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Adventures of The Gummi Bears Rants

Update #68 (10/16/2011)- King Igthorn Part Two rant is now up.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Adventurs of the Gummi Bears Volume One DVD Review- Age Has Not Been As Kind To This Series...But It Is Still Fun To Watch!

A New Beginning Rant- Well You Got To Start Somewhere..DUH!!

The Sinster Sculptor/Zummi Makes It Hot Rant- Doing Double Duty Is Not Hot Zummi!

Someday My Prints Will Come/Can I Keep Him? Rant- Can I Keep Him? No! Can I Keep Him? No! Can I Keep Him? No! Can I Keep Him? No! Can I Keep Him? WILL YOU SHUT UP AND QUIT BUGGING ME!!

Gummi In A Glided Cage Rant- Gummiberry....Gummiberry Juice...

The Oracle/When You Wish Upon A Stone Rant- Tummi Becomes The ULTIMATE FAT JOKE On Lorenzo Music.

A Gummi By Any Other Name Rant- I Knew Changing Names Was SO EVIL!

Loopy Go Home/A-Hunting We Will Go Rant- Can I Keep Him? NO! Can I Keep Him? WILL YOU SHUT UP AND QUIT BUGGING ME! Part Two!

The Fence Sitter/Night of The Gargoyle Rant- Cubbi Sits On The Fence For The Win!

Secret of The Juice Rant- The Spot That They Would Recycle A Million Times.

Sweet & Sour Gruffi/Duel of The Wizard Rant- Nowadays That Kindness Spell Would Be Called A Mental Illiness.

What You See Is Me/Toadie's Wild Ride Rant- What A Wild Ride Of Emotions For Toadie.

Bubble Trouble/Gummi In A Strange Land Rant- KABOOM BUBBLES! HAHA!

Light Makes Right Rant- Failed Attempt To Summon Great Gummi's Number One.

Up, Up & Away Rant- Chummi Was A Real _Chum_ After All.

Faster Than A Speeding Tummi/For A Few Sovereigns More Rant- Speed & Cool Bounty Hunters Kill!

Over The River & Through The Trolls/You Snooze; You Lose Rant- ...To Gummi Glenn We Go! I Am sleepy! I Am husky! Riding Through The Lazybones!

The Crimson Avenger Rant- Cubbi Gummi Rules Over All Of You. Deal With It!

A Hard Dazed Knight/Do Unto Ogres Rant- Toadie's Wild Ride Round Two!

For Whom The Spell Holds Rant- Wizards & Warlocks Are SO Satanic!!

Little Bears Lost/Guess Who's Gumming To Dinner Rant- The First Shrinking Episode In DTVA & The Gummi's Screw Sunni?! GET ALL THIS!!

My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean Rant- Gusto Gusts Into My Heart & Ends Season Two!

Too Many Cooks/Just A Tad Smarter Rant- Rest In Peace Dukie. Sleep well!

If I Were You/Eye of The Beholder Rant- The First Body Switching Episode In DTVA! RECYCLING ROCKS BABEE!!

Presto Gummo/A Tree Grows In Dunwyn Rant- Wow! Trolls Really Do Grow On Trees!

Day of the Beevilweevils/Water Way To Go Rant- Water Way To Recycle Title Names?!

Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind/Snows Your Old Man Rant- Gusto Is Such A Gas! HA HA!

Boggling The Bears/Knights of Gummadoon Rant- Cavin's Only Appearance In Season 3 Is SO EPIC!!

Mirthy Me/Gummi Dearest Rant- Talk About A Lack Of Humor Here!

The Magnificant Seven Gummis Rant- Isn't That Dustin Rhodes' Gimmick?!

Music Hath Charms/Dress For Success Rant- As Long As It Doesn't Involve The Jonas Brothers.

A Knight To Remember/Gummis Just Want To Have Fun Rant- ...But The Humans Always Ruin Everything! As Usual!

There's No Place Like Home/Color Me Gummi Rant- Happy Teenybopper?!

He Who Laughs Last Rant- Usually Laughs At Our Expense.

Tummi's Last Stand/The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again Rant- The Curse Of Dumbwin Strikes Again!

Ogre Baby Boom/The White Knight Rant- Does That Involve Exploding Farts?!

Good Neighbor Gummi/Girl's Knight Out Rant- Unwin's Nightmare In!

Top Gum Rant- Riding In Cubbi's Danger Zone!

Gummi's At Sea Rant- Wonder If They Float Like Fat?

Road To Ursalia Rant- The Road To Gruffi's Redeempation.

A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away/Let Sleeping Giants Lie Rant- Nothing Keeps The Television Exec Away!!

Life Of The Party/Bridge On The River Gummi Rant- Igthorn & Bane In The same episode? My Head Just Exploded!!

My Kingdom For A Pie/The World According To Gusto Rant- Cubbi & Gusto Go Stone Cold!

Ogre For A Day Rant- Which Means No Bath For A Year!

Princess Problems/A Gummi Is A Gummi's Best Friend Rant- Unless You Are Peggy Charmon.

Even Give A Gummi An Even Break/Friar Tum Rant- You're Not Kidding Michael!

Beg, Burrow & Steal Rant- KABOOM Us All To Hell Why Don't Ya?!

Return to Ursalia Rant- The Barbics Rear Their Ugly Heads.

A Gummi's Work Is Never Done Rant- Even After King Igthorn Is Defeated..

Tuxford's Turnaround Rant- Does That Mean Lazybones Is No Longer Lazy?!

Toadie The Conqueror Rant- ...Of Ultra Cool Sidekicks!

Zummi In Slumberland/Recipe For Trouble Rant- Time For A Recipe For Slumber.

Patchwork Gummi Rant- Swept In A Flood Of Dukie Cluelessness.

Thornberry To The Rescue Rant- Is Cavin Trying To Be Cool Like Kit Or Something?!

Once More, The Crimson Avenger Rant- This Is Your Last Impression.

Queen Of The Carpies Rant- Sunni Becomes A Zuu.

True Gritty Rant- About As Gritty As Gruffi After A Sweet & Sour Binge.

King Igthorn Part One Rant- The Day Dukie Became The Smartest Person In The Gummi World.

King Igthorn Part Two Rant- The Real End Of The Gummi Bear World. - NEW!!

Tummi Trouble Rant- I Have No Idea What To Say About This.

Rocking Chair Bear Rant- Lady Bane's Last Strand!

Trading Faces Rant- With Dukie Around It's Always Against Your Better Judgment...

May The Best Princess Win Rant- And May Everyone Else Lose.

Wings Over Dunwynn Rant- Dukie Proves That Humans Weren't Meant To Fly Either.

The Rite Stuff Rant- The Wrong Time To Be An International Object.

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