMDB: David Fitzgerald Doyle was born in Lincoln, Nebraska December 1, 1929. He was the son of Mary Ruth Fitzgerald and Lewis Raymond (Lum) Doyle, a prominent Lincoln attorney. His maternal grandfather was John Fitzgerald, a prominent banker and railroad builder in Nebraska. His paternal grandfather was T. J. Doyle, also an attorney. He was one of three children, including brother John, an attorney, and sister Mary, an actress. He grew up in Lincoln and attended Cathedral grade school. He then went to Campion, a Jesuit prep school in Wisconsin. He made his acting debut at age six and played children's roles in local productions. He was a member of the Community Theater in Lincoln. He was in Life with Father (1947). Doyle entered the University of Nebraska in 1945 and he was expected to become a lawyer, as had four generations of Doyles. But the young Doyle preferred to spend him time in the theater department. A fellow classmate at the University of Nebraska was Johnny Carson. Doyle appeared frequently on his college buddy's late night talk show during the 1960s. Doyle ranked sixth in the state on his law school entrance exams. But the theater still called him and he chose acting over a career in law. He moved to New York after college.

He got his break in 1956 when he replaced Walter Matthau in the Broadway production of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957). His first wife, Rachel, died after injuries in a freak fall from a stairway in 1968. While doing a revival of "South Pacific" a year later, he met Anne Nathan and they were married. After Broadway, Doyle moved to California and was cast as Walt Fitzgerald in the television series, "Bridget Loves Bernie" (1972). A string of character roles followed, and Doyle is probably best remembered as the lovable private detective, Bosley, on the "Charlie's Angels" (1976) series. Doyle couldn't escape the legal profession and portrayed an attorney, Ted Holmes, on the daytime soap opera, "General Hospital" (1963) during 1986. Doyle is best remembered for his distinctive, raspy voice which earned him the voice role in several animated series and movies. He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles on February 26, 1997 at age 67. He started with Happy Anniversary in 1959 and has 105 credits to his resume along with guess apperances on Super Password, Password Plus, The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and Hollywood Squares. TaleSpin is his DTVA debut and was W.W. Whacky in Bonkers, and did cameos in Quack Pack and Mighty Ducks. Rugrats as Grandpa Lou Pickles is his last credit in 1998 which is what he is best known for in animation.

Clementine Clavenger is voiced by Kath Soucie who started with The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel as Becca in 1979. She then went on to voice acting from there starting with The Smurfs in 1981 and Jem as Ingrid Krueger in 1988. Then it was Jamie Melnitz in The Real Ghostbusters then Fifi LaFume in Tiny Toons. TaleSpin is her DTVA debut and her list of DTVA credits are as follows: cameos in Raw Toonage, Debbie in Goof Troop, Morgana MacCawber in Darkwing Duck, Atina in The Little Mermaid The Series, Gargoyles as The Weird Sisters, Aladdin The Series, Lara in Timon & Pumbaa, Daisy Duck in Quack Pack, Winifred in Jungle Cubs, Cadpig/Rolly/Anita in 101 Dalmations the Series, Hercules the Series as Andromeda, cameos in Mickey's Mouseworks, Recess, Nickey's Mom in Pepper Ann, Flon In Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The Legend of Tarzan, House of Mouse as various, Lilo & Stitch The Series, Tish from The Weekenders, Nerissa/Sandpit/Stanley in WITCH, cameos in Kim Possible, Dusty The Saw in Handy Manny, My Friends Tigger & Pooh as Kanga (in various OAV's as that is her typecasted character for Disney) and Agent K in The Replacements. She has over 275 credits to her resume and if you think I'm going over any the non-Disney roles then you must be nuts. I have my sanity to think of. Okay; she is also typecasted as Pebbles in recent Flintstone productions, Lola Bunny in Loony Tune productions including the Looney Tunes Show and she's Nan Blake in Scooby Doo Mystery Incorperated. DC Universe Online is her most recent credit along with the video games Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. And a Tom & Jerry movie and her regular appearances in Futurama. She's getting to Jim Cummings levels of credits at this point.

