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Gargoyles Rants

Update #40 (10/08/2013)- Gargoyles: Kingdom rant is completed and posted.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Awakening Part One Rant:- The Death And Rebirth Of Kick Ass Animation...

Awakening Part Two Rant:- We Live Again...In New York City...

Awakening Part Three Rant:- I Told The Bad Episode Police To Stay Away; but NOOO!!

Awakening Part Four Rant:- The Mission Of Death Commences...

Awakening Part Five Rant:- The Awakening To Reality.

The Thrill Of The Hunt Rant:- Changed Into The Thrill of Lexington VS. THE PACK~!

Temptation Rant:- ...And Really; Who Can Resist Demona?

Deadly Force Rant:- Broadway: The New BS&P Nightmare of Disney.

Enter Macbeth Rant:- ...And The Angle That Changes Everything!

The Edge Rant:- .....Of Odin's Eye!

The Long Way To Morning Rant:- And A Short Way To An Easy Episode To Rant On...

Her Brother's Keeper Rant:- THE PACK~ Strike Again!

Rewakening Rant:- Goliath's Rookery Brothers Are Dead?! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!

Leader Of THE PACK~! Rant:- Oops; Drake Did It Again!

Metamorphosis Rant:- Into A Bat Like Panther!

Legion Rant:- ...Of Cold Stone Egos!

A Lighthouse In The Sea Of Time Rant:- Hudson Trying To Read? Am I Watching Teddy Ruxpin Again?

The Mirror Rant:- Don't Screw With Someone Named After An Hockey Object!

The Silver Falcon Rant:- Eliza Might Want To Re-examine The World Conspiracy!

Eye Of The Beholder Rant:- The Beginning Of A Beautiful Corporate Marriage!

Vows Rant:- ...And A Lot Of Illuminati Guys!

City Of Stone Part One Rant:- Sadism: The Demona Macbeth Story!

City Of Stone Part Two Rant:- Sadism: The Demona Macbeth Story, Part Deux!

City Of Stone Part Three Rant:- Sadism: The Demona Macbeth Story, Part Trois!

City Of Stone Part Four Rant:- Sadism: This Feud MUST Continue!

High Noon Rant:- ....Low Writing!

Outfoxed Rant:- ...By A Black Haired Owen Burnett.

Revelations Rant:- Of Matt Bluestone's Weird Fetish!

Double Jeopardy Rant:- More Dumb Clones!

Upgrade Rant:- ...OF THE PACK~!

Protection Rant:- Patrick Star Style!

The Cage Rant:- ...Of Revenge!

The Price Rant:- ...Is Another Dumb Clone!

Avalon Part One Rant:- Now We Get Surreal!

Avalon Part Two Rant:- The New Angel Of The Night Arises!

Avalon Part Three Rant:- Come To Me Sleeping King; Battle Awaits Us!

Shadows Of The Past Rant:- Avalon Tour Prologue: The Rise Of The Awakening Zombies!

Heritage Rant:- Avalon Tour Part 1: The Canadian Raven Inspires...!

Kingdom Rant:- Brooklyn's Job Part 1: Making A Mutate Episode Not Suck!- NEW!!

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