So we head to a pan shot of the desert and then to the silver mine as Baloo continues to threaten Gomer and that's a big no-no too. Gomer asks the obvious question: How is he going to find out? Baloo thinks Khan read Clementine's reports. Gomer ribs Wendell on the reports and Wendell claims that Khan might as well be refereeing in the NBA; since he didn't see a thing. My joke; not his of course. Gomer invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH in response as Kit notices a bucket of shiny rocks and points out that it doesn't look like silver. Gomer points out that it's Urgonium (according to Disney Captions; it's close enough to me wording so there you go.) as we pan over as Gomer explains that the silver ran off a long time ago as one of the miners (looks like a gray mole) appears to have expired right in front of us as the miners (including a giffare miner and another one) as the rock is hard on them. See; he needs special prisoners...ERRR....I mean special voluteers to help the armies and demolition companies paying out of the nose. Wildcat goes over to the bucket and grabs one and calls it pretty.

Wendell orders him to put it down and that is absolutely stupid as WildCat drops the rock on the rocks and we cut to outside for the FCC FRIENDLY EXPLOSION OF DEATH as everyone is knocked to the ground and half of the mine is destroyed of course. No one is injuried of course which is a BS&P decision since Baloo was injuried from a point blank explosion in For A Fuel Dollars More. One of the Khan pictures comes down as Wildcat's hat is gone and his sides are scratched up looking like Khan. Gomer is behind the rock using Wendell as a shield because he's completely black in color from the explosion. THAT'S RACIST! Baloo thinks Gomer has seen a ghost. If only Baloo, if only. Kit gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and realizes that WildCat looks like Khan now. Well; minus the emotions, mannerisms and height; he does look almost like Khan. Almost. At least it's not Launchpad as the Darkwing Decoy.

Baloo proclaims with weak acting that their secret is out and WildCat repeats him so Baloo elbows him in the back. So WildCat calls himself Mr. Khan after all. His friends call him Shere; but he has no friends. After being in the same presence as Baloo and Kit? Yeah right. Still; Gomer and Wendell sell as they suck up to WildCat Khan. See; WildCat Khan dresses this way unless it's his birthday and therefore he has a special suit for that. Baloo proclaims that he dresses up like WildCat when doing investigations like filing missing reports. Wendell is ordered to get the plane ready to fly back to town as Gomer pushes the babyfaces all out of the mine as Kit on the way out asks if he's going to lock the door. Gomer no sells because airplane is the only way out and the miners love it here. So we cut to the three miners (A giraffe miner voiced by the late Ronald Feinberg, a mole, and a dog miner) as the giraffe miner has other ideas for Mr. Khan and he's not going to like them either.

So we head back to Boomstone as Gomer, Baloo, WildCat and Wendell with Wendell checking the engines and Baloo and Gomer exchanging surprises jokes that don't really catch. Gomer claims that Khan was about to give up on the mine until they discovered the EXPLOSION METAL OF DOOM. Gomer nearly blows his cover as we get a still frame shot of the bull rider plane. Baloo sarcastically thinks it's there so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands and Gomer calls it a great big misunderstanding. Baloo calls for Wildcat Khan and WildCat Khan tells Wendell that bubblegum holds up better with engines as Baloo recoils him and tells Gomer that planes are his hobby which allows Gomer to blow off the SeaDuck as an antique. Baloo is not amused by that one as Kit teleports behind WildCat out of nowhere. I guess he was just looking around as Gomer wants them to rest till takeoff time. It's KHAN'S town after all as Kit doesn't trust that shrieff. Well; he basically gave away his scheme front and center so I can see why. We see the babyfaces walking on the side shot as Baloo proclaims that they are making prop wash after the SeaDuck is up to snuff.

We then cut to Wendell and Gomer at the SeaDuck as Wendell proclaims that if Khan gets home they are screwed. Gomer tells him not to worry because WildCat Khan isn't getting home and has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN in mind. So we cut to the red eye saloon as WildCat is worried about the SeaDuck as we head inside as Kit, Baloo and Wildcat Khan are enjoying supper as Baloo tells Mr. Khan to relax. Baloo has a chicken leg as we see Clementine Clemenger (according to Disney Captions. My notes have it as Clavenger actually which is really better in my view) walk in with a book. Did I mention Clementine talks with a southern accent? She opens the book and shows WildCat the numbers and Wildcat is confused as hell over them. Then we see Gomer enter asking why Clementine is even here and Clementine explains that she's here to get Khan up to speed on the mine and Gomer blows her off because she's spoiling his meal. He closes the book as Gomer offers WildCat Khan a game of pool as we pan over to Wendell replacing the striped yellow/blue ball in the back with the EXPLOSION BALL OF DEATH. I should note Sunwoo's inability to realize that the eight ball at the left is not supposed to be red; but black. Then again; all the balls are screwed up so this is par for the course with Sunwoo. WildCat no sells because he forgot his suit; so Baloo whispers in his ear and WildCat calls billards to be divine. I guess it's divine billard and any dark colors would be EVIL~! That's the only way Sunwoo's screw up makes any sense whatsoever. WildCat grabs Clementine and they go to the billards table as Gomer bails out to clean his teeth which is actually a convincing excuse actually. Gomer don't need no cravities in this town, no siree!

So we see Gomer running to the left side as Wendell watches on from the window as Gomer admits that keeping Clementine in the dark from discovering the stolen Ugotium was a real pain in the ass. We then see WildCat with his billard stick humming as Sunwoo messes up the striking billard ball as it's black/grey instead of white. He uses the cleaner on the back end of the billard stick as Clementine thinks Khan is not ruthless and WildCat proclaims breathlessly that he's been sick. I wonder if Pat Fraley had a cold when he said that because he sounded weird saying that. So WildCat Khan uses the back end of the stick to point at the striking ball and nails the black ball as all the balls get cracked out and somehow the explosion ball stays in the center of the billard table without anything touching it at all much to the panic of Wendell and Gomer. Well; that was a clean sweep. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WildCat is unhappy because he missed one as Gomer and Wendell duck again as WildCat does his pointing and we see that the billard balls landed in Kit's glass of milk and the soup bowl. HAHA! Finally; something funny and we are ten minutes into this thing. On the other hand; the episode has been okay outside of some bad animation and one insipid scene.

Baloo wants WildCat Khan to show the SeaDuck to Clementine and WildCat agrees to it as we go outside as Wendell and Gomer somehow teleported to the window next to the door. That's logic break #3 for the episode as they both have their fingers in their ears. The babyfaces all walk out as Kit notices Wendell and Gomer and wonders why they are there. Baloo doesn't care as long as they don't do it to him and they bail stage right. This would have worked better if the SeaDuck was behind the saloon and they walked all the way to the back which would have eliminated the obvious logic break. Wendell opens his eyes and realizes that the babyfaces are gone. NO?! REALLY?! Gomer swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Dadburn it! Heh.) as we see on the billard table that the black ball has changed to red. Wendell walks in and we get the second explosion of the episode as Wendell gets smoke blown in his face. AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND SUNWOO ANIMATED EPISODES~! Needless to say; Wendell is a coyote candle right now. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wendell drops on his belly as Gomer is flustered as Wendell would fetch a fork in a rainstorm. HAHA!

So we head to the SeaDuck as we see that it's a beaver furry looking like Wendell doing the engines. Wow; I'm wrong again so there you go. Needless to say; someone grabs him and takes him down and probably won't be seen again in this episode or series. We see WildCat Khan, Baloo, Kit and Clementine walk to the SeaDuck as Baloo wonders where the beaver furry went. WildCat Khan climbs the ladder to the engine as Clementine wonders if there is anything he cannot do and Baloo sarcastically states finding his head with both hands. WildCat then is seen reading a comic book as Baloo asks for a status on the situation and WildCat claims that he read that comic already. HAHA! Baloo corrects himself and WildCat calls it easy as pie as Baloo tells WildCat Khan to fix the engine while they entertain Gomer and Wendell as he climbs down. WildCat Khan asks Clementine for some bubblegum of course as we go to another shot of the SeaDuck from the front as we see WildCat Khan fixing the engine as Clementine praises him for his work. WildCat Khan proclaims that he draws the line at eating brussel spots. And then here comes the giffare miner (with goofy red cap) and his mole miner along with the French poodle miner with slingshots of exploding balls on full blast as brussel sprouts are the least of his problems. That ends the segment 11 and a half minutes in. Okay episode thus far; but Sunwoo animating is pretty bad here.

After the commercial break; we head to Boomstone AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as the wolves are howling and then we head to the mine as the giraffe miner has WildCat tied up to a stake and Clementine is grabbed by the mole and dog miner. Actually; a second miner does have a voice; but I cannot tell which one. Clementine proclaims that this is a mistake while struggling but giraffe miner doesn't bite because WildCat Khan has been enslaving and straving miners to get fat off. WildCat Khan admits that he has been gaining a few pounds recently. Clementine asks what they are going to do to him; and giraffe miner proclaims that it's not what they are going to do; it's what she is going to do. So we go outside into the desert as there is a hayball rolling around. We pan over to the Court House as Baloo looks out of the window and is upset that Wildcat Khan is lost in a town that is only a block long. Kit is sitting down on a stool (NOT THAT ONE!) as we see Gomer sitting with his feet on the desk picking his teeth with a toothpick just to annoy me. See; WildCat wanted to get lost because Clementine is a whole lot of woman. Baloo paces around and here comes Clementine storming in in tears sobbing because the miners took Mr. Khan see.

She invokes the ransom note as Baloo and Gomer tear a piece. The note basically sezs to liberate them from the mine and safe passage home in the SeaDuck; or WildCat Khan's dead. Baloo proclaims that they got enough room and tries to run outside as Gomer blocks the exit. No one is going anywhere and Baloo tries him and gets four rifles in his kisser for his troubles. That shot was cut out on Disney Channel which made the whole point weak. Like we are going to buy that Baloo gave up. Even worse; one of the guns when Baloo sezs whatever he sezs is still in the frame thus making the point of eleminating the guns pointless. Unless it was to elminate the fact that their were four guns in the scene when there should be only two. Clementine proclaims that they have to rescue Mr. Khan as Gomer and Wendell with guns pointing backs up the babyfaces because he won't succumb to the demands of the hooligans. I betcha this scene wasn't cut by Disney Channel.

Gomer then grabs Clementine and forces her out of the court house trying to hide up the fact that she has been through a horrible experience; but the smily voice isn't working all that well. He closes the doors as Clementine blows him off and storms off stage right. We then have Gomer and Wendell off-screen shoving Kit and Baloo into the wall of a jail cell as they take some decent bumps into the wall as Wendell locks the door and proclaims that once the miners kill WildCat Khan; they'll escape with the Ugorium in their bull riders. We then cut to a telephone booth which has an Out Of Order wooden sign on top. Clementine turns the phone and realizes that Gomer was lying about the phone being busted. I believe that was mentioned in the court scene; but damn it to hell if I'm going to watch that insipid scene ever again. Clementine hopes someone to pick it up as we pan up from a far shot of the phone booth into the moon light as we hear a phone ringing. We then hear Khan's voice as the moon pan shot segues into Khan's office on the pan shot as Khan blows off his own mandated 16 hour workdays.

Khan picks up the phone and Clementine tells him that she needs to speak to someone because it's a matter of life and death for Mr. Khan (Death Reference #1 for the episode). Khan is amused by this as Clementine tells him that the miner in his Boomstone silver mine have snatched him. The design of a sambro on the telephone booth is downright halirious as Khan is quite amused as Clementine tells him to bring help before it's too late and here comes Gomer and his GROSTESQUE SHADOW OF DEATH. Gomer grabs her gently and walks her to her room (complete with iron key) as she will not be disturbed until the business with Khan is finished. We then cut to Khan putting the telephone down and decides to investigate his untimely aduction.

So we head with a window shot of Clementine trying to get the door open from her room but no dice. Well; this is weaker than the nephews getting the room in Duck In The Iron Mask; so Chris Barat can take some solace in the fact that the nephews getting that spot is better than THIS one. Clementine swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (that darn sheriff) as she proclaims that Khan shouldn't have trusted them. She does have a point there as then she goes to the window and sees Gomer and Wendell on a look off in front of the courthouse with their slingshots because they plan to take the miners out if they open the door. Huh? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Unless they plan to kill Baloo and Kit...Oh wait; that's what they are doing. It makes sense now as they expect Baloo and Kit to escape.

Wendell tells Gomer that they did exactly what he asked him to do as Gomer has the STONE OF DEATH as this will be an accident. Riiiiggggghhhhtttt. Anyhow; we pan over to Baloo trying to push the iron bars together as the key is STILL in the prison cell door but no dice. Nice bumping from Baloo as Kit wants his turn as we go to a window as Clementine tries the old bed sheet rope trick from Fluppy Dogs. OH NO! NOT THE BEDSHEETS! ANYTHING BUT THAT! (Kit: You've been reading the Agonybooth again; haven't you?) Needless to say; the rope untangles and rips and Clementine takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the window cover and then another really good bump on her back into the water stall. OUCH! So much for the movies because her landing would have been softer at this point if she was in one. Clementine gets out and she got her bath in. Good for her; she is the most over character in the episode by default now.

Oh lord we return to the prison cell as Kit tries his squeeze play; but the bars are too small for him to get through. Yeah; this is the point where Kit was slowly being buried after the Plunder and Lightning movie. He gets stuck as Baloo pulls on his body and Kit's acting is awesome here. YOU CANNOT BURY KIT CLOUDKICKER MICHAEL EISNER~! You'll have to cancel the show and rip the fans hearts out to do that. Oh wait; he did that. Damn. We then head to the lookoff tower shot as Gomer tells Wendell to go down there and see what is the matter. Don't you just love it when the babyface's stupidity of not noticing the key in the door is actually a good thing? So Baloo finally pulls Kit out and they take a MAN-SIZED bump into the wall and Baloo misses the target by a head. Sigh Sunwoo.

Kit asks what now as Baloo proclaims that he tried everything as he leans on the cell door and it opens and Baloo takes an off-screen MAN-SIZED bump into the floor. HAHA! Can't fault them for not being wizs; that's for sure. Baloo wants to vanmoose as we see Baloo and Kit run to the door as Gomer calls the male babyfaces slower than Wendell as the door slightly opens ajar and that's the signal as we get the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time FPS shot of the slingshot at the slightly open door as Gomer wants them to come to papa (EWWWW! GET HIM AWAY! GET HIM AWAY!) and that ends the segment 16 minutes in. Much better segment overall.

After the commercial break; we see Kit and Baloo at the door as Baloo opens the door; but Clementine stops them by going through the back door and she's soaking wet still. She also lost her cowboy hat I see. Baloo is surprised at this and Clementine tells him to never mind. Baloo, Kit and Clementine exit through the back door just as Wendell goes through the right side door (Wait; there's a SIDE door in this courthouse?). Wendell proclaims that he needs to tell the shrieff and instead of going through the same door he entered; I betcha he goes through the front door and gets blasted by an explosion ball and does his black body routine. I check the DVD.....Damn; I'm so good. What; no candle flame hat? That's awfully sloppy of you Wendell. Gomer blows him off for that gaffe. HAHA! So we get a front shot of town as we see the SHADOWS OF DOOM in the background running towards the mine as Gomer climbs down the ladder on the pan shot and notices the obvious. Gomer and Wendell (who shook off the ashes off-screen I see) bail stage left as we head to the side shot of the mine as Clementine, Kit and Baloo run into the mine to the rescue of Wildcat Khan. Baloo then wants to tell her the truth about Mr. Khan as we get a scene changer as Clementine is SHOCKED and not amused by the fact that he was what he didn't expect. Baloo hopes that the miners aren't too rough on WildCat as Kit notices that Gomer and Wendell have caught up to them.

Clementine, Kit and Baloo run into the mine as Gomer stops as Wendell wonders why. Gomer proclaims that they aren't coming out as we see Baloo and company run deeper into the mine and stop to rest as Baloo thinks that they are up to something. So we see Wendell invokes the slingshot and the explosion ball hits the wall and the mine entrance caves in. Nice little touch to go about 10 feet into the mine before doing it to hide the evidence eh? Clementine gasps in horror at the cave in as Baloo proclaims that they need to find another way out. Then we hear the giraffe voice proclaims that there is no way out as we pan over to WildCat tied up and the babyface all shout his real name and the miners are SHOCKED. WildCat is happy and so giraffe miner admits that it probably wasn't Khan because...

Giraffe Miner: If brains were perfume; you couldn't smell him through a barb wire fence.

Now that was a neat insult! Baloo unties WildCat as Baloo proclaims that if they want to work over the real Khan; they have to get out of there. The giraffe miner proclaims that they are buried alive as WildCat walks over and asks for bubblegum while breaking some metal parts as Kit isn't so sure of this either. So we head to a far shot of Boomstone WELL AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Sunrise) as Gomer and Wendell load up the sacks of Urgonium and are ready to head off into the sky. We get some wind blowing as we see Khan's plane land right in front of them much to the shock of Gomer and Wendell. The side door opens and Khan comes out of the shadows as Wendell realizes that Wildcat Khan is a phony; much to the unamusement of Khan. Gomer shuts Wendell's mouth (BOO! HISS!) as he is surprised to see him. Gomer explains that they are dealing with an imposter and Khan knows about it as Gomer backs away when Khan asks for an arrangement to see his imposter.

Gomer tries to explain; but the ground quakes and out comes the TUNNEL ARMOR OF MAKESHIFT DEATH from the ground. Out of it comes WildCat (cutting a cute promo), Baloo, Kit, and everyone else trapped in the mine. Khan isn't impressed what a shock?! Gomer points to WildCat as the imposter and Mr. Khan thinks Gomer is an idiot (my word, not his). The miners confess that they found Ugotium and Mr. Khan is impressed because he's never heard of it. Gomer and Wendell are so BUSTED! Which means it's time for the old run away spot that all criminals do on the show Filmore. Gomer and Wendell get on their bull flyers and take off while Baloo agrees to take them on. Geez; can you guess who wins this one? Baloo, Kit and WildCat go into the SeaDuck as Clementine talks to Shere Khan. Mr. Khan delivers the an awesome promo just for my ranting heart...

Khan: My dear; I desire only money and power. Unpresentable employees provide me with neither.

… the bullfight in the sky commences. The SeaDuck flies around and get nailed by the explosion stone (four of them) as Baloo claims that they miss. That's some tight animation as Kit wonder how they are supposed to stop them. WildCat then decides to join the MIMI JOKE ZONE with a plan as Gomer cuts another silly promo because it's like shooting tin cans with a scatter gun. Funny since only four guns were ever used in the scene. I guess the guns are for special days. Kit and WildCat go to the tail section and open up the KAMQUATS OF ROTTEN DEATH and the tail section door. Hey; it's no worse then the CAYENNE PEPPER OF DEATH used by Kit in It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck.

Kit gives Baloo the signal which would signify the HANS SOLO MOVE OF DISMEMBERMENT is coming. The SeaDuck flies at a 45 degree angle in front of the bull flyers and Kit lets Gomer have it right between the eyes and WildCat misses completely. That's payback for the leg irons and WildCat actually praises him for a change. Usually; they ignore Kit's heroics. Why didn't Kit and WildCat get a full episode by themselves? Oh wait...Michael Eisner....milking Baloo again; my mistake. Kit then gets the honor of killing the bull flyers with more of the KAMQUATS OF DEATH as one of them hit the propellers and killing it dead. Who needs Ugotium when fruit will do? Nice to see Kit getting the work once again. Thank you Eric Lewald; this might be your best episode ever as the bull flyers stops to get WARNERED and goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and crashes into the desert with an explosion. How fitting indeed. I expect them to be alive even though it shows that they should be dead.

We go back to the Boom Stone mine entrance as Khan introduces Clementine as the new foreman. Works for me as I see the BS&P Logic Break Of Doom walk into the mine. WildCat and Clementine exchange notes and apparently Clementine likes him even more than Mr. Khan. They shake hands as Baloo and Mr. Khan settle their difference by exchanging notes on the subterfuge. Baloo promised never to tell a soul and sadly that promise will be broken when Mr. Assange finds the proper documents once he settles his criminal issues with two women. Oh come on! You knew that Wiki-leaks joke was coming a mile away! Mr. Khan wants to thank WildCat as well and Kit tells him to take it up with Clementine as we see Clementine and WildCat hugging each other. I smell a marriage in their future. Clementine and WildCat kiss each other on the lips to finally end the episode at 21:20. Lots of Sunwoo mistakes, a few logic break and one insipid scene hurt this episode a lot; but WildCat, Wendell and Clementine carried it like mad. And Kit got his payback too at least for said insipid scene so there is not much to complain about. *** (60%).


This was basically two different episodes in one 20 minute plus span and it started becoming different after only five minutes have aired. The first five minutes reminded me of why I didn't like this episode at all as the courthouse scene was contrived and seeing Kit in leg irons was painful to watch. It also hurt Clementine's character a little bit and Wendell's character a lot because of this. It didn't hurt Gomer's character because it wasn't all that special to begin with anyway. Let me put it to you in this way: The Thembrian People's Court was funny because of the Thembrian way of doing things. This is not. However; after five minutes have aired; the episode does what almost all bad TaleSpin episodes do: It redeemed itself as Wendell played the poor heel that gets charred by Gomer's stupidity and Clementine shines as yet another excellent female (cowgirl) with her relationship with WildCat.

It also helped the plot line as WildCat is supposed to be Mr. Khan and seeing WildCat try to play a role that he clearly cannot play was pretty funny. Sadly; Kit Cloudkicker wasn't able to do his spots as the writers have him almost fail every time, except at the end with WildCat and Kit defeating Gomer and Wendell once and for all which was a good payback for him. Sunwoo's animation mistakes were peppered in this episode and a few gaping logic breaks. In the end this was a decent middling episode that could have been better if it wasn't for one scene that knocked the wind out of the sails. And really for Eric Lewald; he did all right outside of one bad scene which is good because he can be much worse than this most of the time. Next up is Gruel & Unusual Punishment and hopefully my emergency monitor (which I have had since 1995; so it's 15 years old already) holds up since my six year old monitor finally bit the dust about six minutes into the episode. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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